War Torn

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Nothing sobered Sam up like her last statement. "You're leaving and goin' stateside?" Sam said. "There was nothin' I could do- she's done already made the arrangements. That is why I couldn't meet you this afternoon. She took me to this motel and had me perform for two men there; and that is when they signed the deal for me to sing at their place and if I do well enough they gonna start to put me on the radio." She said. Sam started pacing back and forth and then he said. "Mercedes, do you trust me?" Sam asked. "What kinda question is that to ask, of course I do." She said. "I need you to wait here for me I'll be back." He said. "But, Sam you just got here. We have so little time as there is." She said. "Please, trust me I will be back just as soon as I can." Then he gave her a long lingering kiss and was back out of the window and running up the courtyard stairs.

Sam was back up on the road and running in the direction of where he saw Joseph heading with Sandra. Sam peeked his head into a couple of bars but to no avail. He continued to take the road until it met up with this upper landing. Sam moved slowly around the bend in the road when he heard Joseph's voice. He was telling Sandra about life on board the ship and how hard it was to find girls that you could truly talk to when Sam interrupted them. "Hey, Joe!" Sam said. "Where ya' been? " Joseph could not disguise the surprise on his face. "Why was Sam here? Wasn't he supposed to be with Mercedes? Isn't that why he was doing all of this? He thought to himself." "Hey! I know you! "Sandra said. "You came by the house this afternoon and delivered the flowers; didn't you? You two know each other?" She said. Joseph spoke up. "This is Sam Evans he is my friend and shipmate." "So we meet again-Sam." She smiled.

"Good evening. Hey has Joseph told you what kind of prankster that he is?" Sam said. Joseph and Sandra looked puzzled. "Why, no he hasn't." She replied. "Oh, he is the best!" Sam said. "C'mon Joe, let's go pull some pranks on some people this evening. You could show this lady a real good time." Sam said again widening his eyes to get the message to Joseph just to get on board. "Pranks?" Joseph said. "Yeah, c'mon don't be shy." Joseph looked at Sam and then at Sandra. "Ok, pranks it is." Joseph said not knowing what to do or where this was going.

For the next hour they went all over this small section of the island. In and out of the night spots they went; switching the caps and hats of other military personnel, taking the wallet from one patron and switching it with another; they even switched their alcohol at the bar with that of another patron. Sandra, being young, found this all to be hilarious. Sam then said "Let's try something outside, I saw a church a little ways back let's wake the minister and stage a pretend weddin'. " Sam said. "A WHAT?!" Joseph shouted. "How?" Sandra said excitedly. "We can pretend that y'all are madly in love, wake the preacher, and say y'all want to get married right away; the only thing is, and here is the funny part, we will put fake names on the marriage certificate it won't be y'alls at all." Then it finally dawned on Joseph what this was all about. "But there is only three of us; don't we need another witness?" Joseph said. "Yeah that is a true." Sam said. "Where else are we gonna find somebody, this time a night, who ain't doin' anything that could help us." Sam said; and then he waited, he waited praying that Sandra would volunteer the information that he was longing to hear. "There's this colored gal who is staying in my Aunt's boardin' house. We can make her come out with us." Sandra spoke excitedly because she was just so smart (She thought). "Great idea!" Sam said. "Let's go get her right now." Sam said.

The three of them went back to the boardin' house and Sandra went in alone to get Mercedes. This left Sam and Joe just a few seconds to talk. "Joe, when we get there; get her to sign where it says witness alright? And have her leave the rest of it blank; do you understand? Then you sign it where it says witness too. When she thinks that Mercedes and I are signing in the witness' place we will sign off on actually bein' married. Can you do this for me? Mercedes is going to California this maybe our last chance. " Sam concluded.

Joseph looked at the door and saw Sandra coming out being followed by Mercedes who looked utterly confused. Then Joseph just nodded his head quickly. "Hello ma'am, nice to meet you my name is Joseph." He quickly said to Mercedes. Mercedes was now wonderin' what in the world was going on. "It took some doin' getting her out here; she acted like she was waitin' for somebody or somethin'; she didn't want to leave . " Sandra said. "This is Sam- Mercedes ." Sandra spoke again. "Now, we are tryin' to have a good time; and you goin' come with us while we play a prank on the preacher. C'mon y'all let's go; this is fun!" Sandra spoke, but all could see that she was down right giddy at the prospect, then they all began to walk over to the church.

