War Torn

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Mercedes and Sam had been sitting in the courtyard for hours. Sam had explained how he was stationed on the USS Tennessee; and that it was docked out on Ford Island. He told her that he would be stationed there at least two years and that he would have shore leave once a month for 48 hours exactly. "How can you stand it?" She asked. "The boy I knew loved to roam free, there wasn't a hill you didn't climb or a pasture you didn't run through -arms outstretched." She chuckled. "Don't ya feel confined?" She asked. "It was a little hard gettin' used to, at first, but after while; it was fine- oh- I just love her. She's really not as small as you may think neither. I wish there was a way I could take you on board just so you could see her- she's really somethin' special; just like you." He beamed as he used his pointer finger to trace the side of her face. Mercedes diverted her eyes away. "This seems so strange and a little hard to get used to." She giggled, as she spoke and then looked at him again. "Who would have ever thought that we would? That you and I…" She couldn't keep herself from smiling. So much so, that it came to the point that she had to turn away her face from his; out of sheer embarrassment.

Sam couldn't help but be a little impressed about how she was having a hard time containing how she felt about him. It made him feel less alone, he was feeling things about her, right now, that he knew to be improper; but he liked it nonetheless. "I suppose it was bound to happen." He said as he reached out his hand and turned her face to look at him once more. "We are not children anymore Mercedes; and out of all the women that I have known, I have never wanted to spend as much time together-not with any of them; as much as I'd like to spend it with you." His eyes seemed to dance as he looked at her. "Were there many, Sam?" Her face seemed to lose some of its glow. "Girls, I mean" she continued meekly. Her big brown eyes searched him for truth but Sam could also see the hint of fear behind them. Sam had a funny feeling about where this conversation was now headed but, he knew that with her he had to be truthful; always truthful. "Only enough of them, to know, that none of them could ever hold a candle to you." He said. Sam then began again in a humbled tone. "Mercedes, I wasn't looking for them—I was looking for you- in them; and you know what?" He spoke again while slowly shaking his head from side to side. "I could never find you". He sighed. "What could I do? It was just like your daddy told you, and I guess you had instilled it in me too, I want the best or nothin'; and Mercedes, you girl, are -the best!" Once Sam had finished speaking he sat closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and then he took his free hand to rest her head on his shoulder. "I thank God that I have finally found you again." He whispered as he closed his eyes and just cherished this moment with her.

A flood of emotions went cascading through Mercedes' whole body. The fear she was earlier entertaining was silently drifting away and a comfort and security was starting to fill her heart. "It was too late. She loved him. She loved Sam Evans and there was nothing else to do or say about it now." She thought. "Thinking back maybe she had always loved him in some way, shape, or form for the last 16 years. Whether, it had been the love of a playmate, a friend, a protector, a provider, and now as a man. Where fear and doubt wanted to creep in; she remembered the Sam who had shared the most significant event in her life; when her mother had abandoned her. It was Sam, who was no more than eleven years old at the time, who had vowed to be there for her whenever she needed him to be; and he was always true to his words. Should she doubt him now? At this moment? Should she doubt his words when he says…..?" "I love you, Mercedes." He said and interrupted her thoughts. She had been thinking; until she heard Sam speak. "He said it!" The reality hit her. "He said it with just as much confidence, as one could say that the Moon would never leave the side of the Earth." She thought. "Say it again Sam, please. I want to make sure that I am not dreaming." She spoke almost burying her head inside his Naval shirt collar; she whispered it, as if it were a wish, or a prayer. Sam cradled her face in his hands and lifted her head until he was looking deeply into her eyes; he then gave her a lopsided grin and spoke once more slowly and deliberately. "I love you Ms. Mercedes Mildred Jones." A tear rolled down her cheek as soon as he spoke those words again, but he continued on "And, I have decided right now, at this very moment, to never love another woman but you for the rest of my life- unless of course we have a couple of daughters." He smiled wider this time. "And, I am hoping…. " (He started again) that you would do me the honor of feeling the same way about me too-" She looked at him and smiled widely, "Until we have some sons, of course". She added and they both began to laugh "Well, of course." He said as he gently encircled his nose around hers once again and then their kissing began all over again.

It was almost 2:30 am and Sam realized that he had never made any arrangements for where he was supposed to stay that evening. He had planned originally to hang out with the fellas and they would all get a room somewhere but casting them aside for Mercedes was the best thing he could have ever done. Only now, she was getting sleepy and he could see it. He needed to consider her and allow her to get some rest. He was pondering what to do in this predicament, he couldn't very well scour the roomin' houses now looking for his shipmates; besides, he was supposed to back on board the ship already-at least that was the last thing he told them.

Mercedes was still resting her hand on his shoulder when she yawned. "Sweetheart, you should get some rest." He said as he again gently stroked her arm. "Sam, where are you going to go?" "Oh don't worry about me. Maybe I will just walk around; wait awhile and watch the sun come up." He said. "Sam, would you wait here just a few minutes I will be right with you alright?" "Alright," He said. Then he watched her as she got up and walked away down the small path and up the tiny stairs. It was then that he started hearing the fountain again. He wondered. "How he hadn't heard in in the last hour or so?" But that was probably because, all he had heard since then, was his own heart beating wildly out of control in his chest. The joy that he was now feeling was indescribable and unequaled by any measure in the English language.

