A Femme's Touch

Meet the Femmes

(Alex POV)

I was lying down on my bed watching some NCIS till Sam came into the room

“Hey bro what’s up?”

“Nothing I just wanted to ask you something,” he said a nervous tone in his voice

“Sure shoot,” I sat up

“Um how do I get a girl who has a boyfriend to notice me?”

“You mean how to get Mikayla to notice you?” I had known about the little crush he’s had on Mikayla since first grade, and he is just too chicken to go up to her when Trent’s around, I had known Mikayla and consider her a friend even though she can’t see past that jerk’s looks

“Yeah I mean Mikayla but honestly what do suppose I do when Trent is with her which is ninety-nine percent of the time?”

“Keep an eye out for that one percent he’s not,”

“Real funny Alex,” He started walking out of the room

“I’m serious Sam, find a way to talk to her without Trent and don’t freak out just be yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be fine,”

“Okay then, thanks Alex,” he said walking out of the room, I heard him run down the stairs and the back door opening, I walked over to my window and stuck my head out to see what was going on, I saw mom and dad working on the yard while Sam walked over the grass instead of the path Oh dad is going to be pissed!

“Oh Sam I do not like foot prints on my grass”

“What foot there’s no footprints-,”

“That’s why I built my path so why don’t you go from my grass on onto my path, Okay?”

“Family grass dad,” he said walking to the path towards mom

“Well when you own your own grass you’ll understand,”

“This-I can’t take it you’re putting girl jewelry on a boy dog, he’s got enough self-esteem issues as a Chihuahua, Mom,”

“That’s his bling”

“I want you home by eleven o’clock!”

“Yeah Alright,”

“Hey where are you heading Sam?” I shouted

“Just a lake party,”

“Okay then Remember what I said, and good luck” I gave him a thumbs up as he got into the car

“Eleven o’clock,”

“Please, for the love of God sake drive safely”

Sam started the car and a cloud of blackish smoke blew everywhere

“Lexy, honey when are your friends coming,” I looked down to face my mom I looked down at my wrist watch

“In about fifteen minutes, Oh mom where is the new DVD player so I can hook it up to my T.V.,”

“It should be in the living room in the box hon,”

“Thanks mom,” I took my head out the window and went down to the living room, and found the box by the sofas, I took a the bag of chips that were on the sofa and walked back upstairs to hook it up to my T.V. once that was done I heard the doorbell ring before I could reach the door my mom had opened it and in poured my friends,

“Was up girlfriend?” Katy said, “The ceiling, dudes come on in,” I said Katy was carrying in two bags of drinks, her hair was loose and hung to the small of her back, her “Just Dance” baseball cap set securely on her head and her “Just Dance” sneakers to match, her cut-off dark blue jeans her silver sleeveless shirt contrasted perfectly to her tanned skin.

“Hey Alex, I got us some kickass awesome movies,” my friend Meg Camerick said a bag full of movies in her hand, “Sweet and we got all night to watch them,” honestly Meg is the toughest girl I know from kickboxing to wrestling she’s done it all, and the way she dresses says it all, a slightly tight grey sleeveless shirt, black army camo cargo pants and a pair of black combat boots, her hair is almost always in a high ponytail, she is muscular for a sixteen year old, but don’t let her rough exterior fool you she’s tough only when she has to be and her aquamarine eyes are always on the look out

“Hi Alex can’t wait to get our game on,” Maggie Cadabera said “I can’t wait to challenge you in another game of track on the Wii,” I said, she had a bag with an Xbox, some extra controllers and several video games, Maggie is the smartest girl in our school, she wants to be a doctor and she’s always either reading medical practice books, or volunteering at the hospital or medical clinics, even in videogames she always plays as the medic, she even has the professional air of a doctor, always dressed in a buttoned up dress shirt or blouse with a pair of dress pants or jeans to match her dress shoes, but her hair is where her casual side comes in always pulled away from her face in a clip and loose in a sea of brown waves down her back, she’s smart but she’s no smart mouth, Maggie is super gentle and kind to her “patients” but she’s the kinda person to give “rough love” to just about everybody else.

