Lauren,and the islander kids,chapter one


Jojo is now a duke of the land of Rainbowia,and he sends out a few knights on a quest to find the missing Blue elves,and bring back a beautiful girl whom sir Jojo finds great love for.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Recently,me sir jojo was writing a book for the PArkvillian and Rainbowia fantasy land's government on how to run things well economically. First,my rule one is our government would not borrow from others and second,we would not spend on extravagance,third,keep things simple and live humbly,thus do not over spend. Fourth,do without a lot of luxuries,and buy them only once a month,to every three months. Fifth,be saving with money and resources,but share for charity of one tenth income each month,so God will reward you. These were things i wrote in the Rainbowia handbook of economics. But many of the fellow counties and even in Zarka land,had borrowed from us in Rainbowia and owed us much money and some food we had given them and seed and feed,when some of the farms out there had a need to boost start poor farmers. However,my minister to finance was appointed by me who is also the fellow councilord,Jimmy . He also does land transactions work in the county,such as working with the Patron citizens adopt a homeless person,collects tributes from county fiefs,and works with the land scouts and surveyors on the borders of each county and he sings as a minstrel while he works. Rainbowia also soon had a gay rainbow parade week long celebration in downtown Great North town. It is something to celebrate! Another great festival is the Renaissance day festival,which comes once a month. Other festivals are the JEsse jojo northland federation unity day,and it celebrates me and jesse's quest when we saved Northland from the snow spell. Gay day was about to come up,and i was called to arrange the festival with lance bass a minstrel in Great North town and sir Doogey,who was assistant to Mayor RDJ. Sir doogey as town manager,was also once mayor himself of Neon city in north Tobia land,and he was also a church helper at Avalon for pastor Melissa,but he originally came from Tulipia and lived in a village with some blue faced elves there among green mounds and big tulips and mushrooms. Most of the blue faced elves were gay and reproduced by having just a few of their people heterosexual. Doogey said how he wished they were here to help with the festival. But another gay like elf tribe are the lime green male elves with their blondish and white hair and their pink skin elf females,but they also can morph to peach skin too when they desire. They live over in Avalon west mound forest,but many of them live in south Zarka in the forests there. Sir doogey told me how he wanted to have me send a quest to one of the lost isles in central sea and search for the blue elves of Tulipia land,some friends of his who journeyed out there but were said to been captured as slaves by the square faced box creatures. These box heads are made of clay and they are all heterosexual and they mate so much and have so many offspring,and their islands are getting over populated. So i said,i will send for the great Sea submarine docked at PArkvillia bay,and i appointed Adam as captain of the mission. HE is a knight of mine ,and he is loyal. He went with sir doogey,and they went in the silver submarine and out to the straits of west star land. Finally,after a day,they came out into the Central sea,and with a map that Sir doogey had,he would guide their route. Once they found the lost isles,they found the Box people ,but then the islands were so crowded and it was shoulder to shoulder and they looked hungry and they weren't friendly so that was one reason they were not worth it.There were tall box shaped buildings jumbled together and ,hardly any green was seen. The queen of the island was named Liza ,but she had been captured herself to be their queen,and now even she couldn't escape but they listened to her about everything except she couldnt escape even if she commanded it. Sir doogey and Adam Lamber were able to find the other island of the blue elves,they were slaves and working to grow some mushrooms and also were in chains and toiling about on a field. "We come to ask you to free the blue faced elves who traveled here ten years ago.they were colonists who you abducted"said Doogey. A box faced muscle creature said" Not so,they were here to invade us and take our islands,so we made them slaves". "But they're harmless and theyre gay"said doogey." we enslave only the gay ones,even among our own box people,since they perform not the duty to repopulate. but we had to cut back on our welfare payments to our people because there's too many and we need to save money for the queen and her royal box palace,to serve the rich courtiers and senators". Sir doogey was mad'You dont have enough to feed your population,and yet you make the gay ones who help balance population to be slaves.You free the people,or else we come back with a navy from Rainbowia and Sunflowera"said Adam. They put adam and doogey into a big metal box and with a rope holding them up from a mountain cliff. There was no escape. The submarine was with a crew of 300 sailors. They wondered why the Box people were swarming towards the ship. One of the boys on the island who was human was named aydan ,he was cute and he as a slave too,because he was made a slave because he was too cute. The Box people's masculinity made them think cute men were gay. He was captured from his home land of Gondex,on the south coast of Central sea. he used to be a squire and choir boy in a church south western like adobe building mission. Aydan has been here working the slave island's plantation with the blue faced elves. He saw how adam and doogey were captured,so he thought he and a few other human friends with him would