Allowing this type of happiness in his life was worth any and everything. It was then that his mind reminisced on Mercedes earlier words. "Sam don't you understand what you are setting us up for? The hiding? The ridicule – once we are found out? What if they threw you out of the Navy? Not to mention the threat of physical harm and jail?" He loved her so much but he couldn't take this lightly either. He had to be smart, he wasn't concerned about himself (except for how she would feel if something had happened to him) but it was her. What kind of danger could he have really been bringing her into, simply, because he was being selfish and had never ever wanted to give up the feeling that he was feeling for her; ever again. He would never forgive himself if something truly bad ever happened to her.

Sam had been around the world now and he had learned more then he really wanted too. He had heard the talk and he knew what people were saying about "colored people"; but he also knew that what these people were describing had never been what he had encountered in all the time that he had spent with them back in Caroline County - except for maybe, Alfred. He also did not believe that you should base an opinion on a whole group of people because of the few bad ones you may or may not have encountered. No, they were wrong; all the things those people would say and how they would treat the coloreds was just wrong. If anyone had spent any moment in time with Mercedes they would see the good in her and her worth.

"Sam." He heard her calling his name. Sam looked around and saw Mercedes standing in a room, at the window, on the first floor. She was waving him to come over. When he walked over she opened the window real wide and beckoned him to climb in but she had put her finger over her mouth to remind him to be real quite. Sam looked around and then hoisted himself up on the ledge and he swung his leg over and entered the room. Mercedes quickly and as quietly as she could, closed the window behind him. "What are we doin'?" He asked. "We are goin' to bed." She whispered. Sam felt like his heart was going to stop right at that moment. "Are you sure?" He said. "Of course, I cannot have you wanderin' all night out alone. I would never get no sleep worrin' 'bout ya." She said. She then went to the far side of the room opened a door and came back with a couple of blankets and pillows. "You'll have to leave by dawn but I will meet you around the corner about an hour after sunrise alright?" She said.

Sam looked around "So this is your room?" He whispered as she was placing some blankets on the floor beside the bed and fluffing out the pillows. "Uh huh." Sam continued to look around and he saw a small table with some note papers and a pencil on it. He immediately walked over and scribbled something on the paper. "What are you doin'? " She asked. "I wrote down the way you have to address letters if you want them to get to me while I'm in the military." He said. She nodded and then she saw Sam staring back at the window and out into the courtyard again. Then he smiled a big smile. "Uh Oh, I know that look Sam Evans you are a plannin' something; that look in your eyes has gotten my tail beat on several occasions." She smirked.

"We can do it baby, we really can! Sam spoke excitedly. "Can you keep this window cracked open?" He asked. "I can do whatever I want to Sam it's my window." She smiled a puzzled smile. "Please baby, leave it cracked all the time and whenever I can get leave from the ship; I am going to come here climb through that window from the courtyard, and wait for you- in here." Sam started pacing and thinking then he pointed to the door to the room. "Does this door have a lock on it?" He asked. "Yes" She answered. "Does anyone else have a key but you?" He asked yet another question. "No, since we are here long term we each get to hold the master key for privacy sake." Sam ran over to her hugged and squeezed her again. "We can do this, when you get a chance write 10 letters to me and send them to me to the address I've given you." "Ten letters?!" She questioned in disbelief. "Yes, I want to see how long it takes to get the mail so that I know the time frame we have to pass information to each other." "If for some reason…" he continued, "our plans have to change I will still come by but I will leave a lei in your window instead; this way you will know that I have been here, that I have been thinking about you, that I have been missing you, and that I have been loving you." Sam said and Mercedes just warmed all over and smiled again. "Well, what about me? If my plans change and I cannot meet up with you what should I do?" She asked him.

Sam thought for a few minutes and then he said. "Can I tell you somethin' that I never told you before?" Mercedes seemed a bit confused, she honestly thought, she knew everything about Sam. "Of course" She said. "When I came by and picked you up on that New Year's Eve in 1933; I saw you, for the first time, ever, I really saw you and the memory that stuck out in my mind, more than anythin' else, was that you was a wearin' that ruby red lipstick." Mercedes wrinkled her nose a little in surprise that he would remember that. "I remembered that cause- (He looked down at the floor before speaking again) I had promised myself, that afternoon-right then, I was going kiss you when the New Year came in and that I was gonna get to taste you and that ruby red lipstick." Sam confessed. "Sam…" was all that she could get out because he continued to speak. "If you want to leave me a message; just put on that ruby red lipstick and plant a kiss on that window right there. When I come by I'll know that the plans have changed; but I will cherish that kiss in my heart until I see you again." Mercedes stood there in shock and awe the only thing that broke her out of it was her hearing the sound of her own voice speaking. "I love you Sam Evans."

Sam smiled walked over to her and kissed her then he took his place on the floor by her bedside. She laid on her bed above him and blew out the lamp, but then within a few minutes she took her hand and extended it over the side of the bed, only, to find his awaiting hand ready to hold on to hers; then while holding each other's hands they both fell off to sleep.

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