After the Storm?

Chapter 10

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After the Storm?

Chapter 10

12 Years Ago

Chloe stumbled from the bar to her new studio apartment she had to try to figure out her next move. She made herself some coffee to try to stop the pounding she was starting to feel inside of her head; but after drinking some she recognized, that this headache, was only going to be helped by way of medicine.

After having a Tylenol and sleeping for a few hours she woke up and started looking around her place. She actually did not remember how she had even made it home.

She started to look through the papers that the men from the military gave to her. She had

no idea what she had been signing. She may have joined the military herself without even knowing it. (She chuckled to herself)

She then noticed an envelope among the papers with her name on it. She opened it up and it was a letter from her dad.

Hey Precious,

It's daddy. I am so sorry because if you are reading this letter that means that daddy was unable to come home like he wanted too. I miss you and love you with all my heart; and one day we will be together again. You can count on that, and I will have so much of my love saved up for you, that I will be able to wrap you up in a blanket of it 30 million times over.

I left this money for you I know it might not be a lot depending on when you get this; but use it to make you love of music dream come true. You know in my heart I always wanted you to sing! So I hope this money will help your music career take a huge leap forward. Remember baby I will see you soon. I can't wait; heaven will be too quiet because it will be missing your angelic voice.

Love always and forever,


Chloe just cried silently about the thought of never being able to sing well again. After about an hour or so Chloe made up her mind; she was going to use the money to go college and then business school. She was going to start her own record company and help at least part of her dream and her father's dream come true.


6 Years Ago

Although Chloe had no family members to attend her graduation it did not take away from the fact that she had done it. She worked hard and got through college and business school; after taking a few pictures with other classmates Chloe went back to her apartment to change.

She did not really want to be around anyone but she did feel like she and her dad would have gone out to celebrate (if he were alive). So she used her computer and picked the first club the came up on her search engine; Catalina Jazz Club Bar and Grill.


6 Years Ago

Mercedes joined Joe's band and they had fun playing around at first during rehearsals; the thing is though, that Mercedes brought a definite sound to the band that not every member of the band could continue to relate too.

After a while George started missing rehearsals and complaining that they were moving away from their Indy sound. Eventually, he left all together. Joe had found a true paying gig for them at a club but David felt that being required to be there every week was too much like real work and it took the fun out of it for him; besides he too like George thought that Joe was starting to sellout by only moving toward music that could showcase the voice of Ms. Mercedes Jones. Now there were only three of them.

On the night of their performance Vicky (the keyboardist) felt that the vibe of the club was all wrong and it had taken her too long to get into the right headspace to damage it now; so she left.

Mercy felt terrible and begged Joe to reconsider her staying with the group and asking the other members to come back instead; and forgive her for becoming such a detriment to his band. Joe answered.

Joe: Don't worry, that's the way bands are, they are not my first band members and they won't be my last; it is the nature of the business. The pieces just have to fit and you and I fit; do remember that I told you that you have to love music?

Mercedes: Yes.

Joe: Well you also have to be a professional and they were not professional. Are you still willing to do this with me? The show must go on!

Mercy: Of course, the show must go on!

So they decided what song they could perform, just the two of them, and then performed that night at the Catalina Jazz Club.


Chloe sat at the bar of the Catalina and ordered a Mojito. A fair amount of nice looking men were in the place but she got distracted by a guitar which was starting to play and a woman who started singing.

Music Starts and Mercedes began to sing:

Sometimes it amazes me

How strong the power of love can be

Sometimes you just take my breath away oooh woah

You watch my love grow like a child; sometimes gentle and sometimes wild.

Oooh, sometimes you just take my breath away.

Say it's too good to slip by and it's too good to loose; it's too good to be there just to use.

I'm going to stand on a mountaintop and tell the news that you take my breath away.

Oooh, oooh, oooh say yes.

Your beauty is there in all I see

And when I feel your eyes on me

Oooh don't you know you just take my, take my, breath away.

Yes, say my life is yours; my heart will be, singing for you eternally.

Oh, say don't you know, don't you know you just oh you take my breath away

Say it's too good to slip by and it's too good to loose; it's too good to be there just to use.

I'm going to stand on a mountaintop and tell the news that you take my breath away.

Ahh ooh umm umm

Sometimes it amazes me how strong the power of love can be

Oooh don't you know you just take my, do you know you take my breath away yes

Say my life is yours oh my heart will be singing for you eternally say yes

Don't you know, don't you know you just take my breath away.

Say it's too good to slip by its too good to loose it's too good to be there just to use.

I'm gonna stand on a mountaintop and tell the news that you take my breath away

Uhmm umm

The club was completely silent they were awestruck; Joe and Mercedes were a little apprehensive until a roar came from the crowd full of enthusiasm and support, the clapping and cheering became so loud and thunderous Mercedes had felt as if the room itself had shook.

Chloe turned around to the bartender and asked for a second drink.

Chloe: Hurry, she said I'm celebrating I just graduated and I just found my first act!

