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By fri13girl


First & Last

A/N: I finally decided to do one of these... So... Enjoy!

Percy sat alone at the bar, holding onto his bottle of beer. The music pulsed deafeningly around him. This wasn't his usual scene. But he was doing this for his friend Leo. Leo was gay, like Percy. In fact, most of Percy's friends were gay. He'd met Leo in his high school's gay club, along with his best female friend Rachel. His other really good friends were ones he met through going to gay bars with Leo and Rachel. His only really good straight friends were Hazel and Frank, who were on a date that night.

Rachel's current girlfriend was named Annabeth, both of whom had dated Piper, who was dating Reyna, whom Annabeth had dated. Annabeth had also dated Clarisse, who hated Percy. Clarisse was the bitchiest, butchest lesbian Percy had ever met. She acted like she hated everybody except her femme girlfriend Silena. Both Piper and Annabeth had dated Thalia, whose younger brother was dating Leo. Thalia was currently dating a girl named Bianca, whose younger brother was also gay, and a friend of Jason's.

And on the gay guy spectrum, Percy had dated Jason, who was currently dating Leo. Percy had also dated this guy Luke, who was his last boyfriend. Luke had destroyed Percy when he'd found out that his boyfriend had cheated on him. Percy had been single for eighteen months, watching all of the relationships happen. He was the person to talk to about problems in a relationship.

"Do you see him?" Leo was asking Percy, pestering him, as the green eyed boy rolled his eyes.

"Leo, you know what your boyfriend looks like better than I do." Percy said, rolling his eyes. "I may have banged him a few times, but I've blocked that from my mind."

"Jason's bringing his friend Nico; Bianca's little brother." Leo explained. "He's been out of it too, so we thought you two should meet. And I'm also very much aware that you know what my boyfriend looks like naked, but I'm just glad that things aren't like how they are with the girls." Percy cracked a smile. The girls all played the fun game of 'I know what your girlfriend looks like naked' whenever they all got together.

The eight of them (including Percy and Leo) were at a gay club. It was kind of a big deal; getting into the club. You had to be at least twenty-one (Percy, Leo, Jason, Annabeth, and Rachel were twenty-three. Clarisse, Silena, and Thalia were twenty-four. Piper, Reyna, and Bianca were twenty-two.)

Jason and this mysterious Nico had yet to appear. Percy didn't really want to go on a blind date, but everybody was excited about him meeting Nico. He didn't want to disappoint anybody, so he agreed.

"Oh, Jason's here!" Leo exclaimed happily. Percy rolled his eyes and took a swig of beer. His bottle was almost empty. He stared at the wooden table part of the bar underneath him. He ignored Leo and Jason as they greeted each other by making out heavily. He rolled his eyes again, and turned to his beer again.


Something so beautiful, yet so cruel at the same time. It was something he could never have. He was afraid to lose it again. So he didn't try. He would break if he lost it.

"Hey Percy, stand up and meet Nico." Leo said breathlessly, a side effect from kissing Jason for so long that he couldn't breathe. Percy sighed, stood, and turned. His eyes bulged.

There in front of him, stood a guy shorter than him, but clad in all black. His hair was black and messy. His eyes were dark and deep, and Percy felt a jolt when he first looked into those eyes, deep and dark as oil wells. His skin was pale and contrasted with all of the black.

"I-I'm Percy." Percy stuck out his hand.

"Nico." This couldn't be Bianca's younger brother… But he was… Perfect. The other boy took Percy's hand, but not without a slight shock. The same shock Percy felt when he first looked into Nico's eyes.

By morning, Percy and Nico had kissed and made love to each other for the first time.

The passion they held for each other was there to stay.

Because it was love.

A/N: Just so you guys know, one chapter=a whole new story unless otherwise specified. 

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