A Sword Is Like A Knife

Ah Hell

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Lydia jumped on me the next morning, waking me up.

"CLOVE! WE HAVE MAIL!" She shrieked.

"Lydia, get off of me! It's just mail!"


"Why did he get you a slingshot?" I asked, confused.

"SO I CAN KICK JOHNNY'S ASS!" Today was the day that I was going to confront Johnny and then rough him up a little. Lydia wanted to help me, but there was no way I was letting her anyway near him. I told her that if she miraculously managed to learn how to use a long distance weapon in the nine hours I'd be asleep for, she could help me. So Cato had sent her a slingshot.

"I CAN HIT HIM WITH A ROCK!" She looked so excited to be about to hurt Johnny. He had changed her life in a bad way before she was even a teenager.

"We'd better get dressed, then." I grin. I am looking forward to showing Johnny what I was made of. Lydia squealed and chucked me an envelope before running off to the bathroom. I opened it; it was a letter from Cato.

Dear Clove,

Don't do anything stupid. I don't want you to get hurt. I would come with you to talk to Johnny, but my parents aren't letting me leave the house today, my cousin Lyme is visiting. I know you can handle yourself, but that doesn't mean I won't worry. Good luck Clovey.


P.S: If you value your life, don't let Lydia use that slingshot inside.

I folded the letter in half and slipped it under my pillow before going to rummage through my drawers for something to wear.

-Line Break-

Finding Johnny wasn't hard. He was sat on a bench opposite the Bandstand. It was early morning, 9:00am, so there wasn't a single person around. As I approached him, I started to expect tumble weeds to drift past. He was looking at his phone so he didn't see me coming. Lydia was perched in a nearby tree, so I signalled to her. She let a rock fly from her slingshot, nailing him in the forehead. His head shot up. When he saw me, he sneered.

"Ah, Clove. See what your little boyfriend did to me?" He pointed at his face and stood. He had two black eyes and was missing a few teeth. His nose was lumpy and bruised. He walked towards me. "Want to kiss it better?"

"No. You can't get to me now, Johnny. Not now. Not ever again." I took a deep breath and glared at him.

"Says who?" He still saw me as the fearful little fifteen year old girl from two years ago. He didn't know how much I'd changed.

"Says me. You scared the shit out of me for years. You abused me. You killed my brother. You threatened my sister. Then you had the nerve to ruin my fresh start here. How dare you? I don't fear you anymore, Johnny! I just hate you!" I was yelling by the time I finished my speech. He swung at me, and I did what I hadn't had the courage to do before. I dodged. He looked at me with shock.

"I suppose you really are a different person now. Where did my little Clovey go?"

"You can't call me that. Only one person can call me that, and you're nothing like him." He was too busy glaring at me to jump out the way when I swung my own punch at him. I socked him right in one of his bruised eyes. He screamed in pain and went for my throat. He squeezed and I probably turned blue after a while. I raked my nails down his face and he let his down. I punched him again, this time in his broken nose and floored him. We rolled around on the ground for a while. He yanked my hair and tears of anger sprung to my eyes. He pinned me down and grinned.

"I really don't want to hurt my favourite play toy…But I will." A crazy look appeared in his eyes and he pulled out a knife from his sleeve. My eyes wandered to Lydia's tree. She wasn't there. She was already less than five metres away from me and Johnny. Just as he was about to bring the knife down into my eye when she ran straight into him, knocking the both of them to the floor. He recovered quickly and threw the knife at her. We both screamed as the knife plunged into her shoulder. I pulled my own knife out of my boot and ran at Johnny. I slashed at his face, cutting him from his left eye down to the corner of his lips.

"Bitch!" He shouted. He went for my throat again, but I looked at my sister crumpled on the ground and felt a surge of new energy. I elbowed him in the temple, and he was knocked unconscious for the second time in two days.

"Lydia!" I rushed over to her.

"I…Still think…I…should be able to…Call you…Clovey." She muttered before falling unconscious. I pulled out my phone. I couldn't call an ambulance, we'd only get arrested or something. So I found myself pressing 1, my speed dial number for Cato.

"Clove, are you okay?" He sounded funny on the phone, but this was no time for laughing.

"I'm fine. But Lydia…Could you come to the Bandstand? It's really urgent, Lydia's hurt."

"I'll be there in two minutes." He hung up on me and I went to kneel by Lydia's side. She had pulled out the knife, so I pressed my hands against her wound. I had to apply pressure to slow down the blood flow. A minute and a half later, Cato came running down the path towards me.

"What's wrong with…Ah, hell." He looked at the two bodies. He scooped Lydia up, no questions asked, and turned to me.

"Think you can drag him to my car?" I nodded and grabbed Johnny under the shoulders. We ran to Cato's car. We must have looked really suspicious. He was carrying a bleeding girl and I was dragging an unconscious boy that had about five inches on me. When we reached Cato's car, I sat in the back with part of Cato's shirt pressed to Lydia's shoulder. We buckled Johnny into the passenger seat so that it looked like he was just sleeping and not unconscious.

"Can we go back to yours?" Cato asked, looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, my parents are out. Think you can stich her up?" I wouldn't be able to do it. I couldn't sew up a wound that my sister had because of me.

"Yeah. She'll be okay, Clove. I promise. And I don't break my promises."

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