After the Storm?

Chapter 15

Author's notes: Hi, everyone this is a long chapter but it is the last one; so please be forgiving. Thank you all for continuing with me to the end it meant everything to me and if you read my notes on the bottom you will know why. Please forgive any mistakes. I've been staring at this for a while. This chapter is for rated M for Mature.

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After the Storm?

Chapter 15

Sam: Chloe never mentioned anything about receiving threatening phone calls herself.

P.O. Johnson: No sir, she hasn't we believe she was behind it or at least involved.

Sam's anger rose in him like lava through a volcano.

Sam: Officer Johnson, I need you to please call Joe; and tell him everything that you have told me. Then request him to call Chloe and have her meet him somewhere; when she arrives, be there to pick her up and take her into custody. Ms. Jones and I are about to get married today and I am not letting anything ruin that! Please keep her there and get to the bottom of this because I want to keep my wife safe.

P.O. Johnson: We will take care of it Mr. Evans; we just wanted to keep you abreast of the situation.

Sam: Thank you Officer. (Sam hung up the phone)

Sam then asked Stevie to give him a minute in the room alone.

Sam paced back and forth, he was thinking but most of all he was praying.

Sam: Lord, Jesus. (He thought) How could someone so harmful be so close to my Mercy for that long! Keep me from killing her Lord! I thank you for revealing this thing before she really harmed her; but what am I going to do? How am I going to tell her that the person she believed to have helped her dream come true; was the same one who was threatening her too! And why? Why would Chloe do that? I know she was weird and seemingly a drunk but what is this truly all about? Will you ever really let us know? Help the police to get to the bottom of this please. I just got Mercy back and I can't lose her now; because this Chloe woman is dangerous. Please give me the words to say to Mercy and the right timing too. I don't want this to ruin our wedding day or our honeymoon; and I know you know what I mean; in Jesus name, Amen.

Then Sam spoke to himself out loud.

Sam: Calm down Evans, keep it together, be happy because in fifteen minutes you are

going to go out there and marry the woman you love!


Eight Months Ago

Mercedes: Oh, I wish Sam was here; he loved it when we sang karaoke at breadsticks he would love this place.

Chloe: Sam? Really? Again? He is all you ever talk about! (Chloe said while drinking Sex on the Beach).

Mercedes: What can I say, I miss him so much Chloe. He was so handsome, good looking, oh hell he was sexy wasn't he! The kind of sexy you are too afraid to think about in high school for fear that you will let your guard down and wind up pregnant and become an ABC afterschool special or a reality show about teenage moms. But he was sexy as hell! (Mercedes confessed over her Strawberry Daiquiri)

Chloe goes up to perform and sings "The sun will come out tomorrow". Her voice is horse and she is off key. She receives heckling comments from the people who are in the place. She returns to sit with Mercedes.

Mercedes now fully buzzed from her third drink tries to comfort Chloe.

Mercedes: Don't worry Chloe that is why you handle the business end of things not everyone was born to be a singer.

Mercedes did not know that her comment did not have the desired effect of comfort on

Chloe that she had hoped; instead Chloe began to despise her.


Seven and A Half Months Ago

Richard: Chloe, I cannot make myself any clearer. You are not using the best practices when it comes to your business; financially you are living too close to the edge.

Chloe: What are you talking about we make a lot of money?

Richard: Mercedes and Joe have a lot of money because they are not hemorrhaging money the way you are. You all share the receipts you receive from sales and tour dates; but you are the only one shelling out the money for production costs and marketing, that is all on you; and as your accountant, all I am telling you is that; that is a lot of money. I also have on the books, all the money that you spend in bars almost every night Chloe, now far be it from me to tell you how to live your life, but it is an excessive habit. Not to mention the reoccurring charges to that rehabilitation center that you keep paying month after month. Let me just say that you better keep Mercedes and Joe happy or else you could be ruined financially.


Seven Months Ago

Joe: Are you really starting to be that unhappy Mercedes?

Mercedes: I think I am just that lonely Joe. He is all I can think about; when we were in school we wanted these dreams for each other, and now that we both have them for me – it feels so empty without sharing it with Sam.

Joe: Mercy, you know I love you and only want to see you happy. If you know this is not the kind of life that you want to live anymore without Sam; you should know that you don't have to worry about me standing in your way. We have had a good run, remember I love what I do famous or not. Go, make yourself happy and try to find him. You have my blessing.