plan an escape and think of something. His kid friends were Luke Lipley,a blond kid who swam alot and caught fish for the box people,and there was OLiver davids,a boy who was merboy and he could swim underwater but he had one of his gills cut off,so he cant swim umder there more than an hour,thus he could not escape. Alejandro,a tan spanish looking boy who had also come form Gondex land ,and he was Aydan's best friend. Also a girl named Ellie mayfower montreat . she was also part nymph,which is a human woman once chosen to guard a water area. She was a nymph daughter of the lagoon on one of the beautiful islands in central sea for the Red Fruit fuzzies,a certain kind of short dwarf like people who have red fuzzy hair,because of a drink they drink. They were also planning to find her and go to war against the Box people because for one thing,the Box people discriminated against the Red Fuzzies for their hair color and their free society of dressing and acting free going and easy . THe Box people are masculine and spartan,and no nonsense. THey only got here to these islands because they were not welcomed elsewhere because of their nontolerance of other people. With the Box people trying to get into the Submarine,they couldnt with the hatch locked,but funny thing about them was the box people cant swim,and will drown. So when the submarine went back under water,many who had swarmed atop it,began to drown. Aydan and alejandro and luka, sneaked on the island and rowed a boat over to the other one and, with a special telekinesis ability which ayden used after Laura sprinkled the boxes with gold glitter from a stashed away fairy glitter they had been saving,the happy thoughts from ayden and his friends lifted them as he magically lifted the box cages,through the air and gently brought them over to the plantation. Adam and doogey got out and thanked them. THen it was seen in the distance,a girl coming over the waves on a surf board. This was no ordinary one,it was a hoverable water surfer. She had in her hand,a golden baton,and on her back harness was strapped a little wild red haired leprechaun like man.His hair was red like a cherry! chief Red Fruity! The wave which she was riding was quite huge,all because it had been caused by a quake ,which the red fuzzies had instigated accidentally someone dropping a yellow stone off their boat ,but which was really meant to be carried down the under ground water creek under the Box island city,so it would bring down the military Box people's base building,but now it turned out to make a tidal wave and the whole city of clay buildings was unexpectedly going to be brought to rubble too. All this because through an underwater yellow stone they had dropped on the sea floor and it was magical anyway,so it caused this quake. That yellow stone,was one of the dangerous rocks which if many are collected together,they can make a sort of explosion underwater only. This was for this purpose,thought the red fuzzies back on their own island some distance to the west,and this war would now be won,by this new mission. They hired this lovely girl named Lauren Zid, because she had the sole ability to hold the chief's golden staff and allow it to break the Box people's chief's own staff,which was magical too and which had been shooting up lazer balls from it that could conquer other islands, as the conquered submitted in fear to the box chief because of his own staff,made of onyx. She had once appeared on Red fruity island,where she been living awhile, with her brother and parents on Red fruity island beach at one time,but she knew about hover ore,and when she found the Red fuzzie people's over on their island once,she found it a different quality ,one with an ability to hover on water. Red fuzzies soon appeared behind her upon many kayaks,like the Maori,and they were dressed like them too in the primitive loin cloths,but these are short red headed people. They are even more of a cherry color red headed humans,and the chief's son was named Grayson whom he also adopted. LAura z was also the chief's lady flower girl for ceremonies and waving big leaves to cool him in summer. THis was her first warrior mission, and she was really no warrior,but more of flower girl,but she had great strength,and only her it seemed was chosen to wield the chief's golden staff,the staff for his best brave. The mission was to lead the Maori like Muppet dwarf like warriors at her lead,and defend them with her staff,and distract the Box people's warriors,so that her Maori like Red Fuzzies could sneak in the gate to go under the city's creek sewer and bring the yellow rock to plant under the military head quarters. But since plans had changed with the yellow stone dropped ,she was caught in a tidal wave coming for her,but she knew how to surf,and so she was prepared. The tidal wave washed over the Box people's island and came down the hills towards their big city of tall boxlike buildings. The buildings and towers were collapsing and the box peoples running. But even ayden and friends,with Doogey and adam were trying to find safety. This wild lauren girl on the surf board, along with other wild red head Fruities on their surfboards,and she batted at the box faced muscle braves and cracked them into pieces,since they are all made of clay. Some were made of Rubber,and they are from Rubber isle. The rubber people have been allies to the Box ones and they were now trying to get at LAuren the surfer girl. She fell off her surf board and they grabbed her coiling her around in rubber extendable arms. She was squeezed so tight,and then they left her for dead,as she lost her breath. The city of box people however was destroyed,and many also perished. The submarine came to safety and sailors from the ship hurried over to help adam and doogey,who somehow were able to hold to a tree and not get washed