Sam kept looking at Mercedes as he tried to keep them about two feet behind Joseph and Sandra he attempted to mouth the plan to her but she couldn't understand what he was saying. When they got to the church Joseph started banging on the door. It was nearly 2 am and after a while the door opened and a groggy man in a robe came to the door. "What is it my son?" Is all he said. "Sorry to bother ya, Mr. Preacher but I am getting ready to pull out later today and I wanna get married to my girl here; before I go." Joseph said. Then Sam quickly chimed in. "We are here as witnesses; but this gal right here (He pointed to Sandra) can't hear too good; so we have to repeat everything they say to make sure she understands." Sandra immediately looked over at Sam and started to giggle. "How old are you gal?" The preacher asked. Sam then repeated the question. "I am 21." She said. The preacher looked at Joseph and Sandra but then he looked over at Mercedes; then he spoke to Sandra once more. "That colored gal back there is your witness? You don't have any white friends, young lady?" Sandra looked at Mercedes and then looked quickly back at the preacher. Sam immediately repeated everything that the preacher just said. Sandra looked at Sam and began to laugh again.

"I just came here for our weddin' I' m not from around these parts." She said. "But, she has been with the family forever, she is like havin' a friend around -sort of." Sandra said. The preacher looked a tad bit suspicious. "Please? We may not get another chance." Joseph spoke again. "Alright, alright come on in." The preacher finally said. Sandra squealed with delight as she entered into the church. Joseph then allowed Mercedes to walk in ahead of him. Sam patted Joseph on the back as he walked into the church and Joseph followed right behind. Joseph took the paperwork from the preacher before he let Sandra touch it. He walked her over to a table and he strategically placed his hand to cover certain words on the piece of paper and then simply showed her where to sign right where it said "Witness" and he did the same. Then when Sam came over he signed his name as the groom and pointed where Mercedes was to sign her name as the bride.

They handed the paperwork back to the preacher. Sam told the preacher he was willing to pay for the services for his friend and gave him the necessary funds for the ceremony. The preacher gave the paperwork the once-over and then grabbed his Bible; and had all of them stand before him. Mercedes stood behind Sandra and Sam stood behind Joseph. The preacher began.

"Do you (Then he looked at the piece of paper and read Sam Evans) take (He looked at the paperwork again) Ms. Mercedes Jones to be you lawfully wedded wife?" Joseph then responded "I, Sam Evans, do take Ms. Mercedes Jones to be my lawfully wedded wife." Then Sam repeated it again. "I, Sam Evans, take Ms. Mercedes Jones to be my lawfully wedded wife." Sandra began giggling again. The preacher looked at her and spoke in her direction "Do you Ms. Mercedes Jones take this man Sam Evans to be your lawfully wedded husband?" This time Mercedes spoke first. "I, Mercedes Jones, do take this man Sam Evans to be my lawfully wedded husband. " Sandra stood there with her head down giggling uncontrollably but then she spoke "I, Mercedes Jones, do take this man Sam Evans to be my lawfully wedded husband." Sandra said. "By the power invested in me, by God, and in the Territory of Hawaii; I now pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss your bride." Sandra started blushing from ear to ear. Joseph looked back at Sam and then he leaned in to kiss Sandra who proceeding to jump desperately into his mouth. Which shocked Joseph, Sam and Mercedes; when the preacher turned around to put his Bible away and sign off on the paper work; Sam quickly kissed Mercedes. It was the only moment he could do so; since Sandra was too preoccupied planting a large one on Joseph.

