After the Storm?

Chapter 12

After the Storm?

Chapter 12

Television Reporter # 1: "Good evening this is Terry Saunders of WTLW News we interrupt this program to bring you breaking news there has been shots fired this evening during a musical performance at the Starstruck Lounge." "Reports are still coming in as we turn to our reporter on the street Cheryl Richards." "What do you see going on Cheryl?"

Cheryl Richards: "Thank you Terry, Good evening everyone, whether anyone has been hurt is still yet to be determined; as for now it has been reported by bystanders on the street, and by their cell phone videos that there is pandemonium; the venue also seems to be filled with smoke, we are not sure if that was a part of the performance or if a small fire has broken out." "We are also getting reports of darkness and possible electrical issues."

Television Reporter #1: "Cheryl, do you believe that the fire may have been cause by the electrical issues?"

Cheryl Richards: "It is hard to tell." "What I can tell you is that people have been trying to run out of the venue with very little disregard for anyone else's safety." "Wait." "We are getting reports of ambulances approaching the venue – what?" "Yes, they are helping some people who have been trampled on the way out; but what we are waiting to hear is if anyone has actually been struck by a bullet or not." "I will continue to find out information and give you a complete update at the top of the hour."

Television Reporter #1: "Again, this is Terry Saunders of WTLW News we will return you to your regularly scheduled program and we will bring you the latest developments at 11pm" "Again, there has been shots fired at the Starstruck Lounge during a musical performance this evening- more news coming up at eleven."


Sam rushed out onto the stage as best he could; the room was completely dark and all he heard was screaming and the thunderous sounds of people rushing and pushing over tables trying to escape.

Sam: MERCY! (He screamed, he also started coughing from all of the manufactured smoke that was now left unattended filling the room) MERCY!

Mercy: Sam? Sam? SAM?


Before she could answer shots were fired again.

Both screamed

Mercy: SAM!


More screaming came from the venue and then there was moaning coming from the stage.

Sam: (Cough, Cough) MERCY! STAY DOWN! I AM COMING FOR YOU! (Cough, Cough).

Sam begins crawling along the ground on the stage, he can hear Mercedes crying and he can also hear moaning in the distance. Sam is now crazed with worry at this point. He keeps moving across the floor while reaching out his hand to find her.

Sam: Mercy? (He whispers) Can you hear me? Don't cry I am coming for you.

Mercedes cannot help the flood of tears that are now pouring down her face. Why is this happening to her? (She is thinking). What have I done so bad to deserve something like this? And poor Sam, how could she have invited him back into her life when this is what she has to offer him danger and turmoil?

Mercedes: (Praying) Oh dear God let him be all right. I will never forgive myself if he is hurt because of me. I am so sorry I should never have been this selfish, as to desire to have him back when I knew I could be putting the man I love at risk. Who does that? Please forgive me God. (Mercy continues to cry)

Suddenly, Mercedes feels someone grab her ankle. The screaming has died down and she assumed that was because most of the people made it outside. She tried to open her eyes and all she could see was a small light at the far right of the building it was an exit. She started to speak but before she could.

Sam: Mercy is that you?

Mercy: Yes,

Sam: I have you.

He said as he quickly crawled up and onto her body. He hugged and kissed her and then quickly asked.

Sam: Are you okay? Mercy? Are you hurt?

Mercy: (She started sobbing uncontrollably) No! Sam are you?

Sam: No! No! I'm fine.

A call came from deeper behind the stage.

Joe: Sam get her out of here!

Mercedes screamed.


Joe: I'm fine but we have got to get out of here.

Sam grabbed Mercy and helped her up as the air started to dissipate from the smoke; you could hear a police radio in the distance.

Police radio: Report to rear of stage! Officer down! Officer down!

Sam quickly took Mercedes and ran toward the open door in the back of the building with Joe following quickly behind them. Once outside they were engulfed by the crowd of people who were also trying to push themselves to safety. The shuffle and struggle to keep together was almost unbearable; especially due to the lack of oxygen they had just encountered and the blinding of the lights from the ambulances and streetlights outside.

Suddenly Mercedes was almost knocked off her feet when she turned to see who it was; Sam had already started to yell.


As Mercy turned around she looked right into the eyes of Shane.


Sam: Do you know this guy?

He said as he led her to a street corner.

Shane never spoke he just stared at her and then turned and walked away.

Mercedes did not know what to do. Why was he here? (She thought)

Sam: Mercy? Did you know that guy?

Mercy: Yes, he is from L.A. but I have no idea why he would be here.

Sam immediately told Joe to walk Mercy to one of the ambulances while he was going to follow this guy to see where he was going.

Mercy: Sam no don't!

Sam: Mercy it will be fine don't worry. Joe please! I will be right there, make sure she gets checked out.

