Guardian of Healing

Chapter 14

Lynus sat against the pillows propped up behind his back and gazed out the window of his hospital room. Two days had passed since the end of the Hex Epidemic and he had spent the majority of that time sleeping, awaking only to eat. It was an odd feeling, being so exhausted. Eating and sleeping, and doing little else. It was something he was not at all used to. He probably never would become accustomed to it.

Another thing he was still acclimatising to was being the centre of everyone’s concerned and worried attention. He had caused worry before, completely unintentionally each time, but this time was different.

What had happened truly scared them. No, terrified them.

Lynus sighed as he sunk deeper against the pillows and continued to stare outside the window. It was a clear day outside so the window was open allowing for a gentle breeze to drift in on occasion.

He was currently alone in his room, but Axel was just outside speaking with Hamza about something. Something they obviously didn’t want to concern him with. But even though Lynus was still suffering from exhaustion he could sense their auras and they weren’t bristling with anger or concern, so the conversation was likely that of idle talk. Or perhaps planning for what they were to do in the future. Lynus was unlikely to be allowed in the labyrinth for a few more days.

Sitting in this bed, alone with his thoughts, Lynus couldn’t help but feel anxious. Well, not quite anxious perhaps restless was a better word. He was in the hospital and though he was currently a patient, he still felt the urge to get up and do his rounds.

He truly was a workaholic, wasn’t he?

He didn’t remember much of the last couple of days. He remembered seeing the others on occasion, finding them sat by his bedside, seemingly waiting for him to awaken. Or being gently awoken by them in order to get something to eat and drink. He did remember the relief upon seeing them, though. He trusted and believed in what Axel said, about how he had managed to heal them all, but he still needed to see for himself.

And thankfully he couldn’t sense any lingering curses or hexes upon them. He may have been exhausted, on the brink of falling back to sleep during many of their encounters, but it was his pure instinct to assess them immediately.

They truly were safe and unharmed.

He was…glad. He didn’t understand how he had done it and he tried not to think about it too much. He just needed to focus on himself, to get himself to a state where he didn’t have to worry anyone anymore. Focusing on himself was going to be difficult, he had been trying for ages now with little progress, but he had to try.

For Axel’s sake. For his family’s sake.

The presence of Dr Stiles’ aura as it grew closer caused Lynus to roll his head away from the window and to instead look expectantly at the door. He waited for what felt like a minute as Dr Stiles paused to speak with Axel and Hamza outside before he opened the door and stepped in.

“Ah, good, you’re awake,” he said with relief in his voice and quickly made his way over to the bed. “How are you feeling?”

Lynus gave the head doctor a small smile. “Just a little tired yet restless,” he answered honestly. “I actually feel as though I should be getting up and making myself useful.”

Dr Stiles nodded his head, not at all surprised. “That’s not surprising. But if you attempt it…”

Lynus had to chuckle at the threat that was left hanging. He fell silent as Dr Stiles began his usual inspection, checking his vitals, ensuring he was comfortable and that he had been eating the food he had been given. He asked the typical questions medical staff ask a patient and Lynus knew them off by heart, and knew how to answer them to offer the best indication to his health.

However, Dr Stiles seemed to be asking more questions than usual. He was also fussier than usual. Well, he could have been like this during his previous inspections but Lynus was too tired to take too much notice. His questions were more…parental, though.

“Your blood pressure is still a little on the low side of things, but I’m not overly concerned,” Dr Stiles spoke after he conducted his inspection and perched himself on the edge of the bed.

“Ah, so I’ll be stuck here for a few more days?” Lynus questioned.

Dr Stiles thought to himself for a moment. “Well, if you’re good, you might be able to leave tomorrow afternoon.”

That was a relief! Nothing against the hospital, of course. But his own personal space and his own bed, with Axel with him, he would feel so much better. It would also reassure his guildmates.

“I’ll try my best,” Lynus said in return before he smiled in a soft and playful manner. “But that window is looking awfully tempting right now.”

Dr Stiles uttered a chuckle, seemingly despite himself. “You wouldn’t be the first to try, I assure you,” he said with a smile before his expression abruptly changed into a somewhat stoic and serious look.

It honestly made Lynus feel a little nervous.

“I need to ask you something,” Dr Stiles said with a serious tone, his voice low. “It’s a personal question but I need to know so I can help you.”