away. Ayden did get washed away but laura the nymph swam after him and rescued him with a blow of magic breath into his lungs. The box people were all destroyed,and their queen escaped. But she was actually all too happy and she soon was able to stay a queen at the permission of chief Red fruity, who was with lauren. Queen liza would later welcome all gays to live on neighboring islands,which Chief red fruit gave her. The Box people' island was full of rubble and all had drowned it seemed or had washed away somewhere. But they deserved it sicne they were intolerant spartan creatures. The sailors brought lauren to the ship inside ,and ayden and doogey and adam also came with alejandro and luke and laura the nymph. Ayden thought lauren zid was drowned,but she needed breath blown in her mouth. so adam blew it in her and she coughed up water and was back. The little red fruit chief,said "OH my staff. only it could break the bodies of the tough box people into clay dust". One of the rubber people,saved a box muscle giant and they also had found the washed away gold baton. "I will repopulate my people and we will someday take over more than this island!" said the box people's chief. He did have a wife,and he would repopulate and train the new generation in his spartan ways,unless he could be stopped. So Doogey ordered the submarine to ram their boat,which was piloted by the rubber people. The Rubber people also had some of the yellow stone,which can blow things up from below water. They tossed it at the submarine,and some rubber people swam under it,and threw it at the sub,since it only explodes in water. The submarine got a huge hole blown on its sides. The sailors panicked,and had to go to the nearest island as the submarine could only be safely steered towards the shore of Ayden's isle,where the blue elves lived. THe submarine was steered quickly to land on the shore line so it would not drown. At least the Box people's island was no more inhabited,just a heap of fallen buildings. The Rubber people n the ship thouight they had the last laugh. But it was that after a week on the Ayden's tiny plantation island,the friends were confused and all the sailors were not sure if they could escape this isle unless they fixed the hole in the submarine. LAuren zid was an avid surfer but also she knew about hover ore and smelting metal. so she got some ore off the island,and smelted it for the submarine repair. Adam like her and they both went surfing together. The red chief fruity,and his fruity people were repairing their own canoes,and soon,they'd be home to the Red Fruity islands. It was finally done,and on the way back,chief red fruity wanted to invade the Rubber people's island and they brought queen liza with them,who was saved after she was captured by the rubber people. She was going to be forced to marry an ugly rubber man,but she was glad when the submarine was back and the sailors and the red fruities surrounded the island and shooted their arrows with flames. The rubber palace melted,and the rubber people also melted. Many escaped and surrendered. Their own rubber chief gave lauren back the golden baton. The last box chief and his wife were not allowed to reproduce. But it was so his line of royal heirship would not reclaim the box island,because it now would be repopulated someday with reformed box people mixed with sugar. THat was what chief red fruity said he would do when time was right. It turned out the box people,many had washed away but some were just a spread of wet clay in the water washed on the beach,and so some still alive, only if their mouth and face were still somewhat dry. They are somewhat of a play dough gummy people when wet,and that's why they afraid of water,but yet sailed island to island conquering them,just as long as they didn't fall off the boats. They reproduce by laying clay eggs,and molding them in a square shape,which dries out naturally. Chief red fruity gathered up the clay and showed mercy to them ,and had the braves remold the survivors in their clay body forms,but this time the people would be much smaller,and so theyd be harmless. Some still had a bad behavior,but they gradually became much nicer when chief red fruity had ordered that sugar be mixed into their bodies,from the local island sugar canes. and now the survivors became all so jolly and little fun agreeable box clay people. But the Queen liza was freed and she would go back to the old box island and rule a new group of humans there,including the blue elves,soon to establish a new city there. Not all were gay,and some were required to be heterosexual or bisexual to continue their population. So queen liza ruled happily over them. The were so happy to have their old friend from Tulipia back,named Doogey. He had helped free them,and go ahead with freedom to live their lives in peace and love on the sea,upon an island as they had originally intended when they first sailed out here on the central sea. Doogey invited his blue elves to come and visit Rainbowia land and join in the gay parade. Many of them came back,and with them also Ayden and his friends,even lauren decided she would like to travel east and see the wonderous lands she heard about called Zarka and Rainbowia.
