War Torn

Chapter 7

Author's Note: Hi, everyone. I am posting Chapter 7 now but I have time so I will probably write and post 8 today too; if I can. The song in this chapter is called "I'll be seeing you by Vera Lynn it was published in 1938; so Mercedes is singing it here in 1939. Here is the link- watch?v=Tsfbp5aEAQE you can listen to it on Youtube but Mohammad Maminteng posted it; if you can't follow this link. If you are able to listen while to it while reading, I hope it will have a much better affect. Please forgive any mistakes and thank you all for your continued support of my story.

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Chapter 7

The next two months had been hard on Sam the ship was leaving Ford Island for some training drills, and the testing of the newer equipment several miles off shore. They would still be near the Hawaiian Islands but that meant that all shore leave privileges had been revoked for the next two months. Sam could not describe how much his heart simply hurt from not being able to see Mercedes for that long.

When the mission was finally over and they docked again Sam practically flew off of the ship and out toward the roomin' house. He had written her last telling her that he would be coming. He picked up some flowers and headed straight toward the courtyard. When he got there he carefully looked around before entering; it seemed like no one was around and so he entered onto the little pathway and headed down the stairs but when he got inside he saw a woman. Sam quickly tried to hide the flowers in his hand but he had been spotted anyway.

"Why, hello; are those for me?" She questioned. She looked kind of young Sam thought possibly 18 or so. She had flaming red hair that she had pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearin' a light colored dress that was tight at the waist and wide on the bottom; and it had little pink and red flowers all over it.

She got up from the chair that she was sitting in and asked him again. "I said, are those for me?" She smiled at him and began to twirl the end of her ponytail. Sam, needing to think fast spoke up, "Is the lady of the house at home?" He asked. "Come on in here a little closer." She said. Sam walked all the way into the courtyard. She walked around him sizing him up. "Wow, you sure are a looker aren't you?" She said. Sam cleared his throat and said. "Thank you, ma'am." She shot a suspicious glance his way and then she said. "The lady of the house, my aunt, is 65 years old; so who now, do you think would be sendin' her any flowers?" She said.

"I just deliver it ma'am." Is how Sam decided to counter that question. She encircled his body one more time and slid her hand up and down his left arm. "Why would, you suppose, a delivery of flowers would come from a man in a Naval uniform?" She asked. "I was just doin' a friend a favor ma'am. " Sam responded. Sam felt uneasy and he looked around the courtyard that is when he saw it- the form of Mercedes lips in ruby red on her window. Sam felt that his heart had just fallen into quicksand it had sunk so low. "Ma'am if the lady of the house is not home…" He spoke. "Well, I will take that for her instead. " The girl offered. "My name is Sandra by the way; you can stop callin' me ma'am." She giggled.

"And you are?" She questioned. "Sam Evans, ma'am." Sam tipped his head slightly and then, even though he hated doing it, he handed her the flowers. "Well, Mr. Sam Evans I am happy to make your acquaintance and I would absolutely love it if you would stay and share a cool glass of lemonade with me; I am new here, and am in the mind of makin' some new friends." She spoke. In all the years that Sam had been on the ship he never felt as confined as he felt right now, maybe it was worse than confined, it was that he was starting to feel as if he were to be held hostage. "I am afraid ma'am, that- that is not possible; I must be on my way." Sam spoke slightly more assertively and he nodded his head at her again and turned and made his way out of the courtyard.

Sam walked around the neighborhood for a while trying to figure out what he should do. He didn't dare go back yet because what if she was still there. He would never be able to explain his appearance a second time. But he missed Mercedes he wanted to be near her, even waiting for her in her room would have made him feel closer to her; he wanted to hold her, he wanted to kiss her; it had already been two months and that was two months too long. Sam needed a drink he went back to 'Jade' thinking maybe he could find her there.

But she wasn't there either. Sam was torn there was nothing that he wanted to do if he couldn't be with Mercedes; but if he went back to the ship and forfeit his shore leave, and she was only going to be gone for a little while, he would have missed another opportunity to be with her. Sam felt he just had to risk it, disappointment, boredom, and all. He would stay and try to see her because he just could not risk missing any opportunity to be with her. Sam had been waiting and drinking in Jade for about 4 hours and to say that Sam was now drunk would be an understatement. He was sitting at the barstool on the end and he had his head down when a hand was placed on his shoulder. It was Joseph. "What's the matter Sammy? Did your girl stand you up or something?" Joseph asked. Sam lifted up his head and held his forehead in his hands while resting his elbows on the bar. "Joseph" Sam said while shaking his head. "I miss her man….(Sam continued) this is so much harder than I thought it was gonna be." Sam said looking at Joseph. Joseph started looking at Sam with a hint of concern. "What is harder?" Sam stared at Joseph but he was blinking and blinking his eyes trying to get Joseph in focus. "Are you my friend, Joe? " Sam asked. "Really, and truly my friend?" Joseph looked at Sam again this time a little more concerned. "Of course." Joseph replied. Sam then yelled out to the bartender. "I want to buy this man a drink, whiskey; please?" Although, Sam did stumble on the words a little bit.

