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Prophecy Of A Shadowhunter


He grabbed his knife, and sliced open her abdomen and prized her open with his hands, she felt bones crack, she waited for what was to come, then she felt it, she felt the agonising pain rush through Alessandra is a four-year-old shadowhunter, that is a little more than a shadowhunter, in fact, she is more angel than human. Her mother is an angel, her father is a shadowhunter, but with what she is holds a lot of responsibility, all she wants to do is protect and help people like her father does. What happens when she learns that Valentine is interested in using her as a weapon? Will she go willingly? Will she fight for freedom? How will she react when she finds out about a loved one that she never knew she had? Will it effect her decision? Alice is a strong being even for an angel, maybe too powerful for her own good, so what happens when she is betrayed by the one she loves the most more than once and in the worst way? ~ the storyline is my own. It is my first ever fan fiction, so there will be errors and mistakes. Most of these characters belong to Cassandra Clare, the only characters that belong to me are Alessandra (Alice) and Camael. Not all of the characters will have the same background as Cassandra made them.~

Scifi / Fantasy
Age Rating:

1) Angelic Power

A child’s scream of terror echoed through the house waking Stephen from his sleep; he gasped for air when he instantly recognised the scream, “Alice.” He whispered to himself with urgency, flipping the duvet off him; swiftly raising from his bed.

His bedroom was dark, there were no windows in his room, in fact, there weren’t any windows anywhere in their home. Stephen hastily grabbed from his seraph blade, he glanced back to his double handmade bed and saw that his wife had not been lying next to him. “Damn it Camael!” He grunted loudly to himself. The slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face man was running through his bedroom door, down a short corridor, his hand grabbing the doorframe as he spun round into his daughter’s room. What he saw was something he never thought he would see, not when his daughter was this young.

He saw his wife a beautiful woman with stunning long brunette hair, flawless skin, and liquid gold eyes to the shadow world but a sapphire blue in mundane world, pinning down his small petite, daughter, whom also had brunette hair but it was short four-year-old, and this four-year-old was fearful, her scream was piercing and deafening, he looked over his wife’s shoulder to see a stele in her hand drawing a rune on Alessandra’s arm.

“Camael, by the angel, what are you doing?” He questioned, his arms folding tightly.

“I tried to tell you, Stephen, Alessandra needs to get her runes now, she needs to train,” Camael answered calmly and in control, which Stephen was the complete opposite right now, he couldn’t think, his ears could just hear the echo of his child’s cries.

“Runes? Training? Camael are you listening to yourself? Alice is four for goodness sake! Shadowhunters don’t get their first rune, Alice is a third of that age!” He realised he was yelling over his own child’s scream.

He finally walked forward and pulled his wife back from his trembling weeping daughter, who hugged him mumbling, “Daddy.”

Stephen instinct kicked in and he wrapped his arms around Alice, “It’s ok Alice, I got you, let me have a look.” He slid his eyes to glare up at Camael. Then his eyes moved to that top of his daughters once plain arm which was now marked with one large black rune; the rune looked like a diamond, the lines to make the top point continue to cross each other before both sides arc to point to the top of the diamond. The black lining was bold but thickest at the bottom of the rune.

Stephen gently let go of her arm, holding her close, “Really Camael? An Angel Power rune already? You know how dangerous that can be, you could have turned her into a forsaken.”

“Do not talk to me like that Stephen, you have no idea what she is capable of, we need to train her young in case anything happens to us, especially with Valentine searching for you, if he finds out you have a family we are all dead, but he will start with Alessandra,” Camael replies, in her calm, soft voice.

Alice was tugging at her father’s clothes, till she got his attention, “Who is Valentine? Why does he want to hurt us?”

Stephen looks at his daughter, “Come with me, I will you show him who he is.” Alice jumps off Stephens’ knee and takes his hand, father and daughter walked hand in hand back to Stephens bedroom, as Stephen continued to talk to Alice, “And as for why he wants to hurt us, that is very complicating Alice, but Valentine is a rogue Shadowhunter, you remember the mortal cup I told you about?”

Alice walked alongside her father nodding, “The big beautiful golden cup that creates more Shadowhunters, but you said if it used wrongly then it makes mundane’s ill, sort of lose their minds, right?”

Stephen smiled proudly to his daughter, “Yes Alice, that is right, he wanted to use the cup in the wrong way, I stood by him for a short while, I thought he was going to try to find strong mundane’s and use the cup on them but no, he didn’t want to do that, he just wanted to make a many mundane’s drinks from the cup as possible, so I left, as did his pregnant wife, though Valentine didn’t know his wife was pregnant with Clarissa.”