So when they all returned back east through the straits of west star,sunflowera, to the parkvillia sapphire bay and docked at new grey havens, they got on a stage coach hover mobile and made it to Great north town,by passing parkvillia village. Lauren and ayden noticed the palace on the hill and said what beautiful village that is. She was even more amazed when they got to Great North town and she beheld the huge white capitol building shaped like a cluster of clouds of cotton. "We will stop by here again if you choose to become a citizen of Rainbowia"said Adam. Lauren was orgasmic, oh what a wonderful place! so at Great north town, the mayor Rdj at his town house came to meet doogey and his blue elf friends in their loin cloths. "We can have a real party with them" said Rdj. This was also because one of the elves had a special purple mushroom with blue spots on it,and it was a rare treat to smoke and cultivate,said one of the elves. "I horticulturally raised it on the island,and its a cross breed from another mushroom back in Tulipia which we brought with us ten years ago. You will love the smoke of its herb!" So they smoked some of these mushrooms,called 'Blueshroombia'. Oh,it was just like Trollbacco but even better because it relaxed but also made one feel joy and ecstasy. It was also much like the white glitter of sunflowera,but only sunflowerans can get effects from their white glitter because one has to live in Sunflowera to feel its effects.Some form of enchantment. But here,this was to be freely enjoyed by the Northlanders,and oh it felt good. Jojo came into town and heard with Robbie Earsley that the new mushroom would replace the old trollbacco which he once craved. Now,it was something to celebrate,and me and robbie smoked a lot of it,and johnny my other hubby also joined in. The parade was in just a few days and it is planned to be amazing. ME sir jojo, also met little boy Ayden and his friends,and i loved ayden with his big brown eyes. "Hey kiddo,i have a job for you as my minstrel if you decide to stay in our land. My friend prince Macaulay ,across the river south of here,also needs a singer and dancer at his new theater at his palace". Then the boy Ayden replied" I only know church songs from my homeland music in Gondex,but i would like to hear your music in your land,and learn it". We introduced him to music from my holocylinder. He was welcomed to lodge at any choice of the town owned North gate motel,near Maxi park,or at the Rainbow onion palace. He and his kid friends,and lauren zid all stayed at the rainbow onion palace. Whilest there, i took on me to train Ayden in the new dance moves he was learning. we studied at the dance studio in downtown great north town,in a warehouse room. He had never heard the music coming out of my holocylinder. I typed in a few songs on the magic keyboard attached to the holocylinder and with a universal consciousness rock on it,all sorts of Italo disco songs and synthwave came into a holographic list on the wall. We could see a list of songs on a menu and i picked out some,and some i knew already. Ayden danced to alot of them! He was learning quick,and he even sort of invented Break dance there while we were learning disco! I had studied disco from a music book,which Brendan my former avalon friend had once given me when he traveled to Earth in a portal to the 1970's,back in time. Dovey osmond was also one of my dance students ,but it was because Donny his dad,had made me an assistant dance instructor to teach his son,since Donny was busy alot of times singing at the Pink flamingo casino in East butt village. Donny had taught me sir jojo a lot of dance moves and singing techniques. Me and Robbie Earsley and johnny sat in the dance studio supervising the dance moves,and while we smoked the new 'Blueshroombia' mushroom,and laughed together,because it made us feel so good. "wait till i show Prince Macaulay this mushroom! He loves to smoke mushrooms and marijuana,but when he sees this ,he will be so excited!" said jojo. As for other friends we had newly made, alejandro the spanish boy,i assigned him a job out at mine and nicky's cambrian villa house,to be a cleaner and all around help boy.Ashto sold me that house,for a good price,and all he wanted in payment was a lot of green vegetables for it,and several barrels of apple cider. Apple and pumpkin cider is one of the main payments in Zarka land ,how people pay by bartering. As for a boy named Luke lipley,he was offered a job out in Azuria palace's water park and pyramid hotel ,since he could swim real well,and clean the tubes where the water flows around and around and i sent him out there to work at the pyramid hotel they have too. Prince pax,chief prince of Azuria palace,he had the job openings and received him with my messengers because else way,luke did not know how to find his way there as it was an unknown land to him,but wonderous indeed and he loves it! Luke also has a funny magic ability where his lips enlarge at times like a fish,but other times back to real small. No one knew why it did that,but had something to do with his one fish gill he still had on his rib. Other kids used to laugh at him when his lips got larger,but it was also kind of funny and he had fun with it,and making funny faces. other friend i met was the boy oliver , as a half merboy,i found he also would serve well as a water job worker,and he was sent to 711 water resort to clean and maintain the aquarium there and feed the fish and join the other Mer people who have entertainment shows at the resort,since he can spend time under water and be able to breathe. Then there was Ellie mayflower montreat,and she was also a water like mergirl,a nymph,and she went with Oliver to join the 711 resort job. But soon the fairies in zarka sensed her sweet smell,and found her aura was a sign she was chosen to be one of their queens. So she was shrunk with shrink berry and crowned into a fairy queen. They had also captured another girl from an earlier story named Teela marjorino and made her a princess of another realm of fairies up in the zarkan woods east of new bree village,in the New Buckland forest. Teela had agreat pure aura too, and if you remember her,she was the girl who lived on a plantation in central Zarka kingdom ,and was a friend of the boy named Rider,from an earlier story adventure. Princess Teela can fly and she comes to visit lady Drew Sugarbear at Sugar village to see how she is doing and have tea parties and cakes. Soon Ellie