A Sword Is Like A Knife


Do you think after the tournament I should do a Victor's interview thingy? I don't know if I should, it kind of feels like the TTE has been going on for ages. :L ALSO, I have written a Clato oneshot and I almost cried when I wrote it, check it out if you want. :) I don't own The Hunger Games.


"There she is!"

A lump formed in my throat when I heard Katrina's shout. I looked over at where she was pointing. A small, black clothed lump lay at the foot of a sand dune, buried under a thin layer of sand. I saw another figure in the distance. The figure was racing towards Clove. I took a deep breath and started my mad dash towards Clove. I had to reach her first. The closer I got to Clove, the more I could make out the figure. It was the girl from School Eleven. She was carrying some kind of wooden club with a spike on the end. I pushed myself into going at a full on sprint. The girl was closer to Clove than I was. I pushed myself again and I reached Clove just in time to slam into the girl from Eleven. We went tumbling onto the sand. I scooped up a handful and sprinkled it in her eyes, temporarily blinding her. She swung wildly at me with her club. I would've made the fight last if Clove wasn't laying two metres away from me, unconscious. I drove my sword into her the armour over her heart, a cannon and she disappeared. I made my way over to Clove on my knees.

"Is she okay?" I looked up. Katrina stood on the top of a small sand dune, watching the Cornucopia.

"I don't know." I peeled the shirt away from her face. Her forehead was covered in red scabs were the sand had been blown into her head. It looked pretty bad and it was oozing with pus.

"She's got some kind of sand infection on her forehead. It'll need treating." I called to Katrina. I pressed my fingers against Clove's neck. Her pulse was still strong, which was a good sign. I held my hand lightly over her mouth, checking for any kind of trouble with her breathing. I was praying that she didn't have any kind of lung disease from inhalation of sand. I breathed a sigh of relief. Her breathing was fine.

"All good?" Katrina asked, making her way down the sand dune.

"Yeah. I'm guessing she was just fatigued." I stood and picked Clove up bridal style. I slung her back pack over one of my shoulders.

"Good. Because some dickhead is about to raid our supplies." Katrina started walking and I fell into step next to her.

"Could you see who it was?" I asked, furious. What kind of idiot raided the camp of three of the strongest contestants in this tournament?

"I saw a bow, so I'm guessing it's that douchebag boy from One."

"Crap. You run ahead, I'll only slow you down." I said. She nodded and sprinted off in the direction of the Cornucopia. I re-positioned Clove in my arms and sped up a little. There is no way that Denys could get any of our weapons and supplies. He's a strong opposition, but I could take him down easily if he didn't have that stupid bow.

"Cato? This isn't a very smooth ride." Clove's voice was scratchy and sounded like it hurt her to speak. I reached into my rucksack and pulled out my water bottle.

"Drink this." I said.

"Yes, Mom." She rolled her eyes, but accepted the bottle. "Thanks." Her voice was a lot clearer after she had drunk about half the bottle. I put it back in my pack and frowned at her.

"Clove, you scared the shit outta me. Never go off on your own in a sandstorm again."

"It's not like I did it on purpose! I couldn't see three centimetres in front of me!" She protested. My gaze softened. It wasn't her fault, really. It could have happened to anyone.

"I'm sorry. I was just going out of my mind with worry. Sand can be dangerous." I said. She snorted.

"I'll always have a hatred for it now, I guess." She said and I laughed.

"Think you can walk? Denys is trying to raid our camp and I don't want Katrina to have to deal with him alone."

"Sure." I put her down. She took one step before collapsing onto the ground.

"I guess I'll just have to carry you." I sighed, pulling her up. At the sound of a bell, we turned our heads up to the sky. A white parachute was falling slowly through the sky. I reached up and grabbed it when it was close enough.

"What is it?" Clove asked, leaning on my shoulder for support.

"Some kind of ointment for your forehead and some pills." I handed her two of the tablets and she swallowed them. Then I unscrewed the ointment lid and dipped my fingers in it. I wiped the ointment across Clove's forehead and she let out a sigh of pleasure.

"I feel like I could run a marathon." She said, grinning.

"Well let's get going then." I grinned back. I tossed her rucksack to her and we started to sprint across the sand to get back to our camp. We could see two small figures, Katrina and Denys, having a knife fight. Denys' bow lay on the ground, his quiver of arrows still on his back. He landed a blow to Katrina's cheek and she went down instantly.

"She's unconscious!" Clove yelled. We were getting closer.

"HEY! OVER HERE!" I shouted, trying to turn Denys' attention to us before he got Katrina removed from the tournament. She was a good fighter, we'd need her later on.

"He's not stupid, Cato. He won't look around for that. And besides, he's mine. I'm going to throw my knife into his eye so hard that it'll go through his armour and they'll never get it out!" She sneered.

"Calm down, Clovey." I grinned. "HEY DENYS! MALINDA WAS A SHIT SHOOTER!" I yelled.

"What did you just say?!" He turned away from Katrina, eyes narrowed. We were only a few metres away from him now. He picked up his bow and notched an arrow. He pointed it at my head. In turn, Clove pulled a knife from her belt and aimed at his throat. It was a stalemate. Nobody said anything until Denys opened his mouth.

"She's the best female shooter in the whole of School One!"

"That wasn't good enough though, was it Denys? Maybe she'd still be in the tournament if you were both better." I smirked. I could tell from the expression on his face that I was hitting all the right weak points.

"Shut up." He whispered.

"If it wasn't for you, Malinda might have brought honour and pride to your school. You're a failure." I sneered. Denys growled and let his arrow fly. I ducked and it whizzed over my head. So fast I barely saw her move, Clove flung her knife at Denys. It cut straight through his bow string and stuck in his shoulder. I hear a faint crack and knew that she had cracked his shoulder bone. He screamed in pain and sprinted off in the direction of the woods. I started to follow him, but Clove rested her hand on my shoulder.

"Let him go. We have to deal with Katrina and I have a few questions to ask you, anyway."

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