War Torn

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Sam felt a shiver go through his body as he watched her take a bow and walk into the other room. "What's wrong" the wounded solider spoke to him when he noticed that Sam had lost a considerable amount of color. "I'm sorry but I can't stay; I am not feeling too well." Sam raised his right hand to his head. "We will have to try this again at another time; alright?" Sam said. "Are you going to be able to come back for the second show this evening?" He continued. "They said that 'The USO would be here for a lunch and a dinner show today.'" Sam looked around. "I'll see" was Sam's response. The solider just nodded as Sam looked toward the door that she walked through and then turned around and walked out in the opposite direction.

The breeze felt good on Sam's face as he went back to his apartment. He found himself pacing back and forth and trying to figure out what just happened. "Why did he think that she was his wife? What about her name- Mercedes; like that famous car?" He thought. "Déjà vu?" He thought. Sam went to his refrigerator and grabbed a beer pulled of the cap and took a long swig. He needed to think; he needed to understand. "If only Joseph were here." He thought and then it hit him…"Joseph; the envelope-my past." He whispered.

Sam looked around the room. "The envelope?" "The envelope." He spoke as he started looking through different drawers from his kitchenette to his bedroom and then he found it. It was a large manila envelope and it was sealed and taped shut along the top. Sam took another swig from the beer bottle as he walked over to his couch and sat down. He then put the beer bottle on the side table and began to open the package.

It was filled with papers but what was on the top was a note from Joseph.


I wanted to bring this up so many times but I was not sure when you would have been ready. Now that you are reading this I know that you have made the choice, on your own, to try to remember or understand your past.

I have kept these things that were the dearest to you and placed them in this envelope. Once you have read through everything if you still have questions you know that you are free to call. I attempted to keep up the correspondence but my letters all came back returned…I supposed she had already moved on by the time they got there. The only thing that I can tell you is that even if you don't understand what you are about to see-understand-that I was there; I was a witness- and all of it was true. You were most definitely a man in love- the type of love that made you willing to do or deal with anything.

I could learn a lot from you.

Take care,


Sam took a deep breath and looked at the contents of the envelope. It was stuffed almost to the brink with paperwork, a small transistor radio, and some keys. Sam first looked through the rest of the paperwork; many of them were opened and unopened letters from Mercedes there were 328 in all. He made sure that they were all put in date order and he began to read. The first eleven made no sense to him because they only had one letter on each. Then the letters started to make sense- they talked about how happy she was that they had met again after being separated for 5 years. She spoke of times they shared back home in Caroline County and in Hawaii. She spoke of love, happiness, hopes and fears about their future together; and how much she had missed him.

The next stack of letters changed in tone to one of hope for her career; but also one of sadness of not hearing from him. "She felt lost traveling around and not receiving any letters from me?" He thought. She was hopeful that they would be together again, eventually; and she always prayed for my safety.

The next grouping of letters spoke about making records and being on the radio but also being tired of movin' around so much. She missed me and wanted us to figure out a way to meet and be together. She waited for me to give her instructions on what we could do.

The next few letters became sadder and more distant. "Because; I didn't answer." He thought. Fear filled every pen stroke as she asked "If I had fallen out of love with her?" She asked "If I had decided it was "too much" to go through being her husband and trying to hide it?" She begged for a response to know that she was not alone, in a now, one-sided love. She must have never gotten a response because she then moved on to pleasantries -asking about my life and "If I had found another?" and if I were at least happy- that was all she wanted for me.

Sam's heart hurt with the thought of how she had been feeling because he was unable to answer even one single note.

The last groups of letters were filled with fear that I had died in the attack. She simply wanted to hear something from me- to know, that she could still have hope of my safe return. She spoke of havin' attempted to return, to Hawaii to find me, but since the attack- travel back and forth from the states had been restricted unless you could prove you were a relative. She desperately wanted to come; but she feared that if I had been fine and then she turned up saying that she was my wife; it could have gotten me arrested or killed. She also did not want to cause any trouble for me with "A new family" that she assumed I may have started.

Sam rubbed his hand through his hair and shook his head. "Oh, this is so bad." He said. "Mercy, I am so sorry." He whispered.

The last group of letters began over a year ago when she said she had joined the USO to help perform for the wounded troops. She had hoped that I was okay; but if I was not, she hoped that she would find me amongst the wounded. She was sent to Europe and had seen a good bit of the world. She promised that if she had just seen me alive and well, that she would not say anything to me; she just wanted to know that I was okay.

