After the Storm?

Chapter 6

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After the Storm?

Chapter 6

Sam and Mercedes entered his brownstone and entered his apartment; it was now about 10:47pm. The place was quiet and dark accept for a blinking light in the distance from his phone indication he had some messages. Sam turned on the light and invited Mercedes further into the apartment with a gentle nudge with his hand; which had been placed on the small of her back.

Mercy was glad to be with him but she couldn't help but feel a twinge of embarrassment and guilt. Sam and she had just become reconnected and now he had just jumped into her own vat of crazy, which came along with it.

Mercy: I feel the need to apologize to you Sam. (She spoke with a nervous mini-chuckle) I know you were not expecting anything like this when we ran into each other last night. Wow, has it only been just last night? So much has happened huh? (Again she smiled but nervously) So I am sorry for everything.

Sam: Why are you apologizing? Life is messy and can be difficult; but I like being here for you during a time you may really need me that is what a good relationship is all about; I only wish I could have been there sooner. When did this all start Mercedes? He said while he had her sit with him on the sofa.

Mercy: Well, the truth is that I found out about it two months ago, but only because I overheard Joe speaking to Chloe about it; he was telling her that we needed to take it more seriously than what we were doing. I found out later from Joe that it had been happening for four months before that.

Sam: So you are telling me this has been going on for six months and they have no idea who it is? Have you called the police?

Mercy: I travel quite a bit Sam whose jurisdiction would it fall under?

Sam: Federal jurisdiction of course, this person is threatening across state lines didn't you bother getting the FBI involved?

Mercy: Chloe did not think it was wise, she has been in the business for a while but this is her own business now. She has told me over and over again that this is just part of the whole package of fame; some people will like you and some people won't.

Sam: What did these notes say?

Mercy: A few of them just said straight out that the hated me and wished I would die. (She shuttered at the thought) Other's complained about my looks; some where even racist remarks, and you saw that last one about me thinking I am better than everyone else. That is what I don't understand if this person truly knew me then they would know that I don't think that way at all. (She said shaking her head and starting to tear)

Sam decided that it was time to change the subject because conversation was obviously taking its toll on Mercedes. So he came up with something that he hoped would work.

Sam: I'm hungry and you should be too! You don't know this Mercy but I have become a half way decent cook in your absence.

Mercy: Oh really! I thought the only thing you knew how to make was Cool Ranch Doritos disappear. She said as she smiled and poked his 8 pack with her finger.

Sam: Oh, well that skill I have continued to master, I have finally made under the five minute mark.

Mercy: You are so silly!

Sam: Even so it is true I can cook better than I used to; and I happen to have in my fridge the best tasting veggie lasagna in all of Lima, OH. Thank you very much!

He then proceeded to tug at his T-shirt trying to seem impressive.

Mercy: Sam shouldn't I be the one to say if it's the best in all of Lima?

Sam: Oh, and you're going to! He said to continue to lighten the mood. I also make a killer sweet iced tea to go with. At the end of this experience you will be screaming out my name in ecstasy!

Mercy had a mental image that had absolutely nothing to do with food!

Mercy: Yeah, I bet you could. She whispered to herself.

Sam: He said standing up and walking toward the kitchen. As soon as he heard it left his lips he thought Oh no! Now she is going to totally think you are a real jerk who wants to take advantage of her in a weak moment. Real nice; he thought; you Sam Evans, you talk too much! He whispered to himself.

Sam proceeded to wash his hands and reached for an apron to go around his waist. (Yeah! That's right Mercy real manly-men chefs can sport an apron and be okay about it!) He thought. This just means I am a serious cook! He mused. Although he had actually cooked this lasagna a couple of days ago, it always tastes better once the flavor could truly set in. He thought to himself.

Sam pulled out a small casserole dish after cutting two squares of lasagna he placed them on two plates and proceeded to warm them in the microwave.

Mercedes, noticing the light was still blinking on the phone which was sitting on his computer desk.

Mercy: Sam! You seem to have some messages. (Calling out to him)

Sam: (Yelling back) It's okay I'll check them later. Your food is ready!

Mercy walked into the kitchen and sat at the table.

Mercy: They may be important.

Sam: Not as important as being here with you. He said while pulling two glasses from his kitchen cabinet and placing them on the table. He reached on a shelf near the pantry and brought down a candle holder with a candle in it; sat it on the table and lit the candle.

Mercy: Sam what are you doing? You don't have to do all this.

Sam: I know that I don't have to but I want to. Mercy, this will be our first meal together as a couple in a long time, I want to make it special.

Sam then poured the ice tea he took from the fridge into the two glasses and sat a tossed salad on the table as well. He retrieved the plates from the microwave and placed them on the table.

Mercy: Well it smells very good. She said.

Sam: I told you! Now taste it.

Mercedes took some in her mouth and meticulously chewed and swallowed the morsel.

Mercy: (She starts to moan) MMMMmmm oooooohhh Sammmmm that was ooohhh wonderfulllll uhhh uhh ahhhh! The the the best bbest bbest in Lima as her voice escalated almost to the rafters. Oooh that was sooooo gooood Sam.

Then she burst into laughter.

Sam stared at her for a few minutes, his eyes growing dark and filled with possibilities.

Sam: Mercy you're killing me. You are really killing me. He said. Just eat your food.

Mercedes continued to laugh but decided to finish her meal. Sam quickly drank his iced tea.

Once they finished eating and both showered they got ready for bed. Who would have thought that she would be putting back on this Avatar t-shirt so soon; it was almost 12:30am by now and she did have a show to do tomorrow not to mention still go by and get new clothes, this was getting embarrassing.

What she did like was the fact that Sam had really not left her side since she happened to bump into him at the bar. She wondered, what would he think if he really knew? That she had been following him as he walked around almost the whole evening before he went in. She wondered would he be upset to know that ever since she came to town she had watched him; and she had hoped for an opportunity just to reconnect.

Thank you God for answered prayer and thank you for a rainstorm! (She thought to herself).

Once they were ready for bed they laid down next to each other and had fallen asleep; it had definitely been a full 24 hours.

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And please forgive any mistakes some days I am just loopy!

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