mayflower montreat, would be friends and her lady in waiting would be princess teela,as they were in the Buckland forest fairy realm. Teela always wondered why she hadnt been queen but the faiiries said was because she had a wild streak and her hair had a static electricity which couldnt seem to keep her hair so beautiful as they desired. could only be princess but she was still with a aura of magic in her eyes,which they said was I had suggested she be a fairy princess tohem once. Finally,the other friend brought for me to be introduced to is lauren and her parents . She reminded me of my moffatt friends,resembling Scott moffatt. LAnce bass,rdj's assistant,also noticed the resemblance since he once sang in the extended band with the MOffatts called"The Blue wonder". Me jojo and the moffatts met at one time through a baseball game i attended with Ashto who invited me with his friend kevin. Kevin also was manager of a soccer team who plays at the stadium. I was seeing a game and there we met Gil the stadium vendor. He was cute with long hair and i wanted to be his friend,and he got to talking with us in our seats as we watched the game ,and then a concert with the Blue Wonder band came up after the game,and i was excited about the pop rock music. That was my first Moffatt concert,and Gil said he sang with the band sometimes. I asked him if i could meet them,and that's how we all met. Oh well,back to the present, i said to lauren this story i remembered about and she enjoyed hearing about it. and she said ,she would like to meet the boy band the Moffatts who look like her. Well,it was the weekend and the parade was soon. I noticed in Lauren's dress underneath,she pulled out a golden baton. It was lovely! " This was the one my step father chief Red Fruity gave me,when i brought the box monsters to extinction!". "this would be good for leading the parade"i said. She agreed and she let mayor RDJ borrow it,and so she went with her parents with some rainbowian knights to travel to the Moffatts' house. But i said to bring her to Harry high school ,where scott was working as a music teacher. Maybe she might like to enroll there! She had never gone to school,after living on an island all these years,but her need to learn a lot of things,and even better, her athletic skills were superior. She was very strong and could run fast and of course,she can surf! With her under my guardianship,because her parents and brother also came along because they wanted to see these wonderful lands. i said that she did need to go to school,but i was just so anxious for her to meet scott! Why was she so athletic? She had grown up eating the super healthy fruits of red fruit island. Except for the funny little short red headed leprechaun like Muppet peoples, being the natural inhabitants there,the fruits did not make them super athletic but Since she was the only human besides her red head brother Grayson to discover it ,the island made strong people if ever many humans would ever have a regular diet of the island's luscious red fruits,but none did except her and her brother by chance because they appeared there magically at one time. It was a hoverable island and shrouded in clouds if any approached it. Lauren enrolled in HArry Pines tree high school in Greenleafia town,after she was able to tour around and she just loved it,and the atheltic field in back! But best of all,when she walked into Scott moffatts's class room,they were amazed at each other. HE said after hugging her "I finally have a sister,besides a new student",So she loved his music class. He read my note to him to care for her at his house,if she decided to enroll in his class. So Lauren moved in at Scott's house with his brothers,except dave,he has his own house nearby. So lauren got her own bedroom. While at the school,she meets with fellow students Florian and Sterling Beau. They had a class she was in and they showed her around and flirted with her. She was so tomboyish but lovely and they were amazed at her ability to out run every one on the school race track. Well,one day,she was almost molested by a guy at the school bath room,where actual baths are, and she knocked him off and he landed in a wall and rubble fell crumbling on him. She was super strong! After hearing about her powers,word came back to me from scott in letter. She was a wonder girl! I thought maybe she might be of some use in recruiting as a Rainbowian Dame(knight). If not,she might join my 100 silver knights as the 101st,although i needed an extra power ring,but she did have that baton of gold! She even wrestled him in the house and flipped him on his back.but she looked so skinny and scrawny. The moffatts friend Gil who introduced me to them a couple years ago,he came by for a visit to the moffatt house. Dave was also there. They had dinner. Dave said"Tomorrow is the big gay day parade in North town"Im going to be there". Scott,bob,and clint moffatt said they would go too. Now when Gil first met eyes on lauren, he fell in love and passion! She was not responsive to him but she noticed he was too macho and aggressive. Humble,yet also sexy Florian knocked at the door,he wanted to see her too. That night,Gil and florian,all spending the night at the moffatt house, peaked into her room,and yet they fussed over her,as Florian challenged Gil to a little brawl,but Gil easily over threw him with a pillow and turned him upside down in his arms. Scott said," Gil,put little Florian down,there'll be no fighting or jealousy over my new sister'. Lauren really secretly liked Gil and his long sexy hair. Then he went out in the yard and sang her a serenade on the guitar. Meanwhile, the next day, the gay festival came about and dave was dressed up and danced on one of the hover floats down Knight armor street. Jojo and his hubs also dressed up like Brazzerians,with shirtless hunky looks and