A Sword Is Like A Knife

The TTE Part V

I don't own The Hunger Games. :( Thank you for the suggestions; I have decided what the sequel will be about! :D CatoAndCloveMeantToBe please PM with your OC, because your suggestion is what gave me the idea. :) This chapter is dedicated to you.

I had to grab Cato's arm to stop him from leaping up, charging onto the stage and ripping Trey's head off of his shoulder.

"Let me go, Clove!" He yelled, struggling. "I'll kill him!"

"Cato, I think you need to calm down! Please?" I pleaded. He pulled out of my grip, but didn't move towards the stage like I presumed he would.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't punch that guy's face in." His eyes flashed with anger and I placed my hands lightly on his chest.

"Because what he just said…The feeling isn't mutual. You know it isn't." I said, looking straight into his eyes.

"That's not a reason." Cato protested. He really wanted to punch Trey. I could tell.

"There's no need to kick his ass! You'll be disqualified and it would just show me that you don't trust me enough to believe me when I say it's not mutual!" I poked him in the chest. He retaliated my poking me on the nose.

"Okay, Clovey. But if he tries anything I might just forget that nobody actually dies in the TTE and I'll snap his neck." He said seriously. He would undoubtedly do it. I ran my hands up his shoulders and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"It's probably just for sponsors, anyway. I love you." I said. He kissed me on the nose.

"I love you too." I took my arms down and he took my hand in his. We sat back down again and when Trey exited the stage, Cato shot him a pretty scary glare.

"Hey, man." He said when he saw Cato. "No hard feelings. It's just that, well, Clove's my type." I had to grip onto his shoulder again to stop him from dropkicking Trey straight into next week.

"Whatever. Just be glad that we're allies." Cato growled. When all the interviews were over, we made our way back up to our floor. I went straight to sleep. With the tournament tomorrow, I'd need all the energy I could get.

-Line Break-

"You and Cato are going to be the best victors ever!" Jerry squealed. We were stood in the launch pad under this year's arena. I was wearing a black tank top and black spandex leggings under my thick body armour. If anything hit me in the head, chest, stomach or neck the armour would automatically transport me back to my floor. The technology they had here was amazing. My arm still stung slightly from my tracker, but other than that I felt fine. I was excited; I'd been training for this moment for eight years.

"Thanks." I grinned as he led me towards the glass tube. I stepped into it and it snapped shut. I waved to Jerry as the countdown started and I was brought up into the arena. I glanced around. The ground was sand. There was a forest to my right, a river to the left and the Cornucopia was about one hundred metres in front of me. Beyond it was a selection of sand dunes and behind me was a slope, leading down to who knows what?




I positioned my feet to run. I could see a belt full of throwing knives next to the Cornucopia. Cato was four plates to my left, eying up a sword that lay on the ground just inside the Cornucopia. The gong sounded and I took off running. I scooped up two rucksacks on my way to the knives and threw them both over my shoulders. I tossed one to Katrina. As I ran, I watched her scoop up a mace that was covered in spikes. She hit the male contestant from Nine in the head and he instantly disappeared. I reached the knives and quickly strapped the belt around my waist. Twelve knives dangled from it. I pulled one free and hurled it at the female contestant from Five. The knife struck the area over her heart and she too disappeared. I retrieved my knife and let my eyes wander over the bloodbath. Cato was locked in combat, sword to metal club, with the boy from Eleven. Katrina was chasing down any contestants with items from the Cornucopia. Trey was having a spear-on-spear fight with the girl from Six. He glanced over at me.

"Clove, duck!" He yelled. I hit the ground, no questions asked. I heard an arrow go whizzing over my head and spun around. Malinda and Denys from One were retreating to the woods, both holding bows. Malinda was the one how took the shot at me. I sprinted after them and flung a knife just as they reached the first few trees. I hit her square in the back of the neck and she disappeared. Denys spun around, and it was obvious that he was angry. He reached notched an arrow in his bow, but didn't release it when he saw the knife in my hand. He backed away into the forest, and I let him go. We could hunt him down later. I did run over and retrieve my knife though before heading back to the bloodbath.

"Thanks." I muttered to Trey. Only two contestants remained, the others had fled. Cato was still fighting with the boy from Eleven. Katrina was going mace to knife with the girl from Three.

"Anything for you, Clove." He smirked. He knew that this whole thing was about to get to me. How could he like me? I hadn't even had more than a five minute conversation with the guy! Besides, he had no right to confess something like that when he knew I'm in a relationship already. Cato stabbed the boy in the armour over his stomach, and he disappeared. I ignored Trey and joined him by the mouth of the Cornucopia, just as Katrina took down the girl from Three.

"You okay?" He asked me. "No injuries?" If we were hit in any place that wasn't fatal, it would hurt like hell. A knife in the arm wouldn't bleed, but it could facture the bone.

"I'm fine. What about you?" I responded.

"Yeah, I'm good." We picked over the weapons and rucksacks in silence. I repacked four rucksacks with a spare knife, two packets of dried fruit, three packets of dried beef, a full litre bottle of water, some iodine to purify water, a small coil of rope and a solar powered flashlight. I placed three spare knives in my rucksack and one in Cato's. When the time came to break away from Katrina and Trey, I wanted us to be armed better than them. We set up the three tents that we found. We only needed three, because somebody would always be on watch.

"Hey Clove, I have an idea. Take some supplies and put them inside the Cornucopia." Cato said. Eventually, we had moved all of our supplies to the inside of the silver horn. Katrina and Trey walked around the corner, armed to the teeth. Katrina had two maces, dangling from each side of her belt. She shoved one into her backpack when I handed it to her before throwing it into one of the tents. Trey had three spears strapped to his back, so he threw his backpack over his shoulder.

"I'm guessing you guys want to rest after that fight. I'll take the first watch." He said.

"Yeah, whatever. Sleep now guys, because we'll go hunting late at night." Katrina said, retreating into the tent she had thrown her backpack into. I made my way over to the one, but before I could go inside I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around.

"Stay up with me?" Trey asked, looking hopeful.

"She's sleeping in my tent." Cato said, glaring at Trey. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from Trey.

"What a dickhead." Cato muttered, throwing himself into a sleeping bag.

"I know." I said, crawling in next to him. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and I lay me head on his chest.

"Goodnight, Clovey." He whispered, brushing a strand of hair off of my forehead.

"Goodnight, Cato." I drifted off to sleep, listening to the nine cannons signalling the contestants' removal from the tournament.

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