“Hi Alex hope you have enough room for dessert,” Lilly Becknam said “When do I not have room for your desserts Lil?” I replied, she came in carrying a stack of containers that had everything from cupcakes to ice cream, Lilly was the youngest member of my friend group, fifteen, but she is by far the sweetest and most innocent, and I use that term lightly, her attire itself just screamed goodness a yellow t-shirt with petal like sleeves , pair of dark jeans, and yellow and black converse, her hair was always in two low pigtails that hung down to the small of her back

“Alright guys I’ll get this stuff to my room and we’ll set up base there,” I said leading the way up the stairs to my bed room, I held the door open as everyone piled in, “Hey Lexy ,where do you want me to put these drinks?” Katy asked

“Oh just put them in the fridge over there, same with the deserts Lilly,” I said pointing over to the red retro style refrigerator near my desk, I got it last year as a sweet sixteen birthday present from mom along with a matching microwave, the girls obeyed and put their belongings in the fridge, while Meg took out her movies and video-games and spread them out on my bed, while Maggie hooked up the Xbox 360.

“Okay then what should we do first guys, pizza will be here in about forty-five minutes,” I asked

“Well it’s too short for a movie, so video game then, and we can pause it when the pizza comes,” Kathy said

“Alrighty then, let’s see was game’s Meg brought,” I said we all crowded around the bed, “Okay so we got, Guitar Hero II, Command & Conquers 3, Dirt, Crackdown, Ghost Recon 2, and Armored Core 4,” Meg said

“Command & Conquer,” Maggie and I said

“Armored Core,” Katy and Meg said

“OKAY! Hold the phone,” Katy yelled, everyone looked to Katy waiting for her to speak

“I say we put it to a vote, and we play the ones from highest vote to least,” Kathy said

“Yeah I’m in,” Meg said

“Sure,” I replied

“I’m in,” Maggie said

“Okay,” Lilly said

“Okay, raise your hand for Command Center,” I said, Me Maggie and Lilly raised our hands, “Okay raise your hand for Armored Core,” Meg and Katy raised their hands

“Alright it’s decided, now let’s play,” I took the game off my bed and put it in the Xbox, Meg passed out her three controllers, and I took out my two handing one to Meg.

