A Sword Is Like A Knife


This chapter has slight Gale/Madge in it, even though I'm team Gale/Katniss because that's what most readers prefer. I don't own The Hunger Games. :(

One Week Later:

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"Of course! The look on his face will be priceless." Madge answered. We were both wearing purple and gold cheerleading outfits for the basketball game in half an hour. Cato was the captain of the basketball team, so he'd definitely be playing. Madge was the captain of the cheerleading squad so she'd pulled a few strings and managed to get me into the squad as co-captain for one game only. I'd done gymnastics until I was fourteen, so I would be at the top of the pyramid and flipping about all over the place. The idea was that Cato would be seeing exactly what he was missing out on when he saw me in the spotlight wearing a short skirt and shirt that ended at my bellybutton.

"Okay. Anything to put that jerk in place." I smirked. Madge grinned at me and we walked outside together. It kind of hurt me to say these things about Cato, but I had to get people to think that was coping just fine without him. So, when I was in public I was strong and happy, but when I got home every day I would crawl into bed and cry because I loved him. I still do. But if I told people I'd cried they'd use it against me for sure. If he hadn't cheated on me, we would undoubtedly still be together. I thought I'd been a bit harsh on him, but I couldn't just take him back. He probably wouldn't be able to look at me in the same way after what Lydia did to him. When she had come back after chasing him down the street, she had bloody knuckles. She hadn't stabbed Cato like I'd expected, but he had a black eye for three days. He told people that he'd gotten into a fight with a guy that tried to mug him. He was probably too embarrassed to tell people what really happened. I could've been evil and told everyone that a thirteen year old girl did that to him, but I didn't.

"Okay, girls. Everybody knows the half-time routine so do some warm ups, yeah?" Madge instructed. The rest of the girls started doing stretches and jogging around the basketball court. I did some leg stretches with Madge, Annie and Foxface and then did two laps of the court. I really needed to pick up long distance running again.

"Hey, Clove." I turned around at the sound of a voice behind me. Allan, one of Cato's friends, was sat in the bleachers with his sister Alexia.

"Um, hey Allan. Alexia." I greeted them, confused. The rest of Cato's friends, Marvel, Brutus, Enobaria, Glimmer, Cashmere, Gloss, Lyme, Cecilia, Woof and half the students at Mockingjay High all hated me for breaking up with him. Why would they be talking to me when the others just ignored me or shoved me?"

"Allan! Alexia! Why are you talking to her?" Glimmer yelled from across the court. Her cheerleading skirt was about three inches shorter than everyone else's.


"You know what she did to Cato! She broke his heart! I, on the other hand, would never have done that to him." I could feel her glaring at the back of my head, but I wasn't going to turn around just to talk to Glimmer.

"I'm here because he dragged me here. I still hate her." Alexia said, looking at me like I was an infected cut.

"I'm talking to her because I don't think that she did anything wrong. So go away, Glimmer." Allan said. Alexia snorted before jumping down from the bleachers and going over to Glimmer, probably to gossip about me. Allan stood up and walked over to the railing that separated the seats from the court.

"You don't hate me?" I asked.

"No. He made out with another girl while he was in a relationship with you. He did the wrong thing; you did the right thing by breaking up with him." Allan smiled at me, a warm smile that made me believe that he was the only one of Cato's friends that was actually nice.

"Well, thank you. Somebody that understands." I smiled back.

"I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat after school tomorrow." He asked.

"Um, I just got out of a relationship and-"

"Not as a date or anything. You seem like a nice girl and I want to get to know you, as a friend." He said, blushing slightly.

"Sure, that'll be great. We can go as soon as school ends." I smiled again and he nodded. "I have to go now; Madge needs to give me my pompoms." I waved and walked over to Madge.

"ALEXIA! GET OFF THE FUCKING COURT!" I heard Madge yell. I jogged over to her.

"I think you need to calm down, Madge." I said, patting her on the shoulder.

"Sorry, I just hate her so much. She's been all over Gale this year. Can't she see he's not interested?" Madge glared at Alexia as she made her way onto the bleachers.

