Scorched memories


When your purpose which you have been working on for your entire life is taken Your family wiped out Are you able to stand back up? I know I couldn't It was like time stopped. Until that man arrived

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Chapter 1: Ambition

When your purpose, which you have been working on for your entire life, is taken, are you able to stand back up? Will you be able to find something new? Or will you drown into the void that its absence has created. Will you stop breathing and accept fate does not have more in store for you? What will you do?

I know what I did.

I stopped.

Time seemed to stand still. The world moved around me but my mind kept at that one point. The point where my entire life, existence, friends, family. My everything, went up in flames before my eyes.

That was the day I thought I started dying.

“Then why don’t you become my daughter?”

A pair of mint green eyes, hollow of any emotion stared up at the giant of the man.

What use does that have?” they turned to look at the plane of ashes surrounding her.

Use?” the man laughed heartily, “To be free, yet have a home to return to”. A warmth spread through her veins as the warm laugh mixed with memories of laughter.

Slowly the girl stood up. Raven hair pooled around her frail underweight body. With her mint green eyes she glanced up at the towering male. A white, moon shaped moustache gave the impression the man was always smiling. The man was at least four or five times her size, a white cape with a red inside draped over his shoulders. He wore white trousers and a dark blue waistband that was probably used as a belt. An enormous spear stood next to him, held by his right hand. If it weren’t for the girl’s uncaring attitude towards dead, she probably would have turned tail.

How can I be a daughter without your blood through my veins?” she questioned sceptically. The man let out a booming laughter, the men standing behind him echoed snickering.

You need no blood for family ties” he stomped the spear on the ground, “as the heart is all what matters!

The men behind him cheered at this. With a grin under his moustache he held up a hand, silencing his men. “What do you say little girl?” he questioned.

The girl looked around her, the place she once called home. Longing and sadness filled her eyes as she turned to the man. “If I may” she looked down shyly, “I would like to try” her words were barely a whisper but created ear deafening cheering from the men. The voice of the man booming over them. “Welcome to the Whitebeard family!

The raven haired girl smiled fondly at the memory that had visited her dream. A lazy yawn and a satisfying stretch had her rolling out of the bed with a loud clunk. She groaned and slowly sat up looking around her room. She had the quarters close to the captain of the Whitebeard pirates, meaning on the higher deck with the high division commanders. Her room was the same setting as theirs, just differently decorated.

A set of oak doors lead to the hall. Opposite of that door sat a grand mahogany desk against the wall, papers, books and writing utensils scattered on and around it. The left wall was one big bookcase, filled to the brim with books, some even piled up in front of it. In the middle of the right wall stood a grand bed she just rolled off from. The sheets and the pillows were pine coloured and covered the whole surface of the bed. Underneath that blanket were another 13 fluffy blanket the girl often used for cuddling in the colder nights. On each side of the bed there was a door. The left one lead to the walk in closet while the right lead to a small private bathing chamber.

The girl shuffled over the wooden floor to the bathroom where she dropped her nightgown and stepped under the shower. A sigh of relieve leaving her lips at the contact of the warm water.

When she deemed herself warm and clean she got out and wrapped a towel around her nicely curved body. She had seen women who filled out a lot more, but she was glad that she was average. Those extra baggage would only be a hindrance in moving.

She moved herself into the closet and shifted through the clothes, hanging neatly from racks. The girl settled on stretchy umber coloured pants, a white button up blouse and a chocolate brown chillet. While dressing herself she made sure that all her weapons were neatly hidden within her clothes. She never left anywhere without them.

Giving herself a last turn in the mirror she skipped out of her room. On her way to the Galley for breakfast.

“Spades! You are early”.

“A simple good morning would suffice” the girl turned to meet the electric blue eyes of the first in command. Marco the Phoenix. He grinned sheepishly, probably still dealing with a hangover from last night drinking party. “And I could say the same for you. How is your head?” she turned heel to continue her walk. It took the lean, muscled blonde-haired man 2 strides to catch up to the girl.

“I’m fine” he announced.

“Ah, then it’s probably just your face” Spades smirked.

