The Dark Inside Of Me


In a school full of supernatural creatures one human is avoided at all cost. "You're a black cat you're attracted to bad luck"

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Fucking Fantastic



The two boys fall into each other’s embrace after being split for almost five years. The students around them eye them curiously, wondering who the youngest of the two is and if he’s a new student.

“It’s been so long!”, the smallest of the two smiles.

“Too long”, Jungkook beams back, fixing the strap of his backpack on his shoulder.

“I see you’re still as cute as before”, Jimin reaches out to pet the black cat ears on the other’s head. Jungkook bows his head for more access.

“They’re so fluffy”, Jimin says in awe.

“Shut up”, Jungkook blushes. His tail whacks Jimin in the face who struggles to fight against the black thing.

“So how are your magic tricks?”, the 15 year old asks, teasing the older.

“Hey! They’re not magic tricks”, Jimin pouts, “Look!”

Jimin sticks out his hand and mumbles something under his breath. A blue flame appears on the palm of his hand. Jungkook’s eyes widen and he tries to touch it, only to get burned and Jimin laughing at him.

“Cool!”, Jungkook jumps up and down in excitement, “You improved a lot! When we were young you always tried to flirt with the girls by showing your lame card tricks”.

“And they still liked your cute cat act more”, Jimin frowns.

“I think they were secretly furries”, Jungkook whispers, like it’s the biggest secret he has ever shared.

“Oh shut up”, the oldest laughs, “Let’s go inside. You haven’t seen the school yet right?”

“Nope, the move to Seoul was pretty improvised”, Jungkook sighs, “My dad got fired for no reason and things at my school weren’t the best either. I was kinda strange there, they weren’t familiar supernatural beings”.

“Well, here supernatural creatures are the most normal here. Only 15 percent is human”, Jimin slings his arm around his best friend’s shoulder.

“Aren’t they scared sometimes?”, Jungkook asks, looking around the big hallways full of supernatural creatures. He saw a pixie stealing someone’s lunch money, a wizard trying to enchant a Barbie doll and a dog hybrid licking someone’s face.

“Mostly freaked out by our strange behavior”, Jimin chuckles, seeing the dog hybrid getting slapped in the face by the grossed out human girl.

“Can’t blame them”, Jungkook chuckles with him. The morning bell rings, signaling everyone to attend class.

“You have your schedule already?”

The cat hybrid nods, looking for the direction to head in.

“I think your classroom is right over there”, Jimin points to a room at the end of the hallway, “I’ll wait for you there when it’s time for lunch”.

“Okay, see you later hyung”, the youngest smiles, gives the other a quick hug and hurries to the classroom. It’s almost filled already so Jungkook has a hard time to find an empty chair. He spots a desk in the back of the room, next to a glum looking young man who’s staring out of the window. Jungkook sits down next to him and pulls his brand new books out. He doesn’t notice the other tense as soon as he sits down. Jungkook does feel someone staring at him so he decides to face the person.

“Oh hello”, Jungkook smiles as he sees his neighbor staring at him with a bewildered look. The other doesn’t say anything and quickly looks down, facing his desk.

‘What a weird guy’, Jungkook thinks.

“Goodmorning class”, an old teacher walks in, “You might have noticed already but he have a new student in class. Let’s all welcome Jeon Jungkook!”

Said boy stands up and bows, “Hello everyone, I’m Jeon Jungkook. Please take care of me”.

The class coos at the cat boy, seeing his cute cheeks flush pink.

“Thank you Jungkook. Now Taehyung”, the teacher averts her attention to Jungkook’s neighbor, “I expect you to guide Jungkook around the school. You’ve already taken this year so you can lead him through the courses”.

The brown haired guy mumbles something under his breath but nods eventually, receiving a smile from the teacher.

“Alright, let’s start with Math”.

Jungkook feels a bit bad for the boy, seeing him so depressed. He decides to lean in a bit.

“You don’t have to guide me”, Jungkook whispers when the teacher isn’t looking.

The other’s face darkens even more, “Of fucking course I don’t. It’s your first day here and you already know the rumors. Fucking fantastic”

Jungkook is very confused when the boy stands up abruptly, packs his things ignoring the teacher’s protests and hurries out of the room.

What the hell just happened?

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