The Beholder's Eyes


Anna Butler
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Chapter 1

Author's note: Hello everybody! I'm baaaaccck! HaHa just kidding. I am trying our favorite couple in another type of situation. This is an AU story- Thank you Hatianm! Like all my stories I have absolutely no idea where I am going! I have no idea what it will truly be about or how many chapters it will be. I am a discovery writer, I discover the story much like you the reader will do; one chapter at a time. I hope some of you will join me on this journey as well; to see what we may find. –Thanks Anna.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of its characters.

The Beholder's Eyes

Chapter 1

"You've got to understand! It's a weakness baby, I'm sorry." "If you want me to be truthful! I'll be truthful! But you have to be ready to accept what you hear! Alright! She's hot! A'iight! I said it! She was hot and I wanted her! Now, baby that does not mean that I do not luv you; it just means that I desired her – that's all!" "Now, we can work this out!" "Now, you have got to just understand that I am a man! I have wants, needs, and desires! I'm a visual creature, you know? I wanted to know you; I would even say I needed your luv, but I desired her, but you should be good though; because, you know, two out of three ain't all that bad when you think about it."

"Why are you looking at me like that? C'mon honey, don't be that way. We can work this out! I know, now, that I should not have brought her to your home; that was wrong. But the truth is, (pause) and I know how you feel about the truth, the truth is….(he paused again) my momma was at my place and we couldn't go to her place cause she's got a kid; so you know; baby; baby? Look, I said I was wrong and she's gone now, I don't know if you should have hit her like that but, she's gone now and we can discuss this like rational people. Ya' feel me!"

Besides, (Starting to rationalize his position) I already told you to fix yourself up a little. If you would get yourself together some, you know lose some weight, tighten up that jiggle a little bit. You know maybe other woman wouldn't be all that noticeable to me. But No! (Starting to feel slightly empowered) You want to be your own woman! Well keep that up and you gonna be your own woman a'iight; a woman without a man! Ha! Yeah, matter fact (Starting to feel justified) I should be standin' here mad at you! You are the one who drove me to the arms of another woman; and now you want to act all ig'nant about it! This is really your fault and not mine! Next time you'll listen to a brother who is cryin' out for help; from you. I practically screamed out loose weight, I am getting tempted by other women! Well, at least I said, last week; that outfit you've got on is tight! I didn't mean it looked good though; I meant it was tight! Had you listened to me maybe I would have stayed faithful to you! What do you have to say now! What do you think about that! How's that for the truth that you are always looking for!

Kevin stood there feeling empowered, this time he won the argument and he knew it. There should be nothing that she can say to him. She claims that she always wanted to hear the truth from him and now she got a real good dose of it.

"Are you finished?" She said as she slowly walked to her bedroom dresser and opened the drawer.

Kevin pondered for a moment and then spoke again. "No, I am not finished! All this arguing has made me hungry. You need to go downstairs and make me something to eat!" He said.

It was only then did he realize, after the words had left his lips, that this was an unreasonable request. It truly became clearer to him when Mercedes turned around from the dresser drawer holding a gun in her hand.

That is when she asked. "How hungry are you?" "Do you prefer polymer coated bullets to eat, or would solid copper bullets do?

Kevin stood there dumfounded; until Mercedes spoke again.

"Pick up your things and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE! She yelled.

It was then he decided that dinner could wait. Kevin quickly pulled up his pants and grabbed his shirt and shoes and proceeded to run at top speed down the stairs and out of the house. It was only when he reached the corner did he catch up with Desiree who had been thrown out half dressed just five minutes before; only this time he had no desire to speak to her because he was still too busy running for his life.

Mercedes sat on the chair in her bedroom and stared at the disheveled sheets and covers on her bed and then she looked at the gun she was holding in her hand and she realized. She needed a change in her life; she needed a new beginning, and she needed to start over. This life was not heading in the direction that she wanted it to go. If she kept this up, this kind of lifestyle would only lead her to central booking.

She walked downstairs and pulled out a map of the country from her sideboard; opened it up and sat it on her dining room table. Then she took a dime out of her pocket threw it into the air and it dropped on the map and rolled to a stop. "Well, I guess that is my answer then isn't it." She thought to herself. "Good-bye Chicago and hello Los Angeles." She said.