Joe and Mercedes hugged each other not realizing that Chloe was nearby hearing the entire conversation.

Chloe: Not the right answers Joe. (She whispers to herself)

She then goes to her hotel room and calls her mother.

Chloe: Norma, I have something I need you to start doing for me; as Ralph used to say my people are starting to get out of line and I need a way for them to get back in straight.

Norma: What do you want me to do? But you know it is going to cost you.

Chloe: Did I doubt mom? While you have all that time in that place, I want you to start making some threatening letters for Mercedes. First I'll get them to Joe; maybe it will spark a protective vibe to keep her close to him. She is talking about leaving mom and I can't have that. We can't afford that if you know what I mean.

Norma: I want a hundred dollars a letter, but understand, I can make a lot of letters.

Chloe: I'll need a lot of letters Mom! But I understand completely.

Norma: Wow, Chloe you might become a successful business person after all! I'm in.


Six Months Ago

Chloe: What's wrong with you?

Chloe said as she walked into Mercedes hotel room in Vegas.

Mercedes: I just finished reading Sam's book and it was simply beautiful Chloe. He's a published author now. I miss him so much that I can't stand it; and reading his work makes me feel close to him, and yet miss him even more.

Chloe: Sam again?

Mercedes: I am going to find away of getting in touch with him.

Chloe: Hasn't it been like ten years or something? What makes you think he would want to talk to you? Didn't you stop talking to him?

Mercedes: I know but Chloe, I just… am not the best possible me that I can be without him. Do you know that Shane wanted me to give up singing to be with him; but I could never do it; but for Sam, you know I would give it all up in a heartbeat; I have to find a way to contact him.

Chloe: Why don't you hold off on that for just a minute; I can try to track down who is literary agent is, and contact them for you – you know, agent to agent, it won't seem so weird then. This way if he doesn't want to hear from you, you won't be embarrassing yourself, because he would have not spoken to you directly.

Mercedes: Okay, thank you for understanding Chloe!

Chloe: No problem. Now meet Joe and me in the conference room in ten minutes to discuss the next show.


Two months ago.

Mercedes stands outside the conference room hearing Joe and Chloe talking.

Joe: Chloe these threatening notes are coming more and more I really think that we should get someone involved.

Chloe: I will take care of it Joe, but you are here you care about Mercedes right?

Joe: Of course, than you can keep her close to you and keep her safe.

Chloe: Remember, this is part of the business; there is no need to let a few letters throw a whole career away. I thought you guys were professionals.

Joe: We are professionals! But I don't want Mercedes harmed!

Chloe: I know this business and everything will be fine.

Mercedes enters the room.

Mercedes: Don't worry Joe, if Chloe says that hate mail is a part of the business she should know; and don't worry Chloe, Joe and I are professionals. The show must go on; and besides Joe, I trust Chloe she will take care of us.

Chloe: That's my girl, and my guy. You guys just keep performing and I'll take care of everything else.

(And that, Chloe thought, is how to have a successful business!)


Sam entered the garden to get married to the love of his life Mercedes Jones. His brother Stevie entered with him and took his place standing beside him as his best man.

The wedding march, which was "Saving the best for Last" by Vanessa Williams, began to play.

Sometimes the snow comes down in June

Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon

I see the passion in your eyes

Sometimes it's all a big surprise

'Cause there was a time when all I did was wish

You'd tell me this was love

It's not the way I hoped or how I planned

But somehow it's enough

And now we're standing face to face

Isn't this world a crazy place?

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last

All of the nights you came to me

When some silly girl had set you free

You wondered how you'd make it through

I wondered what was wrong with you

'Cause how could you give your love to someone else

And share your dreams with me?

Sometimes the very thing you're looking for is the one thing you can't see

But now we're standing face to face

Isn't this world a crazy place?

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last La la la la la la la

Sometimes the very thing you're looking for is the one thing you can't see

Sometimes the snow comes down in June

Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon

Just when I thought our chance had passed

You go and save the best for last

You went and saved the best for last

Yeah ehh ehh

Sam and Stevie watched as Stevie's daughter Cindy holding a basket while wearing a royal blue dress with white piping walked down one of the pathways lined with trees dropping rose petals as she walked from the white basket that she held; as she walked down the pathway she had accomplished about 2/3rds of the way when she ran out of petals she shook the basket upside down and continued to walk the pathway to the altar.

