The silent trapper. The one that has grown to be a vicious hunter. his sanctuary has been disturbed. His shack invaded by those that would disrespect his unspoken code of the hunt..... Jason Vorheez, the evil that haunts his own silent thoughts, his waking dreams of nightmare's influence. He finds sanctuary in an unleashing of his rages. For they make him strong, and the weak that curse him; they are to be game for the hunt and meat for survival.....

Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:


JULY 5th 2017





The waitress drew slowly from her assailant, her left hand reflexively raised to her mouth. Her lip was bleeding from a backhand by the shack’s silent owner. Jason Vorheez moved slowly on the girl. The sight of his mother’s missing head, once again bringing the hunter to a raising of ill temperament.

Hooks torqued as the hunter pulled his favored weapon of the kill. The old rusting machete that had been used against his mother many years passed.

Amy screamed and toppled the table to try to block the silent stalker’s menacing approach. Jason tossed the table aside and slashed at the woman as she rose to flee. The sharpened blade slicing at the unprotected flesh of her right arm nearly from her shoulder to her elbow.

Amy mowed over the one named Willy the Weasel as she fled.

“Get up you idiot! The girl’s getting away.”

Willy gaped in fear on the invincible killer as Jason Vorheez as his machete blade drove clean through his mothers’ back and out her stomach.

Scrambling to his feet, his bag of loot in his hands. willy fled into the woods.

Jason tossed the body of the aging thief of a woman aside. Slowly the hunter searched his shack. Anger, greater than he had yet known now swelled up within him.

The hunter slammed his right fist into the wall where his oldest of masks once hung for display.

Grabbing the dead intruder by her hair, Jason dragged the fresh kill outside to his chopping block.

Blood splattered his hide lacquered mask and his tattered clothing with each chop of his ax.

Removing his shirt, Jason cleaned the ax head free of blood and returned the chopping tool to its proper place. The stump quartered to the ground beneath. The axe wedged in the wood tight.

Trunks of procured items- clothing, and other curiosities find storage in one of the unused rooms of his shack. The hunter changed his clothing. His soiled shirt is ripped to shreds. the pieces to find their purification within the flames of a lit hearth.

Grabbing a chain and a metallic Cylindrical cage of an iron box, Jason Vorheez carried the cold box to the chopping block. New meat for storage.

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