After the Storm?

Chapter 3

Author's Notes: I would like to thank anybody who has read my stories. The first one was "The Encounter" which is really where this story starts just in case there was any confusion on how "After the Storm" started. So please read that if you haven't already. Next, shout outs to my faithful reviewers Ladij (my very first review ever), Alliecattie3, Velvet Maxi, Loganmin11, gdhill, Pa55diva, Haitianm, Krazykay23, xcassielovex, and Oxford! I thank you for the love and support! Oxford I tried to put your suggestion into practice, but they are not in their head as much in this chapter but I am listening and learning! Oh and in case you didn't know that whole season that shall not be named never happened in my version.

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After the Storm

Chapter 3

Sam and Mercedes had been kissing in the front of this room for an easy five minutes now. It should have been uncomfortable for them, being that they were in public, but that did not stop them. Sam faintly heard that guy Joe say something.

Joe: I guess we are done rehearsing guys. C'mon lets give them the room. He said. C'mon quickly guys move along, move along.

They could hear the movement of people walking throughout the room and instruments clanging while being put away.

Joe: (shouting across the room) Hey wait staff over there; there's a big tip in it for you if you get going for a while. Let's give them some space.

Chloe who was nodding off at one of the tables was ushered out of the room by Joe.

After the room had emptied out; and a few more minutes of kissing Mercedes was the first to pull away.

Mercy: Sam? What are we doing?

Sam: Don't do that. (He whispered) Don't pull away from me.

He said as he pulled her in for another round of kisses.

Mercedes didn't know what to think, she truly did love this exchange between them; but a quickie just because you are in town is not what she wanted this to be.

Again she stopped the kiss.

Mercy: Now Sam wait a minute. This is crazy. We need to talk about what's happening here.

Sam: What is happening here? I'll tell you what is happening here. I heard that song you were singing and I decided not to be a fool any longer. I didn't want to miss my opportunity to be with you again.

Mercy: (sighs) That just means that you are caught up in the moment, but when it passes.

She said starting to walk away from him.

Sam: (Sam grabbed her arm preventing her from walking away) You think this moment is going to pass?

He shook his head up and down.

Sam: Uh huh well, let me think about that. Oh, right I forgot to tell you something.

He said as he walked over to her and held both of her hands, and then he leaned in and whispered into her ear.

Sam: This moment hasn't passed in the last 10 years. I don't think it is going anywhere now.

Mercy backed up and looked at him.

Mercy: What?

Sam: Mercy I've missed you, but even more important than that, I have missed us. Do you really not know how special you are to me; that you would stand here, and talk to me about moments passing? Now if you want to tell me that you don't feel the same way that is one thing; but don't tell me how I feel. I've been living with these feelings for you for the last 10 years; I already know how I feel. So now the question falls to you. Do you want something to happen between us?

Mercy: (Afraid to finally say it out loud she takes a deep breath and then speaks) I have wanted to be with you too, but I didn't even dare hope.

Sam: Well, now you don't have to hope. He said.

He started rubbing his thumbs over the back of her hands while he spoke to her.

Sam: Now you just have to love; but there is something else. He said.

Mercy: Something else?

Sam: Now, I maybe wrong but I doubt it. I have spent a great deal of time thinking about this. All those years ago you always came across as a confident woman, you knew yourself, you knew what you wanted, and you knew what you didn't want. But now I need you to tell me something and I need you to be honest right now. Did you ever for one second think that somehow you were not good enough for me?

Mercedes felt all the air leave the room. She felt that all the time. (She thought to herself) But she didn't know if she could say it out loud even today. There was something so scary about being that vulnerable back then and especially now.

Mercy: How will my answer affect what is happening right now?

Sam: I need to know Mercy. (Sam seemed to shore up himself and he stood his ground)

Mercy looking down at the floor and feeling a floodgate of tears starting to burst forth she whispered.

Mercy: Yes, I thought it all the time, and if you really want the truth nothing has changed. I still think it.

Sam: Everything has changed; I am no longer an insensitive kid who misses out on those types of clues anymore.

Mercy: But Sam look at me! No matter what I do I am still just me! (She yelled) A person like you doesn't want a person like me!

Sam: Stop telling me what I want Mercy!

He was getting louder now.

Sam: I want and desire you just the way you are and for us to work you have to believe it because I am not lying! I am not going to let you push me away again out of fear. I have to believe that you want me too right?

Mercy: Oh yeah Sam, a real stretch! Everybody wants you!