Next to walk down the pathway was Stacey she also was wearing a royal blue dress with a little white train, while holding a bouquet of white flowers, she walked and took her position as the maid of honor.

Then Mercedes had appeared on the path with her father. Sam thought that she was breathtaking. She was wearing a white wedding gown with a halter strap that connected to a snug bodice that had tapered at her waist and clung to her hips in an exquisite fashion; and she held a blue a white bouquet. Sam knew he had just died and gone to heaven. Mercedes and her father William walked down the path until they were there standing at the altar and she was face to face with Sam Evans!

Mercedes Jones could not believe how blessed she was at this very moment; they stood there with each other until the song ended looking into each other's eyes.

The minister then welcomed everyone to the wedding of Samuel Evans and Mercedes Jones.

He asked them to exchange rings; Sam and Mercedes wore the rings that his grandparents wore for their wedding, they had been married for fifty years before they died, so he believed with all his heart that they would be the best rings for them to wear too, for luck.

The minister then spoke about the sanctity of marriage and the trust that must be maintained. He spoke of devotion and caring, kindness and consideration, he spoke about the joys and the pains and even the pleasures of the marriage bed; once he spoke of children and family, sickness and health and even death and despair. He asked them if they were freely willing to engage in these acts of life, with each other by their side to which they both answered:

Sam: I do!

Mercedes: I do!

The minister then said:

Minister: Who gives this woman to be married to this man?

William: I do.

He spoke and then shook Sam's hand and kissed Mercedes on the cheek and sat down with his own wife who was in tears.

Sam's mother was also crying and yet she and her husband where still grinning from ear to ear. They had never been so happy for Sam and there was nothing like seeing his dream finally coming true after all these years.

That is when the Minister said.

Minister: I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may now kiss your bride.

With that Mercedes lifted her arms around Sam's neck as he pulled her to him by wrapping his hands around her waist and kissed her.

He kissed her for the prom and having him go when he didn't think he could.

He kissed with the force that he wanted too at the airport when she left for L.A.

He kissed with the desire that he had the moment he saw her again in Stevie's bar.

He kissed her with the hope he had after her singing that song that brought them back together.

He kissed her with the gratitude of finding out that he had not lost her in that shooting.

And now …

He was kissing her with the passion of a man who had been waiting for so long to share the fullest extent of his love.

As the family members cried and cheered and congratulated them the realized they needed to stop kissing now and address their family.

They all walked over to the tent which was erected over the paving stones and called for the husband and wife's first dance.

All: Dance! Dance! Dance! The all shouted.

So William put on their wedding song "I am lost without you by BB and CC Winans" and they began to dance.

Day by day a normal reaction

You are my central attraction

Every beat my heart beats is your song

From hurt and harm you're my protection

The path I take is your direction

'Cause I know with you I can't go wrong

Ever since that day

I asked you into my heart

My world has changed

So promise me you'll never part

'Cause I'm lost without you, easy to see

I'm lost without you and there's no letting go.

So let me be the first to say, I'm lost without you

So, don't ever go, go away

Say, don't ever go away

You pick me up those times I'm down

You make me laugh when there's no clown

No one else can love me like you do

Heaven knows that I'll proclaim

The love I feel when I hear your name

There's no substitution quite the same

Now some say I'm crazy

And I'm acting insane

But there's no life without you

So I'll stake my claim


I'm lost without you, it's easy to see

I'm lost without you, so I just keep holding on

So let me be the first to say, I'm lost without you

So don't ever go, don't ever go, go away

Go away

Can you tell me about love?

Love is sweet and love is kind

Love will bring you peace of mind

And how do you know?

Well, I'll tell you so, he won't ever go

Oh no, he won't ever

Now that's what I love about it

That's what I love about it oh yeah

'Cause it won't ever go away no

He won't ever go away.

After the cheering and the celebration of dancing and laughing the whole evening through; Sam decided he needed to talk to Mercedes.

Sam: Sweetheart, come go with me for a walk.

He said and they started to take a stroll down one of the pathways through the trees.

Sam looked at her in the early moonlight and could not help but just to start beaming he was so happy that everything had finally worked out between them; no matter what happened between them it was all worthwhile; He thought. As long as they made it here to this point.

Sam: Mercy. (He said)

Mercy: Yes.