"My safety would be enough for her." She wrote.

Sam was amazed at her kindness even when it seemed that he was a louse; as he read her letters, he connected with all of the love that he felt for her and he was so grateful that it was more love then he had ever imagined for himself.

As I continued to look through the paperwork I then found the wedding certificate with our names on it; and I saw the deed of a boardin' house signed over in my name. "The boardin' house? He thought. THAT BOARDIN' HOUSE!" Sam said out loud. It had belonged to Sandra's family but she signed it over to me and left the keys inside the envelope as well.

Sam was overwhelmed by all that he had just takin' in. He wanted to think but his head hurt from concern "How could he have loved so deeply and not remembered to search for her after he had been here for so long?" He pondered. "But then again- I guess I did." Sam lightly chuckled. Sam went to grab for his, now empty, bottle of beer so he stood up and retrieved another one and began to drink it. It broke his heart that she eventually thought the worst of him. Sam's mind continued to race and he needed a distraction. He turned on the radio to clear his mind a little; when he heard one of his favorite songs in this last year start to play. As he listened to the lyrics he realized this had been about her, for him, this song had been about her the entire time.

The song plays:

That old black magic has me in its spell

That old black magic that you weave so well

Those icy fingers up and down my spine

The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine

The same old tingle that I feel inside

And then that elevator starts its ride

And down and down I go; round and round I go

Like a leaf that's caught in the tide

I should stay away but what can I do?

I hear your name and I'm a flame

A flame with such a burning desire

That only your kiss can put out the fire

For you're the lover I have waited for

The mate, that fate, - had me created for

And every time your lips meet mine

Darling down and down I go; round and round I go

In a spin- loving the spin I'm in

Under that old black magic -called love

Sam's mind became flooded with memories of his life and times with and without Mercedes Jones-"No wait…" He thought. "Mrs. Mercedes Evans." He corrected himself.

Sam then felt a surge of panic strike him. He immediately realized that he had left and he had not spoken to her. "What if she had seen him and assumed that he just refused to speak to her!" He felt like such an idiot "Why didn't I look at what was inside this envelope before?" He thought. If he had ruined this chance to be with her - he would never forgive himself. Sam first looked around his apartment; he has to make sure that she never doubted him again. Sam ran to his Hi-fi and grabbed the record album from off of it; placed it in its cover and then Sam reached into a drawer and pulled out a small flashlight and placed it in his pocket. He then looked at the time and immediately took off and ran back to the Veteran's Center and back to the recreation room.

Sam ran to the doorway and the room was packed all around the edges of the room for the evening performance. Sam walked to the corner of the room and hid behind a group of soldiers who were standing there. Once he had been waiting there for about twenty minutes then Sam saw her enter through the back door and walk back to the far end of the room and begin to perform again.

Mercedes sings:

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky- stormy weather

Since my man and I ain't together; keeps raining all the time

Life is bare, gloom, and misery everywhere- stormy weather

Just can't get my poor self together

I am weary all the time- the time- so weary all the time

Since he went away the blues walked in and met me

If he stays away ole rockin' chair will get me

All I do is pray the Lord above will let me- walk in the sun once more

Can't go on everything I had is gone -stormy weather

Since my man and I ain't together keeps raining all the time

Keeps raining all the time

I walk around heavy hearted and sad

Night comes around and I'm still feelin' bad

Rain pourin' down blindin' every hope I had

This pittering, patterin', beatin; and smatterin' drives me mad

Love, love, love, love this misery is just too much for me

Can't go on everything I had is gone -stormy weather

Since my man and I ain't together keeps raining all the time

Keeps raining all the time

The whole room burst into applause once she finished singing. Sam knew that this was the time he had to act, he had to act now and he had to act fast. He tried slipping through the crowd and made his way to the middle of the room. On the table along the wall there was a phonograph in a wooden box. He opened it and put the record he had on the Hi-fi and it began to play.

As Mercedes begins to leave and walk back out of the door Sam called out her name loudly. "Mercedes, I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful; would you like to dance?" Then he smiled at her. Mercedes felt her insides melt instantaneously. She turned around and searched the crowd and then she saw the man who matched the most beautiful voice she had heard in the last, almost, three and a half years.