Lynus immediately felt a spike of fear appear in his chest and he subconsciously swallowed hard. He was fairly certain he knew what Dr Stiles was going to ask him. And he wasn’t sure if he could answer it. He understood why he wanted to know, why he needed to know. It was just…he didn’t know how Dr Stiles would react to the truth. He didn’t want him to change his feelings or thoughts on him.

Curling his hands tightly around the bedsheets pooled at his waist, Lynus reluctantly nodded his head. “…Ok.”

“How old were you when you started healing?” Dr Stiles asked, though made no attempt to pull out his usual notepad.

Lynus thought for a moment. “I remember using a cure spell for the first time when I was about six,” he admitted around the lump that had formed in his throat. He somehow managed a shaky smile as he added; “Axel fell out of a tree and hurt himself.”

The corner of Dr Stiles’ mouth twitched into a smile and he nodded his head. That smile soon faded as he repositioned himself on the bed so that he was focusing more clearly on Lynus. “And how old were you when you started healing consciously?”

Once more, Lynus fell silent as he took a moment to think. “Um, about eight, I think. It was more so healing cuts and scrapes. I…don’t really remember, I’m afraid,” he admitted as he found himself sinking back against the pillows. “My village and childhood, I mean.”

Dr Stiles’ brow furrowed slightly and his eyes searched Lynus’ carefully. “Did you have a mentor or teacher?”

Lynus just shook his head no. No, he didn’t. He was really the only healer of his village. From what he could remember at least. He wasn’t entirely sure of that. But he was certain that he did not have a mentor. He did not have anyone try to act as his guide. It was just…him.

The head doctor’s brow furrowed even deeper as he leaned forward slightly. “Self-taught?”

Lynus pressed his lips together and nodded his head once.

“I see,” Dr Stiles murmured, though he did not look all that pleased. Confused, but not exactly happy by any means. But then he asked a question that Lynus had feared since their talk began. “How old were you when you started healing professionally?”

Tears immediately pooled in Lynus’ eyes and he felt his breathing and heartrate increase. He pressed his lips tighter together and shook his head. Please, don’t ask him when and how, or why. Please, just leave it. He didn’t want to remember. He didn’t want Dr Stiles to look at him differently.

But of course, Dr Stiles immediately noticed his tears and reaction and he looked puzzled. He, however, shuffled forward to take Lynus by his shoulders, his touch thankfully soft, as he tried to comfort him. “I’m sorry if this is painful for you. But please, please I need to know. I want to know everything. I want to help you. Your skills are extraordinary, but your healing is external and none internal. Lynus, I need to know why you can only heal others and not yourself. Please, tell me everything.”

Lynus’ chest burned as tears blurred his vision. He tried to shake his head. He didn’t want to say those words again. He didn’t want to remember.

“Wh-when I was ten I was kidnapped by a violent lord to act as his personal medic,” Lynus blurted out as tears rolled down his cheeks unimpeded and he began to hiccup as he tried to talk and breath at the same time. “I was…I was there for e-eight years. I had to learn everything myself. I had to look after others. I was never…I don’t know…”

Dr Stiles was silent and though tears blurred Lynus’ vision to the point where everything was a mash of different colours, he knew that he was just staring at him. He could sense the shock in his aura. He could feel his hands tightening on his shoulders.

A sob hitched in Lynus’ throat as he took Dr Stiles’ silence at a bad sign and he covered his face with his hands. However, the hands that held his shoulders tightened further and suddenly he found himself being pulled toward Dr Stiles as he arms came around him in a tight, almost crushing hug.

Another sob found its way passed Lynus’ lips, but this one held a sense of relief to it and he clutched at the front of Dr Stiles’ shirt with his hands. He cried softly into his shoulder at the unwanted memories of being under the steely control of a violent and egotistical lord, and Dr Stiles’ continued to hold him, whispering soft words of reassurance and apologises into his ear while he ran his fingers soothing through his hair.

He didn’t ask him anymore questions. He seemed to understand enough now. About how long he had been holding that in, how long he had been a hostage for, and how long he had been free.

“You’re so much stronger than I could have ever imagined,” Dr Stiles unexpectedly murmured as he continued to rake his fingers through his hair.

Strong? Was he really as strong as people believed? He…didn’t think he was.

“I’m sorry,” Dr Stiles said as he pulled back from Lynus but kept his hands on his shoulders. “I had no idea you were carrying such burdens.”

