After the Storm?

Chapter 2

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After the Storm

Chapter Two

Chloe put the phone down agitated.

Chloe: Where can she be?

Chloe Chambers had been Mercedes agent for almost seven years now and she was now really worried for her safety. She had been trying to get in contact with her for the last 11 ½ hours with no word. She was not answering her phone or responding to text messages. Fear and anxiety were quickly starting to overtake her.

Chloe: Stay calm Chlo and just think; this is her hometown she might have just wanted to slip away and explore a little bit. (She said while pacing in her hotel room) But, I've called her family already and she was not there. That was not an easy conversation, pretending that I had not lost their daughter. Chloe thought to herself. I should have never left her alone last night no matter how hot that waiter at the venue was. If I call the cops and then she turns up; I would have been overreacting for nothing, and also alerted all of the media that she was even in town; so much for a surprise guest! I also cannot let Eric Bellinger's people get a hold of this information; money has already exchanged hands! Not to mention his show would be ruined, you cannot sing a duet alone. Well, I could but no one pays to hear me sing. Okay, Okay, I can give her two more hours before I need to make a real plan of attack. Oh no, I hope she was not attacked. I told her not to worry about those threats its part of the business, it just comes with the territory sometimes, but we would work hard to keep her safe.

Then why did you leave her alone last night you idiot! I can only keep this quiet until about 5pm because that is the scheduled time of her last rehearsal. Only three hours from now. Mercedes please get in touch soon.


When Mercedes finally started to stir it was almost 2:45pm.

Sam who had only slept for about an hour himself just laid there on the bed stroking her long curly hair. He had missed her so much over these last 10 years and now he hated himself for not being around when she obviously needed him.

He knew that he could write anywhere; but how could he get her to accept him back into her life full time? He wanted so desperately to stay near her. To be allowed to love her but he needed an open door.

Sam: (Whispering) Dear God, help me to know that she is willing. Just the smallest inclination and I will walk boldly through that open door and not look back. In Jesus name Amen. He prayed.

That's when she started to stir and he stopped stroking her hair and just watched as she opened her eyes.

Mercy: Sam? What time is it? How long have I been asleep?

Sam: Just a little over 2 hours its 2:45pm.

Mercy: Oh, I need to go, my agent must be going crazy at this point. I never did call her and I have another rehearsal today at 5pm.

She sat up in the bed.

Mercy: How long did you sleep?

Sam: About an hour maybe a little more.

Mercy: (Stretching) You should have woken me up. I hope I did not keep you awake by my tossing and turning or God forbid my snoring.

She covered her face with her hands.

Sam: (Gently removing her hands from her face) No, it was none of those things. I was just thinking. Are you tired of me yet? Or, can I come and watch you rehearse?

Mercy: Don't you have other things that you could be doing? She smiled at him.

Sam: I have other things I could be doing but nothing else I'd rather do. He said sincerely.

Mercy: Well then I guess you are stuck with me. She said while shrugging her shoulders. But I have to use your phone so I can call Chloe. I really need to check in.

Sam: Like I told you before you can use anything in this place; including me. He said softly. I am going to get dressed and start the car I will meet you outside. Just slam the door shut behind you it will lock on its own.

Mercy: Including you?

Sam: Your chauffer or bodyguard at your service. He said as he got out of the bed, turned on the light and plugged back in the phone. Then he handed it to her and left the room to get dressed.

Mercedes took the phone and watched him leave room. I could really get used to this. She thought.

Mercy: Why is he so wonderful? Focus Mercy and call Chloe. She started dialing the phone.

Mercy: Chloe, hi I'm, yeah, I know… well don't yell! I'm fine… with an old friend. Joe took my charger and …Okay, I'm on my way mom! Okay bad joke. Well I can leave if you hang up the phone! I'll see you soon. (Mercedes hung up) Well, that went well.

Mercedes closed the bedroom door and got dressed. She laid his Avatar t-shirt on his newly made up bed. As she started downstairs she heard him honking out front. She closed the door behind her and got into the car.

Mercy: Well, this is a nice car!

Sam: Well, there are some perks for writing a popular series or two. He said.

Mercy: Benz E-class? I suppose so! I am glad that everything has worked out for you the way that you wanted it to. She said as they drove to her hotel.

Sam: Well, I don't have everything that I want just yet, but I am still working on it.

Mercy: You seem to have a good thing going.

Sam: I do, but it can always be better. Like… I am having a house built not too far from the lake and it has some beautiful views of the Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve.

Mercy: Oh Sam, that sounds lovely; and it's probably peaceful too.

Sam: It will be completed within the next 6 months or so. There are some last minute touches I am adding.

Mercy: It sounds like it should be breathtaking.

Sam: That's the idea. I am looking for, you know, the kind of place that no one would be able to say no to when it comes to living there.