As they both got to Stephen’s room, he picked her up and sat her on his bed, then took a full 180-degree turn to walk towards the wardrobe, as he opened it and started searching for an item as his daughter replied, “Oh, so he thinks you betrayed him? It’s good you left though, isn’t it daddy? I mean you are a good person, Valentine sounds bad, very bad.”

Stephen let a slight chuckle out, “You are very wise for a four-year-old.” He then let out a sigh, “It is both a good and a bad thing that I left. Ah, here it is.” He added, before pulling out a photo album. He walked to the bed and set next to Alice.

Alice was looking up at him, “Why bad?” Then she saw the sadness in his eyes. “You lost someone you love? Was it his fault?”

“I do not know Alice, I assume so, a few years ago I had a wife, not your mother, my ex-wife her name was Céline, she was carrying my child, but for some reason unknown she killed herself. I didn’t just lose my wife but also my child. All in one day.” His eyes were watering and tears began streaming down his face.

Alice reached up and wiped away the tears that were covering his bright green eyes then gave her father a big hug. “I’m sure they both loved you very much, just like mum and I do.”

Stephen forced a smile and cleared his throat, he opened the photo album and turned to a page with Valentine on it, he was pointing to a man that held a seraph blade confidently behind his head, the man stood strong at 6 foot with short combed back black hair, and brown eyes that showed no fear as he stared straight into the camera, he was wearing all black which was Shadowhunters dress, especially when out hunting demon, “Now come on, this is important, if you see this man you need to come and tell me or mum discreetly. Do you know what that means?”

Alice looked at the man her father was pointing too, “Dad, I have seen him.” She looks at him.

Stephen’s whole body stiffened, “Where, why didn’t you say anything?”

Her eyes open wide showing her father the bright green eyes that she inherited from him as she became alarmed, “I see him in my dreams, he talks to me, he tries to make me tell him where we are.”

Stephen looks straight into her eyes, having a hold of her arms, “This is very important, have you told him where we live? Or even what city we are in?”

She shook her head, then suddenly fear hits then child’s eyes “No, you and mum always tell me not to trust strangers. He is a scary and angry man dad; he keeps saying that he will hurt everyone I love if I don’t tell him. He gave me until tonight to decide.”

Stephen looked away hissing through his teeth, “He knows about you, but cannot track you. Interesting, ok listening to me ok Alice?” the child nods slowly, so Stephen continued, “He cannot find us, that is why he is asking you where we are, I promise you he cannot find us, so do not tell him where we are, even in your dream, I need you to be strong little warrior.” He sighs softly, “It seems your mother is right, we are going to have to train you from now, I wish she wasn’t right.”

“It’s ok dad, I am ready, plus I watch you sometimes when your training room, your so cool with that seraph blade by the way.” She jumps off the bed, “Let me get ready, can I wear the fighting gear that mum got me?” she grinned excitedly.

“Your mum got your gear?” He sighed softly shaking his head, “Yeah, go on, you go get your gear on and meet me in the training room.”

“Yey, thanks, dad!” Alice cheered then ran back to her room, to get dressed in her black Shadowhunters gear.

Meanwhile, Stephen walk through their underground house to find Camael, he found her in the kitchen, “You knew didn’t you? About Valentine contacting her?”

Camael looked at him, “I had an inkling, she kept saying she had nightmares but that she couldn’t say what about? She was scared when she just talking about it, her hands would tremble though she tried so hard to stay strong for us. Did she tell you though? What is he saying to her that makes her so scared?”

Stephen sits down at the wooden dining table sighing deeply, “That if she doesn’t tell him where we are that he’ll hurt everyone she loves, she hasn’t told him anything, but he gave her until tonight to tell him, I told her that he can’t find us, he can’t right? Are we safe here? I cannot lose my family again”

His wife walks over to him and rests a firm hand on his shoulder, “I promise my darling husband, that nothing can get past my walls, I gain my power from Raziel himself, he gave me the extra power to protect you and Alessandra, she is the only one that can stop Valentine, Alessandra or Clarissa, they both have more angel blood than normal, though obviously, Alessandra has more than Clarissa; since she has an angel as a mother.”

Stephen wraps his around Camael, “So how are they talking?” He asks, looking up to his wife.

