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The Love of a Doll


"I licked it, so it's mine." - Park Jimin

Romance / Other
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For every flower that blooms, there will be a message waiting for you.

You smile as you remember your fiancée’s words, still no sign of him or Yoongi since three months ago.

Taehyung has been recovering well, keeping his distance from Jungkook and only worried about Yoongi.

A lot has changed in the course of three months. You now had a good paying part time, still working at the diner. You were promoted to being the manager, also including a great raise.

Your apartment no longer looked a wreck, you had food in the fridge. You bought new couches, a new bed, a new wardrobe. Everything has been going so well for you, hence the only thing missing.

Park Jimin.

Jimin hasn’t been contacting you as much as he had in the beginning. He says there were some difficulties with Yoongi and he had to stay longer.

You wait day and night for the voicemail he would leave whenever he had the chance. You cherished it, now growing more accustomed to his satoori accent.

Taehyung however, never heard a word from Yoongi. It was weird how Yoongi didn’t try to reach out to him, which only meant one thing possible.

His memory was wiped clean.

You sigh as you grip the mug of your coffee, taking light sips as you scroll through your phone.

Your front door suddenly opens, a bright cheery Taehyung smiling as he walks in.

“It’s me, bitch.”

“I can see that.” You chuckle as he places a bag down on the table, swiftly removing his jacket. “How are you feeling?”

You glance over at the man and he grins as he pulls out the McDonald’s bag.

“Great, the session with Dr Lee went well.” He passes you a sandwich and hash brown. “He’s so fine.”

“Calm thy self, you’re loyal to Yoongi.” You giggle as you take a bite of the hash brown, Tae rolling his eyes as he sips his orange juice.

“I am but, it’s been three months, three long months without any action.”

“How you think I feel?” You chew the hash and giggle. Taehyung sighs, unraveling his croissant sandwich and taking a bite.

“Its so hard, especially when I have to go see Doctor hottie twice a week.”

“Is he really that fine?” You quirk a brow and Tae nods as he sips his juice.

“Fine as wine, enough to make him mine.” You ball up the hash wrapper and shoot it at him. Tae wiggles his brows as he takes a bite of his sandwhich.

“Are you ready for classes today?” You sigh as you sink into the chair. You were still worried about him, although he’s been avoiding Jungkook all this time it still didn’t help the fact that Jungkook did teach at the university.

“Yeah, atleast he’s not our professor anymore, and besides, I’m not letting him stop me from graduating.”

“I can’t believe this is our last semester.” You sip your coffee and Tae nods as he finishes his food.

“We’ll be two bad bitches walking the stage.” You both giggle. “Trust me, I’ll be fine okay-my only focus is on Yoongi.”

“Good, I’m eager to see him.” You admit and Tae’s face flushes.

“Y-Yeah, me too.”


“Five more.” Jimin pants as he drops his body to the ground. His muscles tense as he pushes himself up, quickly lowering and repeating the action over.

The gym has been his escape for the past three months. Needless to say, Jimin had too much pent up frustration and the gym helped with that.

So as he does his push ups, another figure sits on the bench, eyes half closed.

“Can you hurry up, I’m tired.” The man whines and Jimin scoffs as he pushes himself off the ground.

“How about you go do a workout, you’re already so thin.” Jimin snaps, sweat dripping down his hair as he lowers his torso.

The man snorts, crossing his legs as he watches Jimin’s body.

“I’m good, I actually did a push up today.”

“Oh yeah?” Jimin grunts as he finishes the last round. “When?”

Jimin stands to his feet, chest glistening with sweat as he reaches for his towel. The man eyes him in awe.

“Well, I actually fell down,” The man pouts and Jimin snorts, shaking his head as he grabs his water bottle.

“B-But I had to use my arms to get back up so, yeah-close enough right?”

“You’re ridiculous.” Jimin chuckles and wraps the towel around his neck.

The boys both laugh, the door to the gym opening and revealing a taller figure.

“Oh, Jin.” Jimin smiles, placing a seat on the bench with his legs spread open. Jin smiles as he sees the two, his eyes slightly watering.

“I have good news,” Jin turns to the half awake man. “You’re cleared to go home.”

“Really?” Jimin chirps cheerfully. Jin nods, wiping away a lone tear.

“My babies, I’m going to miss you so much.”

“Jin, don’t cry.” Jimin chuckles as he stands to comfort the emotional man.

“Ah my little Jiminie, this is why you’re my favorite-and as for you,” Jin glares at the half asleep man, perched on the bench.

“I want you to stay out of trouble, understood?”

“Sorry, my brain shut off-what was that?” Jin shoots daggers into the smirking boy, Jimin sighing as he places a hand on Jin’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, he’s too lazy to even do anything.”

“I trust you Jimin, also say hello to Y/n for me.” Jimin smiles and Jin shoots one last glare at the man before exiting the room.

Jimin stretches, a wide smile gracing his lips.

“Finally,” he breathes out and he turns to the man. “You ready?”

The man smiles as he lower his gaze. His thoughts running through him as he remembers the one he loves face clearly.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”


“Oh God.” Taehyung sucks in a breath as he walks into his first class. His eyes dart straight to the front of the room, the tall familiar figure already located behind the wooden desk.

Unlike last semester, this time you and Tae didn’t have the same classes, which meant Tae was on his own.

The professor turns towards the door, his eyes widening as he sees Taehyung.

Time seems to stop and Tae quickly exits the room as he felts his lungs constrict.

Deep breaths.

Tae closes his eyes as he breathes in and out, feeling himself calm down a bit.

But it all ends when;

“Taehyung?” Jungkook cautiously approaches Tae from behind, causing Tae to tense as the hair on his skin stands.

No, no, no.

“It’s been a while.” Jungkook breathes out nervously and Tae refuses to turn around.

“I-I have to go.” Tae quickly walks away. Jungkook can feel his heart tighten and he quickly chases after the boy.

“Tae, wait.”

“Leave me alone Jungfuck.”

“Taehyung, please talk to me.”

“Sorry, I forgot how to speak fluent bullshit.” Tae scoffs as he runs on his heels. His face immediately collided with a strong chest.

“Oof, well excuse you-” Tae’s eyes widen as he looks ahead. His eyes coming in contact with dark irises and a sly smirk.


“It’s been a while, did you miss me?”



You sigh as you sit lonely in your seat. You missed having Taehyung in your classes.

But now since you’ve both chosen different career paths, you couldn’t take the same classes together.

You take out your supplies, placing your book bag on the seat next to you so no one could sit down.

The door to the classroom opens, but you fail to acknowledge the commotion as you search for your pencil case.

“I could have sworn I brought it.” You talk to yourself. The room grows lively, the women chattering as something caught their eye.

“Hello, I just signed up for this class this morning so I may not be on the roster.”

“Ah, can you please tell me your name?”

“Where the fuck is it?” You grow aggravated, ignorant to you surroundings. And just to your luck, you found the small case and you smile as you wrap your fingers around it.

“Found it-”

“My name is Jimin,” Your heart sinks as you hear the voice. The pouch slips from your hand and lands on the floor, your mouth suddenly grows dry as you attempt to gulp.

You slowly turn your head, instantly sucking in a sharp breath as you see the man standing in front of the class. He smiles, the same boyish smile you’ve fell head over heels for.

Your heart seems to stop as his brown eyes meet yours. His tongue gently swiped across his lips, his eyes trained on solely you as his lips part slowly.

“Park Jimin.”

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