After the Storm?

Chapter 5

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After the Storm?

Chapter 5 – While you were away Part 2

10 years ago

Mercedes picked up Sam from the motel. Usually they would sit and watch while Stevie and Stacey while they played on the playground; but this time they were free to be on their own. Sam was very excited because he felt like now they could really do things that normal teenagers do.

Sam: (As he enters the car and kisses her). Hey Babe.

Mercedes: Hi, I hope you weren't waiting too long. At the last minute my mom reminded me I had to finish writing my college essay and send it in or I would miss my deadline. I don't know why she keeps pushing it she knows that after graduation all I want to do is work on my singing career.

Sam: You know she wants what is best for you.

Mercy: What is the best for me is my music (pause) and you. (She smiled)

Sam: I can't believe you will be leaving in a couple of months. He says as Mercedes is driving down route 24.

Mercy: But I am not gone yet, so what do you want to do today?

Sam: Do you want to go to the mall?

Mercy: No, not today?

Sam: What about the Multiplex?

Mercy: No, I don't think so? Maybe we can take a walk along the trail?

Sam: I like hiking just as much as the next person, but do you really want to do that again?

Mercy: It is quiet there and there are less people.

Sam: Okay, if that is what you want. Sam wondered why it was that Mercy never wanted to be around people that much; except for glee club, their families, and him. She always seemed to want to be on the fringe looking in as; if it were safer or something? Or, maybe that was not it at all; maybe she doesn't want to be seen with the homeless guy. He thought to himself.

Sam: Mercy? Why don't you want anyone to know that we are together?

Mercedes: (Looking at him stunned). Why do you think that? She said (Even though she had been trying to hide it; she could not deny to herself that she didn't want anyone to know. She could however deny it to him; or else she would have to have the most embarrassing conversation, and she was not ready for that)

Sam: I know we were both a little surprised about how prom turned out; and I can understand you wanting to take a minute to absorb it all right? I mean that is what you said right? So, why do I still feel like you are hiding us for some reason?

Mercy: Sam, you really don't know, you haven't been here that long but people around revel in the idea of being involved in every aspect of a person's social life. People always feel they need to comment about things, and next would come, worry, doubt, recriminations and before you know it your relationship is in a shambles, and on they move to spread their misery elsewhere; I just don't want that for us that's all!

Mercedes knew that was what she said but in actuality what she should have said, if she had more courage was, I don't want you taking flax for being seen with me, so I am avoiding anyplace kids from our school may be. She thought.

Only unbeknownst to her Sam was pondering what she said too; only he came up with a very different conclusion; I am not willing to take any flax over being seen with you the homeless guy in the hand-me-down clothes, so he thought it best that they just avoid the entire situation.

Sam decided not to push the situation any farther, he was not going to have a fight on one of the view occasions they did not have to babysit; and besides he didn't blame her, he just wanted to continue to try to be happy in the moment.

Mercedes started hitting these potholes in the road which made the car give off this loud sound. Bam! Bam! Bam!

Artie: Sam! Sam!

6 Years ago

Then Sam woke up, the music still playing from his headphones "no one can mend you now". Then he heard it again it was Artie knocking on Sam's bedroom door and then he started calling his name. He was dreaming.

Artie: Sam, Sam. C'mon Sam stop sulking! It's Saturday! He said while knocking on the door again.

Sam got up from his bed and opened the door.

Sam: Artie, I was sleeping.

Artie: It's 9:15 pm, boy you must be depressed. You need to get out of here! I know you told me about your woman problems and that sucks but you need to get your life movin' again, and I am just the person to help ya do this!

Sam though to himself why does he sound a Baptist minister when he says help ya?

Sam: I know that you are just trying to help me but I don't think I am ready.

Artie: Sam no offense seriously, but it has been 6 months now and I haven't you see you so

much as look at another woman. It is time to move on, man.

Sam honestly did not like the sound of moving on at all, but he also knew this was not helping

him either. Sam spoke.

Sam: (dejectedly) What do you want to do?

Artie: There is a karaoke bar downtown, the liquor flows and the women shows! All those skimpy little outfits I love it! (He laughed manically to himself) C'mon we can get our sing on too, it will be fun.