“Ouch” Marco grunted, patting an imaginary burn on his arm. You glanced over at his sheepish looking face. He was not bad looking, he had pronounced masculine properties, like his prominent jawline, the light layer of stubbles on his chin and let’s not forget his rectangular face. A short cropped haircut had his blonde hair looking a bit like the top of a pineapple.

His strongest property laid in his body though. Having examined all of the crew, he was one of the few who was muscled, but not too much.

“Am I that handsome?” Marco smirked teasingly. The girl blinked, only then realising she was staring. “Considering your competition… you could conclude that” she stated dryly. Marco looked thrown off his pace, “you aren’t supposed to agree… I think”.

Spades looked up bored, “you said it yourself and now you are denying it?” she shook her head clicking her tongue, “you sound like a woman”.

Marco laughed at that remark. Spades merely rolled her eyes with a smirk and opened the door to the Galley. Loud chattering met her ears as if someone was slamming the drums non-stop. When she retrieved food from the kitchen, she scuffled over to a grand table holding most of the present commanders.

“Spades, dear what are you wearing?” a man dressed in traditional Japanese female clothing asked. A thick layer of make-up hiding the wrinkles of his frown. “Good morning Izo” Spades said while sitting down next to Jozu.

Jozu was a giant, compared to everyone else. He was just a tiny bit smaller than Whitebeard. He was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt that hugged his muscles tightly. Spades never quite understood the way the man gained muscle as his upper body was certainly buff, but as you got to his lower half it thin out into legs that shouldn’t fit the image, but somehow did.

“Spades, where is the kimono I specifically picked out for you last week? You looked so gorgeous in it!” Izo exclaimed. Spades munched on a piece of bread, “it’s in my closet, I don’t like wearing it that much. Whenever I work with patients, the possibility exists that my clothes get all bloody” she mused, picking a piece of the bread and popping it into her mouth.

Izo sighed defeated, “just wear it sometime okay? You look so great in feminine clothes”.

Spades gave an absentminded nod. Her eyes darted over each plate until they fell on Haruta’s plate. He was a guy looking in his mid-twenties or late teens. The short crop of brown hair danced as he happily ate the food placed before himself. “Haruta” Spades started, causing the guy to flinch and glance up at her with his indigo eyes. “I told you to eat less carbs this week. The course still hasn’t completely gotten rid of your allergy” she scolded. His eyes dimmed as he slowly shoved his plate away. “If you keep off the carbs and come see me each day you will be able to eat them again next week” she stated and replaced the plate of food with her own bowl of soup.

“Okay Spades” he muttered looking down into the thick tomato soup.

A hearty laugh had the girl turning around to face the head cook and 4th division commander, Thatch. “And you, you should look at what every crewmember takes with him! It’s not like I can babysit every damn member 24/7” Spades snapped, which only caused Thatch to laugh louder.

“Don’t worry so much Spades, a few mistakes on their side doesn’t immediately kill them” he smirked and patted her back roughly.

She braced her hands on the table and glared up at him. Thatch wasn’t a man Spades could take serious on the first glance. His blonde pompadour hairstyle going to the back of his head mismatched colours with his black goatee. The small scar running under his left eye to his temple didn’t add to any seriousness he could possess. It rather looked like he gained it by some stupid stunt of his.

But being here longer than today, Spades knew full well what force this man possessed. The force that gained him the title as fourth in command.

A defeated sigh left the girls lips as she rubbed her temples. “Near death is not killing either” she groaned and looked up at the comical man, “but I guess that’s what I am here for” she scoffed before returning to her meal.

Thatch chuckled and took a seat on the other side of her with a plate of his own food.

Spades didn’t partake a lot in the chattering that went across the table, she listened with care to every piece of information that was revealed. Of course, she could just ask questions of what their plans were and what was on the agenda of the crew, but that was less fun. And that meant she had to initiate a talk that will probably go on longer than she would like.

When her food had disappeared she went out of the noisy Galley. Her nimble feet made no sounds as she strode to the study of her Captain. Before the door she stood and listened for any sounds inside. Paper rustled and pen scratched on paper. Her hand rose and knocked two short times. A gruff voice absentmindedly gave her permission to enter.

The raven haired girl opened and closed the door behind her. “Morning Pops, I got some new medicine that should taste better than the last one” she said rummaging through the small bag at her hip, “and another session is in order considering we will be going on land today” she summed.