The room became extremely quiet except for the scratching sound as the song began to start its first note. Sam walked right up to her and took her hand in front of the entire room. Mercedes looked at Sam the she looked around the room again and back into his eyes. As a tear began to fill her eye she smiled and said. "Yes, I'd love to."

Many of the nurses in the room started whispering along with quite a few patients who were also filled with shock and awe. But none of that matter to either of them anymore. They were just happy to be in the same place once again. Sam stretched out his hand and she placed her hands in his and they walked together to the middle of the room.

(Sam wrapped his one arm around her waist and took his other and held up her hand. Then he smiled at her and spoke to her as the music continued playing in the background.)

Frank Sinatra sings:

Don't throw bouquets at me

Don't please my folks too much

Don't laugh at my jokes too much

People will say we're in love

They began to dance slowly in the middle of the room.

("Forgive me." He said. "I love you with all my heart and I didn't want to lose contact with you." He continued. "I was arrested and was in the brig for 6 months; and the night I was released we were attacked the next day. I also developed a type of amnesia until this afternoon. Hearing you sing helped me to recover." Sam spoke quickly because he didn't want her not to hear his reasons. "I read all those letters that you wrote, and that I had missed; just this afternoon. I didn't know. I love you; you must know that I would have never given up on us." He said.)

Don't sigh and gaze at me

Your sighs are so like mine

Your eyes mustn't glow like mine

People will say we're in love

(Mercedes cont'd to dance in his arms, she occasionally, looked around and she saw several people walking out of the recreation room disgusted; and then she looked at Sam. It was so much to take in- so fast; she heard him but she would have to deal with that later. All she could do is speak about what was going on in this moment. "I like the song you have chosen." She said. "It is so fitting for the moment cause you know people are gonna talk." She spoke again. Sam replied "As long as they say we're in love; I don't care. I have missed you Mercy more than you can ever realize." Sam said and then he closed his eyes and encircled his nose around hers. Mercedes closed her eyes and took in every second of it.)

(More people left complaining and there were some of them who had even required help to be wheeled back to their rooms.)

Don't start collecting things

Give me my rose and my glove

Sweetheart, there suspecting things

People will say we're in love

(Mercedes then took her arms and placed them around Sam's neck. Sam then wrapped both of his arms around her waist and brought her into himself with the deepest, sincerest, and extremely passionate kiss that he could give her.)


Sweetheart there suspecting things

People will say we're in love

The room completely emptied out and the song stopped; but the kissing didn't.


Sam walked hand in hand with Mercedes down the road as he told her about how Joseph and Sandra had actually gotten married and moved to Illinois. Mercedes rested her head on Sam's shoulder as they walked; she held his hand and grabbed onto his upper arm with her other hand. "You don't know how many nights, I cried worried that you had died, Sam." She whispered as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder. "I am sorry that I made you worry, sweetheart." Sam spoke softly. "Sam what happened; why were you arrested?" She asked. "One of the guys, Ace, found out about you and I and he said some stuff and I fought him." Sam hunched his shoulders. "Sam, I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that because of me." She squeezed in close to his upper arm again. Sam stopped her right in front of the old boardin' house. Sam took her into his arms and hugged her. "I didn't have to go through anything. I could have kept my mouth shut and just pretended he got it wrong; but the thing is-I wanted to go through that-for you. I want you and everyone else to know that I am not ashamed at all that you are my wife. I don't have to; I want to, because to me you are worth it." Sam then kissed her again.

"Come on I want to show you something." Sam said. He walked up to the boardin' house and then walked around to their courtyard. Mercedes mind filled with all the happy times that they had there when they first met again and she was filled with such gratitude. Then Sam took a small flashlight from his pocket and pointed it in the direction of her old window. She looked over and saw that the window was cracked open. She smiled at him and said "You did this?" Sam grabbed her hand and led her closer. He poured the light from the flashlight into her window and she saw that the room was filled with Lei's. It wasn't just along the windowsill but the whole room was filled with them. Mercedes turned around and looked at Sam but Sam spoke first. "Do you remember what I told you that it meant when I placed a lei in your window?" He asked. She started speaking and Sam began mouthing the words as she spoke-"That you've been thinking of me; that you've been missing me; and that you've been loving me."

