After the Storm?

Chapter 9

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After the Storm?

Chapter 9

Sam woke up next to a sleeping Mercedes. Sam looked at her and thought to himself.

I could definitely do this every day for the rest of my life. (Sam then starts to stroke her hair, a morning routine he was really starting to enjoy) He lay there thinking; what was it that he loved the most about her? After much consideration he came up with the answer.

Sam: She is real! (He whispered) That is what it is, she is real and her being real, and normal, and wonderful allows me to be real too. She was the one person who really made me feel like I was valuable, not just the things that I had which contributed to it, but just me.

He thought about her suffering from those terrible insecurities all alone and not being able to tell anyone, not even him. He hated the fact that the world we lived in; was such a world that a beautiful woman like Mercedes would doubt herself; or what may be even worse, these thoughts she had made her doubt the sincerity of my love for her and that is just inexcusable!

Sam while stroking Mercy's hair he made up his mind. Right then and there, that after this concert tonight; Mercedes was never going to doubt my love for her again. I want to give that kind of love back to her. I want her to know from the bottom of my heart that she is valuable just because of who she is and not because of what she has.

He slowly and gently got off the bed, so as not to wake her, and he left the bedroom. He put on a pot of coffee and then followed his daily routine, he checked his mail box outside, turned on his computer and checked his emails, and then he looked at the message light on his desk phone and started to retrieve those messages.

You have four new messages.

The first was from:

New Message.


Stevie: Hey! Big Bro, how are you? I was just trying to figure out if you had gotten home safely the other night. Oh, thanks again for closing the bar for me; Cindy really loved me being home with her.

Then you here the mouthpiece shake and it has a muffled distance along with stomping, running and giggling as someone sounds as if they are lifted to the phone. Still giggling she speaks

Cindy: Tank you, Uncle Sam.

Sam's heart melts only to be re-constructed by Stevie's voice interjecting again.

Stevie: Sam, no hard feelings bro, but maybe it is time to really give up on Mercedes man. I mean I would love for it to work out between you two, you know I do, but; I don't know if you will ever get Mercedes back; and I don't like seeing you suffer. Oh and mom….


Sam knew that Stevie meant well and although he would have hated to hear it, if things had not changed over the course of the last two days he may have really considered it. But everything did happen and he got back the woman of his dreams and their happiness at being together trumped everything.

The next message came from Craig his publisher.

New Message.


Craig: Sam, we've got to get together for the last look at the cover art for your approval. We also need to discuss the new sheets that you sent me for what is on deck. Story seems interesting but this is really not your style man. A romance?! Since when? We'll have to see if this will take too big of a hit to your original fan base. Also, we have a new model we need you to look at; to see if she can be the face and body of your heroine for comi-con and some of the book tours. So call me.

New Message.


Lisa: Hi Sam, its Mom. We miss you guys and we were wondering if you were free to come to the ranch over the weekend? Give us a call okay. I hope you are eating well!

Love you, bye.

New Message.


Stacey: "S", its Stace did mom hit you up about going to the ranch? I'll go if you're going otherwise; I have some designs I should be working on. Get back to me! See ya.


You have no more new messages.

Once Sam finished listening to the messages, he walked into his kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. Then the phone rings and he picks it up.

Man: Mr. Evans? Mr. Samuel Evans?

Sam: This is he.

Man: Hello sir. My name is Mr. Figgins sir, and I am the Manager of the Hilton of Lima, Heights. One of my employees passed on your card to me and told me of an unfortunate occurrence that took place at our establishment.

Sam: That is right. My girlfriend is registered at your hotel and a threatening letter was left for her at the front desk. When I questioned your clerk about it he informed me that it was there before his shift started so I needed to speak to the clerk who had been on duty prior to him.

Figgins: I am sorry about that incident sir, and I will assure you that nothing like this has ever happened before sir…

Sam: (Interrupting) That is not my concern sir; but it has happened now; and either you are willing to cooperate with me fully to find out exactly what did happen; or my next call will be to the Lima police department, who I am quite sure can help facilitate the matter quite expeditiously!