Sam finally letting his guard down agrees to go with Artie to the Karaoke bar. The place was a little more than your typical hole in the wall kind of place. Artie used the term downtown a little too generously the place was actually on the outskirts of downtown. It was filled with people and it was dark with blue light accents so the most visible part of the place was the stage and the giant screen television besides the person signing and a smaller one facing the actual singer themselves. It was really noisy because most of the loud college crowd had already descended to spend an raucous night in this place. There was a pool table in the back and several guys and girls were playing. It was warm and the waitresses were dressed in these black t-shirts, acid washed, which made them light blue, shorts and these black boots; they wore an apron over their shorts which had musical notes on them, and these musical note earrings too. Sam did not bother drinking because he was driving and although Artie would not always admit to it, there were times when he was in residual pain from that accident that put in the chair a long time ago; so he had to take pain medication every once and a while; because of this Artie did not drink either.

It was the pool table that brought it all back for Sam, the night before Mercy left for L.A. they played pool together and he had agreed to take her to the airport the next day. With each passing hour the room seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, how could he let her leave for L.A. and he had never told her that he had loved her? She was talking about not wanting to miss her flight and she was worried that she would get lost since she had never been there before; all Sam was thinking is that you better tell her; that you are in love with her right now. Time passed and Sam never did get up enough nerve to tell her that night. He only had one more opportunity at the airport and he was finally going to take it.

Mercy: Finally! Going through this check out and baggage has been a true nightmare now-a-days, I want to be safe as much as the next person, so I suppose there is nothing safer than missing your flight altogether while going by security checkpoints! She chuckled.

Sam: It wouldn't be the worse thing in the world if you missed your flight. (He said softly)

Mercy: Samuel Evans don't be jinxing me! (She laughed) Besides, I have to go now or I might not have the nerve to go again. I want to thank you so much Sam for believing in me and my dream, you have really inspired me to go take this chance and I will never forget you for it.

Sam is thinking never forget me for it? Why does this sound like a real goodbye?

Sam: Well we have Skype, texts, facebook, tumblr, and emails you shouldn't have to forget me right? (He chuckled too albeit nervously)

Overhead Announcer: Lima, Ohio Flight 1312 to LA now boarding at gate 3. Flight 1312 to LAX now boarding at gate 3.

Sam felt his heart sink it had arrived the moment that Mercy was going to turn her back on him and walk away. Now was the time he was going to say something right now and then she spoke.

Mercy: Thanks for everything Sam you have been a great friend all year and it really means a lot to me. (If I just say friend he will know that he can be free now to do what he likes; I should have known this would not last forever)

Sam: Did she just say friend? (He thought to himself) That was it he was truly deflated now; he felt it in every fiber of his being. (He thought again). We will keep in touch right Mercedes?

Mercy: Of course, well I better go now.

Mercedes hugged and kissed Sam good-bye. Sam tried to put everything he had into this kiss but he couldn't help to feel that it could be truly over between them. He was not going to allow that though he would continue to keep in touch. He knew it and off she went down the gate.

Sam: Never got to tell her.

Sam had actually had some hope in that first year they really did keep in touch but he never said to her what he wanted to say; and now it was too late.

Sam remembered himself and where he was, once he heard a very bad rendition of "Call your Girlfriend" finishing.

Sam then signed up and when his turn came he belted out a number as if he was giving his own concert.

The music begins and Sam starts singing:


I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house that don't bother me.

I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out.

I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while, even though going on with you gone, still upsets me,

There are days every now and again I pretend that I'm ok

But that's not what gets me,

What hurts the most was being so close

And having so much to say, and watching you walk away

And never knowing what could have been, and not seeing

That loving you is what I was tryin' to do.

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go

But I'm doing it

It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone

Still harder getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret

But I know if I could do it over

I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart

That I had left unspoken,

What hurts the most was being so close

and having so much to say and watching you walk away.

And never knowin' what could have been

and not seeing that lovin you is what I was tryin to do.

Ohhh…. Hey…. Yeah

What hurts the most was being so close and having so much to say

and watching you walk away and never knowing what could have been

and not seeing that lovin you that's what I was tryin to do

that's what I was tryin to do.

The music fades and Sam leaves the stage with a roar of the crowd to follow behind him. As Sam makes his way back to the table and sits with Artie a waitress comes over.

Waitress: That was incredible you have some real talent there.

Sam: Thanks. (He said although he was still visibly shaken)

Artie: This is my friend Sam and I am Artie.

Waitress: Would you like a drink?

Artie: I can't I'm drivin' but my friend here would like a beer. Isn't that right Sam.

Sam who is now letting his anger get the better of him after considering the words of the song and how he had treated Mercedes, and how she treated him, stated:

Sam: I'll take that beer, thanks uh.

Waitress: Just call me Ceejay.

Author's note: Sorry guys if you think I am introducing too many characters but I would like to try to make this the kind of story you can really sink your teeth into. Please review.

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