Mercedes felt herself start to get emotional. "Sam? Are you saying that all this time you have been putting these in here?" She asked. "Mercedes my love for you is so deep that even when I couldn't remember you with my mind; I remembered you with my heart. I used to call this 'my peculiarity' I would come here and bring as many leis as I could and, each time, I would put them in this room. I did it almost every day but you know something; even though I could not remember why I had to, I knew that it was important for me to do so. One day I counted them and I realize that even the month that I was in my coma. Joseph also came and put some here as well; I had him with me the last time I did it, the night before we were attacked. I explained to him what it meant for you; and to me. He is a great friend and he didn't allow the symbol of my love for you- to become neglected. I ask that you please forgive me for not writing to you; but I don't want you to think that you still were not on my mind, somewhere, and in my heart; I wanted to show all this to you to prove it to you." Sam said.

Mercedes' tears flowed down her face as she grabbed Sam and kissed him. Afterward Sam said "This is going to be our home; I want you to know that I bought this boardin' house from Sandra. We can stay here because I found out it is not illegal for us to be married here." Sam stroked her cheek with his hand. "It isn't?" Mercedes asked. "We didn't break any Hawaiian laws by getting married. It still may not be easy with the people; but we can be here together and happy." Sam said. "We can come back and start getting it ready for us to move in; alright? " He said. "But, for now, I will show you where I've been staying." Sam spoke as he took her hand and led her out of the courtyard.


Once they walked into Sam's apartment and he locked the door behind him. He questioned her. "Did I tell you today how sexy you look in that uniform?" Sam grinned. "No, I don't think you have." She said. "That's good." Sam said bluntly. Mercedes then hit his shoulder with her hand. Sam started laughing and said "No, it's good because I am quite sure you will look a whole lot sexier with it off." Sam said as he took her hand and led her to his bedroom then Sam pulled her closer to him and began to unbuckle her belt. "Sam, you know that I have been in the USO for about a year now right and we travel all over the place." Sam looked at her, puzzled, but then said. "Well, I was hopin' you might be able to give that up for a while and take on the role of my full time wife." He said as he also began to open the buttons on her uniform top. "I am no longer in the Navy Mercedes, (He continued to speak and then he kissed her cheek and trailed towards her earlobe) and I know that I have several years of lovemaking that I would like to make up for." Sam spoke as he nibbled on her neck and started to stroke her bare exposed skin with his hand. "You want me to stay and be your full time wife?" (She repeated as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes in enjoyment; then she whispered) " I like the sound of that baby more than you know." (Mercedes began licking her lips)" I only got to enjoy you once and that has not been nearly enough." She said as she stepped out of her shoes and undid the button on the back of her shirt. She then pulled down her skirt zipper as Sam discarded his shirt and pants. Mercedes climbed backward onto the bed and while doing so she pulled down the covers and got in. Sam took off his underwear and was standing at attention again. Mercedes giggled. "I remember how afraid I was the last time I saw that." She said. Sam climbed into the bed with her. "You don't ever have to be afraid of me." He said as he was now unclasping her bra and freeing the breasts that he had been longing to be close to again. "You have no idea what it does to me to see my skin tone near yours; I still think it is perfect together." Sam said. Mercedes then reached under the covers and pulled off her panties and pulled them up from under the covers and dropped them on the side of the bed. "I know a way that you can get even closer." She smiled.

Sam rested his head in the valley of her bosom and inhaled all that was the scent of his woman. Mercedes felt the roughness of his five o'clock shadow slide up and down on the soft skin of her breast and she moaned as he placed her nipple into his mouth and had his tongue encircle it. Sam slipped his hand up and down the side of her hips and was encouraged by the heat her body was giving off. She moved her hands to his hair and then brought her fingers down to stroke his ears as she arched her back and started thrusting her bottom half forward inviting him to enter her. Sam removed his mouth from her breast and began rubbing his hair along her skin as he slid his face down her torso and kissing every pore. He had desired to explore her body and he wanted to know every inch. "Oh baby…" He said as she slid her left hand down from his head and under his arm and started using her hand to manipulate his nipple as well. Sam then lunged forward and began kissing her again and while doing so he entered her. He rested his head on her shoulder upon entry and just savored the experience he didn't move and she didn't move.

Sam simply waited enjoying the fit and the feel; and he wanted to watch her.