Figgins: Yes sir, yes sir, of course sir. Now that I am aware of the nature of the situation I will launch a thorough investigation with my staff. Unfortunately sir, do to legal obligations, I will not be able to give the staff members name (for their own safety sir) but I promise you I will cooperate fully with you in this matter and pass on any and all information that I may find. Please allow me the time to investigate and I will most definitely return this call.

Sam: You have no more than 24 hours or else you will hear from not only the police but my legal team on why there are no safety precautions at the Hilton of Lima Heights. Am I making myself clear!

Figgins: Saran Wrap sir.

Sam hangs up the phone as he looks up his eyes are met by a pair of beautiful cocoa

brown eyes and a tepid smile.

Mercy: A little rough on him huh?

Sam: Hey baby! I hope I didn't wake you. (He walked over to her and gave her a kiss) I wanted to give you an opportunity to get as much rest as you could.

Mercy: (Yeah, he is a keeper. She thought to herself.) Thank you. She said. I do feel a lot better today.

Sam: Is there anything in particular you would like to have for breakfast?

Mercy: I don't know. What would you like to eat?

Sam just stared at her for a moment, his mind filling up with possibilities that had absolutely nothing to do with food, and so he said.

Sam: I think it will be better if you decide. He said while he blinked slowly.

Mercy: (Wow, was that a hot flash! I thought I was too young for those!) Mercedes thought. Would pancakes be alright? Since I am performing tonight I usually have a big breakfast and only fruit or salad for lunch. I don't like feeling nervous on a full stomach.

Sam returning to the kitchen and motions to her if she would like some coffee which she agrees to. He pours her a cup and continues to speak.

Sam: Do you still get nervous before a performance. I don't know why. You are always amazing.

Mercy: That's nice of you to say but I think you maybe a little bias. Besides we both know that not everyone agrees with you, or I wouldn't be getting these threatening letters. What did the manager say?

Sam who was now mixing the pancake batter (paused at her question and then proceeded back to mixing).

Sam: He said he will do a thorough investigation and get back to me by tomorrow.

Mercy: Your legal team Sam? She chuckled.

Sam: I've got people! (He said in a humorous voice).

Mercy: I'm sure you do! (She said in a patronizing one)

Sam: Hey, watch that tone little lady, your breakfast is in my hands.

Mercy: I know how to cook too Sam. I can do it on my own you know.

Sam: Not without my ingredients you can't! (His voice taking on a sing-song tone)

Their banter continued through the consumption of their meal, and then Sam asked her.

Sam: After this concert what is your schedule like?

Mercy: Well, I am supposed to fly down to Atlanta to do some promos for my new song. You know sing at the opening of some mall, and do a couple of radio interviews; all within a day of course; the fast life of being a diva, right? She laughed.

Sam: My mom invited me to come to the ranch for the weekend. Why don't I drive you down to Atlanta and then afterwards you can come with me to see my folks; you know they would love to see you.

Mercy: Would you really come with me? Don't you have some writing or something that you need to be doing?

Sam: I can write anywhere, not to mention, my best stuff comes to me when I am inspired.

Mercy: Are you inspired now?

Sam: Of course, you inspire me. You always have. Remember you talked to me about my second book you found in Vegas and my picture on the back?

Mercy: Yeah, I loved that picture.

Sam: (Sam tilted his head) I was thinking of you when I took it. I was in New York for the photo shoot and the night before you were performing and I went and saw you. What you liked the most from my picture was simply me loving you.

Sam just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Mercy did not know what to say she was stunned. But everything she felt was something different and very clear. She adored him.

Mercy: Sam I don't know what to say. Are you being truthful right now?

Sam: Completely. (He leaned over the table and kissed her on her cheek and picked up her plate from the table upon his retreat) Please come with me. He said. Besides, I have a surprise waiting there for you.

Mercy: Really? What is it?

Sam: It's a surprise; you have to be there to see it. (He said as he put the plates in the sink and wiped off the table)

Mercy: Alright, I'll go. I mean you come with me and then I will come with you.

Sam is now beaming at this point.

Sam: Okay great! I am going to go shower and get dressed. You are going to give me the key to your hotel room and I am going there to pick up all your things and check you out, the rest of your stay you'll be here with me. You stay here and rest up for tonight. I'll call you from the hotel so as to not forget anything. I love you Mercy. (There, that's how he had wanted to say all those years ago but was too afraid to, at the time; and now it finally came out the right way, easy, sincere and natural).