Later that evening Chloe invited Joe and Mercedes to a table and asked them if they would like to sign up with her and her newly beginning record label C.C. Records.

She had some great ideas for plans and marketing; some real cutting edge stuff.

She admitted to them that she couldn't pay them a whole lot of money up front but she would give them a percentage on the back end for sales and she was using money left from her dad to get it started.

Joe and Mercedes both agreed and Chloe said she would write up a contract for them to read and sign in a few days. Then they drank a toast to their new partnership. While they were getting to know each other a little better a drink was sent to the table for Mercedes along with a note which read.

I really liked your song; will you allow me to take you out to dinner? – S.

Mercy looked around quickly trying to find out who sent it; when the waiter pointed to the person who had done so, she tried to hide her disappointment- it was not Sam.

The man walked over to the table and said.

Man: Hello, my name Shane Tinsley may I call you for dinner tomorrow?

Joe nudged Mercedes leg under the table and gave her a knowing sideways glance. While Chloe asked.

Chloe: Are you a new fan? Because, if you are be sure to be on the lookout for her music on the newly formed C.C. Records label.

Mercedes thought to herself that it would be terribly wrong for her to judge him by appearances alone; she did not want that done to her.

He was a big guy he looked about 6'3" tall and about 310lbs give or take and he was a black male. He was well groomed and he was dressed in a black T-shirt with dark washed jeans and black shoes and a leather jacket.

Mercedes: Would you like to join us? Thank you for the drink I really appreciate it.

As the night wore on she found out that he was a Los Angeles Department of Transportation worker (LADOT for short). He was a bus driver but he also did some moonlighting at night as a bouncer for a club; but when it was his day off from that he would come to this club because it was a better crowd of people and he preferred this type of music.

Shane: You sang that song really wonderfully. Were you thinking of someone in particular?

Of course she was she was thinking of Sam but she had to stop loving him now, he was with someone named Ceejay; so she had to move on too.

Mercedes: Well, we pull everything from past experiences to help with our performances; but no one now.

Shane: Oh, that's good to know I thought perhaps (and he pointed under the table towards Joe who was talking business with Chloe).

Mercedes: Oh, no we are just good friends.

Shane: Oh. (He smiled) So you never answered my question. Can I call you for dinner tomorrow?

Mercedes: Thank you that would be nice. She said.


Mercedes and Shane had been dating for about 5 months when she started to feel the pressure from him for her to sleep with him. Mercedes did not want to lead him on but she just did not really like him in that way. (She often wondered if maybe Sam had felt the same way about her and her body) But honestly it wasn't just that; her career was finally just taking off and he kept making plans for them which had never mentioned any sign of her career, not anywhere.

He was looking for a homemaker not a singer; the only reason they had been together even this long was because she really didn't have to spend that much time with him. She was always traveling for work and he worked driving a bus for the city of Los Angeles; which afforded him very little flexibility if any, which she kind of loved.

Now she realized that all of the touring that was going to be required of her; made being involved in a relationship not the wisest thing to do after all; so she decided to talk to Shane about it. Mercedes invited Shane to come to her apartment for dinner; once dinner was completed she invited him into her living room for some coffee and conversation. Shane on the other hand took this as an invitation to begin to attempt to molest Mercedes.

Mercy: Shane, I'm afraid we have to reconsider the situation that we are in.

Shane who had been kissing her neck and grabbing at her thighs; was barely listening to her.

Shane: What?

Mercedes pushing him off of her and moving to the other end of the sofa.

Mercedes: Stop Shane I am just not attracted to you in that way. I think that we should stop seeing each other.

Shane: C'mon baby stop playin'. He said. (Trying to move closer to her and grab her again)

Mercedes: I am not playing; I am serious. This is not going to work; not for me and especially not for you.

Shane: What are you talking about? Besides you act like you are out of my league or something who ever told you that? We are doing fine!

Mercedes: That's because now I am hardly here! (She said louder than she had planned too)

Shane: So we can change that; I can put in a good word for you with the bus company.

Mercedes: Did you truly just say that out loud! Oh hell to the no! This just proves that you don't know me at all. I've worked too hard to become a good singer to give it up to be what? A bus driver?!

Shane: What's wrong with being a bus driver? You too good for it?!

Mercedes: Nothing is wrong with it for you but just not for me!

Shane: So you are not just breaking up with me, but you are insulting me, and how I make my living?

Mercedes: That is not what I am saying. What I am saying; is that it is over. Now if you are hearing anything from this conversation other than that; you only need to leave my apartment to stop hearing it. Good-bye Shane!

Shane picked up his coat and walked out slamming the door behind him. It made the room shake so much that a small picture frame sitting on her bookshelf fell on to the floor and broke; it was a picture of her and Sam.

Mercedes locked the door cleaned up the mess and turned off the lights. She was visibility shaken, she did not expect this discussion to be that difficult, and so she thinks to herself.

Mercy: (Thinking) Obviously, this romance stuff is just not for me. She said as she headed to her bedroom to get ready for bed.

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