She stands and ponders on it for a moment, “Maybe it isn’t Valentine getting in but Alessandra getting out? If you know what I mean?”

“Astral-projection? You think she can do that already? Why would she end up there though?” he frowns deeply confused.

“Well, if he is calling for her as she is astral-projecting then she will be drawn there because she doesn’t know how to control it, so she just goes where she is called. I told you she was powerful, no one knows how truly powerful she is, not even Raziel knows, he does not like being in the dark about things like this, but it is why he gave me more power, if Alessandra were taken by Valentine and if her power were used against Shadowhunters, it could be devastating.”

Camael looks down gulping. “Don’t worry, we will not let that happen, Valentine cannot know how powerful she is, he cannot know you are her mother.” Stephen tries to comfort his wife, he kisses her cheek, “I best go to the training room, Alice has to be there by now.”

“I’ll come and watch our daughter’s first training session.” Camael smiles proudly. They take each other’s hand and entwine fingers as they leave the kitchen and head down a small dimmed corridor. As they neared the training room, they heard Alice swinging blades, throwing blades. They both looked at each other than hurried a little.

When they got to the door they saw that they had nothing to worry about, their daughter seemed to be a natural, she was light on her feet, swift and smooth, her aiming seemed to be perfect since she hit the bullseye on all of the training dummies. Her hearing seemed to be on point to because the second they got to the doorway she stopped, “Hey dad! You’re finally here, I thought I’d start without you, look I’m so good at throwing daggers, I was going to try your bow but I know you like it so much and I was scared I would break it.”

Stephen chuckles, “Yes you are doing a great job since this is your first training, and of course you can use my bow, I’ll even show you how to make your own, but first let us see how good you are at it. You want me to show you first?” Alice nods and stands back from her father so that she didn’t get in the way. Stephen loaded his bow with an arrow, he held the bow in his right hand gripping it firmly, he pulled the string back with his left hand pulling the string tight, he took a deep breath in, then slowly exhaled as he released the string, the arrow flew straight to the small red circle in the centre of the target.

“You want a try? You want me to bring the target closer?” Stephen asked.

“No don’t move the target, you want me to train so you need to make things hard not easy,” Alice replied, and took the bow and an arrow, Stephen showed her where to clip the arrow, then he took a few steps back.

“You got this Alice.” He says, then watched her every move.

She took the stance perfectly, she was stood facing the wall, she shuffled her feet apart, turned her head left to look at the target, she lifted her bow up, pulled the string back as tight as she could, the string was fighting back, but she kept it tight, she took the same deep breath her father did, then exhaled releasing the arrow as she did, it slammed into the target. It hit the second circle from the centre. She lowered the bow and sighs, looking down she was disappointed that she didn’t hit the bullseye.

“Hey, what’s the grim look for, you did amazingly, I’ll tell you that my first time with the bow I didn’t even hit the target and it was closer than that is to you and I was 14.” Stephen walks up to her and lifts her chin up, “Raise your head high, my child you are a natural.”

Alice smiles, and hugs her father, giggling, Camael walks over to them and wraps her arms around them both, “We are a family of natural warriors we are. There is no way anyone can hurt us.” Camael smiles and they all hug silently for a moment until Camael finally says.

“It doesn’t look like you need to train much Alessandra, at least not protecting yourself, so I will teach you some runes, like strength and soundless and unseen then of course visible. How does that sound?” Camael asks.

“That sounds so cool, will I look like you and dad? Have lots of runes on me?” Alice grins.

“Someday you will yes, come on then let’s go the library, Stephen are you coming?” Camael looks at him smiling.

“Of course.” His mobile phone rings, he pulls it out and looks at the caller ID, “Give me a moment, will you? I’ll catch up.”

After they both leave Stephen answers his mobile, “Jocelyn? Is everything ok?”

After a few moments of Jocelyn talking on the phone, he was frowning confused, “I can understand why you want to keep Clarissa away from Val but why away from who she is?”

He was pacing back and forth a little biting his lip, “Yeah, I guess that is true, Val would notice if a new Shadowhunter just emerged, what help do you need from us?”

After a moment he coughs on his own saliva, “Magnus? Wait, you got Magnus’s help? And you want Camael to keep the memories for you instead of feeding it to a demon?” after a soft voice of “yes” from Jocelyn, Stephen sighs softly, “I will go and ask what she thinks I’ll call you back.” He ends the call and shakes his head before walking to the library to his two favourite girls.

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