All he knew was that he never wanted to be separated from her again. His breathe came quickly and sweat dripped from his head onto her shoulder. He turned his head toward her face and watched her lick her lips again, as she inhaled, and he saw a quiver come across her upper lip it was then that she opened her big brown eyes and looked at him. Sam just shook his head and exclaimed "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me" his breathing was heavy and rhythmic and he started grinding his pelvis in conjunction with the each rhythmic sound of his breathing. With every thrust Mercedes gasped in some air and then she wrapped her right thigh around his leg. Her hands grabbed onto his waist and she raised his body up with her hands and brought him back down again; and pulled him deeper into her. Sam felt his heart racing, as she continued this motion and his penis began throbbing when he pulled her hands from his side and raised them over her head again and intertwined their fingers. "Yes, Sam" she whispered over and over again; after enjoying a timeless exchange of his body's thrusts, it was then when she felt an explosion of tingles that came from her inner core and extended down even to her toes. Her body tightened and Sam felt her shrink beneath him and as he took in every spasm of her body; he then matched it with his own. He felt the rush of liquid warmth shoot from his penis and flow deeply into Mercedes; his head flew backwards and he exhaled, powerfully.

As they lay there in each other's arms there was nothing left; no energy to move, no words left to say, all they did at this time was cherish this moment together; to relish in the fact that it would no longer be their last time together; they were never going to allow themselves to be apart again- no matter what comes; this was all worth it. The love that they shared would definitely- always be -all worth it.


It was the summer of 1975 when Mercedes had just finished signing in some customers to stay at the boardin' house. She could not help but stare at the interracial couple who stood before her with their six year old daughter. She spent a few moments talking to them about the sites in and around the neighborhood; and she was about to give them directions to go to the Pearl Harbor Museum Exhibit when her husband Sam walked in. "Sam these are our new guests for the next week- The Davidsons." Mercedes said. Sam looked at them and winked at his wife. "I am very pleased to meet the both of you." Sam, who was now a strapping man of 60 years, said as he shook their hands and smiled. Their daughter Elizabeth smiled but kept walking around and trying to take in the place.

Mark and Sharon both tried to restrain her; but Sam offered for him and Mercedes to give them a tour of the place. "I was a curious one myself when I was a boy." Sam offered. "It's no trouble at all." As they walked along the first floor the little girl eventually said "Mommy look" as she pointed into a room. They all looked into the room where the girl was pointing and they saw a window with a red kiss print on it and with one single lei in the window. "Oh, how beautiful and peculiar-all at the same time." Sharon Davidson said. Mercedes and Sam just smiled. "We don't rent out this room." Mercedes said. "Does it mean something?" Mark asked. "Is it a Hawaiian custom or something?" He continued while Sharon took her camera out and took a picture of it.

"It means somethin' to us; that right there (Sam pointed to the window as he spoke) is a testimony to a love story which began a long time ago." Sam said. "When we fell in love it was illegal for us to do so. That is how we used to send messages to each other when we were apart." Mercedes said. "We keep that there to remind us that our love needs to be nurtured and cherished because not so long ago we had to hide it and fight for it." Sam said. "It is also there to remind us that real love conquers anything and that it is worth all the challenges that it may bring- all of it." Mercedes spoke again. Sam then took her hand and kissed the back of it.

The Davidson's looked at each other and then they looked back at Sam and Mercedes. "Would you mind sharing your story with us?" Sharon said. "We would love to hear it." Mark interjected. "Well let's all go out into the kitchen and I'll make us a cup of tea; so we can talk." Mercedes said. As they were walking Sam started to speak. "Well it all started underneath a chestnut tree in Caroline County Virginia; and I found this little gal cryin'… " Sam began and then he caught himself. "Mercy!" Sam shouted; to the shock of everyone. "You never did tell me why you was a cryin' that day!" Sam said. "Oh, Sam you are so silly." Mercedes started laughing as she tapped him on the shoulder with her hand and they continued to walk down the hall. "I was cryin' cause I thought I'd never have a best friend again." Mercedes answered. "Ooooh!" Sam said as he nodded his head and then he continued on with his story. "So she was sittin' under my tree..."

The End.

Author's Note: Well I tried my best! Thanks again "roolieq" for the Tumblr prompt picture. If you're out there somewhere I hope that you enjoyed the story. I also liked the element of them sharing their story with another generation who did not go through necessarily what they went through but gained due to their own sacrifice; a little giving back always seems good. Please review. Thank you everyone and I hope to see you all again in my imagination. - Bye Anna.

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