Sam: There is something I have to tell you and I do not know how you are going to take it, but you know I love you and only have the best in mind for you – so I have to be honest and let you know.

Mercy started to feel unsettled.

Mercy: What is it Sam? You're making me nervous, right now.

Sam: I spoke to one of the police officer's before the ceremony; and he told me that Ceejay confessed to some of the things that were happening to you; but not to all of them.

Mercy: What does that mean?

Sam: That means that she admitted to the note in the hotel and the shooting; but not to the phone call or the letters before that.

Mercy: Well, you know her do you believe it to be true?

Sam: Don't say that I know her Mercy, it hurts me to even thing that; but I will say the police have found some evidence that make me believe that what she is saying was true.

Mercy: What kind of evidence?

Sam: The phone call to your room the officer's back traced it and they found that the same number called Chloe's phone as well.

Mercy: Why didn't Chloe tell me she was getting threatening phone calls too?

Sam: The police do not believe that she did. They think that she is involved, that she could be threatening you herself. Are you hearing what I am saying to you?

Mercedes just went numb for a moment. She didn't understand.

Sam: Do you know of any reason she would do such a thing? Did you guys have a fight or something?

Mercy: No, I don't remember anything like that? Sam do you think it could be true that I have been foolish enough all this time to trust someone that I shouldn't have?

Sam: That has nothing to do with you being foolish; it has to do with them being deceitful; they let you believe that they were someone who could be trusted even though it was not true. Don't ever blame yourself for this; she misrepresented herself to you.

Mercy: Does Joe know?

Sam: I think by now he does; I asked the police to ask him to help get her into custody, by now the police should have her locked up. Now we can just leave for our honeymoon or we can go back to Lima and find out what happened but it is completely up to you. I am with you no matter what.

Mercy: Can we go back to Lima? Not for long but I just really need to know why.

Sam: That's fine. We'll change our clothes and head back. I love you with all my heart Mercy and we will continue to get through this together okay?

Mercy: Okay, Sam.

They walked back to the party told them they had to leave and changed clothes and said

their goodbyes. Sara and Shaun kept calling Mercedes daughter-in-law and Karen and

William threw in a few good Son-in-laws to Sam for good measure too.

Then Sam and Mercedes drove back to Lima.

It was one of the hottest days in Lima history.


Once Chloe had been picked up by the police she did not know what to do; she was

experiencing the biggest panic attack she had ever had. Of all the things that Ralph told

her to do; he never told her what to do if the police had actually gotten involved; all she

knew was that they meant to hurt her.

Mercedes, Sam and Joe were brought into the room when they brought Chloe in from

lock- up and began to question her actions in the case of Ms. Jones.

P.O. Johnson: Why would you have your mother make threatening phone calls to Ms. Jones? You might as well tell us the truth; the police over there have already questioned your mother and she gave you up rather easily. She said you paid her to do it.

Chloe: If you know that I paid her to do it then why are you asking me any questions?

Mercedes spoke up.

Mercedes: Why did you do this Chloe I thought we were friends?

Chloe: Oh, save it! She shouted! If we were friends you wouldn't have been trying to bounce and find this guy Sam again. We were conducting business and you were about to renege! I heard you and Joe talking.

Joe: That is when I started to see the letters arriving after we spoke about whether it would be okay if you gave up music to be with Sam.

Sam: You were going to give up your career to come to me? (He asked Mercedes)

Mercedes: It was not the same if you were not there to share it with me.

Sam: You know I would never ask that of you. Your music is part of who you are!

Mercedes: But like our wedding song said; I was lost without you.

Chloe: YOU TOO ARE MARRIED NOW! (She screamed)

Sam: That's right you are talking to Mercedes Evans now and you are lucky that you are here in this police station, because the way I feel about you and what you've done to her, only the police presence in this place is preventing me from hurting you.

Joe: I am sorry I had to miss the ceremony guys. But as you can see my wedding gift to you is sitting their in handcuffs.

Sam & Mercedes: Thank you! We'll accept it gladly. (They said together)

Chloe: You shouldn't have insulted me about my singing. I was born to sing but it was taken away from me. Why should you get to keep it and not me; singing was my dream too! Why do you get to do it and not me! I hate you! I hate that you were living my dream night after night! You needed to be kept in line! You thought that you were better than me! YOU NEEDED TO BE KEPT IN LINE! She screamed.