feathers,and loin cloths,and no one knew who they were,with the make up too. If anyone knew who we were,we wouldnt dared to dress up so wild and exotic,but it was fun! Ayden ,my new dance student,he did break dancing on a float and sang exciting music. The music echoes there through Graviton rocks placed around copper satellite like dishes. Graviton rocks are grey and they have holes in them and these carry out sound waves if they are placed around copper dishes. So thus the music carried! Doogey and Lance dressed up in funny costumes too. That same day, lauren decided to visit azuria palace and she went into the mall and up came Prince pax walking by and also Gregory smith and his wife Smiley anna who was recently made assistant chief smithy for the dwarves there. PAx fell in love with her and asked if she like to eat some lunchy there. So he brought her to the food court and they had salad at a table. She loved the tour of the palace,and he said she could join the lady dames for his palace and wear a blue tight uniform ,which all the azurian guards and servants wear ,but better yet, he asked her if she'd be his girl friend,maybe even princess. She was astounded. "I am so surprised how nice and welcoming everyone in Rainbowia and Zarka land is!. How nice it would be if all the lands were so accomodating,"she said. "Believe me,this world is better than that planet called Earth.they dont accomodate many there,but then because its over populated anyway and so many people's opportunities get squeezed out by competition and its awful.Only the rich get the most,". "It sounds like the Box creatures island,where it was so overpopulated and they had urban sprawl and it finally collapsed,but thanks to my heroism"she replied. "I heard about this happening! You were the one of that adventure! ",said prince pax. "Yes.they werent nice but were overly masculine and spartan,and they were many rich and stopped the social service help to the humans who lived there,even their own ,so many slaves went hungry,but it was not my intention to sink the island,it was,chief Red fruity, one of his braves accidentally dropped the yellow stone bomb on the sea floor and it was not his intention to destroy their whole city,but just to disable their military base of ships on a lake in the center of the box city and stop them from their constant wars with the islands of the sea. They constantly harassed so many islanders and their chief had a magic rod too that emitted lazer fire. Only i could wield the chief red fruity's golden staff ,the opposing force to break that rod the box chief"she said. "You have good diplomacy skills,and i would like to marry you and make you my princess"said PAx. "But i cant,because i must return to the sea and also i love someone else. you might know him". She did not say who but i know now,she was speaking of sir jojo. Ever since she first had seen him,she was gradually feeling love for him,and had always been asking the Moffatts where she was staying at their house,about their friendship with him. PAx poured her a blue drink, " Thats from the azurian blue fruit berry,may i give you this blue rose"and he handed her one,of blue velvet texture."this same drink,is replicated into the hologram, world under my palace,i set a hologram blue stone with a slight pour of blue juice onto it,mainly with a straw set from a container or cup and down onto the palaces' hologram world blue stone as it gradually drains into the blue stone hologram world,or set it halfway in blue azurian juice,and it gives moisture to the world, The blue juice is the energy food and drink for the hologram world,and people that travel in it,can drink from fountains of blue glow water and even make cheese and bread if they stir up the blue water in a bowl,and it thickens and makes cheese,and bread,if you bring along a wheat germ to mix in the juice.A drop of milk makes the cheese. Former king Zanzy here, brought seeds and even cows to the hologram world,so theyd have food in there. But there is no soil there,but the hologramic trees there grew there because former dwarf king Zanzy, put a youth leaf and seedling in that world and it attached itself into the glassy holoworld floor and spread and grew many hologramic trees,as because the world's automatic mind copied gene patterns to a degree yet changed them to fit the hologramic environment,but the leaf was magical and interacted with the world there to allow it to grow into the glassy floor. The whole world there is made of a glassy floor,landscape,but some mountains too! The leaf that year and seed was able to grow a new kind of tree,a fiber optic one,and and yet they glow like fiber optic leaves. Zanzy traveled there one day into the stone,which is done by entering the cubicle glass room around the stone,and it sucks a person within the stone,and he brought a seed from this new kind of fiber optic tree into our world out of the hologramic blue stone,and he came back but only if a beam of light is shone on the stone can a person inside it escape back to our world. He planted the seed,and thats how Fiber optic trees,at least some of them came to be in Azuria,especially in our gardens at Cross roads highway gardens near by here. but my guards here always shine a crystal light onto it,from a lamp fire light behind the crystal to direct a straight light beam onto the blue stone,and allow those within to beam up in a tunnel of light back here into the basement of the palace. But there is also a ceiling window above the hologram cubicle room,and it brings in sunlight at 12 noon,right shining onto the hologram stone,which sets upon a pedestal in the glass cubicle room." LAuren was happy to hear this story as prince pax got carried away with excitement about this hologram world under the azurian palace. He was trying to indulge her in its entertainment,but she had to get home to