A Sword Is Like A Knife

The TTE Part II

I don't own The Hunger Games. :( I know that I said the TTE lasted five days, but I've changed my mind. :) Now it doesn't have an official ending day.

"I feel like a male stripper."

I glanced over at Cato, stifling a laugh. My stylist Jerry had dressed me up in a knee length pale green dress. It had a white belt and beads embroidered into the shape of flowers going up the sides. Cato, however, was wearing considerably less. Cindy had clearly wanted to show Cato off, because the only thing he was wearing was a pair of knee length shorts made out of leaves.

"You look like one, too." I replied, looking around me at the other contestants. We were all stood in chariots, waiting to be pulled out onto a track so that the audience could get a good first look at us. School one was in front of us, and school three were behind us.

"Mean." Cato poked me in the ribs and I let out a laugh.

"Hey, you said it first." I smirked. He rolled his eyes at me. I was leaning in to kiss him when Cato yelped in pain.

"No! You'll ruin her make-up!" Jerry had dug his unusually long finger nails into Cato's bare stomach. Jerry gestured for me to bend over.

"Here you go. Now you look perfect!" He said as he slid a daisy behind my ear. He positioned my curled hair so that you could see the flower. Then he ran off to help Cindy with something, wishing us luck as he went.

"He was right, you know. You look beautiful." Cato said, taking my hand in his.

"Thanks." I smiled. Our chariot started moving and he squeezed my hand as I wobbled a bit.

"Don't fall out, Clovey."

"Trust me. I'll be trying not to."

The crowd roared and cheered, almost deafening me, as we were pulled by the horses onto the track. Cato and I waved to them, and they cheered even more. I looked ahead at school one. The contestants were awkwardly stood next to each other, clutching the railing to avoid falling over. It looked like we wouldn't be outshone by them this year. Cato kissed me on the cheek, and the crowd went mental. I grinned and waved some more. Half the girls in the crowd were practically drooling over Cato. Cato knew that he looked good and started striking poses. I laughed as he showed off for the crowd.

"That was amazing!" Cindy complimented us when we re-joined her, Jerry and Larisa in the lobby.

"I agree! You really showed them your best!" Jerry said, his eyes on Cato. I tried not to laugh. He was so blatantly gay that it was amusing.

"We should be getting back to our floor. I'm…Tired." Cato lied, looking kind of scared. "Come on, Clovey." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the elevator.

"God, that man scares me." Cato said when the doors clicked shut.

"He was so checking you out." I smirked.

"I know. And it scares me." Cato shuddered.

"Maybe you should leave me and get with him…You can have children that love fashion and stabbing people." I joked.

"No." Cato wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. At that moment, the elevator doors decided to open.

"Ahem." Cato and I broke away from each other and looked for the source of the voice. Our mentor, Phoenix, stood in the hallway with his arms crossed.

"That's not how you win the TTE. Stop sucking each other's faces off and get some sleep, you've got training tomorrow."

-Line Break-

"Up, up, up! It's a big day today!" I heard Larisa yelling from outside my room. I heard Cato throw something at his door, annoyed. I checked the clock next to me. It was 7:00am. Groaning, I rolled over and went back to sleep again. Larisa could go jump off a bridge for all I cared. I like my sleep.

"Oof!" My eyes shot open as I felt something heavy land on me. Now, the clock read 7:30am. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Cato was lying on his back on top of my stomach, fully dressed in training clothes.

"Good morning, Clovey." He said. I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Get off of me, Cato." I muttered, shoving him. He rolled off of me, landing on his butt on the floor.

"That was mean." He stood up and extended a hand to me. I ignored it, pulling my pillow over my face. He sighed wrapped his arms around my waist. In one swift motion, he scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"CATO!" I pounded on his back with my fists. "Put me down now!"

"Do you promise to be a good little girl and get dressed for training? Or do I have to tickle you again?"

"Yes, whatever! Just put me down!" I hit him one last time before he put me down.

"Next time you'll get the water bucket." He smirked.

