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Enigma | BTS


Sunnyvale is a fictional town, where all is well. What happens, one day, when the town wakes up to the news of murder..and that to of their favorite boy..?

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Sunnyvale is a fictional town, where all is well. People from all community and race live in this town and they are kind, sweet and peace-loving. In fact, the only sort of crime that happened here was a small theft. What happens, one day, when the town wakes up to the news of murder? And that too of their favorite boy?

"Seokjin's murder was very enigmatic..who killed him?"


The sunlight streamed in through the curtains of Kim Eujin's room. She was quite happy today, as it was her and her twin brother-Kim Seokjin's-birthday. She laid in bed for a few more minutes; remembering her conversation with her brother,Jin.


"Eujinnie, I can't take it anymore. If I don't leave, they will never let me fulfill my dreams of becoming an actor." He said, looking desperate.
"But, Jin, tomorrow's our birthday..atleast stay till tomorrow, leave the next day..mom and dad aren't home anyways, and I have a party to attend..so it will be easy. No one will disturb you when you escape." She grinned proudly, and continued."But, you have to stay in touch with me, keep on informing me about everything you do. I'll try my best to keep it a secret."
Seokjin was very happy, since he had such an understanding sister. But he was worried too. One of the reasons they are this close-besides the fact that they are twins-is that, they have a cruel set of parents. Their parents married for money not love. All they ever cared about was their business, and they were trying to carve Seokjin as the perfect heir, which he didn't want to be. He wanted to be an actor. When he was a kid, he was famous around town for being cute. He was kind hearted too with his angelic looks, so he was the favorite boy of town. But he also held a secret..which he couldn't tell to his own sister..
"Will you be okay?" He asked, worriedly.
Eujin gave a pained smile and said "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." she was always strong. One of the things he admired in his sister. Even when their parents didn't give her much attention during their childhood, she always held her head high and smiled as if nothing's wrong and played with her bestfriend- Ana Gray-and Seokjin's six bestfriends.
He hadn't even told his bestfriends about his sudden departure. Maybe he has.


It was her last day with her brother. And also their birthday. She was going to cherish every minute of today. Tomorrow morning when she wakes up, her brother wouldn't be there; and the thought saddened her. She vowed to herself that she would keep mum about the whereabouts of her brother.
She got up and went to the bathroom to get ready thinking,
Today's gonna be the best!


Hey guys,
so this is my first time writing so please forgive me if there are any grammatical errors(which I'm sure there are).
Please anticipate the next chapter. Your comments and feedbacks are appreciated.
Hope you liked this.
Thank you for reading <3
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