A Sword Is Like A Knife

We Did It Together

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Cato and I were swinging on the swings and laughing when Johanna showed up at the park gate.

"Oh, great." Cato muttered sarcastically under his breath. I snorted at him and waved to Johanna.

"Come on, Clove. I'm going to drive you home." She said, not even looking at Cato.

"Cato was going to give me a ride, but okay. I'm sure he wants a few goes on the dinosaur slide, anyway." I smirked as he rolled his eyes and jumped off of the swing. I landed on my feet and my way over to Johanna.

"Bye, Clovey." Cato called out cheerfully. I pulled a throwing knife out of my boot and flung it at Cato, making sure that it hit the chain on his swing. I always kept a knife with me after the incident with Johnny and Joey.

"I said don't call me Clovey." I sighed and walked away with Johanna, not looking back. We got into her blue Ford Fiesta and sped away from the park.

"So, did you tell him whatever he wanted to know?" Johanna asked, her eyes on the road.

"Yes." I answered, wondering where this conversation was going.

"Did he say that whoever fucked you over would have to answer to him because you're his friend?" She asked, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"Yes…How did you know?" Had Johanna bugged me? It wouldn't surprise me.

"Because he used the same shit on me." Her eyes hardened, but she continued to watch the road.

"What do you mean?" I frowned, confused.

"When I was sixteen, I trained with Cato. We were partners for four months. It would have lasted longer, but I couldn't bear to be around him."


"He told me that anybody that messed with me would have to deal with him because I was his partner. His friend."

"What's bad about that?" I asked.

"We dated for about two months until he completely dropped me for Woof's sister Cecilia. The he dropped her for Glimmer and they've been together for eight months now. I switched training partners after that because I can't even stand to see his face. I train with Finnick now because Cato's such a pig." Johanna wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Maybe he just made some bad decisions. People change, Johanna."

"Not Cato. Cato will never change." We drove the rest of the way to my house in silence. When I first met him, Cato had seemed like the kind of person to do things like that. But know I knew him better, could call him a friend. Maybe he had made some bad mistakes and regretted them. Maybe Johanna was lying. But why would she lie? She has no reason to. Perhaps her past experiences with Cato clouded her judgement. Whatever it is, I'll find out. Even if I have to stab it out of him.

"Thanks for the ride." I said and watched her drive away from the porch. I let myself in, go into my room and throw myself onto my bed. My parents were tight on bills, so the warmth I felt was coming from the fire burning in the fireplace.

"Clove?" Then I notice Lydia sat on her own bed, doing homework.

"Yeah, Lyds?"

"I think it's time to get rid of that box under your bed." She said quietly. I froze. Maybe it was time.

"You're right. But I just can't bring myself to do it." I replied truthfully.

"Then we'll do it together." She came and sat next to my bed and pulled the box out from where I'd tucked it away weeks ago. I slid off of the bed and sat down next to her. I watched as Lydia carefully opened the lid.

"If I'd have been tougher, this wouldn't have happened." I whispered.

"Don't blame yourself, Clove. It wasn't your fault." Lydia had been eleven when Joey died. The first thing to come out of the box was the tiny teddy bear that Joey had given the eleven year old Lydia. Then a black arrow came out. Archery had been Johnny's weapon. Before the move, Clove had been profiling Johnny and trying to figure out his weaknesses in case he ever came back to get her. Lydia took out Clove's first throwing knife, one that Joey had given to her when she was nine and just starting out in training.

"I think I'll hang onto that." I muttered, and tucked it under my pillow. Lydia nodded and pulled the last item out of the box. A bloodied bandage. Lydia gasped and dropped it.

"What is that?" She asked.

"I…I used it to dress my shoulder after Johnny shot me for not going to the Summer Carnival with him. It…It's a reminder to myself. It reminds me what happens when you're not strong enough." Tears I'd been trying to hold back flowed freely down my cheeks and Lydia wrapped her arms around me. I sobbed into my little sister's shirt and when I was done crying, we threw everything in the box into the fireplace. We did it together, the way Joey would have wanted. He loved us both so much.

-Line Break-

I crawled into bed that evening and picked my phone up off of my nightstand. I had one new message.

Did you get home safely?

I replied with 'Who is this?'

I got an answer back almost straight away. The most amazing, strongest, hottest, most wonderful guy on the planet.

I'm got home fine, Cato. -.-

So you agree that I'm all of those things? ;)

Goodnight, retard. (*AN at bottom)

Goodnight, Clovey. :)

Meanwhile, in Glimmer's house:

"Hello? Is that Johnny speaking?... It is? I'm Glimmer. It's nice to be talking to you…No, I'm not a telephone saleswoman. I'm Clove's friend!...Yes, I know where she is. She's been causing a bit of trouble for me!...Oh that's funny!...Berkeley Springs…I'm not sure exactly where she lives but she goes to Mockingjay High…You'll be down here as soon as you can? That's perfect!...You'll be here in three days?...Great! See you then, Johnny!"

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