A Sword Is Like A Knife

The TTE Part VII

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We could see our camp in the distance when the wind started to pick up.

"That's not good." Katrina muttered.

"What? Scared of a little wind?" Cato smirked. I slapped his arm.


"Well, that was rude. What did I do?" He asked, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Think about it. This place is full of sand and the wind's picking up."

"Oh…" He trailed off.

"Yeah. It's not good. A sandstorm's coming." I sighed.

"We need to speed up." As soon as Katrina said those words, the wind speed picked up even more. Sand swirled around in the air around us until we couldn't see anymore.

"Cover your eyes, noses and mouths!" I heard Katrina yell. Sand filled my ears and I couldn't hear anything after that. I lifted my shirt up over my face. It made it slightly easier to breathe, but I was still having trouble walking. I stumbled along in the direction that I thought our camp was in, but the sandstorm had messed up my sense of direction. I kept on going forward, but the wind might have already spun me around slightly. I could fall in the river, or roll down the slope. If I walk into the Cornucopia, I'll never hear the end of it.

The sandstorm seemed to go on for hours, but I had lost all track of time. I just knew that I had to keep walking, otherwise I would be buried. I was exhausted; my legs were shaking with each step. The knife I was holding flew out of my hand. Eventually, I collapsed from fatigue. I still had my shirt pulled over my face, but what good would it be when the sand had completely buried me?


When I opened my eyes, I was lying next to the supplies inside the mouth of the Cornucopia. It was still dark outside, so I must have only been out for a few hours. Katrina was sat next to me with her legs crossed, eating from a packet of dried apricots.

"Good. You're up." She said.

I sat upright and tipped my head to the side. After all the sand had been poured out of my left ear, I tipped my head to the other side. The same amount of sand poured out, making a pile on the floor. I glanced around, frowning.

"Where's Clove?" I asked. Katrina looked away from me, avoiding my eyes.

"Where's Clove?" I asked again, more aggressively.

"I don't know." Katrina answered honestly. "I guess we'll find out if she's still out there in a few minutes."

"Shit." I whispered. We'd lost her in the storm. Nobody dies in this tournament, but a sandstorm can do some serious damage.

"She'll be okay."

"I guess you're right. She's strong." I said. Katrina tossed me a small packet of dried beef, but it just tasted like cardboard to me. How could I possibly enjoy food when I was so worried about the state Clove was in? Even if she had been pulled out of the arena, the sand could have gotten into her lungs. She could be passed out in a hospital bed, blind and with some kind of lung disease. If she was still out in the arena, she could be buried. The anthem sounded just as I finished my dried beef. I walked outside to get a view of the sky. The first to appear was the boy from School Six, closely followed by the girl. The boy from Seven appeared, and then the sky went dark again. I unsheathed my sword, threw my rucksack over my shoulder and started to head off in the direction of the sand dunes.

"Where are you going?" Katrina asked. I turned around. She was stood a few metres behind me, clutching her mace and rucksack.

"To find Clove." I responded.

"What good will going now do? We're both still weak. We can find her in the morning!" She protested. She did have a point, but I couldn't afford to listen to her.

"I have to go now."


"Because I love her." When I got no reply, I carried on walking. I heard an irritated sigh from behind me.

"I'm coming with you."

"You don't have too. You can stay here and rest." I said, not breaking stride.

"I can't sleep without someone watch, I'll get stabbed. It don't have my partner anymore, do I?" She glared at me, but I ignored her. That little bastard deserved what he got. He's lucky I didn't kill him for real.

"Sorry about that." I lied. "He should have known not to mess with me."

"He wasn't! He was messing with Clove!" Katrina sighed.

"That's even worse. He should be glad that I didn't break his leg." I said. I wasn't kidding. I would have snapped him in half if he had tried anything else.

"You are way too protective of her." Katrina rolled her eyes. I had to resist the urge to smack her. If she wasn't a girl, I would have her on the floor clutching her nose.

"If you had any idea what she's been through, you would be too."

"It seriously can't be that bad."

"I wouldn't bet money on that, Katrina." I frowned. We reached the sand dunes and I looked around, wondering which way she went.

"See any sign of her?" I asked.

"Hmm…" Katrina narrowed her eyes. "There!" She sprinted forward and I raced after her. I looked over at where she was pointing. Buried under a layer of sand was a hilt. The rest of the knife wasn't visible. I pulled on it, and inspected the blade.

"Defiantly one of Clove's." I said. "We must be getting closer." I continued walking, faster this time. There was so much sand out here, it was amazing that she had lasted this long. I shook my head slightly. Thinking like that would only get me even more worried. I quickened my pace again.

I'll find you Clove. I promise.

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