Mercedes walked down the street with a small piece of paper in her hand and her purse on her shoulder. She was still getting used to L.A. and all the roads seemed the same to her; they all just screamed out that she didn't belong there. She kept quickly glancing at the number on the piece of paper and looking on the doors of the businesses; but most of them had no numbers at all; she was afraid that she would never find this place. She could not be late for this job interview. She had been in L.A. for about three weeks and things were a lot more expensive than she had planned for; she was eating into her savings rather quickly so she needed this to work. She finally saw a number on one of the businesses, she was close. She was going to have to invest in a car soon and if she was really going to make a go of it she needed to have a steady stream of income. Looking at the sheet of paper again and the number on the next building she sees and she has missed it. "Now how could I have passed it?" She says to herself. She walks back a couple of feet and notices a driveway circling upward and behind the original buildings on ground level.

She walked up the winding driveway and there it was "Perfection" a private plastic surgeon's office. He was looking for a new receptionist and although she was not too sure this place would actually be a good fit for her; she was desperate and needed to earn the money.

She walked in the door of this very clean, minimalistic designed office. The furniture was sparse and the windows went from the ceiling to the floor with quite a bit of southern exposure. The front desk was big but the chairs were small and uncomfortable. She sat on one of them for about twenty minutes; along with about six patients and at least four other women applying for the job.

Mercedes knew she really needed the work; which is why she was trying with all of her might to fight the most uncomfortable feeling she has ever had. If L.A. made you feel like you didn't belong there than this office screamed it from the rooftops; it wasn't just the setting; but the women in the office kept staring at her as if she were an alien or something. First, the current receptionist was quick to have her fill out a form to see the doctor, regardless of the fact that Mercedes had come for the job and not plastic surgery. Not to mention how still the room became when she had to correct the receptionist about it. The weight of the stares screamed "What do you mean you are not here to get plastic surgery?!" "You need it more than anyone else in this room?" Every fiber of her being shouted you need to leave; this is not the place for you and then he appeared.

Mercedes had the wind knocked out of her for a moment. The most striking looking man walked out of one of the back offices. He was tall and blonde, which in all honesty was not hard to find out here, but there was something pure about his lopsided grin as he was speaking on his cell phone. "Dear God!" She thought to herself. "No wonder this place was called Perfection." She whispered under her breath. He had on a white man tailored button up shirt and belted dark brown pants. His long white lab coat made him look like an actor who may play a doctor on television; but never one you would actually see in real life. On the lab coat was written Dr. Sam Evans.

All of the women in the office perked up and sat straight once he entered; she observed. "Oh yeah;" She thought. "He must be a full on player. "Well, he would be great to look at every day, I am not going to lie." She thought. "But, I have had enough of men who lie to women to get what they want to last a lifetime." "Besides, after looking at these women all day; I doubt he would even remember my name"; and then she heard it.

TV doc spoke up after hanging up his phone. "Ms. Mercedes Jones." He said. His voice was magnificent; it was so deep and commanding. She found herself thinking, in fact she had been thinking it a little too long because she did not answer him. He looked around the room as the other women continued to smile giddily at him. "Ms. Mercedes Jones."

He spoke again.

"Oh!" "Yes, I am sorry that is me." She said as she stood up from her chair and took a firm grasp of her purse. He stared at her for a moment, which made her feel slightly uncomfortable but then he spoke again. "I am Dr. Sam Evans" He said. "Would you follow me please into my office?" He said, as he turned around and began to walk down a long corridor. Mercedes whose legs were not as long attempted the best she could to keep up without looking like she was actually running down the hall behind him.

Once he reached an opened door at the end of the hall he stood beside it and bid her to come inside with a small hand gesture. Mercedes was actually feeling a little nervous. She knew that she had a lot riding on this interview and it did not help that she found herself attracted to this young man. "But business is business." She thought to herself and she needed this to work.

She entered the office which was filled with slightly more clutter than outside. Again the desk was fairly large and he had piles and piles of folders stacked on one side of it; his chair looked a lot more comfortable though. He had degrees, awards and certifications framed along the walls. On the walls he also had pictures of himself with famous movie stars and they were all just as shiny and beautiful and happy. There were medical books on the shelves; and magazines which seemed to discuss the new techniques in plastic surgery.