That was it -they were done. The preacher gave Joseph the marriage certificate and they all left the church thanking the preacher for the use of his services; under such circumstances. Sandra left the church giddy as a school girl. "Do you believe that he believed me when I told him that I was 21." She laughed and laughed. Sam then asked "How old are ya'?" "Seventeen!" She howled with delight again. Joseph then took his hand and slid it down his face beginning at his forehead until it covered his mouth. "That was fun!" She shouted but then she started developing a puzzled look on her face. "But he used your two names so how come you two aren't married?" She asked. Mercedes and Joseph stopped dead in their tracks but Sam was quick to a rebuttal. "That's cause you signed off on the marriage in your name not ours; silly." He said with a weighted conviction in his statement so that she would believe it; even though he knew it was not true. Sandra pondered for a bit and then simply said "Oh! That sure was funny!" She continued. "Let's go pull another prank." She said as she bounced up and down on her heels. "Miss, I have to be up, right early tomorrow for some sewing that I have to get done. I would like to go back to the roomin' house now." Mercedes said. "Go on gal, we don't need you know more no how." Was all Sandra said as she grabbed on to the arm of Joseph who then said. "Miss you be a careful goin' on home; maybe I'll let Sam here take you." "Now, you ain't gonna bust up the party on her account are ya?" Sandra asked Joseph. "Now, we was doin' quite alright on our own until they got here; and besides she didn't ask to come out here with us. It's only right." Joseph said. "Now, you go on now Sam; ya' hear? Listen to your ranking officer " He said with a smirk. "Yes sir." Sam replied. Joseph then handed Sam the paperwork and spoke to him one last time. "Now, you go on and hold on to that for me." Joseph said. Joseph then proceeded to walk off in the opposite direction of the boardin' house. He could be heard in the distance by Sam speaking "So little lady where did you learn to kiss like that?" As he continued to walk off with Sandra on their own.

Sam and Mercedes were careful until they got back to the boardin' house. They didn't even speak to each other. It all had happened so fast but it really had happened it was true. They were married, they were married and no one knew the wiser. They did it. Sam was so happy, he almost couldn't believe it himself. He would look at Mercedes from time to time out of the corner of his eye and he could tell she was processing this information as well. He also saw the small smiles, when she had lost the battle of keeping them off of her face, emerge from time to time. As they came up to the house Sam looked around and suddenly slipped down the stairs and into the courtyard.

Mercedes walked in and entered her room and locked the door behind her. She was nervous; she only heard about weddin' nights from other people and sometimes the information she got seemed downright scary. She had assumed Sam had already matured in this area, bein' a man and all, but she had no idea what to do. The only information she had to go on was the way Alfred had looked at her and how he had pawed at her; and she wasn't comfortable with that either. "But this was Sam." She thought. "She knew that she loved him. She would just have to wait and see." She figured as she then opened up the window and he climbed in.

He closed the window behind him. He unfolded the paperwork that he had in his hand and read it once more. "Mr. & Mrs. Sam Evans." He said. Mercedes had taken off her shoes and then looked at Sam to do the same, a habit that they had gotten used to, so no one would hear any footsteps in her room. Sam then looked up at her "We did it, baby! We really did it!" He wanted to scream he wanted to let the whole world know that he married the best woman in the whole wide world. She nodded and gave a small smile. "What's wrong?" He asked as he walked over and stood right in front of her; seeing that her smile didn't reach her eyes. "Sam, I'm so happy, that you really did this with me." She answered. "Did you think I wouldn't? I told you that I loved you. I knew; I would find a way- somehow." Sam said. Then Mercedes got up enough courage to say what was really on her mind. "Sam, (She spoke softly) I know that somethin' is supposed to happen now (She lowered her eyes) but I don't know how… or what to ….." When Sam interrupted her speaking -with a kiss. Sam gently wrapped his arm around the small of her back and brought her close to him; then after the kiss he whispered. "Don't you understand by now?" As he then slid his cheek up and down on hers; he continued to whisper. "You could do anythin' and it would be alright with me. There is absolutely no way that you can fail at this, not with me; so don't be afraid. I just want- to-enjoy you is all and I want you to enjoy me too." Sam then began kissing her again. Their bodies were pressed up against each other and Mercedes realized that she felt something that she had felt before when they had been kissing, but at those other times, Sam had been quick to pull away from her; but not this time. This time he slowly walked forward which pushed her backward towards her bed. Sam stopped kissing her long enough to look her in her eyes, as if to ask for permission before, he began to attempt to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress. Mercedes smiled and gave a slight nod and then he proceeds to encircle her nose with his once again, he then smiled and unzipped it all the way down.