P.O. Johnson: Alright, I have heard enough. Take her away to central booking. Joe, Mr. & Mrs. Evans you are free to leave. We will take your signed statements and give them to the district attorney office. Thank you for coming down.

As Sam, Mercedes and Joe left the station and stepped out into the heat, Mercedes

stopped to talk to Joe while Sam excused himself to make a phone call.

Mercedes: Well, this has been some ride, huh?

Joe: Show business is a strange place, but like I told you before they only want you when they do. She obviously had some other issues going on that we may never understand.

Mercedes: I know. What are you going to do now?

Joe: I'm heading back to L.A. and see if I can scare up a professional, music loving band. (He laughed) How about you?

Mercedes: I am going on my honeymoon.

Joe: Well, I suppose you deserve that one. Good luck to you Mercedes. It's been great knowing and working with you.

Mercedes: You too Joe.

Sam interjected.

Sam: Don't talk like it is over yet guys. My book is going to be turned into a movie and I am going to need someone to work on the musical score. We will be in L.A. again before you know it. So don't be too far away.

Joe: You know you can count on me; and take good care of her Sam, she is a great lady.

Sam: Don't you know that I know?

With that Joe gave Mercedes a big hug and shook Sam's hand and headed off to get his

things from the hotel and head back on a plane to L.A.

Sam: I have some place that I would like to show you, Sam said.

Mercy: Okay let's go.


Sam and Mercy got into his Mercedes Benz Coupe and drove for about one hour; the city

Was a distant memory left far behind them and in the distance you could see a partially

built home in the distance.

Once Sam drove to the place it was beautiful, the outside was completely finished it had a

pool and it was built on a mountain top jettison out of a cliff. You could see for miles in

any direction, from where it stood and he showed her the inside. A few rooms where

complete but not everyone.

It was also hot. The day had been a scorcher in Lima and she had wished she could have

gone swimming in that pool just to wash the heat, the sweat and the Chloe off of her.

It was almost 5pm and the sun was out; but clouds were quickly setting in.

Then Sam took her to the most beautiful in-house courtyard she had ever seen from what

she could make out. It was set up with pillars and it had a sunken pool and a glass

ceiling; but she could see something else in the distance there were candles set up along

the edges of the pool. And there was fruit and Champagne at a little table set up on the

side; she noticed as she walked into fully and there was also a four postered bed with

netting which draped to the floor. His mp3 player was docked and music came flooding

through the speakers right now "Overjoyed" was playing by Stevie Wonder in the


It was gorgeous, they sat and ate and drank a toast.

Stevie Wonder:

Over time, I've been building my castle of love; just for two,

Though you never knew you were my reason

I've gone much too far, for you now to say

That I've got to throw my castle away

Over dreams, I have picked out a perfect 'come true'

Though you never knew it was of you I've been dreaming

The sandman has come from too far away

For you to say, "Come back some other day"

And though you don't believe that they do

They do come true, for did my dreams

Come true when I looked at you

And maybe too, if you would believe

You too might be overjoyed, over loved, over me

Over hearts, I have painfully turned every stone

Just to find, I had found what I've searched to discover

I've come much too far for me now to find

The love that I've sought can never be mineAnd though you don't believe that they do

They do come true, for did my dreams

Come true when I looked at you

And maybe too, if you would believe

You too might be overjoyed, over loved, over me

And though the odds say improbable

What do they know for in romance

All true love needs is a chance

And maybe with a chance you will find

You too like I'm, overjoyed, over loved, over youOver you

Sam: This is for my beautiful bride; who has made me the happiest man on the planet. He said.

They tapped their glasses together and drank.

Mercedes: Sam this place is wonderful.

Sam: Well it is ours. I even started building a music studio off the side entrance?

Mercedes: When did you start to do that?

Sam: A month ago.

Mercedes: Why?

Sam: I was making it for you.

Mercedes: Sam, we have been back together less than a week!

Sam: I know, but if you weren't going to come to me; I was going to come to you.

Mercedes: Oh, I forgot to give you my list, but I have it here with me.

Sam: Let me see it, thanks to the option I can add anything you like.

Mercedes hands him a piece of paper; on the outside it said a list of what I must have to

make a home my dream house.

Sam opens the paper and reads its contents.

Samuel Evans.

And that is all it said.

Rain began to fall hard on the glass ceiling, thunder rolled through and lightning started

to streak across the sky. The harder the rain fell the hotter it became and then Sam asked

her to dance.