Sam then races through the crowd to try to find the man who had just bumped into Mercy. Before long he spots him moving through the crowd and he was heading further toward downtown. Sam tried to flag down a police officer to help point him out, but right before he could get his attention another person stepped in front of him; it was Ceejay.

Sam: What are you doing here?

Ceejay: I have been following you all afternoon.

Sam: What?

Ceejay: I did not think it was fair the way that you treated me today and I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you about it. But then I saw you with HER! You still haven't changed one bit! Tell me how you found a way to meet that ni**erette and have her actually leave your home! Have you truly sunk so low in my absence? She must think she has it all now; but it can be taken away from her as quickly as she's gotten it. I can make sure of that!


Then it came to him, wait "taken away"? Would she actually harm Mercedes?

Sam: Hey officer! Come over here right now! (Sam said as he grabbed her arm)

Ceejay: What are you doing?

Police officer: Yes, Mr. Evans!

Sam: I think you need to question this woman she has had a problem with Ms. Jones for years; she is a racist, jealous and she just threatened her; right in my presence.

Police officer: Miss, I think we need to have a word.

Ceejay: No, I don't have to come anywhere with you! She said struggling to get out of Sam's grasp. She then pulled with all her might and dropped her purse on the ground and a gun fell out of it.

The police officer grabbed his handcuffs and handcuffed her immediately. He then used his handkerchief to pick up the gun and place it in an evidence bag.

Ceejay: Sam! Are you serious! Are you really going to keep her and let them take me!

What is wrong with you, she does not deserve this! Any of it! These things belong to us! Together! We could have had all of it! She can't be the heroine of your books or movies!

She said as the police officer was calling in for back-up.

Sam: Ceejay, Mercedes can be whatever she wants to be! You are wrong! She has always been the heroine of my books because she was always the heroine of my heart!

With that the police officer escorted Ceejay away and took her to the police station.

Sam went running back to the ambulances and started looking in each one to find Mercedes. After going to three of them he finally found her and Joe; Sam then jumped in.

Sam: Joe how is she?

Joe: Don't worry, we are fine. I am going to go try to find Chloe though.

Sam: Okay!

Mercy: Sam let them make sure that you are okay too! Are you sure you're okay?

Sam: I am even better than you think. We have found the person behind the threats and tonight's shooting and the police took them into custody.

Mercy: Really? Was it Shane?

She said; devastated by the thought that it could have come to that.

Sam: No, it was Ceejay.

Mercedes: Ceejay? Your ex-girlfriend?!

Sam: Yeah, wait? How did you know that?

Mercedes felt herself getting dizzy, lightheaded and pissed all at the same time.

Mercy: I saw a picture where you were together on Facebook years ago.

Sam: What picture?

Mercy: You were camping with her in the woods with a bunch of people.

Sam: That picture is fake; it must have been photo shopped all to hell because I have never, ever been camping with Ceejay. We barely dated for two months before I couldn't stand to be around her anymore.

Mercy: Yeah, but she was pretty. (Mercedes said sheepishly)

Sam: No she wasn't she was ugly as hell. If I weren't depressed all the time my roommate would not have even tried to fix me up.

Mercy: Depressed over what?

Sam: Loosing you of course! What else!

Mercy: So you really did not choose her?

Sam: The only person I have ever chosen was you! Quinn was hormones of a teenage boy and Santana was pay back; you were the only true relationship that I had in high school everything else is just a blur of stupidity. Don't you get it yet that you are the only person that really matters to me besides my family?

Mercy: I think I am starting to get it.

Sam: Really, a picture of us camping? That should show you how truly delusional she really was? But I am sorry that I brought her into your life like this.

Mercy: What do you mean?

Sam: She hated you because she knew even then that I loved you. I would have all your magazine articles and every photo shoot and she got jealous. Not to mention I found out she was a full on racist and I kicked her to the curb as soon as I found out. Had I known that beforehand I would not have even said hello.

At that Joe returned with Chloe. Sam told them that the woman who had been responsible for the threats and the gunfire had been caught. Chloe was thrilled to hear it and Joe hugged Mercedes.

Chloe: Would anyone like a drink to celebrate?

Joe: I think I will take you up on that Chlo.

Mercedes looked at Sam and he knew instantly what her answer was.

Sam: I think we are just going to go home now and rest up. Chloe I need to ask a favor of you, and you too Joe.

Chloe: What is it?

Sam: I would like it very much if you would cancel Mercedes Atlanta trip. I would like to take her home with me to Nashville for awhile. I really think she could use some R&R.

Joe looked at Chloe and gave her a death stare.

Chloe: Fine, take as much time as you need. Joe and I can look into some more acts for the label. Isn't that right? Joe.

Joe: Yes, Chloe.

Sam then allowed the EMT's check him out and once he got a clean bill of health he was allowed to leave. He then took Mercedes back home and kept her close to him all night long.

Authors' note: Most of you guys already had an idea of who did it! But thank you for taking this journey anyway. Next Samcedes and their families!

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