the Moffatts to her bed for school next day,and dream about someone she really loved. Next day at HArry high school,she was back to doing her thing and Gil decided to enroll in school ,even though he had graduated,he wanted to come back,and went under a different name. He got in her class,and stared at her with love the whole time. Then florian did too on the other side of the class. She decided she wanted to compete in the school's running marathon race against another school out insouth Zarka city,at Appa dopodohs Greek village. There, the village and their school is like a big white greek acropolis and with columns,and the large race track was amazing. She competed in all the athletics and her school team won,thanks to her amazing running marathon and her other games she did. The big pompous Appa dopodohs school was humbled because although they always thought they had the best athletics team,and school,they were finally overcome. THe games were over but Gil had followed her out there with a telescope to see her legs and butt,every move,while Florian was watching from another bush. They both met up with her at different times and asked her out to have a date. She accepted with both of them. For Florian,she and him would meet at the nearby Grandvalley bowling alley and Grandvalley strip mall. This was because her new brother scott had already planned with his brothers to be out there in the area near Appo doppodohs village which is just nearby Grandvalley village. So She and Gil met up there at the Bowling alley and the moffatts sang for the audience,especially their song "Caterpillar crawl" . Gil joked around to the song,crawling on the floor. But then it was time for some pizza with her new brothers at the pizza hut like place. She and Gil and the moffatts had pizza. But she had but an hour to meet Florian, but she kept it a secret,yet Gil wouldnt let her go. "Be mine" he said. " i miss my home island and the sea and i desire to go back to surfing and being on the shores". She had to run off so he wouldnt follow her,but he tried,and she tossed him over her shoulder on the front lawn outside the pizza place. The moffatts were looking out the windows surprised. Gil was on his back aching. Now she had to hurry over to the strip mall across the street to meet Florian,at the fancy chinese restaurant of red decorations and intricate art, but as the sat there waiting at the booth for food,they laughed because the movie was getting about time to start, so they hurried over to the movie theater and had Chinese food in Bubbleopian glass cartons ,and eating with chop sticks at the Movie theater this chinese food. They went into see a Holobeam movie and florian held her hand and smiled alot. Then the Moffatts and Gil were at the movie theater and found her,and GIl watched her and florian and he was still jealous,but scott scolded him,'Ok GIL,enough trying to pursue her,If she wants you or Florian,or prince pax,she will choose". And here was also prince pax at the movie. He came after hearing she was going to be here in the area with the moffatts at their bowling alley concert. After the movie, they met up with each other.and all of them decided to go for a hay ride wagon down through Grandvalley orchards. They picked some fruit and drank cider. Florian belched alot from the chinese food. "The reason i didnt turn you down for dates,is because i do not want to hurt any of you. I learned so much about being courteous and kind to all from living here in Zarka land the past three weeks' she said. " But are you going to pick which of us you love the most?"said Gil. "I love you all in a friendship way,but im planning to live in Cher town,on the west coast of Sunflowera land.there i shall be able to surf again and join the school and dormitory for girls there over the beach. I have heard it is lovely and i just need the sea again near me"she said. But they had to agree what she desired. But what really seemed to be the physiological matter was she was growing weaker,because the red fruit diet she had eaten so long was no more,and only sea air could keep her from growing so weak. Her joints had hurt that night. Suddenly she fell and the picked her up. She needed to get to Cher town,and so a few days later,she was placed on the hover train,and bid everyone good bye and this was for her health to improve. Scott and his brothers hugged her"we always wanted a sister and you're a special one" clint said. Jojo was also there at the train station,and heard she was going to Cher town. I handed her her gold baton,but she said it was for me to keep. She gave florian and gil and pax a cheek kiss,and they loved it. Then she gave me a kiss even deeper,and i loved it. I loved her so much and had some tears because i felt something so special about her,and i promised we would visit her. All of us were still love infatuated with her,but she might someday return and choose one of the suitors. Florian realized he also loved his friend sterling and they got to thinking ,maybe being gay was something they always felt for each other. Gil decided maybe he would be patient and another girl would come along. Her parents had been given a house and a beach front pasture in Cher town,as a gift from emissaries of queen cher who had hear of her heroic feat in the islands,and so Cher had provided the house where she would be traveling to. She looked at me and said"I like you the best of anyone i met". she winked and i was very delighted,but at first thought little of feeling serious about a romantic feeling for her,since i was already married to the 9 prince consorts. She went off in the west sunset to Sunflowera kingdom,and we waved to her. Jojo wanted to cheer up Gil and Florian so,he (me)invited them all on a velvet cushioned stage coach ,along with my hubbies to meet them there,to Crowncia palace to see Prince macaulay's new