Lynus kept his head down as he hastily wiped as his tears. He shook his head, though, and tried to respond with his habitual brand of reassurance. “It’s…ok. I wanted to forget. Only my guild knows. I’m…fine now.”

Dr Stiles suddenly uttered a sigh. “You do yourself a disservice by stating you are fine.”

His chest still burned, and he felt heavy and fatigued. And yet, he also felt a sense of…peace. He had feared how Dr Stiles would respond to learning of his past, of how he became a healer. The longer he had worked with him and for him, the deeper the dread and fear he felt that one day he would learn the truth.

But he knew now. And his response wasn’t negative.

He was so relieved.

“I’m glad that I know why you are the way you are now,” Dr Stiles continued. “When I first met you, I knew you were an extraordinary medic. And I was right. You have remarkable inner spiritual power that is born of love, wisdom, and grace. You have inspired so many to be the best healers they can be. Including me. Truly, your inner light illuminates the path for those who walk beside you.”

Lynus could only stare at Dr Stiles in disbelief and shock before tears welled in his eyes once more as what he just said slowly registered in his mind. To think that the man he considered to be his mentor and friend thought so highly of him, to give him such praise…

Surprising? Relieving? Humbling? He wasn’t sure. But he was…happy.

“Although it seems that I have little more to teach you, I can and will teach you to turn some of your extraordinary healing power inwards,” Dr Stiles said as he idly smoothed down his hair in a purely parental manner. “First, though, I need your consent. The first and most important step to begin your own healing is being able to recognise that you need it.”

That…was true, wasn’t it? He really did want to learn how to take care of himself. Although not entirely for himself. But for Axel and the others. It was a start, though, right? Maybe…it could become a habit of his?

“I want to try,” Lynus admitted. “Healing myself, I mean.”

Dr Stiles smiled at that. A small but soft smile that held pure relief. “Then I will do everything I can to bring you to full health. You are under my care now. Everything will be all right.”

Lynus immediately believed him. “Thank you.”

But Dr Stiles shook his head and gently rubbed the pad of his thumb against Lynus’ cheek. “No, it’s the least I can do. After everything you’ve done for us. But for now, get some sleep. Axel is just itching to get back in here.”

A small chuckle slipped past Lynus’ lips and he nodded his head. He did feel tired and yet…content. He readily sunk back into the pillows behind him and closed his eyes, easily falling into a restful sleep.

… … … … …

It was a few hours later when Lynus was gently awoken by Axel’s voice urging him to open his eyes. It was lunchtime, he said. Time for something to eat. Though Axel felt guilty about waking him up from a restful sleep, Lynus was indeed on a diet plan where he was to have at least three meals a day. Snacks in-between permitted.

Slowly, Lynus opened his eyes and looked up to his right where Axel stood. He had a gentle and fond smile on his lips and Lynus couldn’t help but smile back at him. Though he felt tired and drained from his previous talk with Dr Stiles, he allowed for Axel to help him to sit up and let him prop the pillows up behind him once more.

As Axel fussed over him, Lynus had to push back the urge to tell him that he was ok and not to worry over him too much. It was his instinct to reassure and brush aside his own needs, after all. But Axel was going to fuss over him regardless. And, honestly, he probably deserved it. He scared the life out of him so letting him fuss was allowing him to elevate some of his own concerns. So, it was good for him in the long run.

When Lynus was settled and comfortable against the pillows behind him, Axel paused next to him and lifted a hand to play with a strand of his orange hair. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

Lynus smiled as he idly tilted his head toward Axel’s hand, letting him drop his hold on his hair to instead tenderly touch the side of his face. “I feel better than I did this morning,” he answered honestly. “Dr Stiles knows about…that.”

Axel sighed and didn’t look surprised. “I know,” he said simply.

Lynus peered up at him curiously. “Did you know beforehand?” he asked, not accusingly, but curiously because he felt that if Axel knew beforehand he would have intervened somehow for his sake.

“No, but Hamza apparently did,” Axel replied with a slight shake of his head. “He had to hold me back from kicking in the door after I heard you…talking.”

Crying, more like it. Still, Lynus had to smile. “I’m actually relieved,” he said as he reached up to cover Axel’s hand with his own. “I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And maybe I can…start to heal myself.”

Axel gently stroked his cheek with his thumb before he leaned down to place a soft and lingering kiss to his forehead. Lynus closed his eyes and relished in the gentle affection.