The bartender brought the drink and sat it on the end of the bar. "Can I tell you something that no one else knows? Will you keep my secrets?" Sam asked as he handed Joseph the shot glass. Now Joseph was known for being the wild one, and the clown, but out of all of his shipmates. Joseph honestly felt a connection to Sam and he knew that something must be really wrong for Sam to be acting this way; in a nutshell this simply wasn't him. Joseph knew that he must have been carrying around a heavy load, and he wanted to do whatever he could to lighten it for him, Sam Evans in his book was a good man.

Joseph then responded to Sam's last question. "Sam if you are willing to trust me with your secret I promise to keep it buddy." Sam grabbed Joseph by the neck and pulled him in close to him. Joseph could smell the vodka that Sam had been drinking all afternoon on his breath. "I am in love." Sam said. "That's not a secret." Joseph said. "It isn't the secret?" Sam questioned. "No, Sam I kind of figured that part out already." Joseph whispered back. "But you don't know with- who?" Sam whispered. "No, Sam I don't ". Joseph replied.

As they were talking the music began and out came Mercedes from the back curtain and she started to sing.

Mercedes singing:

Cathedral bells were tolling and our hearts sang on;

(Sam who was still holding on to Joseph's neck swung Joseph's whole body to the side to see the woman to match that voice.)

Was it the spell of Paris; or the April Dawn?

(Joseph said… "Ouch, Sam!" but Sam hushed him by putting his finger to his lips. Joseph looked up on the stage and spoke again "Hey isn't that?" Then Sam looked a Joseph and said "The love of my life? Sam whispered. "Yes- it is." Sam then turned his attention back on Mercedes and smiled)

Who knows if we shall meet again?

But when the morning chimes ring sweet again

(Joseph was attempting to let it sink in, what Sam had just said to him, but he figured Sam must have been kidding; he was just drunk.)

I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places

That my heart and mind embraces';

All day through…

(Joseph began to chuckle; he thought that he could not have been serious, but then, he watched Sam; and he watched how Sam was watching her.)

In that small café, the park across the way;

The children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well.

(Sam sighed; and smiled brighter.)

I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day; in everything that's light and gay.

I always think of you that way.

(And, Joseph knew it to be true.)

I'll find you in the morning sun and when the night is new.

I'll be looking at the moon- but I'll be seeing you.

(The instrumental music continues to play)

("She's the best isn't she?" Sam said as he continued to stare at her.)

I'll find you in the morning sun and when the night is new.

I'll be looking at the moon- but I'll be seeing you.

The song ended and then Sam gave a sigh of relief and whispered once more. "She's here."


Joseph reached in his pocket and grabbed his wallet. "Bartender, how much does he owe you?" The bartender walked away and came back "$ 5.50" He said. Joseph paid the money and then spoke to Sam. "C'mon Sam we have got to get out of here." Sam stumbled off of the bar stool and Joseph grabbed Sam's arm and wrapped it around his shoulder to hold him steady and to lead him out.

"We can't really leave." Sam said as he went out into the night air. "We have to go around back so that I can meet her. " Sam was pointing in the direction of the alleyway. "Sam, do you have any idea how crazy what you are saying is?" Joseph whispered. Sam started deliberately leaning his bodyweight toward the alleyway. "You are my friend? Right Joe." Sam spoke again. "I am enough of your friend to tell you that you can't feel that way, this is crazy and dangerous." Joseph challenged. "I can't help it, she's my girl." Sam spoke up while Joseph leaned Sam's body up against one of the sidewalls of the alley. "Then get yourself a new girl!" Joseph shouted but then he caught himself and tried to lower his voice. Sam placed both of hands on Joseph's shoulders leaned in closely and said. "I don't want another girl, all I want is her." "Sam, be wise, you could get court-martialed for this, is she worth losing your military career?" Joseph asked. "If you got to know her; you would know that she is worth all of that and more." Sam said.

Joseph started pacing back and forth in the alley in an attempt to think about what to do to help his friend see clearly. "Sam, listen to me, if you really care about this girl, then think about her-she could get hurt too; now you don't want that- do you?" Sam hung his head down and then shook it from side to side and then raised it again slowly. "That is why - I need a true friend, Joe. I can't fight this big war on my own. I need help. I love her and I want to marry her. I need help. I know all the things that can go wrong- I worry about it all the time. But, she means everything to me and I want and need her to be my wife. Be my friend Joe, be my friend and help me- I cannot do this alone, not anymore." Sam slid down the wall into a crouching position.

