A Sword Is Like A Knife

The TTE Part VI

I don't own The Hunger Games. :( In response to an anonymous review- Yes, two tributes can win if they are from the same school. :)

Cato and I were awoken to the sound of a loud clashing. We both shot out of the dark coloured sleeping bag and exited the tent, weapons drawn. It was dark now, and fake stars gave off a soft light in the sky. We were greeted by the noise again.

"Katrina, will you stop that? Some of us like to keep our eardrums non-perforated." I frowned. She was hitting her maces together, which was causing the noise.

"Yeah." Cato agreed. "You'll wake up the whole arena."

"I had to wake you up somehow!" She protested.

"You could've come inside the tent and shook our shoulders or something!" I frowned again. Katrina crossed her arms over her stomach, the maces dangling from her hands.

"There was no way I was going in that tent. How knows what you were doing in there?"

"We were just sleeping." I muttered, flushing bright red. Cato and Katrina were practically pissing themselves with laughter at the expression on my face. Trey looked somewhat amused, but slightly annoyed.

"That's what they all say." Katrina said between laughs. Thankfully the TTE anthem sounded, saving me from further embarrassment. One by one, the faces of those removed the tournament appeared in the sky. The first to appear was Malinda from One. She was followed by the boy from Three, and then the girl from Three. The boy and girl from Five appeared. As did the boy from Nine and the boy from Ten. Finally, the girl from Twelve's face flashed in the sky before disappearing.

"Nine down." I said. "Now are you going to stand here and laugh at me, or are we going to go hunting?" I asked. Cato rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Clovey. We'll go hunting if that's what you want." He took my hand in his and we led the way into the forest. Katrina and Trey walked behind us, weapons drawn, looking out for tributes. I used my flashlight to search the trees, and Cato used his to search for tracks in the sand. After a few hours, he freezes. The sand had faded away and was replaced by mud. Whatever footprints that were in the sand had been blown away ages ago, but Cato had spotted something in the mud.

"Follow me." He whispered, dropping my hand so he could pull out his sword. I pulled two knives from my belt and crept behind Cato. By the depth and size of the footsteps, I'd say that a girl with huge feet and a little extra weight passed through here recently. We crept along the trail for about half an hour before we caught sight of her. It was the girl from School Six. She was bent over a dead rabbit, skinning it with a knife. We crept closer, and Cato prepared to stab the suit around her neck when Trey stood on a twig.


The girl spun around, a crazed look in her eye.

"Think you can sneak up on me? You'll have to try harder than that!" She sneered. Katrina lunged at her and they went tumbling to the ground. The girl dodged Katrina's mace, and Katrina avoided the girl's knife attacks. They somehow managed to disarm each other, and rolled around on the ground, grabbing at whatever exposed flesh on the others body they could. I was cheering Katrina on when I felt someone grab me from behind and press a knife to my neck. The two boys were still watching the fight and hadn't noticed.

"Drop the knives." He growled in my ear. Reluctantly, I dropped my two knives.

"Um, Cato?" He spun around when I said his name. His eyes widened when he saw the boy from Six with his knife pressed to my throat.

"Let her go." He demanded, his eyes hardening as he raised his sword. The boy pressed the knife to my throat a little more.

"Come closer and she'll disappear from this tournament for good. Call off your…Mutt." He said coolly. Katrina and the girl from Six both froze, Katrina had her in a headlock and had just been about to hit her with her mace. We all stood in silence, wondering what to do.

"She's not a mutt." I hissed eventually.

"Shut up." The boy from Six shook me and grabbed my wrist. A surge of energy flooded my body.

"Don't. Touch. My. Fucking. Wrists." I said through gritted teeth. Using my newfound energy, I kicked at my assailant. My foot connected with his stomach. He grunted and released me. I picked up the knives I had dropped and turned, flinging one into his protected stomach. He disappeared and cannon sounded. As I retrieved my knife, another cannon fired. When I turned to face my allies, the girl from Six was gone.

"Are you okay?" Cato asked, looking genuinely worried. He put a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm fine. Let's keep walking." I brushed Cato's hand away, not wanting potential sponsors to think I was weak.

"We're going back to camp." Cato said. I knew there was no arguing with him.

"Okay. I'll lead the way." I turned and started walking.

"Clove, you may be suffering from trauma. A guy just held a knife to your neck. Let me help you walk." Trey said, stepping forward. He tried to wrap an arm around my waist, but I shoved him away.

"I can walk just fine, thanks. I'm not traumatised, but you might be if you ever try that again." I glared at him. Cato grabbed him by the collar.

"She's right. Only I'll be the one traumatising you. You're playing with fire here, kiddo." He snarled. He let him go and walked beside me. It was silent for a few minutes until Trey said,

"You're just jealous, you know. If you weren't here I'd have Clove begging for me by now." I could hear the smirk in Trey's voice. Cato spun around, sword drawn.

I kept on walking back to camp, ignoring the cannon that signalised Trey being removed from the tournament.

A lot of you were asking for Cato to get rid of Trey, so here you go. :)

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