After the Storm?


Anna Butler
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Chapter 1

Author's note: Thank you for your kind reviews and favorites of my story. I really thought about it being a stand alone piece but if I were to continue the story this is the way that I would go. I am not sure how many chapters this will be or if it will be any good but it is just an idea I am toying with.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of its characters.

After the Storm?

The daylight brought the sounds of birds chirping in the early morning. The ground

was wet from the heavy rain from the night before and the early morning dew. The air

smelled of trees and greenery and the air was crisp and the temperature was

slightly cool as Sam walked with Mercedes to get his car from his apartment. They

had spent the whole night talking and getting reacquainted. Sam yearned to reach out

and hold her hand, it had just felt awkward not doing it; but he did not want to ruin

just being with her again. He did not want to ruin this moment.

The streets were still mainly empty and you could hear their footsteps along the

ground as they walked. There was a rhythm to it and it was actually soothing to both

Sam and Mercedes. He could tell that she was getting tired because she was yawning

more often now; and yet he could not help that feeling that he had inside of him that

tried his best for this to be the slowest walk in history. He just did not want this night

to end. He wanted to hold on to it for as long as he could. Amazingly, he was not

tired at all; he was revived actually, that would truly be the word he would use,

revived. He thought to himself when suddenly he found himself grabbing Mercedes.

Mercedes enjoyed that they could walk together in silence and yet it not seem

awkward at all. The fresh air sobered her up a bit but the breakfast they just shared

and this walk was now getting the better of her. She was really tired and afraid that

by the time she had gotten to his car, she would be asleep before he had taken her to

her hotel room. She looked over her shoulder once or twice but only heard their

footsteps along the pavement. That had a soothing and calming effect on her; what

was that feeling that she was feeling? Safety that is what she felt, she felt so safe with

him. The nap she would probably take in his car would probably be the most

peaceful rest that she had in a while; but she did not want to think about that right

now. While she was lost in these thoughts she was not paying attention and her heel

got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. As she slowly felt herself tipping over two

strong arms grabbed her immediately.

Sam: Are you alright? He asked. (Squeezing her even tighter as he spoke.)

Mercedes: Oh, I am fine, thanks for that, and I am sorry I wasn't paying attention

like I should have been, I guess.

Sam: And here I'd thought you had fallen for me. (He said in his newly perfected Sean

Connery impersonated voice, while he chuckled.)

Mercedes: Did you doubt? Sean Connery really? She laughed.

Sam's expression suddenly changed in that moment when he realized what she had

answered to his statement, but before he could speak, Mercedes on the other hand, not

knowing what to think about that sudden change in his expression, decided instead to

change the subject immediately.

Mercedes: I think that I am a little more tired than I thought. She said.

Your Sean Connery has gotten even better by the way.

Then she smiled at him.

Sam: Thanks he said. We are almost at my place. You are welcome to take a nap there if

you want? I have a spare bedroom and it won't be any bother at all.

He said a little too eagerly, he realized. Mercedes thought about it for a moment which felt like hours of silence to Sam.

Mercedes: Are you sure it's no trouble? I know you had not planned on any of this tonight.

Sam: Some of the best things in life are unplanned Mercy. He said softly.

Mercedes: Alright, but as a thank you I am going to comp you a couple of tickets to my

show tomorrow night; if you are free.

Sam: Here we are.

Sam reaches into his pocket and pulls out his keys and unlocks the door to a brownstone.

He then guides her up two flights of stairs to the top floor. Sam then opens the door to

his apartment and lets her in.

Sam: I would love to come, but I only need one ticket. He whispered.

The first thing that she notices is his drafting table in the corner of his living room by his

fireplace. There are drawings on the wall above of several characters from his books;

along with some she did not recognize. Those must be from his new book, she thought.

His place was neat and it just felt warm and inviting. He had his computer and desk

which were at the far side of the room; and looking at his bookshelves and his collection

of books were making her jealous. She would love to have more time to herself to read

she thought. The truth be told though he was her favorite author and she had all but

given up reading anything other than him; or articles about him; and of course, she

thought, what man cave would be complete without his big screen TV and gaming

console with a Bose stereo system. He is still a big kid. She thought to herself.

Sam: You can wear something of mine to sleep in.

