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My Bruised Hybrid


"Don't touch, mommy's milk is mine!" In a society where hybrids have no rights, you decide to take in your own hybrid to keep shelter from the cruel secret society. The hybrid you happen to take in would be the most troublesome and damaged of them all. Despite his troubled past, will you still melt he heart of the hybrid? Or will you give up and decide to adopt another?

Other / Romance
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Hybrids are no longer seen as valuable gems in the society.

With the secret society on the prowl for more test subjects, Hybrids are forced to stay hidden in the shadows or adopted by families. Jin is not an exception.

Having being adopted by a wealthy woman, to other Hybrids he would be considered lucky. To Jin it may be true but with time that luck runs dry and he experiences the true evils of society. When his owner decides she no longer values the Hybrid, she doesn't hesitate to leave him for dead. Luckily, Jin survives the crucial abuse and is saved and placed in a nearby shelter.

One day, when a human girl decides to adopt her own Hybrid, Jin finally gets a second chance at having a happy life and avoid being sent to the secret society as another test subject. Despite what seemed like a blessing to others, Jin just can't seem to let go of his past and remains determined to find his old owner. He doesn't realize that, that determination alone may get him killed.

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