As they slowly danced to the music and the storm got even stronger the mist that was

created as the hard rain struck the ground formed a mist at the base of the windows.

Sam began kissing Mercedes. He slid his arm down to the small of her back with his

right hand and started caressing her hip with his other. The thunder rumbled through the

structure as she started to reach and unbutton his shirt. Their kisses were never


The music changed on the player and then "In the Heat of Heat" by Patti Austin started to

play in the background.

In the heat of heat

The heat is so hot

My body takes control

In the heat of heat

The heat gets so hot

My passion overloads

Mercedes starts unbuttoning Sam's shirt.

A lonely room until you walked in

Too positive to ignore

This sensual curiosity

Affecting me like no other has before

Sam starts to pull down the zipper of her dress.

I see your face and chills run up and down my legs

I hear your voice, my passion's pumpin' through my veins

I feel your touch, the heat is driving me insane

I lose control, I think I wanna love you

And I don't think I'll ever stop

No, I don't

Sam grasps the straps of dress and pulls them down.

In the heat of heat

The heat is so hot

My body takes control

In the heat of heat

The heat gets so hot

My passion overloads

Mercedes starts to unbuckle his belt feverishly.

You're touching me with hands of fire

Just comes naturally

I'm not easily hot, you just hit the spot

Nothing to prove, I know you've got a lot

I see your face and chills run up and down my legs

I hear your voice, my passion's pumpin' through my veins

I feel your touch, the heat is driving me insane

I give in, I think I wanna love you

And I don't think I'll ever stop

No, I don't

Sam steps out of his pants and lifts her to the bed.

In the heat of heat

The heat is so hot

My body takes control

In the heat of heat

The heat gets so hot

My passion overloads (My passion overloads)

In the heat of heat

The heat is so hot

My body takes control

In the heat of heat

The heat gets so hot

My passion overloads (Oh oh oh)

Sam places Mercedes on her stomach on the bed.

And I don't think I'll ever stop

No, I don't

Is it love (In the heat of heat) {Heat of Heat}

Or is it lust (In the heat of heat) {Heat of Heat}

Ah ah ah ah (Ah ah ah ah) {Ah ah ah ah}

Don't think I'll ever stop

He unbuckles her bra and kisses all the way down her back.

I see your face, chills run up and down my legs, baby, yeah, ooh

I hear your voice, my body takes control

In the heat of the heat

I feel your touch, heat is driving me insane

Hoo hoo hey yeah ooh ooh

I lose control, I think I wanna love you , babe

Mmm mmm don't you know, the heat is so hot

He kisses her hips as he pulls off her underwear.

In the heat of heat

The heat is so hot (My body takes control)

My body takes control (In the heat of the heat)

In the heat of heat

The heat gets so hot (In the heat of the heat)

My passion overloads (My passion overloads)

Sam's underwear comes off and he enters his love.

My body takes control in the heat of heat

The heat of heat (The heat of heat, the heat of heat)

The rain continues to fall; lightning streaks across the glass ceiling as the music changes

again on the mp3 player; this time "Making love in the rain" by Herb Alpert, Lisa Ross &

Janet Jackson plays.

Making love in the rain

I can't believe the

Joy it brings me

Making love all alone

I hear the rain on my window

It's just a little thing

But it means so much to me

Our bodies together while

The rain plays a melody

Sam moved his body with the rhythm of the rain.

Every raindrop

Makes think of you

(Wishing you Were close to me)There is nothingThat I'd rather do than

Making love in the rainI can't believe theJoy it brings meMaking love all aloneI hear the rain on my window

Mercedes moans and calls out his name.

When it's stormy outsideIt's warm in my heartWith you in my arms

And when you're away from meI wish it would rainCause it's always the same

Mercedes throws her head back and kisses his neck.

Every raindropMakes think of you(Wishing youWere close to me)There is nothing

That I'd rather do than

Making love in the rainI can't believe theJoy it brings me(I can't believe)When we're done, all aloneI hear the rain on my window(On my window)

Sam caresses her breasts as the thunder rolls.

Making love in the rainI can't believe theJoy it brings me(Making love)

Making love all aloneI hear the rain on my window(On my window)(I hear the raindrops flow)

Every raindropMakes think of you(Wishing you wereClose to me)There is nothingThat I'd rather do than

Sam calls out her name as he reaches his peak.