The big man at the desk looked up. “Good morning Spades” he said and stood up, moving over to the bed.

“Did Ruri come by last night?” she questioned while switching the empty bottles of medicine with full ones.

“She did” he confirmed.

Spades inspected the IV drips and the other medical machines. Taking up the notepad at the bedside she scribbled down the information and took a moment to think over new herb blends that could better the results. Whitebeard sat on the bed and smiled gently at the focused girl. “What session will it be today?” he questioned. Her head snapped up and her eyes looked over his massive figure.

“Will you be fighting today?” she questioned with a good natured glare.

His chuckle rumbled through the cabin, “a boy has claimed to take my head. He should be on that island” he stated.

She nodded and whipped out several needles. “Then arms and shoulders” she stated definite. Whitebeard nodded and took his robe off, revealing his ripped, scarred torso. She motioned for the man to lay down and he followed the order reluctantly.

Within seconds several needles pierced his arms and shoulders. All hitting different points that aided in bettering his blood circulation and oxygen flow.

Spades nodded contently at her work and took a seat next to the bed. “That boy must be stupid. Going after your head” she huffed crossing her arms.

Whitebeard’s head turned to face her, a grin on his lips. “You tend to call ambitions stupid” he mused. She rolled her eyes, looking away. She knew full well it wasn’t completely stupid. It was something she envied. Having a resolve and following it through, even if it seems impossible.

“Have you given it some thought?” the man questioned. She turned to face him with a deadpanned look. “I always think about it. But it’s never realistic enough to accept” she grunted annoyed.

“Realistic?” roaring laughter filled the room, causing the girl to glare harder. “Realism has no means for dreams!”

“That may be, but without the realism of it actually being achievable I’d rather don’t bother with it” she huffed.

His eyes twinkled with interest. “And what might this unrealistic goal be?”

“Take down the government” she stated dryly.

The man burst into another laughing fit. People passing the cabin looked worried at the closed doors. Wondering what had their captain in such high spirits.

“Quit laughing!” Spades hissed.

“Why protect an ideal that you don’t find worthy of pursuing?” he mused.

Spades stared at the old man, her stare soon turning into a scowl. She turned her head to avoid pouting at the man. “Not protecting….” She muttered. A deep breath left the man’s lips as he turned his head to face the pillow. “5 more minutes” she sighed and got up. Spade fumbled with a small bottle, which when opened, released an oily substance. The smell of herbs filled the room, it smelled spicy but slightly sweet. “This will ease up the muscles” she explained while rubbing it over the muscled back, “that way you won’t have any resistance, even though you don’t move as much as in the past”.

Whitebeard grunted, letting her know he heard it but cared little. She rolled her eyes and massaged his muscles.

When she was done she pulled the needles out of the man and stored them in the places they came from. “I’m done” she stated, wiping her hands on the bedsheets.

Whitebeard slowly got up and sat on the edge of the bed. He gave his shoulders a test roll and tensed the muscles in his arms. A glint in his eyes at the ease of the movement was enough as a thank you for the girl. “I’ll be off” she announced and left the room.

Her mint eyes fell upon 3 men that were loitering around, probably trying to find out what their pops had been laughing about. “What?” she snapped. They held their hands up defensively and muttered excuses as they scurried away. “Thought so” she huffed and left for the infirmary.

As usual the day in the infirmary was pretty regular. The morning consisted of preparing medicine and giving orders to the nurses. Spades was the head doctor. She was the one in charge of maintaining the stock, making new and personalized medicine and training the staff. Ruri was one of the main helpers. She was the one who had learned the most from Spades. Spades taught from medicine making to basics of treating someone, to surgeries.

The only thing she didn’t teach in practice was her needle treatments. She taught the pressure and energy points, but she didn’t let them stick needles in people to try it out, since mistakes could prove fatal.

The midday consisted of checking up on the staff and correcting wherever needed.

As evening arrived a knock on the door had her tear away from her work to open the door. Marco, the first in command looked down on her. “We have a new guy on board, wondering if you can check up on him” he asked pointing his thumb over his shoulder.

Spades arched a brow at the tall male. “A new guy? I thought pops went to some brat wanting his head?”