Mercy: I love you too Sam.

Sam kissed her and then went and took his shower, got dressed and drove to the hotel.

Sam walked to the front desk and asked to see Mr. Figgins. Once Mr. Figgins was produced, in a doorway from a small office in the back, Sam spoke.

Sam: Mr. Figgins, I am Samuel Evans we spoke on the phone this morning. Is there any progress you are ready to report?

Figgins: Mr. Evans. Uhm uhm. I have spoken to the clerk who was on duty at the time and they told me that a man dropped it off; it was very busy at the time it was during check-in and all they did was request that it go in box 1019 they never even eluded to a name.

Sam: What did this man look like?

Figgins: As I said sir, it was quite busy at the time, sir, and our clerk cannot clearly remember…

Sam: (Interrupting) What about the tapes.

Figgins: Tapes sir?

Sam: Security Figgins the tapes did you go through them?

Figgins: Not as of yet sir.

Sam: Well get on it. My girlfriend is checking out today. I am going upstairs to retrieve her things. I'd like more answers by this afternoon.

Figgins. Yes, sir.

Sam entered room 1019 and looked around; he saw toiletries in the bathroom and clothing bags hung up in the closet. A few tea bags by the coffee maker and Mercy's perfume and makeup on the desk with some bottled water. He saw a personal Bible he looked through it and saw that Mercy had some things highlighted in it. (He simply smiled) He also saw his books peeking out of her suitcase; he took the book out and looked inside. As he flipped through the pages on the last page it said Mercedes Evans.

Sam could not have felt any happier than he did at that moment.

Sam: How long ago could she have written this? He looked at the front cover and it was his sixth book. (She just did this! He thinks. Sam starts jumping up and down and fist pumping in the air and screaming silently).

Sam starts singing to himself, although he does change some of the words to the song, as he starts to pack up the room he continues to dance and sing as he folds her things and places them within her luggage.

Sam singing:

It's a beautiful night we're looking for something - great to do!

Hey, baby I think I want to marry you.

Is it that look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby I think I want to marry you.

Well, I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go ooh.

No one will know ooh oh c'mon girl.

Who care if its- fast gotta pocket full of cash we can blow.

Shots of patron and its on girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no, no; just say yeah, yeah, yeah,

And we'll go, go, go, go, go.

If you're ready like I'm ready.

Cause it's a beautiful night we're looking for something-great to do

Hey, baby I think I wanna marry you. (Sam does a few body rolls)

Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby I think I wanna marry you!

Oh! I'll go get a ring let the choir bell sing like ooooh,

So what you wanna do? Let's run girl!

If you wake up and you wanna break up- not cool.

-That will never do! - Oh c'mon girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no, no just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

And we'll go, go, go, go, go if you're ready like I'm ready!

Cause, it's a beautiful night we're looking for something- great to do

Hey baby I think I wanna marry you.

Is it that look in you eyes or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby I think I want to marry you.

Just say I do, tell me right now baby tell me right now baby, baby

Just say I do, tell me right now baby, tell me right now baby, baby

It's a beautiful night were looking for something- great to do!

Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby

I think I wanna marry you.

Sam finishes the song and stops singing and jumping around. He also finished gathering all of Mercedes things together and packing them into her two suitcases and a tote bag.

He takes one of the closed bottles of water from the mini-fridge and drinks it. But while doing so he notices that she has messages on her phone.

2 new messages


Karen: Mercedes are you alright. It's mom. I received the oddest call from Chloe the other day. Please call me. I can't believe you came into town right before we had to leave it. Talk to you soon.

1 new message


Full of static and extremely distorted.

"Ugly like you, has no right to have what you have, I am going to take it all away from you!"

Sam could not believe what he was hearing. He used his cell phone to call the police and he had them meet him at Mercy's hotel room. Once the police arrived they listened to the message, and requested all the information that Sam new about the situation. After explaining all of what he knew; the police requested that an interview with Chloe, Mercedes, and Joe would also be required. Understanding the necessity of the situation;

Sam then placed a call to Mercedes.

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