“Let’s play ladies,” Kathy said and the game began.

~~~~ 45 min later ~~~~

“Alex their left and right are moving back!” Katy shouted over the gunshots sounding from the speakers

“Send our right and left after them, center on standby, man these Reds are tough” I ordered

“Rightyo captain,” she replied in a British accent, as the left and right of our American group moved after those of the Russian group

“Andra their center is moving forward,” Meg said

“Set artillery to their center,” I commanded

“You got it, take this you Bolsheviks,” Meg said, as the heavy artillery moved to aim and fired on the Russians.

“Yes their center’s been terminated Colonel Lexy, and we are is moving in,” Lilly said and on her screen, her avatar was leading their center group across the battlefield.

“Good split the left and right so that they don’t regro- Dammit! I’ve been hit!” I said my injured avatar was crawling on the floor to find cover.

“I’m coming your way hold on,” Maggie said, I saw on my screen as her medic avatar ran up to mine and revived me.

“Thanks Maggie, now let’s finish these assholes, split artillery and fire to their left and right!” I directed

“Get a load of these 88s you motherfuckers,” Meg said and heavy fire came down on the Russians, then when the dust settled a “You’ve Defeated the Russians!” sign came up.

“Yes we finally beat the Russians!” Lilly yelled

“We did it chaps, cheerio and excellent job Miss Megara,” Katy said still in her British accent

“Thanks, but call me Megara again and a certain Brit won’t be speaking for a while,” she said Katy pointed to herself with a mock face of surprise

“Who moi? But I am French mademoiselle,” Katy said switching to a French accent, and every one burst out laughing, till Sam opened the door and peaked in.

“Sam you’re supposed to knock first,” I said catching my breath from the laughing fit as was everyone else.

“I did but you couldn’t hear me,” he said

“Fine what do you want then?” I said

“Pizza’s here, oh and you owe me thirty bucks,” he said

“Ok why the thirty bucks?” I asked

“Twenty for the pizza cause dad didn’t want to pay for it and ten because I got to drive Mikayla home,” he said walking out I went after him and grabbed his arm.

“Are you serious?” I said

“No he died in the fifth book,” Sam joked

“Ok Harry Potter aside, did you really get her in the car and drove her home?”

“Yeah and thanks for the advice sis,” he said I reached into my pocket for my wallet and handed him a ten

“No Alex you can keep it,” he said

“No I made a bet and you won fair and square, plus you earned it you must have been freaking out when she was in the car,” I said laughing slightly, Sam frowned

“What about the twenty?”

“What about it?”

“You still owe me twenty,”

“And you’re lucky you’re not eating mom’s lasagna, and I’ll be waiting for you to tell me how the drive went” I said and walked back to my room as he went to his

“Okay guys pizza’s here,” I immediately flattened myself against the door as the stampede that was my friends trampled past me, down the hallway and down the kitchen, I smiled and followed suit. As I entered the kitchen I saw the girls sitting around the dinner table and the three large pizza boxes on the kitchen island.

“I’m surprised you guys didn’t rip the box to shreds,” I said spreading the pizzas out on the island

“Ha-ha very funny Alex now do you’re math thing so we can eat,” Katy said impatiently, I opened the three boxes of pizza, one cheese, one peperoni, and one Hawaiian, circle was cut into squares, I counted twenty-four slices. I started mumbling my math equation to myself “Ok twenty-four times three is…seventy-two, and seventy-two divided by five, no six counting Sam is…twelve,” I closed the boxes and taking the paper plates, brought them over to the table and passed out the plates.

“Okay we can each have 12 slices, now attack my pretties” I said quickly grabbing a slice of Hawaiian and heading upstairs to Sam’s room, I took a bite of my pizza and knocked on his door

“What!” he said

“We’re eating pizza now hurry before we give your slices away,” I said and stepped back as he opened the door

“I was just waiting for the stampede to pass so I wouldn’t get trampled,” I laughed as we both walked downstairs to eat, the girls were looking at the T.V. the news was on and they were talking about a recent attack on the military network.

“Maggie change it this is boring,” Katy said trying to get the remote out of Maggie’s grip but failed every time Maggie avoided her strike.

“No now shut it I’m trying to listen,” Maggie insisted

“At this time we can’t confirm whether there were any survivors. Our bases worldwide are, as of now at DEFCON Delta, our highest readiness level,”

“Holy shit this is on the verge of full out war,” Meg said

“Sh we’re trying to listen,” Maggie said, there were three men on the screen, an older man in a suit and tie on the podium and two men with medals all over their chests standing beside him

“The attack was an attempt to hack our military network, the technology used is a very advanced weapons system that we have not come across before. But our prayers are with the families of the brave men and women that fell victim to the Qatar Air Base attack. I promise you, the American people that we will hunt down this enemy, and when we do we’ll know just what to do with them,”

“Oh my God, think of those families,” Lilly said

“I wonder what country could have done something that advance.” Maggie said crossing her arms over her chest and thinking

“I don’t know but if they get caught their gonna have their asses whooped,” Meg said leaning back and taking another bight of her pizza

“Well that’s the military’s job so unless it’s gonna affect me I’m gonna finish eating my pizza,” Katy said and continued eating, and everyone else got out of the solemn mood and continued to eat.

“Hey Alex what do we have planned for the rest of the night?” Maggie asked

“Um how about we eat desserts with a movie up in my room,” when everyone nodded we finished up our pizza and throwing out the boxes and plates the girls and I went back to the room and Sam returned to his

“Hey guys don’t play it too loudly I’m gonna hit the sack,” he said

“Yeah right, I’m surprised that you don’t wake yourself up with your snoring,” I said, Sam glared at me but went into his room without a word. The girl piled into my room and taking the video game out, we stood around my bed to decide the movie,

“Okay we do the same thing we did for the video game, now how many for 300,” I said

Maggie, Meg, and Katy raised their hands,

“Alrighty then then, how many for Mean Girls?” I said Maggie, Lilly and I raised our hands

“Ok then how many for National Treasure: Book of Secrets?” I said

And everyone’s hands shoot up.

“OK National Treasure it is,” I took the case and popped the CD into the player while the girls arranged the bean bags around the screen along with their pillows and blankets,

“Oh Maggie there are three popcorn bags next to the microwave can you get them started?” I asked

“Got it,” Maggie said and walked over to the microwave

“And Lilly can you get the deserts out of the fridge please?”

“Sure thing,” she said and she went to the fridge, popping started to sound

“Okay thanks guys,” I took the remote and skipped over the previews to the movie menu, and waited for the girls to situate themselves comfortably when an idea popped in to my head.

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