Sam: When we first started dating I was a homeless, dyslexic jock, who had been cheated on by two prior relationships. Why should your insecurities be more valid than mine? I still had to get over it and trust that you really liked me for me!

Mercy: Sam that was years ago! (She screamed) Everything has changed for you but I am still the same!

Sam: You are still not getting this! (He yelled)

He rose his voice again which interestingly enough made it deeper.

Sam: My love and desire for you is my reality not yours. So you cannot dictate it to me. We are not leaving this room until you understand that we are going to be a couple on an even playing field; because I don't ever want you doubting my feelings for you again. He said.

Mercy: Sam do you hear yourself?

Sam: The question is do you hear me? I want something real Mercedes and it can't be real and be riddled with self doubt too! I need to know that I can tell you anything and you will be there for me. But, also that you can tell me anything so that I can be there for you as well; self doubt leaves no room for that, and I can't have that – not with you. So you have to promise me never to think such ridiculous thoughts ever again.

Mercedes just stood there overwhelmed. She could not look at him. She had heard everything that he had said and yet it was so powerful it was playing tug-of-war in her mind. She could barely hold on to the words within her thoughts, everything he had told her was fighting to slip away. While she tried to really wrap her head around everything he had just said. He spoke again very plainly and matter-of-factly.

Sam: I need and love you Mercedes. Let's not sabotage our chance this time. (He said softly)

That she heard clearly and could definitely hold on to.

Mercy: Sam, (She looked up at him unable to fight her falling tears now) I will never think such ridiculous thoughts again, she said, because I need and love you too. (She whispered)

With that Sam pulled her close to him and hugged her, and held her tightly.

Sam: You really scared me you know? I was afraid this whole time that you wouldn't believe me.

Then he whispered in her ear.

Sam: We are going to be so happy Mercy.

Sam then grabbed her cheeks within his hands and started kissing her again.


Riding back to the hotel in Sam's car felt so different then it did this afternoon. She was feeling so giddy; replaying some of the things he had said to her. She was feeling his hand holding hers while it was resting on his thigh as he drove her back. It was about 9:30pm and they just could not stop smiling. She would get a glimpse of her smiling face in the glass of the passenger side door; while Sam kept catching a glimpse of his own smiling face in the rear view mirror. Sam spoke first.

Sam: What are you thinking about? He asked.

Mercy: Well, I will tell you that, I am not doubting!

Sam: That's my girl! He smiled.

Sam drove into the circular driveway of the hotel and parked in the garage again. He turned off the car but when Mercedes tried to get out he pulled her arm toward him by the hand that he was holding and started to kiss the back of her hand. He then reached for her far shoulder, pulled her in closer to him and kissed her again. When they finally stopped she said.

Mercy: That was nice.

Sam: I have 10 years to make up for and I want it all back with interest.

Mercy: Well we can work on that. She said smiling.

Sam: Wait here. (And he kissed the back of her hand again.)

Sam got out and ran around the car and opened her door for her. This time he held her hand as he walked with her into her hotel. They went to the front desk and she said to the gentleman behind it.

Mercy: Room 1019 please.

The clerk handed her a key and gave her a letter that was left for her at the front desk.

Mercy: Probably Chloe wanting me to sit with her in the bar again tonight. We did that the first three nights we were here!

Sam laughed.

Sam: Yeah, no offense, but I think she may need a program somewhere.

Mercy: Yeah, she does have some issues. She said while she opened the letter.

Mercedes gasped when she saw the contents; there were different sizes and fonts of magazine letters which read: You famous people always think you R better than us. I will bring U down a peg!

Sam took the letter from her shaking hand and immediately went back to the front desk and questioned the clerk.

Sam: Who gave you this to give to her! He shouted.

Clerk: Sir, what's wrong? That was there when I started my shift.

Sam: I want the manager and the name and number of the person who worked the shift before you immediately!

Mercy was still shaking and feeling a little lightheaded, but she got up enough strength to speak.

Mercy: Sam?

Sam: Don't worry (he held on to her) we are going back to my place.

Sam gave the clerk his card and said.

Sam: I want to hear from them no later than tomorrow morning on this issue.

Clerk: (Shivering) Yes, yes sir.

Sam then spoke to Mercy.

Sam: Don't worry we will get to the bottom of this. C'mon lets go home.

They got back into his Benz Coupe and drove off into the night.

Author's notes: Please Review! I would like to get a lot of feedback on there DTR (defining there relationship) conversation. I also wrote some things in there that I just thought had to be said; that show never did it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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