A Sword Is Like A Knife


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"Twirl for me, girl!" Jerry squealed. Rolling my eyes, I twirled for him in my interview dress. It was pale blue and strapless. Like my opening ceremony dress, it reached my knees. I wore a silver belt around it. Jerry had also given me a necklace to wear. It was silver a silver chain with a diamanté C on it. My shoes were silver flats.


"Very! You look gor-ge-ous!" He yelled excitedly. I will never get used to this man and his funny vocabulary.

"Can we go down to the stage now?" I asked impatiently. I still hadn't forgiven Jerry for showing blatant interest in my boyfriend.

"One last thing, then we can go!" He said, going over to his drawer and rummaging around in it. He pulled out a pair of heart stud earrings. He handed them to me and I put them in my ears.

"They're really pretty." I confessed.

"I know. Cato told me to give them too you." Jerry took my hand in his and pulled me towards the door to Cindy's adjoining stylist workshop.

"CINDY!" He drummed on the door. "WE'RE COMING THROUGH!"

"We've been sat here waiting for twenty minutes, Jerry!" Came her faint reply. My stylist shrugged before opening the door. Cato was wearing black dress pants, black shoes, a black suit jacket, a button-up shirt the same colour as my dress and a black tie. I had to admit, he looked good.

"You look amazing, Clovey." Cato said, slipping his hand into mine as I approached him.

"You don't look too bad yourself." I smirked. He kissed me on cheek before pulling me out of the door. Larisa was stood outside, looking impatient.

"Finally. Follow me." She strut off down the hall and we followed after her.

-Line Break-

Malinda's interview angle was sweet, but she let the audience know that she could take everyone down easily. Denys was somewhat hostile, but he cracked a smile a few times at Caesar Flickerman's jokes.

"Ladies and gentleman. We have another treat for you now! All the way from School Two, Mockingjay High, we have…Clove Fuhrman!" I heard the roars of applause from the audience before I even stepped on stage. Caesar kissed both of my cheeks and then I sat down.

"So, Clove." He said.

"So, Caesar." I responded playfully. The audience let out a small laugh.

"What, or who, encouraged you to try for the TTE?" He asked.

"Easy question." I smiled. "My older brother, Joey. He passed two years ago, and now I try my hardest to do well because I know that's what he would have wanted for me." The audience 'Awwwed' at my story.

"Well, isn't that sweet. What happened to him?" Caesar asked. I swallowed awkwardly.

"He…Was in a car accident." I lied. .

"Do you miss him?"

"Yes, a lot. I think about him all the time."

"I'm sure he's proud of you. You're very pretty, Clove."

"Why, thank you Caesar. Aren't my stylists amazing?" To get sponsors, I knew that I had to ooze charm and confidence. Cato's angle will be the same when it's his turn.

"Indeed. Now Clove, I have to ask. Do you have a special someone back home?" A smile tugged at his lips. He expected me to say no. That I only focus on my training.

"Well, he's not at home. He's sat backstage right now." I grinned.

"You're school partner?"

"Yes. Cato. He's very special to me." I couldn't keep the smile off of face. I never could when I talked about Cato.

"And how long have you been seeing each other?" He asked.

"Two months. And we're going to win this thing together." I smirked. The buzzer went off, signalling that my time was over.

"Clove Fuhrman everybody!" Caesar yelled, lifting my arm up into the air. The audience cheered as I walked off stage.

"Good luck." I whispered in Cato's ear when I passed him. He smiled at me before stepping onto the stage. I sat down with the rest of the contestants and watched his interview on the television screen.

"So, Cato. The lucky man." Caesar smiled.

"That would be me." He responded. Half of the girls in the audience practically swooned when he cracked a smile.

"What are your intentions?" He asked. I smiled, thinking about when Cato asked Vick the exact same question.

"I just want to make her happy. I'll do anything just to see her smiling." Cato said. I was pretty sure that a few people watching fainted whilst the others 'Awwwed.' New Yorkers just keep getting stranger.

"What's your plan for the final tournament tomorrow?" Caesar asked.

"I won't give too much away, but Clove and I are going to win this thing easily." He shot a cocky grin at the audience and they chuckled. Cato had always been better with words than me.

"And what will happen to anyone that gets in your way?"

"We'll take them down, my friend." Cato grinned again.

"Spoken like a true man. Cato Ludwig everybody!" Caesar Flickerman shook his hand and Cato walked off stage. He sat next to me and we watched the rest of the interviews. We weren't really paying much attention to School Three, but we listened to School Four because they were our allies. We made predictions of what we thought their angle would be, but what Trey said shocked even the School One contestants.

"So, young man." Caesar said. We all knew what question was coming next.

"I'm not that young, Caesar. I'm sixteen." Trey smiled.

"So I've heard. Do you have a special someone back home?"

"Well…There is one girl. She's a contestant this year, actually. I've been watching her in training. She's incredible." When he said this, I held back a gasp. He was about to confess to being in love with one of the contestants. I glanced over at Malinda from One. Her eyes had gone wide. Maybe it was her that he liked, then.

"And what's this young lady's name?" Caesar asked gently.

"Clove…Her name's Clove."

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