A Sword Is Like A Knife


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I trained for almost the whole lunch hour, leaving fifteen minutes to shower and change my clothes. I made my way out of the female changing room and almost walked straight into Cato. I really need to start watching where I'm going.

"Sorry." I mumbled, swerving to avoid contact.

"That was a good throw you back there." He said, looking at me strangely. "I didn't think you had it in you. Maybe I was wrong about you, Clove Fuhrman." With that, he sauntered of down the hallway.

"I thought people like you didn't talk to girls like me!" I called to his back.

"Maybe I can make an exception." He smirked before turning the corner and disappearing from view.

"Clove, come on. We're going to be late for math." Katniss burst out of the changing room, grabbed my arm and started sprinting. I could only just keep up. I can beat her at long distance, but she was the best female sprinter in the state.

"Katniss, slow down!" I yelled as we sped up another staircase and into a hallway. She stopped running when we reached a doorway and I almost ran straight into her.

"Girls, you're late. Katniss, sit next to Thresh please." Our math teacher Mrs Mull scanned down her class list for my name. "Clove Fuhrman…Next to Glimmer, please." I dropped my bag down underneath the desk and mentally groaned. Glimmer was Cato's girlfriend, the annoying blonde.

"Hey there, Clovey." She shot me a fake smile.

"It's Clove." I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Whatever, Clovey. I saw you talking to Cato earlier. I was stood just around the corner. What were you talking about?" Her voice had a dangerous edge to it.

"Why do you care?" I asked. Annoying this girl would be fun.

"Because we've been in a relationship for eight months. Jealous?" She smirked.

"Not really." I shook my head.

"Ugh, just stay away from him okay? I know that you're trained with that knife and I suppose you're pretty fierce. Cato finds that kind of thing attractive. So stay away and we'll have no problem." She smiled sweetly again and waved to Cato who was sat on the other side of the room. He winked at her, causing Glimmer to giggle. If Cato found fierce girls attractive, he must find Glimmer absolutely disgusting. Not that the other boys did. Half of the ones in our class were ogling her. A few were staring at Katniss, even though they knew that she'd been with Gale for a year and wasn't ready to start dating someone else. But I knew that she'd end up with Peeta. I'd met both of the boys when I came down here again for my fourteenth birthday.

"Trust me Glimmer, the problems we have will not have anything to do with Cato. He's a jerk." I frowned.

"Maybe to you. But he's sweet and caring when you get to know him. Oh, that reminds me! In 12 weeks is the TTE. It stands for Teenager Training Event. Each school puts forward one boy and one girl to be enrolled in an elite training programme. It last for five days. The instructors will be watching us closely in training."

"What does this have to do with your jealousy and Cato?" I asked, not wanting to show how interested I really was in this training programme.

"Cato will, without a doubt, be submitted into the programme. And I want to get submitted. The TTE is in New York, which would be super romantic for me and Cato! I want you to fight me in hand to hand combat class next lesson. The instructors will be watching, so lose okay?"

"Uhh…Sure." I lied. I had no intention of letting this girl beat me in a fight. I'd never live it down.

"Great!" The bell sounded and Glimmer clapped her hands. She packed her books into her bag. "Come on!" She dragged me down the two flights of stairs and into to the changing room. I sighed and changed into my training clothes. When we were both ready, Glimmer grabbed my elbow and pulled me into the gym. I mouthed help me at Katniss, but she just smiled weakly at me.

"Who wants to have a go first?" The instructor asked the class. There was about thirty of us in total including me, Katniss, Glimmer, Cato, Marvel, Johanna, Finnick and Peeta. We were in partners, and Glimmer had forced me into working with her. The instructor, Mr Gun, was asking for volunteers to fight for the class to witness their technique. The winner of the fight would also be inspected more closely for the TTE. So of course, Glimmer's hand shot straight up.

"We will, sir!" She shot Cato a smile as we made our way to the front of the class but he was too busy looking at me with assessing eyes to notice. My knife throwing coach back in Ohio had looked at me like that on my first day of training. Cato was trying to figure out my weakness and strengths by looking at the way I walked, assessing my starting position, watching the way I held my head, anything that he could find useful. After all, it's important to find out whatever you can about your opponents.

"You may begin." Mr Gun said, and stepped out of our way. Glimmer stood facing me with her fists up in an offensive stance. I stood with my hands by my sides, already knowing her first move. She jumped towards me and swung, but I dodged and grabbed her arm. I pulled it behind her back and floored her. I punched her in the stomach, but she managed to roll me over hit me in the windpipe. Her hand slowly closed around my throat. I thrust my knee upwards into her gut and she went flying off of me. I threw myself on top of her and started to strangle her. When she turned blue, the instructor informed me that I had won and that I should probably let go. I stood up and brushed my hands down my sleeves before offering one to Glimmer. She ignored me and picked herself up off of the floor.

"That was very impressive, young lady. What's your name?" Mr Gun asked.

"Clove Fuhrman, sir." I responded.

"You seem like an interesting candidate for the TTE. Do you specialize in any particular weapon?"

"Throwing knives. But I've dabbled in sword work and spear throwing, sir, as well as learning survival skills and long distance running." I said, speaking to him like I would my old coach.

"Great. I want you to train after school with Cato every Friday. Dismissed."

Oh, crap.

This chapter was a bit like the last one, sorry about that. :(

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