The feeling of his guildmates’ auras and approaching footsteps caused Lynus to open his eyes and turned his attention toward the door as Axel stood up once more. He also glanced over at the door and seemed to wait until the footsteps outside paused.

“You guys can come in!” he called out to them.

Not a moment later the door to Lynus’ room opened, almost with a flourish and the entirety of his guild was seen huddled outside. They were very clearly relieved to see him actually sitting up, conscious and able to engage with them again.

Magnus was the first to hurry toward into the room and over to the bed. He then did something that was rather out of character for the shy alchemist; he threw his arms around Lynus in a tight hug. Lynus was surprised, but only for a moment before he slipped his arms around Magnus and returned the hug with as much strength as he could muster. He could tell by the way Magnus held him that he needed this comforting hug for quite a while now.

After a long moment, Magnus pulled back and looked at him with his big blue eyes. His lips were parted slightly, as if he wanted to say something, to ask him something. But Lynus gently silenced him by leaning forward and placing his forehead against his.

“I’m going to be fine,” he whispered. “It’s all right. Don’t worry. I’m still here. We all are.”

Magnus pressed his lips together and swallowed thickly, but he nodded his head nonetheless. And he looked reassured. Relieved. Lynus gave him a reassuring smile before he pulled back and watched as Shen approached. He slipped up behind Magnus and placed his hands on his upper arms before he leaned forward to whisper something to him.

Magnus nodded his head to whatever Shen said to him. He didn’t step back. Instead he stayed pressed against the bed and against Shen, as Shen removed one of his hands from Magnus and unexpectedly reached out to gently touch Lynus’ own arm. It was a gentle touch, a simple touch, but it was significant. And it spoke volumes.

Lynus glanced down at his hand in surprise, but felt a smile return to his lips and he turned his gaze back toward Shen. He didn’t say anything. Instead he lifted his hand and placed it on top of Shen’s. He squeezed his hand back, silently telling him in return that he was ok and that he was glad that he, along with everyone else, was ok.

Shen gave his arm a gentle squeeze before he pulled his hand away and Lynus let his own hand drop to his lap. Only then did Magnus step away from the bed, Shen accompanying him.

Lirit was the next person to approach him and he immediately slipped his arms around him in a hug. Not hesitation whatsoever, which was usual for him. He, however, also did something somewhat expected; he planted a quick and purely familial kiss to his cheek.

“You’re looking better,” he said as he pulled back and smiled at him. “You have colour back to your cheeks.”

Lynus smiled at him, thankful for Lirit’s idle chatter as it, too, seemed to put everyone at ease. “I’ve done nothing but eat and sleep the last couple of days. I feel like I’m on vacation.”

Lirit laughed freely and Lynus could feel the tension from the others drop even further. “Well, you certainly deserve one. Binah and Becky couldn’t come today as Matron wanted them to stay at the inn with her so they can prepare a few things.”

Hmm? Prepare? Ah, probably for his eventual return. No doubt that Dr Stiles had sent a list of meals and whatnot to her in preparation of his new health plan. Hope he wasn’t causing too much trouble at the inn.

He didn’t have time to ask Lirit, though; as soon as he stepped back Cedric stepped forward, and soon had his arms around him in an exuberant hug. So cheerful that Lynus had to laugh softly as he returned the hug, his laugh continuing as Cedric planted a kiss to his cheek also.

“We’ve brought you some real food,” Cedric said as he pulled back. “We’re certain that you’re sick of hospital food.”

“The food hasn’t been that bad, but a home cook meal would be so nice right now,” Lynus said as Cedric turned to fuss over a few parcels he and the others must have carried in.

With Cedric focused elsewhere, Macerio quickly took his place by the bed and like what Magnus had done; he wrapped his arms around him and pressed his face against his shoulder. Lynus immediately slipped his arms around him in return, resting his cheek against Macerio’s temple and running his fingers through his hair as he whispered words of reassurance into his ear.

Macerio didn’t say anything, surprisingly, but nodded his head on occasion and Lynus could feel him getting shaky and emotional. So, he kept idly running his fingers through his hair to comfort him.

It took Hamza stepping up behind Macerio and placing his hand on his back to prompt Macerio to pull back. He thankfully didn’t have tears on his cheeks, but he was considerably relieved to have been able to hug him, to reaffirm to himself that Lynus was indeed all right.

