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"You will be Jungkook's stylist" "Are you serious? But I'm not married. Do I have to get married?" "Pabo" Jungkook x Reader #MYseries1 Y/N Gavins have always wanted to go to South Korea because of its beauty. Little did she know, she'll be working under someone she idolizes.

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Chapter 1 - Job Hunt in Seoul

I walked around Myeongdong, enjoying the shops and my cup of coffee. Its my third week here in Korea. And I’m trying to get used to the new country. It’s my first time to be in a different country, and staying there for a long time.

Ever since im in college, I dreamt of being an exchange student on my third year, but that never happened. I wasn’t accepted, plus my mother doesn’t approve of me staying here.

But now that I finished college, I immediately booked a ticket, and decided to stay here with the help of the money I saved up.

And its not easy. Korea has a lot of pretty places to visit. And many store to buy things with. And all I can say is, my money is not enough. That is why I have been looking for a job since yesterday. I applied for almost any place that has a sign board that says “hiring” (thank God it’s written in english).

I didn’t come here with a plan. That’s why im struggling.

“Annyeong!” The girl infront of the huge Nature Republic store greeted. I bowed a little and smiled at her.

I kept walking until I saw girls and a few boys line up outside a shop. Perhaps, a Kpop shop. Based on the posters. And since im such a Kpop trash, I decided to ask what’s the commotion is all about.

“Annyeonghaseyo. Uhm, what is the line for?” I asked, crossing my fingers that she understands me.

“Annyeong! It’s for BangtanSonyeondan’sfansigning! Omo!” She said, with full energy.

Oh sh*t what??



As in International Kpop Rainbow Sunshine Sensation Traditional Transfer USB Hub Shrimp BTS?!

“Oh jinjja?! But how? Are they inside?” I asked. I dont know how this thing works.

“Well it’s like lottery. You buy albums and the shop will draw winners based on the number on your album. So if you really want to win, buy a hundred of their albums” she explained.

So that explains why you can find cheap albums at the subway. Fans who bought too many will sell those. Okay, I get it.

“Oh okay. Kamsahamnida!” I smiled.

I looked at the line, and decided that this is not the right time to join. I’ll be staying here for as long as I want. There would be plenty of fansigning events later.

I really want to, honestly, but I need to find a job first. And knowing my unlucky ass, I wont get picked.

I sighed before walking away. I could have met BTS if I won that. For almost 3 years, that’s what I dreamed. But it is not today. Heh get it.

“Maybe its time to go home now. That’s too much walking for today” I said to myself. The place where im staying at is near Myeongdong so I dont have to ride anything. It’s a guesthouse. That’s what I can afford for now.

“Hey! You’re home! How was the job hunt?” My roommate asked. Her name’s Sunny. She’s been in Korea for almost 4 years now. She’s the one who guides me around. We met online, and she was the one who helps me get to Korea. With all the papers and such.

“Still the same. I got sore feet and no job” I plopped down my bed.

“Aww! Dont be sad! Dont worry, I’ll talk to my bestfriend. I’ll persuade her to hire you” she said, lifting my mood up.

“Thank you. You’ve done a lot for me already. Im glad” I gave her a warm smile.

“Its fine. Im your friend, dont worry about it” I bowed at her.

“Can we watch the television? Do they have The Return of Superman today?” I asked, turning on the TV

“I bet you want see Seungjae”


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