As she sat in yet another uncomfortable chair in front of his desk; he closed the door behind them and then took his seat. "Now, Ms. Jones" he said, "Are you married and do you have any children?" Mercedes head tilted downward and she glared at him over the top of her dark rimmed glasses. "What does that have to do with anything?" She said curiously and slightly distrustful. "Well, I know what the agency has told you. They told you that this was a position for a receptionist and that is partly true; but it is also for the position of a personal assistant." "I tend to only give that type of information to the applicants themselves; because the agency will charge you more for sending you out on job interviews for higher paying positions." I will be doing quite a bit of traveling soon, different symposiums and conferences learning new techniques and I need someone in the position who will be able to travel freely and on very short notice." "Now, you did not answer my question. Are you married and/or do you have any children?" He asked again firmly. "No, I am not married and I have no children; as a matter of fact I just moved to L.A. three weeks ago from Chicago. I needed a change."

"I see." He said while staring at her with his deep blue eyes. "Do you type?" He asked. "Yes, I do she said and I am quite good with dictation which seems to be a dying art now-a-days. She chuckled trying to lighten the mood a little. She felt her chest tightening every moment he looked at her and she was starting to feel little tingles too. He spoke again. "Although, there are some aspects of my life that may seem very public;" he spoke while gesturing toward the wall of pictures of him with the movie stars, "There are several things in my life that I would prefer to keep private." "Would you have a problem attempting to put reporters in their place if need be?" He asked. "No, sir; not at all!" She responded. "Do you also have a firm understanding of HIPPA privacy rules and policies for my patients?" "Nothing is to be disclosed, without their permission to anyone, not even to other doctors; are you aware of this? He spoke so confidently and she could tell that he was a man who took care of his business. "I understand clearly sir." She said. "Ms. Jones this job is not your typical 9 to 5 position." "Would you have a problem being on 24 hour call?" "Sometimes my business requires me to work at any and all hours for emergencies." Mercedes just looked at him and thought about it briefly. She thought to herself. "You just moved here and you don't really know anyone yet except for your bazaar landlady; so what does it matter?" "If I may ask; (She interjected) is their some sort of pay differential for working during off hours?" Sam tilted his head and gave her the slightest of lopsided grins and then spoke. "You will be properly compensated for any work done during off hours, I can assure you." He said matter-of-factly. "Then no, I do not see a problem of me being on 24 hour call." She spoke confidently. "Do you have a passport? He asked. "Yes." she replied. "There may be times when I may need you to accompany me to certain events; would you have a problem with that?" He asked while staring at her. "Why are you unable to get dates? She chuckled and then realized in an instant that she said that out loud. Her eyes grew wide and she froze in her chair. Her sudden change in posture and demeanor was not missed on Dr. Evans at all. He leaned forward in his chair and placed his now folded hands on his desk. "Oh, I can assure you I have no problems getting dates." He said in a very deep and sultry voice. "But, there may be times when I would just prefer to take you along instead." "Now, would that be a problem." Mercedes unable to breathe simply lowered her head and whispered "No, sir; that would not be a problem." "Well, you just blew that job interview she thought to herself; there is no point in sugar coating it now." She thought. "I have one last question Ms. Jones." He said. "If you could have dinner with anyone in the world living or dead right now who would it be?" "Why does that same strange question keep coming up at job interviews?" She wondered; but knowing that she had already lost out on the position she felt that she could finally tell the truth. She slightly leaned forward and said "I would love to have dinner with India Arie the singer; because I would like to thank her for her song "Video." She said. "Video?" He questioned. "Yes, it is a song about loving yourself for who you are; and not conforming to the world's standard definition of beauty." Sam just stared at her until she spoke again. "Thank you for your time." She said as she shook his hand and made an exit from the office.


Another week had gone by and Mercedes was getting desperate. The agency had sent her on a few more interviews but nothing seemed to be panning out. She sat in her new apartment and picked up the picture of her mother, who had died years ago, "Mom, I don't know what to do; I was hopeful that life would be better here; but now I am thinking that this was the biggest mistake I have made in my entire life. What am I going to do?" She started crying. She had been crying for about fifteen minutes when the phone rang and it was the agency telling her she had gotten the position working for Dr. Samuel Evans.


