After the Storm?

Chapter 11

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After the Storm?

Chapter 11

Sam called Mercedes and told her about the phone message in her room; without divulging its actual contents. He then told her to contact Joe & Chloe and have them meet her at his place. She could check any letter on his desk to give them the address. He would be making a stop before joining her but he was sending the police there right now to be with her.

Mercedes understood what needed to be done and so she contacted Joe & Chloe and they said they would meet her at Sam's.

Sam told the police that they should speak to the manager Mr. Figgins downstairs and then he gave them the address to his home. Once that was done; Sam started to make some calls on his cell phone.

The first was to his publisher Craig and he told him if he wanted to meet up about the book cover and the model then get her there a.s.a.p. or otherwise he would be out of town indefinitely.

Then, he called his mother telling her to expect guests at the house for about a week maybe more.

The next call was to his sister Stacey telling her that he would be going to the ranch so she should come too.

Stevie received a similar phone call stating the same thing.

Lastly, Sam made a call to Mercedes mother and father.


Sam walks into his publisher Craig's office within forty minutes of his phone call.

Craig: Hey Sam, What's the rush man. I didn't see any travel plans on your itinerary this month.

Sam: I have some personal business to attend to. You can reach me by my cell if you need me.

Sam gave his approval for the cover art and then sat waiting for the model to show up. Craig took this time to tell Sam some good news.

Craig: Sam I received a call from Hollywood today and they want to option "The Realm Within"; we are talking movie rights here Sam this is the big leagues. The option will be for 5 years.

Sam: That's great news!

Craig: Want some more great news if you pick this model she does some acting too and she will have first pick at reading for the part due brand loyalty. People like to have a personal from book cover, to movie, to TV. show; continuity is key.

Sam: If she fits the part and can truly act I will have no problem with that.

Sam kept checking his watch he didn't want this to drag out he had other things he needed to attend to.

Sam: I am going to leave.

Just then Craig's secretary buzzed in- she's arrived Mr. Bryant.

Craig: Just a minute Sam she's here.

Craig: Sam, please meet Catherine Jessica White.

Sam takes one look and immediately becomes angry.

Ceejay: Hello Sam.

Sam: (Speaking to Craig) The answer is NO!

Craig: But…

Ceejay: Are you not going to hear me out?

Craig: Do you two know each other?

Sam: Yes, I do know her and she is racist and will never represent me or any of my book franchises. I'm leaving. We'll deal with this matter when I get back.

Sam makes a swift and curt exit and slams the door behind him; he then heads back to his home.


Chloe and Joe arrive to meet Mercedes at Sam's apartment; still not understanding why they are there, with her concert only a few hours away. Chloe walks in talking on her cell phone.

Chloe: Yes, Yes, that's right have it up and running no later than 6pm. (She hangs up the phone) That's what we were missing a smoke machine but not anymore. The smoke machine and the lights it will be very classy. Mercy seriously you are still rockin those clothes; this Sam guy must be putting a hurtin on you these last few days; he won't even let you leave to change clothes- sexy! I ain't mad! But we have to get out of here we have got hair and makeup and we have to sneak you into the venue well before the ticketholders arrive. We cannot have them see you walk in that will ruin everything.

Mercy: Chloe we can't leave yet.

Chloe: Why?

Mercy: Because the police are on their way over right now and…

Chloe: What?

Mercy: You don't know this but I have received a threatening note at the hotel, as well as a message to my phone in my room.

Joe: Are you serious? How could that have happened? No one was supposed to even know that you were in town.

All of a sudden the room started to close in on Chloe. She felt her palms get sweaty and her pulse started to race.

The door bell rang.

Mercedes: I'll get it.

Chloe started pacing back and forth mumbling to herself.

Chloe: No, no, no, no.

At this point the room started to spin and when Mercedes brought the police into the living room.

Joe: Chloe? Are you okay?

Chloe passes out.

A few minutes later Chloe awoke to find Joe giving her a sip of cold water and Mercedes putting a cool compress on her head.

Police officer: Ms. Chambers? Can you hear me? Ms. Chambers?

Chloe jumped back immediately and pushed herself further into the corner of the sofa.

Police officer: Ms. Chambers do you require medical attention?

Chloe: No I am fine. Really I am fine; just not running on a lot of sleep these days, business you know.

Police officer: I just need to ask all of you a few questions. How long ago did these threats start targeting Ms. Jones and why did no one do anything about it until this gentleman Sam Evans step into the picture.

Joe: It has been about 6 months but we are in an industry that these types of things happen all the time we really did not let it affect us. Ignorant people are everywhere you know.

Police officer: Dangerous people are everywhere too. Now Ms. Chambers surely you could understand that you were putting your client in danger by not seeking adequate protection?

Chloe: Mercedes is fine. We cannot allow people like these to change our habits, and routines either, or else that would be more dangerous. People would be using us as their puppets and we are not going to allow that. (Chloe was rubbing her sweaty palms together). Sir, I am sorry but we cannot stay. We have an engagement tonight that we are already committed to; we cannot break our commitment.

Police officer: Well, we are going to have some of our people there in uniform and plain clothes just to make sure things are going all right.

Sam enters the apartment carrying Mercedes luggage.

Sam: I think that would be a wonderful idea. I will expect to see you there.


Mercedes and Sam sat in her dressing room waiting for her appearance she was to sing one song with Eric Bellinger and one on her own. They could hear the crowd and the music thumping through the walls. Sam could not take his eyes of Mercy, he thought that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen & she was strong too; all this time she had been performing with all this going on around her. She was wearing long flowing gold gown with points of white sheer lace flowing down from the bodice. Sam could not help but think how that dress would look so much better on the floor of this dressing room, but then there was a knock on the door.

Stage manager: Three minutes Ms. Jones!

Mercedes said a little prayer and then kissed Sam and told him to wait in the wings.

Mercedes: It would be nice to see you at my show rather than just hear that you were there. She said.

They walked to the Stage and out she went. The crowd went wild and the music started to play. She sang her first song with Eric and that went just fine. She walked into the wings and hugged and kissed Sam. Then Eric left the stage and she came back up to do her "Any other fool" number that brought Sam and her back together again. Sam then saw the smoke machine start to spray smoke across the stage and the flashing lights were moving from side to side; once she sang her last note the smoke machine let out the biggest plume of smoke for the night and the lights went out.

Then a shot rang out.

Sam: (Screamed) MERCY!

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