Hamza gently guided Macerio away from Lynus and toward Lirit, who quickly pulled him into another hug. Hamza then turned back to him and gave him a small smile. “Needlessly to say, we’re relieved. Your children are looking forward to your return home.”

Children, hmm? Well, they were family so why not?

“If I’m good I may return home tomorrow afternoon,” Lynus replied, his answer seemingly bringing a new wave of relief to the occupants of the room.

“Ah, you must be eager to return home, also,” Jhon said as he walked over to the bed and leaned his tall frame forward to give Lynus a hug also.

Lynus, of course, reached up to return the hug. However, his grip on Jhon’s shirt tightened subtly when he whispered something into his ear. “We all would feel reassured to have you safe at home.”

“I want nothing more than to be home, also,” Lynus whispered in response as he pressed his cheek against his shoulder.

Jhon tightened his arms around him ever so slightly, prolonging the hug before he eventually pulled back. He smiled as he stepped back, and without any prompting from him whatsoever, Tobyn took his turn to step forward. And without any hesitation, just like the others, he promptly wrapped his arms around him in a hug as well.

The hug was surprisingly not awkward or silted at all. It was warm and sincere. A testament that he had been greatly worried about him and he, too, was relieved that he, that everyone was all right.

Tobyn didn’t say anything as he hugged him and Lynus didn’t speak either. He just hugged him back as tightly as he could, silently telling him that he understood everything he had felt. They were all ok. And that was all that mattered.

After a moment, Tobyn pulled back also. As he did so, though, his brow furrowed slightly. “Has your hair gotten longer?” he asked.

Lynus instinctively reached up to touch his hair. “I…think so,” he said as he idly curled a strand of his hair around his finger.

“I think it has, too,” Axel said as he stood next to him and placed a hand on his back. “It suits you, though.”

“Hmm, well the longer it is, the easier for it to be tied back, I suppose,” Lynus said with a shrug and dropped his hand back onto the bed.

He was about to say something else but was interrupted when Chi-hung practically climbed onto the bed and Lynus laughed as he threw his arms around the white-tiger’s neck and hugged him. Chi-hung purred loudly as he nuzzled his head against his arm and the side of his head.

With Chi-hung happily nuzzling, Lynus realised that he had been embraced by all members of his guild. Besides one, that was.

Resting his chin atop of Chi-hung’s head, Lynus glanced around the room to find Rahas standing near the window. The open window. He hadn’t made a break for it yet. So that was a good sign. He was uncomfortable, though. But the open displays of affection toward him.

Lynus could sense that a small part of Rahas wish he could also participate in such open displays. He just didn’t know how. He didn’t know how to let himself show open affection.

It was…sad. But Lynus understood. And he couldn’t push him.

He wouldn’t push him. However, someone else might. And that someone else was approaching quickly. Lynus could sense his aura so clearly.

Lynus lifted his head from Chi-hung’s and glanced over at the door. Not a moment later the door opened and Shiki stood on the threshold, his hand on the door handle and his eyes immediately locking with Lynus’.

There was an immediate expression of relief on his face and his shoulders sagged ever so slightly. He didn’t bother to excuse himself or explain his presence. He simply stepped into the room and quickly made his way to the bed.

Chi-hung seemed to understand what was to happen so reluctantly, and with an annoyed flick of his tail, climbed off the bed. As soon as he did so, Lynus found himself wrapped in Shiki’s arms as the other man hugged him so tightly.

Once more, Lynus readily returned the hug he was given. He slipped his arms around Shiki the best he could. However, his hand slid along Shiki’s injured left arm and he felt himself pause. He could feel the injuries beneath the thick bandages. Feel heavy scars and deep wounds. And the weakness in the muscles. Well, in the muscles that were left.

What? What had happened to his arm?

Shiki suddenly pulled back and held him by his shoulders. “I can’t believe it; you’ve gotten even skinner. Is that even possible? Honestly, at this point you’ll have to run around in the shower to get wet!”

Lynus felt himself simultaneously blush and pout at the same time. He couldn’t say anything in response, though. Even he noticed that he had lost some weight. His clothes were looser than they usually were.

“Shi, get your Emo Son to stop being emo for a second and give Mama Lynus here a hug!” Cedric suddenly and unexpectedly ordered.