"You wouldn't." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Try me." He left my room and closed the door behind him. Reluctantly, I pulled the wardrobe open. I selected a white t-shirt and black knee length training shorts. I laid my outfit on my bed and stepped into the adjoining bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and pulled my wet hair up into a pony tail. I pulled on my clothes and joined the others in the dining room. I took my place at the table next to Cato.

"Better late than never." Larisa glared at me. I ignored her and placed a piece of buttered toast on my plate.

"Really, Clove. All this lovely food available and you take toast?" Larisa glared at me some more.

"She can do what she wants." Cato said, frowning at Larisa. "We have training in an hour anyway, so a light breakfast is necessary." That shut Larisa up.

"We should discuss strategy for the final tournament. What skills do you have?" Phoenix asked, his mouth full of bacon.

"I use a sword and spears." Cato said.

"I throw knives."

"Do you plan on making any allies? I suspect the usual lot." Phoenix said. Most years schools one, two and four teamed up in the final tournament and then split at the final six. School three wasn't included because they were only ranked at three for their technology. Their training programme was terrible.

"Schools one and four's contestants are looking strong this year. So yeah, probably." Cato answered. Strategy and plans were what he exceled at, other than fighting. In the tournament, he would come up with our battle plan and I would focus on survival skills, like making a fire or shelter.

"How do you plan on winning sponsors?" He asked. God, was this man made of questions or something?

"By fighting hard and proving that we're the better pair." Cato responded, finishing off his apple.

"Do you not think that's what everyone else is planning? How would that make you different from School One?" Phoenix frowned. I glanced at Cato. He seemed to be in thought, wondering about sponsors.

"The audience like a good show, right?" I asked. Everyone at the table nodded. "Then leave it to me. I have a plan."

We were the last pair to reach the training centre. The head instructor gave us all a speech on how nobody will actually die so it's okay if you can't use a weapon. I rolled my eyes at this. Only the lower schools in the ranking system, like twelve, can't handle weapons. When she was finished talking, we were free to go to each station. Cato and I followed the pair from School One over to the archery station.

"Hey." Cato said, as the boy from one tested a bow and fired an arrow. It hit the bullseye. Cato smirked at me and I nodded.

"Our schools have an alliance every year, as you probably know." I said.

"Yeah? Well Malinda and I work alone." The boy's eyes roamed over me. "You don't look like much anyway, girly. Maybe out should just take you out now." He sneered. Cato grabbed him by the throat.

"Watch out in the tournament. Because you're the first one I get." He said in a low growl. I pulled on Cato's arm and he released the boy's throat and stepped away.

"You didn't have to do that." I said when were out of earshot from the pair from School One.

"Yes I did. I can't have people thinking they can mess with my girlfriend, can I? Besides, he hasn't seen what you can do with a knife." I returned Cato's smile as he dragged me over to the hand-to-hand combat station where the girl from School Four was oiling up her skin for a wrestling match against the girl from School Eight.

"Alliance. Yes or no?" Cato asked, getting straight to the point this time.

"Sure. I'm Katrina. Trey and I were hoping you'd ask. What about the dickheads from one?" The girl responded, smiling warmly at Cato but completely ignoring me.

"They're out." He said simply. "Come on, Clove. You've got knives to play with." He pulled me away from the station and over to the knife-throwing area.

"What's the rush?" I asked.

"We're not here to mess about, Clovey. We have to show them what we can do. I'm going over to the spear throwing station, okay?" I nodded in response to him and gave me a quick peck on the lips before walking off.

"Get lost." I said to the boy from School Five, who was eying up the throwing knives that were laid out on a table. He ran off, scared. I ran my hands over the array of knives. Picking one up, I threw it at the target to test it. I threw it so hard that it went straight through the bullseye and hit the knot-tying station behind it. Half the contestants in the room were looking at me warily. Smirking, I picked up another knife.

This was wear the real fun would begin.

I think this is my longest chapter. :) So, this story is quite a way off of finishing, but I have decided that I want to do a sequel. The only problem is, I don't know what to write it about. I would be really grateful if you could review with ideas. :) If I decide to use your idea, you will get a chapter dedicated to you in this fic, and OC in the sequel and a shoutout. :) Thank you in advance.

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