A Sword Is Like A Knife

Strangely Enjoyable

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Two Weeks Later:

At 2:00pm Lydia and I left the house to go and meet some others at the Bandstand. Cato, Marvel, Cashmere, Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Annie, Finnick, Johanna, Thresh and Gale would be there. Gale's fourteen year brother Rory would be there with Prim for about en minutes, and his other thirteen year old brother Vick would be there for the same amount of time. From the way Lydia talked about him, it was obvious that she liked him. Prim, Rue, Rory, Vick and Lydia were meeting up and then going to the cinema, but the others and I were staying there. We were the first to arrive.

"I gotta pee!" Lydia yelled and ran off to the toilets. I laughed to myself and rolled my eyes at her back. I leaned against a tree and sighed.

"Hello, Clove. Sorry I wasn't here sooner; my trip got delayed a few weeks." My blood ran cold and I froze.

"J-Johnny?" I stuttered. He grinned an evil grin and leaned over me. He rested his hands just above my shoulders and brought his face down so it was less than eight inches away from mine.

"Miss me? I missed you. You were always my favourite little play toy." He smiled, looking even more like a phsyco than the last time I saw him more than two years ago.

"You have no right to be here." I whispered, closing my eyes.

"Now don't get mad with me, Clove. Your brother slipped, remember?"

"You killed him."

"No, you did. I wouldn't have broken your wrist if you had done what I wanted." He inched his face closer to mine. I was still too frozen to move. Just before his lips made contact with mine, he was pulled backwards. An angry looking Cato stood in front of me, holding him Johnny by the collar.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing with my girlfriend?" He shouted. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lydia coming out of the bathrooms. When she saw Johnny her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes widened in fear.

"Your girlfriend? She was mine first, dick!" He sneered.

"Clove, who is this prick?" Cato asked me.

"I-it's…Johnny." My voice was shaky. This boy had killed my brother, broken my fingers and wrist. He had given be numerous cuts, scrapes and black eyes. He had even shot an arrow into my shoulder once.

"The one who hurt you?"

"Yes." Anger was no longer the right word for the look on Cato's face. He pulled back his fist and punched Johnny in the jaw. Johnny wriggled out of Cato's grip and kicked him in the stomach.

"Cato, be careful!" I screamed as Johnny punched him in the eye. Cato responded by elbowing him in the nose. I heard a crunch and knew that Cato had broken it. I couldn't help but feeling like Johnny deserved that and more. Cato shoved him to the floor. He had about ten inches over Johnny and about twenty pounds of muscle more than him. He jumped on top of my old abuser and repeatedly punched him in the stomach. When he had had enough, he punched him the temple and knocked him unconscious. He stood up and wiped the blood from his eye.

"Well, that was strangely enjoyable."

"Oh my God." Was all I could say. I all but leaped into his arms.

"It's okay, Clove. He won't hurt you. I promise." He said, stroking my hair. I pulled out of his embrace and he kissed me.

"Thank you." I smiled weakly.

"Anything for you, Clovey." It amazed me how Cato could make me feel better no matter what the situation.

"Clove!" Lydia sprinted towards me, tears streaming down her cheeks. I was scared of Johnny, but she was petrified. I hugged her tightly when she reached me and I burst into tears of my own when I felt her sobbing into my shoulder. After about ten minutes her tears dried up and so did mine. She said goodbye and went off to meet her friends. I knew that we would be talking about this later.

"Are you okay now?" Cato asked, looking concerned.

"Yeah. Come on, the others are over there." I managed a smile. Nobody dared ask me about my red eyes.

-Line Break-

"Clove, I thought he was out of our lives for good." Lydia said to me when Cato left the room. He had stayed for dinner and we were hanging out in the living room.

"We'll talk about this when Cato comes back. He needs to know…More." I took a deep breath and when Cato returned I started to explain things.

"Cato, you should know exactly how much pain Johnny caused me and Lydia." I glanced at him and saw that he was listening intently. "He broke my wrist, four of my fingers, gave me more black eyes than I thought possible to give someone and shot me with an arrow once. He k-killed Joey. He threatened Lydia. He even punched her once, but I agreed to give him a neck massage before he could seriously hurt her. I hated the pain, but I couldn't stand it when he turned on Lydia. Two days after he punched her… the incident happened." By the time I was finished speaking, his ears were almost steaming.

"I promise you, he wouldn't get near you again. Either of you." He said.

"Thank you. But I think I need to face him."

"By 'face him', you better mean 'kick his ass'." Lydia frowned. I blinked at her, confused.

"Well, what else would I mean? Cato roughed him up pretty good, but he's not gonna know what's hit him when I go for him."

And just like that, it was gone. The pain, sadness and fear had been replaced by something else. When I heard his name I didn't want to run and scream and cry. I wanted to have my revenge. I wanted to show him what happens when you mess with Clove Fuhrman's family.

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