Marco gave a chuckle, “yeah, that’s the kid. He plans on making him part of the family”.

Spades blinked, crossing her arms and a scowl appearing on her face. “He wants someone who wants his head?” she shook her head disapproving but still moved out of the infirmary. Marco started walking to lead the way. “Did the brat accept the offer?” she questioned without looking at the blonde haired male.

“Nah, he said pops could go to hell” Marco grinned at the memory, “and he is about the same age as you” he remarked.

Spade shrugged, “someone my age challenging pops is a brat” she stated.

Suddenly Marco halted and opened a door. “Ah you brought Spades” Thatch smiled upon their arrival, “didn’t think she’d want to treat him”.

“A patient is a patient” Spades shrugged moving past the males to the body laying peacefully on the bed. “Did someone knock him out?” she questioned eyeing his tranquil state.

“He received a good beating” Marco snickered.

“Figured” she rolled her eyes, knowing full well what their captain was capable off.

Her hand pulled the blanket off the resting body, her mint eyes scanning him. His short raven hair hung messily around his head. A grin tugged at the woman’s face at the sight of freckles adorning the man’s cheekbones. It was a trait you didn’t see a lot. Next her eyes moved over his well formed jawline, to his well-toned chest. She frowned and moved over.

The two crewmates watched in silence as her fingers slid along the man’s side. Then up over the middle of his chest and down the other side. Her eyebrows creased in a frown. “Did pops go easy on him?”

“Probably” Marco shrugged.

“I almost feel bad for him” she mused, “besides some bruising and battering, there isn’t a lot going on”. A flick of her wrist made a set of senbon needles appear in her hands. Marco looked uneasy at the armed woman. “You are going to treat him right?” he questioned, slightly worried for the stranger.

Spades rolled her eyes, “no, I will stab him to dead”.

Marco and Thatch shifted on their spot.

“Geez, know sarcasm” she sighed, “I’m just going to make sure he won’t be feeling a thing tomorrow”.

“Why is that needed?” Thatch spoke.

“Because,” she groaned, “I like trying things out” she pointed her needles at the two men, “you people barely get battered up. I don’t get enough practice because of you” she huffed.

Both men looked at each other before bursting out laughing. She rolled her eyes at their antics, a small grin on her face as she turned back to her patient.

Within seconds his body was decorated with needles. When she moved to his legs she paused. Her soft hands moved under his calves and lifted his leg in the air. Marco and Thatch looked on confused, wondering what she could gain from lifting his leg.

Her minty eyes scanned his leg, “some nice muscles” she muttered before putting his leg down.

“What….” Marco and Thatch looked on with disturbed faces. Spades ignored the duo and finished up the treatment.

“He should be 100% tomorrow” she stated and dropped the needles back in their rightful place.

“Thanks Spades” Marco grinned. She glanced up at him, “A patient is a patient” she stated and left the room. Thatch deemed the situation fine and left the opposite direction while Marco stalked after the girl.

“A patient with ‘nice muscles’” he cited teasingly.

She glared up, “I can enjoy some good anatomy aesthetics”.

“Aesthetics of a boy your age” he noted.

“Boys my age are toddlers” she grunted, “shouldn’t you be pestering someone else? Maybe someone who doesn’t have the power to keep you alive in battle?” she mused.

“Did I hit a nerve?” Marco mused, his lazy eyes twinkling with amusement. Spades growled and punched his side, causing him to slightly budge to the side with a groan. “Guess I did” he grinned triumphantly.

Spades flicked him off before speeding up her pace towards the Galley for diner. Leaving a chuckling Marco in her wake.

After consuming diner she treated Haruta for his allergy. Which entailed putting needles into his skin and reading a book for an hour. Then she send him on his way and called Ruri. The raven haired female instructed her on the routine of Whitebeard’s night treatment. Ruri obeyed happily, her red eyes shining at the praise she received for last night.

When everything in the infirmary was done for the night, Spades retired to her bedroom. There she took a soothing bath, brushed her teeth and read a few pages before sleep overtook her body.


Hellooo~ i'm new to inkitt so i have no clue if people actually put author notes at the end of the chapter. I just wanted to say that i really look forward to see what you guys think :3

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