Mercy: Samuel Evans this sounds like your endgame house.

Sam: That's the plan!

Sam now drives into the circular driveway of the hotel and parks the car in the garage.

Mercy: I suppose I should start making some plans for the future as well. You never know how long our good fortune is going to last.

Sam: You know I understand that better than anyone. (He paused for a moment and the spoke again) How about this? You write up a list for me of all of your favorite things that you are looking for in a dream home. I've got a guy and he can start looking around for you and you can just see what some of your options are.

Mercy: Okay I will.

Mercy then sends Chloe (who has been having a few drinks in the bar) a text message telling her to come meet them in the garage so that they can go to the rehearsal.

Sam watched this little wisp of a woman walking toward his car. She reminded him so much of that Sugar girl he and Mercy had gone to high school with.

Mercy: Chloe Chambers this is my friend Sam Evans.

She introduced them as she got into the car.

Chloe: Nice to meet you Sam Evans? She said slowly. You're Sam Evans? Sam Evans the author?

Sam thought she was not just speaking slowly; did she have a lisp?

Sam: Right. Nice to meet you.

Chloe: Mercedes talks about you all the time. She said really slowly this time.

Sam: Really?

Mercedes: We'd better get going.

Chloe: You two went to high school together right? She was leaning forward now in the back seat trying to get a good look at him.

Sam was thinking. Why is she talking like that?

Sam: Yes we did.

Mercedes: We don't want to be late.

Chloe: You always said (her eyes squinting) that he was really good looking; but not this type of good looking!

Sam: Good looking?

Chloe: I think she said…

Mercedes: (Interrupting) Don't you have any last minute changes that we need to discuss Chloe?

Sam: I kinda like the discussion we are having now.

Chloe: Sexy! That's what you said. You said sexy right? I was drunk that night but not that drunk! She says as her voice elevates and she sits back and fights to put on her seat belt.

Mercy: Chloe you were drunk then like you are now and obviously not remembering too clearly! (Mercedes spoke through gritted teeth)

Sam: I think I like the way she remembers the conversation. (Almost talking to himself).

Mercy: Can we just get going? It is about three blocks away from the bar last night.

Chloe: I'd like a drink.

Sam burst into laughter.

Chloe: I'm pretty sure the word was sexy!

Mercy: Chloe shut up!

Sam spoke while he started driving away.

Sam: You know Chloe, I sing a little too.

Chloe: You don't say? (slurring her words)

Sam: Uh huh listen. If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on honey tell me so.

He looked directly at Mercedes.

Mercy: Oh good grief! She said while she enveloped her head in her arms and rested them on the dashboard.

Chloe: Yep, I'm sure it was sexy!


Sam sits in the front row center of the small venue as the band finishes setting up and begins to do sound checks. He has already met everyone and they all seemed genuinely fond of Mercy. But he still wanted to hear more about these threatening letters and he was not ruling anyone out.

That guy Joe was the only band member who had been with her ever since the beginning in her L.A. days. Wow, I sent her off to be with him, huh. Well, they seem close but only in a professional kind of way, so I guess I can live with that. He thought. As he is pondering the music starts and Mercedes begins to sing.


I couldn't see paradise right before my eyes.

When I had you here by my side, I didn't know that no one else could ever take your place.

But now I know; I know that I should have stayed and seeing you tonight I only wonder why I ever said goodbye.

Any other fool would never walk away. Even a fool would still be there holding you.

Oh, any other fool would know I never should have let you go. I had it all as any fool could see, any other fool but me.

Sam sat there mesmerized. She was amazing and the lyrics that she was singing.


Anyone else never would have let the feeling die. Anyone else would have fought to keep it alive.

If they were in my shoes they'd know the love we had was love to good to lose.

Any other fool would never walk away. Even a fool would still be there holding you. Oh, any other fool would know I never should have let you go. I had it all when you were loving me, had it all as any fool could see any other fool but me. Oooh.

I had it all when you were loving me; I had it all as any fool could see. Any other fool would never walk away. Even a fool would still be there holding you. Oh, any other fool would know I never should have let you go I had it all as any fool could see; any other fool but me.

Any other fool but me; Oooh, even a fool would still be there holding you. Oh, any other fool would know I never should have let you go. I had it all as any fool could see, any other fool but me. Oooh, even a fool would still be there holding you. Oh, any other fool would know I should have never let you go. I had it all as any fool could see any other fool but me.

The music fades.

Without a single word Sam Evans stands from his seat and walks over to Mercedes. He grabs her in his arms and proceeds to kiss her passionately. Cat calls and whistles fill the air from the band members behind them and some waiters and waitresses who are setting up for this evening's crowd.

Only two thoughts are on Sam Evans mind:

She is returning this kiss


Prayer Answered!

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