A Sword Is Like A Knife

Do You Want Me To Punch You In The Eye?

I don't own The Hunger Games. :( In this fic Vick is the same age as Lydia, Prim and Rory because it's AU. :D

Lydia's POV:

"BYE CLOVE!" I screamed as I shut the front door. I practically skipped down the driveway in my haste to reach the Bandstand. I was going to meet up with Prim, Rory, Vick and Rue. Rory was bringing his fourteen year old friend, Chris. I hadn't met him, but he sounded alright. I skipped the whole way to the Bandstand, ignoring the glares I got from the old people. They were just jealous of my awesome skipping skills because their joints don't work anymore. I reached the Bandstand and gave everybody a hug except for Chris because I didn't know him. Hugging strangers is weird, even for me. I was the last one to arrive. Vick kissed me on the cheek and I smiled at him.

"So Rory, who's your friend?" Rue asked, smiling at Nick.

"I'm Chris Ludwig." He said. He had blonde hair and brown eyes and looked kind of familiar.

"Ludwig…" I muttered. "Do you have a brother called Cato?"

"Yeah. What's your name?" He asked. He looked kind of confused. I would too if some random girl I'd never met knew that I was Clove's sister.

"Lydia Fuhrman. Clove's sister." I said proudly. Clove was a TTE victor now. People should be bowing down to us and offering me free candy. They weren't yet, but they would be one day. Chris' eyes widened.

"Clove? As in the bitch that broke my brother's heart?" He asked. I flew at him and clamped my hands around his neck.

"My. Sister. Is. Not. A. Bitch!" I yelled as I strangled the shit out of him. Vick pulled me backwards and I released Chris' neck.

"Calm down, Lyds. We know Clove's not a bitch." He said and held onto my hand, probably to stop me from murdering Chris. I was crazy protective of Clove, especially after that jerk Johnny killed our brother. It wasn't fair; I never got to know Joey properly. He was, like, six years older than me. He was supposed to protect me, tease me and beat the crap out of boys like Vick that were interested in me. He was gone now, because of Johnny.

"Well, his brother's a dick! Clove didn't do anything wrong!" I yelled.

"She broke his heart!"

"He cheated on her with a slut!"

"I haven't seen him cry in five years and he cried over your sister! To me, that makes her bitch." He glared at me.

"Dude, do you want me to punch you in the eye?" I asked threateningly.

"Depends. Do you want to lose your two front teeth?" He asked. My friends all gasped. Nobody ever challenged me like that, because I am one scary girl.

"Oh, please. You're all talk and no tackle!" I laughed. He swung at me. I dodged, remembering what Clove had taught me. I kicked him in the groin. When he doubled over in pain, I punched him in the face.

"Lydia, stop it!" Vick shouted and pulled me back again. "I'm taking you home."

"Chris? Lydia?" I turned around to see who had I said my name. It was Cato.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"I left your house twenty minutes ago and decided to walk the long way home through the park. What happened to my brother?" He asked, looking at Chris. He was lying on the ground, moaning. Shit. How was I supposed to tell Cato I beat the shit out of his brother?

"Lydia kicked his ass." Prim said.


"He called my sister a bitch!" I complained. Cato extended a hand to Chris and pulled him up.

"Chris, seriously. Don't start fights with Lydia. You're lucky she didn't chase you with a knife." He sighed.

"And…" I prompted him. Cato sighed again.

"And Clove is not a bitch. She's lovely."

"Good boy." I smiled. "But fuck my sister about again and I'll give you another black eye."

"Dude, is that how you got that black eye? I thought you said you got mugged." Rory laughed as Cato went red.

"Yeah, well. She's scary, okay? And I deserved it anyway." He muttered.

"What's in the bag?" Rue asked, curious as ever.

"Um…Water." He said.

"It's vodka, isn't it?" I sighed. He frowned at me.

"How did you know?"

"Because you're Cato. You don't buy bottles of water. Unless you were shoplifting again." I smirked.

"Um, I'm going to take Lydia home. You know, before she beats the crap out of someone else." Vick said. He was still scared of Cato after the prank he and Clove pulled.

"Good idea. See ya, kid." Cato said. He grabbed Chris' forearm and pulled him along after him.

"Kylie's going to die of laughter when I tell her what happened." I heard him say to Chris as they walked away. I heard Chris groan and then they went out of earshot.

"See you later, guys." Vick said as he pulled me away from the bandstand.

"Byeee!" I yelled over my shoulder.

-Line Break-

Clove's POV:

"So, what are you gonna wear for the spring dance next week?" Katniss asked. I placed my phone between my ear and shoulder as I opened the front door. Lydia and Vick were stood outside. I opened the door wider so they could come in. I took my phone in my hand again after I'd closed the door. I followed Lydia and Vick into the living room.

"Oh, I don't know. Do I even have to go?" I sighed.

"Yes! Everyone's going! And who knows, you might get voted Spring Queen."

"Not likely. I'm a new kid." I smirked.

"Doesn't matter. So, what are you going to wear?" She asked.

"I'm sure I can find a dress in my closet somewhere. I have to go now; Lydia's back early with kind of worries me. You know what she's like." I smiled.

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Clove." I pressed the end call button and tossed my phone on the couch.

"So, why are you back so soon?" I asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Lydia beat the shit out of Cato's brother." Vick answered. I probably paled or something, because Lydia burst out laughing.

"Please tell me you didn't."

"Hey! He called you a bitch!" Lydia protested.

"He could have called me the fucking whore queen for all I care! You beat the shit out of Cato's brother!" I yelled.

"I was defending you!"

"Vick?" I took a deep breath. "I think you should leave. No matter how many screams you here, keep walking and do not dial 911. I need to deal with Lydia." I cracked my knuckles.

"Don't leave me with her!" Lydia clung to his arm. Vick looked at me and then at Lydia, then back at me and back at Lydia.


"Whatever, you can stay. I'm going to deal with her anyway." I dived on top of Lydia.

"Ouch! Jesus Clove, what have you been eating?" She asked. I glared at her.

"Now you're really gonna get it." I started tickling her sides. She screamed and kicked so much that we went tumbling off of the couch and I continued tickling her on the carpet.


"Say you're sorry!"

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! HELP!" She yelled as I tickled her stomach.

"Good girl." I smirked and stood up. I went to walk out of the living room, but she kicked my legs out from underneath me. I fell on top of her.

"Oh, it is on Lydia. It's on like never before."

I wanted to do a lighter, more stress-free chapter. I've only planned for about two more, but there will be a squeal! :)

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