Mercedes: Would you mind terribly if I used your shower?

Sam: No, not at all! Feel free to use anything in the place.

Mercedes: Anything but you right! She laughed.

Sam: Well huh… He said while smirking at her.

Mercedes: (Interrupting him) Just kidding! She laughed nervously this time feeling really

uncomfortable about her word choices. I hope your girlfriend won't mind me using her

toiletries I am afraid that I will smell like her today.

Real smooth Mercedes that sooo sounded like you were fishing. She thought. As she

pointed in a direction she hoped was toward the bathroom.

Sam: Do you remember me telling you I would only need one ticket? I don't have a

girlfriend. So the only person you are going to smell like today is me.

He said looking at her rather confidently. In fact, he was staring at her now,


The weight of his stare was becoming more than she could bear; she could feel the

nervousness start in the pit of her stomach and move it's way up her chest and into her

throat. To try and combat it she tried to lighten the mood very quickly.

Mercedes: Well you've always smelled good. She said quickly and smiled.

Sam began walking toward Mercedes never taking his eyes off of her, as he moved closer to her she felt herself backing up slightly, more and more until her back was pressed up against the wall between two doorframes. Sam did not speak but positioned himself right in front of her. He reached his right arm over her left shoulder and leaned in a little more.

Mercedes could feel his breath on her face and she watched as his arm extended right past her line of sight, she slowly turned her head to her left only to have her mouth almost touching his bicep. She nearly started to hyperventilate at the sexual tension she was now feeling when he switched on the light in the bathroom behind her. He then held on to the doorframe behind her. She then felt his left hand move past her hips on her right side of her body and grabbed onto the doorknob he opened the door to the linen closet and used that hand and reached in and grabbed two towels and a wash cloth and handed them to her.

Sam: I'll get you one of my shirts. He said as he closed the door and gave her a quick smirk.

Sam raced into his bedroom and brought out his Avatar t-shirt and gave it to her.

Mercedes: Avatar? Really?

Sam: Did you doubt?

Mercedes: Knowing you Sam this is probably your favorite shirt I don't want to stretch…

Sam: (Interrupting her) That's why I want you to wear it.

While you are in the shower I can make you some warm coca if you'd like?

Mercedes: That would be nice.

When she retreats into his bathroom with towels and shirt in hand and closes the door;

Sam fist pumps and jumps into the air. He then runs into the kitchen thanking God for

how this evening and morning has turned out.

The noises from the street have started to come wafting through the window. Those

sounds seem happy for the first in a very long time today sounds like happiness. He

thought to himself. Faintly, he also hears her singing she actually sings in the shower. He


Sam: Man, can this day get any better?

Then he caught himself speaking out loud. You have to keep it together Sam. She is

going to think that you are crazy. But I am crazy, crazy for her, and it is the best feeling

that I have had in a long time. What do I do? He thought to himself. Nothing man just

let her sleep and while she does you can figure out your next move. He thinks as he pours

the milk into a saucepan and starts to boil it on the stove.

He pulls out a mug from the cabinet and pours the cocoa mix into the mug.

Sam: Right, Right!

Wait, does she have a boyfriend? Oh no, what if she does! Maybe this will take too long

this way? Should I use the microwave? No, this is the best way to make it. The best way,

by the way, is the only way for my girl! Sam, she is not your girl; not yet anyway.

Sam: I have to change that; I have to change that!

Mercedes: Change what? She said standing in the kitchen doorway wearing his

shirt and nothing else while drying the edges of her long curly hair with a towel.

Oh…Good…God! I'm done! Sam thought. Her legs, her lips, her hair, and her…

Mercedes: Change what? She laughed as she said it again.

The pot of milk boiling over now on the stove Sam (startled) turns around and quickly

wipes up the mess which has now oozed over the sides of the saucepan.

When Sam realized he had been caught, dazed and confused he spun around and said…

Sam: That light bulb, as he pointed to a lamp in the corner of the living room. It needs to

be changed. Here is your cocoa as he poured the remaining milk into a mug of

cocoa goodness and handed it to her.

Mercedes: Thanks…nothing like a steamy mug of hot chocolate.