Mercedes had no idea what to expect on the first day of work. She packed herself a bag lunch and proceeded to catch the bus to the strip mall where the office was. Once walking up the driveway and entering the office building she ran into the woman whose place she was taking.

Sheila Garrett was packing up her boxes of things which she had accumulated over the years from her desk. She was a shorter woman who had brown hair and seemed to dress a little younger than she should. Sheila was leaving because she got a modeling gig in Asia; it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was not about to let it slip through her fingers. She told Mercedes that she would show her the basics of what her job entailed but, that the truth of the matter was that, Dr. Evans could be so unpredictable sometimes that most of the job would be her learning as she goes.

Sheila taught Mercedes how to input things on the doctor's calendar and how to code the medical procedures so that they could be paid from the insurance companies. Mercedes took notes as to be sure not to have any problems; she was going to be the best assistant she could be. When the agency told her she would be starting at about $45,000 a year. She jumped at the chance. "This would help her be able to start her new life and put away for a rainy day." She thought to herself. Sheila then gave Mercedes a crash course into their filing system and which companies to send lab specimens, blood work-ups, and cultures to.

Sheila then introduced Mercedes to Heather Parsons another one of Dr. Evans' receptionists'; but due to the fact that she had just had gotten married and has baby step daughter to take care of. She could no longer travel with Doctor Evans so he needed someone else to travel with. Heather was to continue her duties as the receptionist for the office whenever Mercedes and Dr. Evans had to leave town.

The doctor's office was quite empty because Dr. Evans was handling Clinical's today and so he was at the hospital meeting most of his hospitalized patients who had been recovering from the surgeries that they had already had. Mercedes felt a little grateful that he was not there. She thought. Since, she had gotten the job, she felt embarrassed about how rude she had been to him. She knew that she would have to apologize once she had found the right moment.

Sheila had shown her where the before and after pictures where kept and Mercedes was stunned. First of all, at the sheer volume of work in which he had accomplished; "This Sam Evans must be a workaholic", she thought to herself. She would admit though, upon seeing his work, he was very good at what he did. These people had practically invisible surgical scarring. It is hard enough to get those procedures done at all, but the care and concern he put into the stitching everyone back together was quite evident.

Mercedes had worked almost 2/3rds of the day away when Sheila let her break for lunch. Sheila showed her to the break room and told her to help herself to whatever she may need. The break room had three round tables sitting in the middle of it; one of the walls was lined with a counter top, sink, and cupboards. There was a microwave, and a coffee maker sitting on the countertop and about three sets of coffee mugs in the cupboards. Along the opposite wall there was the water cooler and the refrigerator.

She sat down at one of the tables and pulled out her bag lunch and began to eat; she had brought a half of a chicken and spinach Panini that she had for dinner last night. While she was eating; in walked Dr. Evans. He spoke. "I hope that you are settling in nicely." He said, as he reached into the refrigerator and grabbed himself a bottled water. Mercedes smiled brightly and nodded her head. Dr. Evans squinted slightly nodded his head and began to walk out of the break room; but before he left he turned back around and spoke to her again. "I listened to that song you mentioned during your interview; I can see how you may have found that somewhat empowering." He said. Mercedes stunned that he would even bother to take the time to look the song up, let alone listen to it, thought that this might be the best time to apologize. "Well, um (she said as she cleared her throat) about that; I hope you were not offended by my comment. I just meant that it is difficult not to loose who you are in a world that always makes you compare yourself to someone else. It was nice for there to be someone famous who stayed true to herself." Dr. Evans interjected "Someone who doesn't care how she looks because she has enough inner beauty to outshine it all? Correct?" Mercedes encouraged by how he surmised the situation said "Yes, exactly! She then smiled wide. "Yes" he said and smiled widely at Mercedes as well; he then turned around to walk out of the room but then he called back "I wonder what India would say about that large piece of spinach stuck in your teeth? He said as he continued to walk down the hall.

Mercedes was horrified. She quickly pulled out her compact and looked at the mirror inside; and there it was the longest piece of spinach threaded across not one, not two, but three of her front teeth. "Oh my God!" She thought to herself "When am I ever going to stop embarrassing myself in front of Dr. Samuel Evans." She said as she cupped her face in her hands.

Author's note: Please forgive any mistakes and also please review. – Thanks Anna

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