A Sword Is Like A Knife

I'll Kick His Ass

I hope you enjoy this chapter, it's CATO!

Cato's POV:

I woke up at 10:00am like I do every Saturday. I have a busy schedule, but I decided to take it easy today. I checked my phone for messages, and found three from Glimmer.

Hey Cato, I miss you. :)

I deleted the first message. I'd seen her yesterday, for God's sake.

Are you sleeping? Sorry, babe. ;)

I deleted it, sighing. Glimmer was really clingy. I'd been thinking about breaking up with her for a while now, but I already had a bad reputation. This would only make things worse. If I broke up with one of the prettiest girls in the school, people would start spreading rumours. They'd just say I was being a womaniser again, going from Johanna to Cecilia, to Glimmer to Clove. But it wouldn't be like that with Clove. I'd stay with her for as long as she wanted me. She's not like any of the other girls I've dated, except for maybe Johanna or Enobaria. She's different and that's what's special about her. But I couldn't just ask her on a date, could I? She literally just poured her heart out to me yesterday about how she was abused by the last guy who liked and how her brother died because of it. I decided to take my time with Clove. I checked my last message from Glimmer.

Meet me at the bandstand at 11? :)

Sure. I replied. This would be the perfect time to break up with her. I got changed, grabbed a small croissant from a basket on the table in the kitchen and started to walk to the bandstand. Berkeley Springs is quite small, so when people want to meet up with someone they just invite them down to the bandstand. It's like in a larger town or city there might be a park or youth club where everyone hangs out, but for us it's the bandstand. When I get there, I see that Marvel is stood on the stairs with his girlfriend Cashmere. They've been together for about three months and I would say that they're cute together, but that's not very manly.

"Cato! Over here!" I hear Glimmer shout, then I hear her annoying giggle. At one point I thought it was one of best features, but not anymore. Not now that I've met Clove and heard a real laugh. I make my way over to Glimmer, who is stood in the shade underneath a huge Willow tree that's older than me.

"Hey, Glim." I say, and she giggles again and kisses me softly. Once I felt passion in all of our kisses, but now there's just nothing.

"Heya." She smiles up at me.

"I tell you something…" I look away, not able to meet her gaze. Everybody says that I'm heartless, but it's not true. I don't want to break Glimmer's heart.

"Ohmigod Cato! I LOVE YOU TOO!" She squeals and hugs me. I freeze, shocked. I've had five fairly serious girlfriends and quite a few non-serious ones, but I've never experienced love. I just know that I don't love Glimmer.

"That's not it Glim." I say, and uncomfortably pry her arms away from my neck. "I think we should break up."

"Oh Cato, you're so funny!" When she noticed that I wasn't joking, anger flashed in her eyes. "It's Clove, isn't it?" She hissed.

"I…Yes." I said honestly. "It is. But we can still be friends" I turned and walked away from her, from our relationship.

Clove's POV:

I am awoken at half past twelve to the sound of the doorbell. Pissed, I straightened out my pyjama shirt and ran silently over the door, trying not to wake up Lydia. I sighed and pulled the door open.

"What?" I asked when I saw Cato standing on the porch. He was wearing his training clothes, which I guessed to be a bad thing.

"We're going running. Go get changed." He grinned. I rolled my eyes at him and pulled the door open wider. I pointed to the kitchen and he took a seat at the breakfast bar.

"Help yourself." I said, and he took an apple out of the fruit basket. I went back into my room and rooted around in my closet for something to wear.

"Clove?" I looked over at Lydia. Sat up in her bed, wearing her pyjamas, she looked about ten. She also looked scared.

"Who is that boy? He's huge." She asked.

"Cato, he's my training partner." I replied.

"Is he…Alright?"

"What do you mean?"

"He doesn't hurt you, does he?" Lydia looked really afraid. She worries about me when I start hanging out with guys I train with.

"I promise. He doesn't. He wouldn't. I know he looks scary, but he's a sweetie. I promise." I reassured her.

"If he hurts you, I'll kick his ass." She said. I laughed, turned away from her, and pulled on a strappy shirt and jogging trousers.

"See you later, Lyds." I smiled fondly and my sister and re-joined Cato in the kitchen.

"Ready, Clovey?" He asked, smiling.

"Yes, dick brain." I laughed at his mock-frustrated expression.

"Race you to the playing fields!" He yelled, and sped out of the house. I sprinted after him, laughing. We ran down lane and roadsides for about twenty minutes until it happened. Cato was about a foot behind me, and I didn't see the rock until I tripped over and slammed head first onto the pavement. The world faded into black nothingness, and the last thing I saw was the petrified look on Cato's face.

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