Sam looked her up and down and said no, there is nothing like it at all. Ummm, I am

going to take a shower too. I'll be right back. And he took off racing out of the kitchen

and down the hall.

Mercy: But Sam where is the..?

The bathroom door slammed shut.

Mercy: Spare room? She whispered.

She sat at the counter and drank the cocoa; when she was done she washed out her mug

and placed it in the rack on the countertop.

She walked around the living room and wondered if this was a good idea. Truth be told

with all of the sexual tension she was feeling at this moment she really was doubting that

sleep was an option anymore; and that was the only reason why he had let her come.

Mercedes: Just great! Thanks Sam for letting me sleep here only I'm not sleepy

anymore, so I should just leave. Thanks for the shower though! She whispered. That's stupid.

She walked and looked at his collections of books and magazines on his shelves.

Gene Rodenberry, Isaac Asimov, Oh no. she thought. I hated my picture on this "People" magazine cover so of course he'd have that one. My cover from "Spin" well at least that one was not so bad. My "Vibe"; "Rolling Stone"?

Merecedes: Oh.

Mercedes grabbed her open mouth with both hands.

Does he have these because of me? She thought. Get over it Mercedes everyone likes to

say that they new someone famous back when. You talk about him and his books to

everyone you know too, right? Don't you? Yeah, but I am in love.. Uh, No, that's not it. I

am proud of him; and he is of you too, that's it.

While nodding her head she quickly turned around from the bookshelf and bumped

smack dab into Sam's hard, chiseled, strong, muscular, oiled chest. Oh Lawd! She


Mercy: I am so sorry. She said as she looked at him in pajama bottoms and no shirt

although he had one in his hand. Dear God don't let him put that shirt on. She thought. Is that a 5,6,7,8 pack? Oh Father! She thought.

Sam just smiled and said

Sam: It's okay you didn't hurt me.

Mercy spoke as she walked around him

Mercy: No one could. She whispered while shaking her head.

Sam just chuckled.

Sam: By the way if I gave you a pass to one of my book readings for my next book coming out in about a month would you need more than one? He asked, while showing her to his room.

Mercedes: No one would be enough, she said.

Sam felt his heart race at that good news, but he had to compose himself before he spoke


Sam: You can lay down in here. I have blackout curtains in here for the times when I would be up writing all night and did not get sleepy until the morning. You will be able to sleep even though it is almost noon. I will lie down in my spare room.

She nodded but when he started to walk out of the room then she spoke.

Mercy: Sam? Can I ask you a question?

Sam: Sure.

Mercy: Do you travel a lot because of your writing? You know always sleeping somewhere other than in your own bed?

Sam thought about it and said

Sam: Yeah I do.

Mercedes: It's never quite as safe as your own is it?

Sam wondered what she meant and where this conversation was going.

Mercy: I didn't tell you this earlier but I get a good bit of fan mail you know, and most of it is wonderful like what I had always dreamed of as a kid, but… (She faltered)

Sam: But?

Mercedes: Sometimes I get threats too.

Sam: What?!

Mercedes: I know this is a strange thing to say now but may I ask a favor?

Sam: Anything, what is it?

Mercedes: Would you lay here with me, I feel safe with you around and honestly this

Nap maybe the first good sleep I will have had in the past three weeks.

Sam just stared at her for a few moments completely in shock at what he had just heard.

Then he spoke.

Sam: You're wrong Mercedes.

She looked at him puzzled.

Sam: That's not a favor that's a privilege and a pleasure. You don't have to worry you will be safe here with me. You can rest as long as you would like, really.

There was so much more that he wanted to know but he did not want to push the issue; not at this time anyway. Instead he closed the bedroom door, unplugged the phone, and closed the curtains. Then they lay down on the bed together.

Sam: Feel free rest your head on my shoulder if you want.

Which she did and before long she was asleep; he laid there for a moment so happy just

hearing her breathing. He was out of his mind with happiness just being here with her

like this; but he was also sick to think of her reason why. Who would threaten his

Mercy? She was one of the most wonderful people he had ever known and he would do

whatever it took to keep her safe. He thought.

Authors note: I hope any readers are willing to stick with me until the end you may be surprised at how this turns out. But not more surprised then me! I hope the pacing is not too slow but I need to develop the story a little. Thanks and please review.

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