Sam pulled a small tug at the front shoulder area of her dress so that it almost fell completely forward and off but then he backed up a little, she held the front of her dress up with one hand, it was then that Sam pulled his Naval shirt off over his head. He took one of Mercedes' hands extended toward his lips and kissed the inside of her wrist and then placed it on his chest; over his heart. "This heart, in here, beats only for you." He said. He then looked down and admired the rich, chocolaty, skin color of her hand as it was pressed up against his pale white skin; and he smiled "It goes perfect together don't ya' think?" Mercedes looked at Sam and then smiled she also then slowly allowed her hand to slide across his strong chest. Her fingers lightly traced his pecs and then his abs. Sam allowed himself to absorb every touch of her fingers as if he had been a battery (like on the ship supplying energy) and he felt empowered by every subtle stroke.

Sam then slowly reached out and attempted once more to lower her dress and at that time Mercedes moved her one hand from holding it up an allowed it to fall to the floor. Sam wanted so much to reach out and touch her but instead he asked "May I have a hug please? Mrs. Evans" Mercedes smiled at his gentleness as she allowed her arms to extend over his shoulders and around his neck; and she now pressed her exposed bare breasts against his chest. The feeling of their bare skin connected sent a shock-wave through Mercedes and infused pleasure into Sam. He placed his hands on the middle of her back and pressed even closer as he nuzzled his face between her neck and left ear and kissed her over and over again. Mercedes felt herself become more aggressive and more assertive than she thought she would be. She found herself yearning to feel more of his naked body against hers. She began pulling at the strings of his pants and Sam immediately took the order and discarded them.

With all of Sam standing at attention he invited her to lay back on the bed, he then allowed himself the opportunity to lie alongside of her. Mercedes had never seen a naked grown man before and what she saw scared and excited her all at the same time. He took his hand and slid it over her left breast and immediately her nipple also stood at attention. "I knew that you would be beautiful." He had said. "But you have exceeded my wildest expectations." He spoke again. He then allowed his hand to side down her stomach and right to the top of progressively moist center. When he inserted his hand between her legs she felt her head spin with pleasure. "Sam…." She said. He leaned in and kissed her cheek and then whispered in her ear once more. "I have wanted to do this for such a long time-wife." But before he knew it she had grabbed him around the neck and pulled him into a kiss. Sam's mouth opened and he slid his tongue into her mouth and cherished its movement with and alongside hers. Mercedes had never felt such pleasure and it just seemed to be heightened with every touch of Sam's hands.

Sam then placed his hand on her other breast and rolled over on top of her. He began kissing and suckling her breast and he felt her arch her back in an attempt to force it further into his mouth. He then positioned himself between her legs and slowly and deliberately slid his member into her. Mercedes eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth dropped open in ecstasy. Sam quickly moved his mouth from her breast and to her mouth again; to muffle any sound she might have let escape. He marveled at how perfectly he fit inside her; with each thrust. He had desired this for so long, and now, it was finally happening. Sam felt himself starting to give way. He then took both of his hands and intertwined their fingers together and stretched them up over their heads as he continued his thrusting motion; he was again pleased by the contrast in their skin color as he allowed himself to start to shoot but Mercedes had already begun to tremble underneath him; and the intensity of that moment, could never be wiped away from his mind or his heart. These shared tremors were an expression of their love for each other - and he had been so proud to experience them-with her. Sam then uttered one word as he reached his peak- "Mercy."

Mercedes could not believe this is what she had heard about from so many other people. She didn't understand who they were experiencing it with…but with Sam? It was amazing. Even now, while lying right beside him, she felt like she could never be close enough to him. "Sam" She began after he finished encircling her nose with his. "I don't want to ever be without you; I love you so much. I don't know what I am going to do when we leave here." Sam squeezed her closer. "I found a way for us to be married; didn't I? I will find a way to work this out too, I promise. You have to remember to write to me with your new address, don't forget. If you are going to be there long term; maybe I can request an assignment change or somethin'." He said. "Sam, you love your ship, you don't want to leave it." She challenged. "I don't love it more than you. I know how hard this is going to be, but we are going to make this work. I've been saving money for a house someplace for us. It's only a matter of time; alright? If you can find your way back here; remember to let me know. We can't be separated for too long, Mercy. My heart wouldn't allow it." He said with a smile as they laid there on their sides looking at each other. "I don't want you to worry. I just want you to be the best singer you know how to be. I want to hear my wife singing to me on the radio one day." He smiled and kissed her again.

Sam then held Mercedes close; as they both started to drift off to sleep. Sam wanted Mercedes to feel safe and secure with him and his plans- even though he had absolutely no idea what he was really going to do about this. He only knew that he had to figure out something and fast.

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