Making love in the rainI can't believe theJoy it brings me(Making love)

When we're here all aloneI hear the rain on my window(On my window, I hear it)

Making love in the rainI can't believe theJoy it brings me

Mercedes shutters under the weight of him; until she stills.

All alone, I hear the rainMy love, here comes the rainMy love, here comes the rainMy love, here comes the rainMy love, here comes the rain

As they lay together spent from the loving making session the music and the rain

continue to mingle together.

The song "I Will Always Love You" the sax instrumental played by Freddy Just

starts on the mp3 player.

They lay in each other's arms and watched the rain fall on the glass ceiling above them.

Sam stroked her curly hair and kissed her forehead.

Sam: (As he listens to the music) I always wondered if this song would stay true for us, since you sang it to me all those years ago. (He said softly)

Mercedes: (As she held his hand and played with his fingers) I meant it completely when I sang it too you then; and I mean it even more now. I love you so much Sam. I cannot tell you how much you mean to me.

Sam: You know I would wait for you all over again don't you? But, I am glad I don't have to wait any longer; ready for round two. He said with his lopsided grin.

Mercedes: We do have ten years to make up for so I'm game! She said as she started kissing him again.

Sam: Now that's my girl!

There was that smile again!


Four Years Later

Chloe Chambers and Ceejay White are both sitting in the t.v. room of a Maximum

Security prison in Lima, OH; when Entertainment Tonight comes on the air.

Announcer: "James Novak interviews that famous couple who have dominated the literary, musical, and movie worlds. The Evans' have been a power couple since their wedding four years ago. With the release of Evans second romance novel with a sci-fi twist. He has now dominated two genres. His wife Mercedes Evans has won three Grammys and has written the score to two of her husband's Sam's films based on his earlier work. Her work on "Collaboration with Joe" was an album that went platinum three times! Not, to be outdone in the award department Sam Evans has won two Oscars for best screenplay."

Interviewer: Mr. Evans. What is it that you two have? Now we know that you were both successful before you were together but you two now have seemed unstoppable since you have been together. What do you contribute that too?

Sam: Love and happiness, what else? Oh, and I think you are wrong about something because deep down we were always together, even before we were married. I know I contribute any success I had before my marriage, still to the love of my wife; loving her made me strive to be worthy of her.

Interviewer: Mrs. Evans do you agree with your husband's statement?

Mercedes: Completely, my original success came because I did not want to disappoint him. I had lost him along the way searching for my career; I could not have lost Sam and not had my career too; because losing him could have never been worth it.

Interviewer: You said happiness Mr. Evans. Are you still happy?

Sam: No!

Ceejay perked up in her chair.

Mercedes just laughed.

Interviewer: You're not happy?

Sam: No, I am ecstatic. Happiness is not a big enough word for what I am with Mercy.

Mercedes just laughs again.

Ceejay slumps back in her chair, takes off her shoe and chucks it at the screen. She is

then escorted back to her cell.

Interviewer: You got me. You know I thought I had a scoop.

Sam: Well here's a scoop for you. We're having a baby!

Mercedes: I knew you would not be able to keep that a secret! (She tapped him on the shoulder).

Sam: Ahhh, c'mon honey, don't be mad! I'm too happy not to tell it.

Mercedes: What about our family? She laughed. We were supposed to tell them first!

Sam smiling starts tapping on to the video camera.

Sam: Is this thing on? Mama and Papa Jones and Mom and Dad get ready you are going to be grand parents! He jumps up and does a body roll.

Mercedes laughs some more pulls him down and starts kissing him.

Chloe just shuts her eyes and curses.

Chloe: I need a drink!

Interviewer: I guess this interview is over due to kissing; thanking you for inviting us into your home.

Sam is laughing and kissing and waving the camera away as the interviewer yells cut!

The End

Author's notes:

I hope you enjoyed my story. I want to first thank God; and all of you for liking

and following my story. I will admit that I was in a very dark place when I first

wrote "The Encounter". Life has a way of trying to choke the creativity out of you.

I had not written in a long time, life had gotten in the way, and I wrote "The

Encounter" as a last ditch effort to see if I even could still write anymore. I had

feared since I hadn't used it, I would lose it. But through your kindness; God has

truly revived a soul and for that I will be forever grateful to all of you and I will

never forget it!

Thanks again- Anna

Oh, and please, everyone who reads please review!

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