"You like Gale?" I asked, confused. She hid her emotions well, because I thought that she hated him.

"Well, kind of." She blushed and shoved two purple pompoms into my hands. "Here. Just do a few flips or handstands or whatever when we're introduced." She said. She blew her whistle and we all sat down on the bench. By now, the bleachers were full of people.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the first game of the season. Playing today we have the home team, The WV Mockingjays and the away team, The WV Trackerjackers!" The audience cheered a little as the away team ran onto the basketball court. When the home team ran onto the court, led by Cato, the audience cheered and screamed like there was no tomorrow.

"And here we have the Mockingjay High cheerleading squad, lead my Miss Madge Undersee! Stepping in for Delly Cartwright as co-captain today we have Miss Clove Fuhrman!" The announcer yelled. We all stood up. Some of the cheerleaders did handstands or cartwheels. Madge and I did the standing splits before returning to our seats. We both laughed when we looked over at Cato. He looked shocked, but couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from me. He knew this was something I'd never usually do.

"Darlin', I think his eyes just popped out of his head." Madge whispered in my ear. We laughed and watched the game as it began.

-Line Break-

When half-time came around, the WV Mockingjays were losing 16-20. The players took a break and it was time for us to do our routine. We moved into the middle of the court, facing the crowd. We got into the pyramid position, with me on top. The music started and I jumped off, doing a flip in the air. There were only ten of us in total, so it wasn't far to the ground. The others did flips and the four on the bottom moved into the splits. Madge and I did cartwheels while the others did whatever is they were meant to do. When I was told what to do earlier today, I only really took a notice of what Madge, Annie and I would be doing. Annie and I took a stance with our arms stretched out in front of us, palms facing the ceiling. Madge flipped through the air and landed with her feet on our hands. We tossed her and she landed in front of us. The three of us went into the splits and then did double roly-polies. Because there were ten of us, one of the cheerleaders yelled,

"M!" Another yelled







"J!" Madge shouted.

"A" Annie yelled.

"Y!" I yelled, looking directly at Cato and mouthing it again. He mouthed back 'I was drunk', causing me to roll my eyes as I flipped backwards, behind the row of cheerleaders. We all went into handstands and the music stopped. When I stood on my feet again, I was out of breath.

"Cheerleading's hard." I moaned.

"You're telling me." Annie laughed as we made our way back to the bench. We sat down and I started to glug water from my sports bottle like I'd been stuck in the Sahara desert for a week.

"Why are you doing this, Clove?" I turned my head at the sound of Cato's voice in my ear. He was leaning over the railing of the bleachers, whispering in my ear.

"Doing what?" I asked calmly, acting like my insides weren't melting when I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"Showing up at my game looking all hot and doing flips and stuff." He answered, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"I was just filling in as co-captain because Delly couldn't make the game." I said innocently.

"Liar." He grinned.

"You keep telling yourself that, Cato." I patted him lightly on the cheek. "By the way, do you always play like this? You're doing terribly." It was true; he'd been knocked over, like, three times.

"Actually, no. I'm not playing well today because my head's not in the game. Want to know why?" He asked. I raised an eyebrow, a sign for him to carry on. He leaned in closer to my ear and exhaled gently, sending a shiver down my spine. "Because I'm working out how to win my girlfriend back."

"Maybe a kiss would help your game." I smirked.

"I'm sure it would." He leaned in even closer, this time towards to my lips. I pointed to the small group of teenagers from the opposing school.

"Well, Becca's over there. Go get your kiss." I turned away from Cato and ignored his attempts to talk to me after that. Eventually, The WV Mockingjays won the game, but I wasn't keeping score. I was too busy dying on the inside as I watched Becca winking at Cato every five minutes.

I wrote another Clato oneshot, it's sad but not as sad as the last one I wrote. I promise you I'll write a happy one as soon as I come up with a good idea. Also, I have another idea for a fic that's like a contest between Clove and Glimmer and the prize is Cato. Should I write that first after I finish this or shall I write this fics sequel before the other fic? I said fic three times in those two sentences. :)

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