Shiki immediately turned to look in Rahas’ direction, his brow furrowed slightly. “You haven’t hugged Lynus yet?”

Seemingly surrounded by Cedric, Lirit, and Macerio, Rahas immediately bristled, but he seemed to fumble over his words. “Well, how could I when everyone else is hogging him!” he unexpectedly shouted.

Shiki scoffed in a way that was purely fatherly before he crossed the room to where Rahas stood. Rahas instinctively took a step back with a wary and suspicious look on his face while Lirit and Macerio scurried out of the way, both wearing similar expressions of amusement on their faces.

Moving suddenly, Shiki had Rahas in a headlock with one arm and he dragged his knuckles through his hair. “Well, no time like the present. Hop to!” he said as he dragged Rahas toward the bed, the dark hunter kicking and flailing. Not biting and shrieking yet, but he was most likely on the verge of doing so.

Lynus had to laugh, but of course took mercy on Rahas and reached out to hug him both playfully, but sincerely the moment he was close enough. He felt Rahas stiffen in his arms, standing awkwardly still. But Lynus kept his arms firm around him and Shiki kept him pushed toward the bed.

Slowly, Rahas began to relax. Had it only been the two of them Lynus was certain that Rahas would have quickly returned the hug. Maybe even desperately. But because they had company, he would have to settle for Rahas lightly returning the hug.

It was all right. Maybe he could get a sincerer hug from Rahas later. When it was just the two of them. Or maybe even the three of them if Shiki was there also.

“Now Shiki, be careful,” Hamza chided in an almost playful. “We’re in the hospital and Axel is looking as though he wants to acquaint the both of you with his fist, which honestly would be completely warranted at this point.”

When he felt Rahas stiffen again, Lynus removed his arms from around Rahas’ neck and shoulders, and he gave him a small smile as Rahas shuffled back. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket and slunk back. He didn’t immediately head for the window, though, which was a good sign.

“I haven’t had the pleasure of being punched by the infamous Axel yet, but from reputation alone, I wouldn’t want to,” Shiki said with a purely cheeky smile on his lip as he shot Axel a glance.

Axel simply snorted in response but said nothing else. He simply stepped closer to the bed and closer to Lynus. Lynus just smiled up at him, thankful for his patience as everyone show their relief and affection towards him. He’d be sure to allow Axel time to show his own affection toward him later when they were alone again.

“Well, time for something to eat, I think,” Cedric said in a chatty manner as he revealed a couple of plates of precooked food. “Matron has been waiting ever so eagerly to have you home so she can fatten you up.”

“Oh, that’s right! Matron made you a get-well gift, too. The pinkettes helped of course,” Lirit added as he picked up a brown paper bag pulled out something purple and made of wool.

He stretched it out, revealing to him that it appeared to be a piece of clothing. A woollen poncho type garment that was a dark purple in colour, similar to that of the gemstone amethyst, with a hood and large buttons down the front.

It looked large yet comfortable. Fluffy even.

“Matron made that?” Lynus asked, surprised and yet not totally shocked.

Lirit smiled. “Yep. Something warm and comfortable for you to relax in,” he said as he approached the bed, motioning for Lynus to try it on.

With Axel’s help, Lynus slipped off the cardigan he wore and allowed Lirit to help him pull the poncho on over his head. Lirit busied himself soothing the warm, fluffy material against his shoulders as Axel carefully pulled his hair free to drape over his shoulders and back. Lynus idly smoothed down the clothing over his stomach and lap.

It was warm and comfortable. Lovingly made. Made for him.

“That colour purple suits you so well,” Jhon complimented with a smile as the others nodded their head in agreement.

Lynus smiled in return and snuggled into his new and comfortable piece of clothing. He settled back against the pillows once more, feeling warmer than before as he watched as the others mingled around the room, chatting him with him and each other. Fussing over him and allowing each other to take turns in their fussing.

As he sat there, allowing himself to bask in their attention without guilt for once, Lynus was quick to realise how truly lucky he was.

He loved his guildmates, his friends, his family so much. Everyone. He loved them all. He’d do anything to protect and heal them. All of them. Do whatever it took.

If it meant sprouting wings and a case of severe exhaustion, then so be it.

Lynus was pulled from his musings when Axel kissed him upon his forehead once more. “Are you all right?” he asked him.

Lynus smiled as he leaned forward to lightly kiss Axel on his lips. “Yeah, I’m all right now.”

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