Sith Ω Anakin Skywalker [1]


“Just do it, Anakin,” she cries, clutching her profusely bleeding arm, drawing the Jedi’s yellow eyes. “You’ve made your decision! You have to live with it! So, just do it!” Natalia is a Sith Lord. She has had her eye on the newest Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, for a while, and can sense the turmoil and darkness within the young Jedi, and she knows that his time in the light is drawing to an end. Enlisting the help of her half sister, Padme Amidala, Natalia draws the young male into the warm and addictive confines of the Dark Side. No one can stop the inevitability of the young Skywalker’s seduction. © Chey Eveleigh | June 2018

Adventure / Fantasy
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“Just do it, Anakin,” she cries, clutching her profusely bleeding arm, drawing the former Jedi’s yellow eyes. “You’ve made your decision! You have to live with it! So, just do it!”

The brunette closes his eyes, breathing slowly in an attempt to calm himself.

“Ani, please. We need you. I need you.” Beside her, a spurt of lava shoots up and nearly covers her. “We need to go before we all end up dying here.”

“Goodbye, Obi-Wan.”

Anakin walks away from his fallen friend, and Natalia watches as her foster brother’s eyes sadden to no end. Before she realises it, the sadness vanishes and is replaced with utter rage. He launches himself to his feet and rushes at Anakin. A cry tears itself from Natalia as she flings out her arm, pulling the lightsaber from her lover’s hand and igniting it as soon as it makes contact with her palm. Easily blocking the blow, she meets the enraged eyes of the one she grew up with.

“Stop this madness, Obi!” Natalia begs, unable to stop the tears running down her ash covered face. “Just let him go. He’s made his decision, and there’s no taking it back. You know that as well as I do. Once a Jedi becomes a Sith, there’s no changing them back. The seduction is too much.”

“Move out of the way, Talia,” Obi-Wan hisses in anger, barely seeing the young girl in front of him. “Anakin is long gone, and there’s no saving him. He’s the Chosen One - the one to bring Balance to the Force!”

“He is! The Jedi have always had more Power than the Sith - you just haven’t bothered to tap into all that Power! By going to the Dark Side, he is balancing out the Force!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Can’t you feel it, Obi? There’s balance.”

His blue eyes search her golden ones, trying to figure out her motive. “You’re Force sensitive.”

Shaking her head, she shoves her foster brother back. “I am more than that, brother.”

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