A Sword Is Like A Knife

The TTE Part III

I don't own The Hunger Games. :( So, this story is quite a way off of finishing, but I have decided that I want to do a sequel. The only problem is, I don't know what to write it about. I would be really grateful if you could review with ideas. :) If I decide to use your idea, you will get a chapter dedicated to you in this fic, and OC in the sequel and a shoutout. :) I'll keep pasting this until I get an idea. :)

After another two days of intense training, it was time for our private session with the instructors. We would be ranked out of twelve. The highest anyone has ever received is an eleven. Katniss got it the year she won for shooting an arrow at the instructors. Cato and I sat in a small waiting room just outside the training room whilst the boy from one has his session. I found out that his name is Denys, he's fifteen and his partner Malinda's sixteen. They're brother and sister. He exited the training room, smirking. He high-fived Malinda when she passed him to go in.

"Try beating that, Two." He sneered. I rolled my eyes, feeling Cato tense next to me. I found it hard to believe that he could lose his temper so easily because he's so gentle with me. I ran my hand down his arm.

"Let the bastard gloat. We'll knock his score right out of the water." I smirk confidently.

"You wish." Denys said before leaving the room.

"We need to do what Katniss did, Clovey. Get elevens by making the instructors remember us." Cato said, taking my hand in his.

"We will. We're easily the best pair here." I said. Cato kissed my hand before saying,

"And that is why I love you."

"Whatever." I responded, but I was smiling. Cato released my hand when he was called to the training room. Malinda smiled slightly at me before exiting the room in the elevator.

-Line Break-

"Clove Fuhrman. School Two, Mockingjay High, West Virginia." I said confidently as I walked into the training room, stopping in front of the instructors' box. The only evidence of Cato ever being in here was a severed dummy head and a large crack in the wall. I guess he was pretty serious about being remembered.

"You may begin." One of them said. I immediately walked over to the knife throwing station. I picked up four knives, walked away from the target and threw three all at once. They all hit the different targets, in the centre. I pulled the knives out and walked back again. Without turning around to face the targets, I threw the knives. They landed in the same places as they did before. That's what you get from years of practice. I picked up the last knife from where I had put it on the floor. Taking a deep breath, I threw it with all the strength I could muster. It whizzed through the air before cutting straight through one of the knives already stuck in the target and hit the wall behind.

"Thank you, Ms Fuhrman. You are dismissed." The instructors looked impressed. Smiling to myself, I made my way back to Mockingjay High's floor.

-Line Break-

"Ready for this?" Cato asked. I nodded. I was sat next to him on the couch, his arm around my shoulders. He turned the TV on with the remote and we started to watch the scores flashing up on the screen. Denys scored a ten. Malinda got a nine. Cato's face appeared on the screen and I bit my lip. I knew how much getting a good score meant to him. He pulled an eleven and I could almost feel him grinning, but he won't celebrate until we know my score. An eleven flashed up next to my picture and I find myself grinning just as much as Cato.

Okay, sorry that this chapter was REALLY short. I'll try and update tomorrow, but I'm busy on Tuesdays. If I don't get the interviews up tomorrow, they'll be up and Wednesday. :)

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