After the Storm?

Chapter 7

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After the Storm?

Chapter 7 – While you were away Part 3

6 Years Ago

Ceejay and Sam had been a couple for about two months now, all the guys on campus kept congratulating him on such a catch. A striking beauty tall, blond, thin, and legs that just would not stop; which spawned a limerick from Artie -Ceejay's legs, Ceejay's legs Cee how they run….

Apparently she had been the ever elusive one from the karaoke bar who flirted a lot but no one could actually get; not until Sam. They could have turned into the power couple on campus except she actually did not go to the school; she was a townie.

Sam tried to keep this so called relationship as light as possible, he felt bad for Ceejay, because he never confused the issue, this was a rebound relationship, something to do for the moment but his heart wasn't in it.

Besides, it was about this time that Sam had started to see them; magazine articles with Mercedes as the feature story, as the bright new artist of C.C. records.

He was so conflicted, he was so proud of her and yet, he was also angry. Angry that they were born a year apart; angry that he could not just leave with her and go to LA; and angry that he was in this relationship that he did not want to be in; as a means to get his roommate off his back and to try to get Mercedes out of his heart; but it was not working.

Every time even when he was out with Ceejay if they went into a convenience store like a Seven/Eleven and he would see a magazine with Mercedes on it or in it, he would buy it. It got to the point that when Ceejay would just hang out with him in his dorm room she started to notice something was just not right.

Ceejay: Make sure it's a diet soda with a splash of lemon Sam. You don't want your girl to lose her hot figure now do you?

Sam cringed at just the sound of her voice at this point. He started thinking that she was so shallow, she always referred to her looks and it was really starting to get on his last nerves.

Sam: Diet with lemon; got it.

Ceejay: How long is Artie going to be gone for?

Sam: Well he said he had three classes across the quad when he left about 15 minutes ago.

Ceejay: That's wonderful. She whispered to herself.

Now she started walking from his living room to his bedroom and took a look at his desk. She saw a letter from a publishing house and all these magazines.

Ceejay: Why does he have all these magazines with this same girl on them? (She thought to herself). Now looky, looky. Sam you got an acceptance letter for one of your stories to be published?! (She squealed then she quickly turned around to see if he had heard her). I knew when I picked you; you were really going to go somewhere! Oh, God, the company sent you an advanced first installment check for 20,000 dollars?! Alrighty then, the first order of business, is that he is taking me shopping! (She said to herself, while grinning from ear to ear and hugging the check). When she heard him coming she put the letter and the check back in the envelope and picked up the magazines and lay on his bed with them.

Sam came back with her drink and although he was not surprised, not to see her in the living room, he then heard her in his bedroom. He was not in the mood for another ridiculous attempt at having sex where she would call out her own name more so than his. He often wondered why she needed him in the first place.

Sam entered the bedroom to find her sprawled across the bed reading one of the magazine articles.

Ceejay: Thanks for the drink, hon.

(She was trying to act casual; before bringing up the publishing contract and the check.

Ceejay: You see this is the kind of thing I am talking about! That stupid affirmative action nonsense!

Sam: What?

Ceejay: That must be the only reason why a fat black girl would be on the cover of all these magazines and not someone really sexy like me.

Sam: What did you just say?

Ceejay: Why is this ni**erette all over these magazines? The world has truly gone down when she can be on a magazine cover and good looking people like you and I are nowhere to be seen.

Sam had never come so close to hitting a female as he had at this particular moment. Every muscle throbbed within his body and he literally became hotter.


The shock of Sam's tone almost had Ceejay spill her drink; it had surprised her so much.

Ceejay: Who are you calling ignorant! I am just saying we are hot blondes, with tight abs and this roly-poly black girl looking like Aunt Jemima gets to be on a magazine cover! Man this world is totally screwed up! But don't worry babe one day when you become a famous author and I'm your wife, it will be us on the cover of those magazines and we'll show that ugly girl how it is done!


Ceejay: You're going to break up with me over someone like her?! You don't even know that woman! Why would you even want too? I am a twenty and she's a negative two! You bet not let a good thing like me slip through your fingers, 'cause every guy on this campus wants me and I chose you; because you are my only equivalent in this place!

Sam: If you say one more word to me we are going to have to call campus security in about 1 minute because if you talk about the woman I love disrespectfully one more time, I am going to kill you myself. (He said through gritted teeth).

Ceejay: What are you saying you are ni**er lover and a fatty lover too! Sam I am so disappointed in you.

Sam: (Sam was so tense he was shaking at this point) I would say that I was disappointed in you Ceejay, but the truth is I never had any high expectations of you to begin with; and now I definitely know why.

Sam then grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the front door of her dorm room and threw her out. She turned around to say something and before she could speak. He slammed the door in right in her face.

Sam went back into his room and looked at all the magazines that where still strewn all across his bed. Then he had a thought to himself for a few minutes.

Sam: Oh Mercy, please tell me you did not think those things about yourself and me. I would accept the thought of you and another man better than thinking that you thought that you were unattractive.

Sam lay on his bed and really started to wonder why Mercedes stopped taking his calls after all.

Author's notes: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I also hope that I did not say anything to offend anyone; I am new to all this and I don't want to get kicked off the sight as soon as I started to write. Also, remember in the present day Sam and Mercedes are 27 and 28 years old respectively. I personally like a mature Sam Evans much better than this dopey one they keep trying to pawn off on us. Next chapter we will see what's been happening with Mercedes! Thanks again and please review.

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