Joseph just looked at his friend and he understood that he was hurting. "How could they do this?" Joseph started thinking. "How could theymake this work? He wondered. If it was found out that he was helping them – he could, very possibly, lose his career too. " Joseph thought.

It was 10:30 at night and they, both, were in this alleyway and all Joseph could do what see a man who was tired, a man who was hurting, and a man who was desperately in love; he saw one more thing though-he saw his friend. Joseph began shaking his head and then he said. "Fine, I'll help you; but only because no man should look this miserable." He chided. "You owe me, big time!" Joseph added. Sam stood up and hugged Joseph. "Thanks man. Thank you so much." Sam said. "Now," Joseph said. "I expect a proper introduction to this girl that I am about to get court-martialed over." Sam smiled. "Just wait with me here and you will get one."

They waited in that alley for another 30 minutes before the back door opened and Mercedes walked through the door. Sam ran to her and hugged and kissed her. She was so happy to see him but when she looked over his shoulder she saw another man in a Navy uniform. She panicked and jump back out of Sam's arms. "No, no, it's all right. He's with me." Sam said. "Mercedes, I would like you to meet my friend Joseph. Joseph this is Mercedes…Mercedes Jones." Joseph took off his hat walked up to her and extended his hand. "Ma'am, it's nice to officially meet you. I did see you once before ma'am and I apologize for my behavior at that time; but I will still say that you have a hell of a voice ma'am; a hell of a voice."

Mercedes quickly looked over at Sam as if to reaffirm that it would be okay for this man to know about them. Sam just nodded his head. "Thank you. It is nice to meet you as well, Joseph." She spoke as she shook his hand. "I came by earlier." Sam said; "There was this woman sittin' in our courtyard." Sam was sounding completely resentful. "I had some flowers for ya' but I had to give them to her, like a delivery, so that I could have an excuse for a bein' there. I'm sorry." Sam said as he looked saddened. "It's fine… it's the thought that counts" She whispered. They began walking but Sam stumbled a little and Joseph caught him. "Sam, what happened? Are you drunk? Why? What's wrong?" She asked concerned. "I'm sorry, Mercedes I … when I saw your message, I just about wanted to die and I was so worried that I wouldn't see you; the thought of a whole 'nother month goin' by." He said. She lowered her eyes slightly. "Can you walk?" She asked. "Ma'am I can help you get him where you'd like to go- no problem." Joseph said.

Mercedes still held a hint of concern in her face but she thanked Joseph anyway and then began to lead the way back to her boarding house. "Joseph is going to help us now Mercedes. We are going to have help." Sam said. "Who was that girl?" Sam said. "She is the niece of the owner of the boardin' house. She came to stay last week. She is of the nosey sort; we will have to be much more careful now, Sam." "She will need a distraction." Joseph said. Sam perked right up. "Joe, that's right! Would you do it?" Sam said. "What?!" Joseph replied. "She is just your type of girl and she is just itchin' to make new friends; and she has a thing for the uniform too! Can you keep her distracted for as long as she is around so that Mercedes and I can spend time together uninterrupted? Please." Sam said. "Please?" Sam said again. "If she is still there in the courtyard when we get there, you go in first; talk to her and see if she will go walking with you. Make sure not to take 'No' for an answer. And once you both leave I can go in. Then come back early Sunday morning and meet me, just in case she is around in the mornin', Mercedes will meet you up the road right there (Sam pointed to an area on the road)… and you can come distract her again; just until we can come up with another plan; please?."

Joseph sighed a heavy sigh; "She better be a real looker, Sammy! Fine, I'll do it." Joseph said. When they reached the courtyard -sure enough- Sandra was there. Joseph walked in talking about being lost and needing directions; and then he lay on the charm and after a little while. Joseph left the courtyard with a smiling Sandra following behind. Sam went into the courtyard and waited while Mercedes went inside and entered her room then opened the window; he climbed inside.

Sam gave Mercedes the biggest hug and kiss that he could. He just couldn't understand why with every encounter it was becoming harder and harder to let her go. But for the first time in a long time he was becoming more hopeful now that Joseph was on his side. He was until Mercedes stepped out of his arms and began to speak. "Sam, I have somethin' to tell you. I am leaving to go to California, she has gotten us some places for me to sing at over there (referring to her employer); and we will be leaving within the next month, we won't be coming back. Sam, I can't even be certain that it won't be before your next shore leave." She said.

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