theater. Inside, it was like a broadway show,and this was amazing by the entrance within it lined with red velvet curtains and gold gilded doors. The theater inside has a sky light circle window above it,and the air felt fresh in there. Macaulay wore a velvet suit and danced on stage as his Broadway like show girls in feathers danced about and sang and then came Ayden, the boy i trained as a dancer, singing wonderfully and being the star of the show. jojo, was so happy for this new boy. Jojo and the moffatts cheered and clapped. The show was an amazing extravaganza. Jojo adopted Ayden as his own son. Chapter 2: jojo's love for lauren grew stronger on june 10th,when i felt i jojo, needed to write a story about her,and from there,it developed out an affection as being a story character,her character developed to me,and i at first played with gil and florian being suitors for her as well as Prince pax. but then i myself felt she was too good for them.but she almost became pax's princess. The plot twist is deep underlying the reason she didnt stay there was she needed to be among sea air to regain strength,as her body had developed strength from the diet of red fruits she had been eating. Without sea air,she was weak,so queen cher with me,had arranged her a home in Cher town sunflowera by the west coast. But now it was 5 days later,and having her photos from a photo crystal i had taken of her,i looked at them and cried over how i had this love sick feeling,and for the time,i just felt she was so precious. I said,i must write her a letter at her home in cher town.and see if she really might write back,having remembered she said she liked me the best of anyone she had met in these east kingdoms. Then i .... THen it was,that suddenly ,everything suddenly flashed! me jojo was back somewhere,on a beach. It was the beach of Sunflowera,near Cher town. Peaceful and quiet on the beach,this i suddenly beheld a girl in the distance. She looked lonely but she was wearing a country dress,and she noticed me. Oh! it was really LAuren! she and me didnt look exotic like the vision,but our simple country selves. And she came to me so excited and hugged me. I said"I missed you honey!How i thought about you every hour these past 5 days. " She cried with joy,and i did too. "My love,i want to be with you forever,with you and your family" she replied. When jojo gave her a deep kiss suddenly,holding both her hands in his,a flow of love energy and lazer like aura energy flowed all around them (us). Her feelings became complete for jojo with powerful love. Lauren and jojo came into a deep sleep last night on the beach amid the grass near the prairie. fish were leaping in the sea(153 symbol). At the time i write this,in 3 a.m. on the 15th,still asleep,but soon to awaken to a day of beginning a marriage to last for the days of eternity. A beautiful nightinggale sang in a pine tree,and a dove couple looked from a branch. Seven stars of magic glowed on this pine tree. Lauren in a relaxed sleep,caressed jojo on his bosom.,jojo and lauren had awakened the next day,after oversleeping together on the relaxing Sunfloweran beach,till almost 10 a,m,. They(we) held hands and walked in the prairie grass and sunflowers. Then jojo sang songs to her and ,and they were donny osmond's love songs,like "fly in the wind". and all these songs,i sang along with a holocylinder i found at her house where we stopped by and brought it out with us in the fields. I played it after turning it on with a purple crystal and two cones,and i spoke to it and it beamed out the songs i desired to hear from donny's recordings. I sang along as the words to the songs even holobeamed out over the prairies in the sky,with notes and swirls around us. We sat under a tree,and made a covenant together. Well, lauren loved hearing me sing,and she went wild with passionate kisses for me. She had her hair flowing in the wind,and a dress on with flower prints.
I rushed with her to her house and her parents and brother were pleased with my asking her for marriage. They were happy and then with that,jojo and lauren hurried on a hover speeder that was in their garage,and we swooshed over the prairies and but then she said "Lets marry today!". Suddenly,an elf appeared from in the distance and he was a boy,one of yavannah's squires. HE said"Hold my hand you two,and we will teleport to where you desire to go". So we teleported to Great North town,on june 15th 2015 and had a marriage ceremony within the observation room within the great cloud capitol building. Donny was called to the wedding after a hour,but the elf boy went to fetch him teleportingly too,and the beam of teleportation was like star light and glow balls all around. He officiated our wedding in the hall,and my hubs also were invited,and they all welcomed her,as she was given a nice dress,and it is white,but it she had a veil too. I also had a veil and white robe. We had classical music playing,as this was a wedding that few had expected,as they thought i was just gay,but this girl was special and it was commanded by GOD that i marry her to speed up prophecy and for the faithful to be gathered to the Tree of life very soon,as i was revealed in my mind,and by Yavannah's guidance. I knew if my songs of love for her,had made the tree in valinor resurrect and grow again,then something very special was meant to happen soon. I had felt this was all unexpected too,but yes,and we also went out in the gardens and put on another attire of our honey moon outfits,her in a baby blue dress,me in a white suit. The rainbow kids and knights came to the wedding and included the many good citizens and children in Great north town and from Parkvillia for the evening garden party behind the great cloud fortress. Jojo and lauren walked up the sides of the cloud like sides,and looked at the amazing view all around. I had taken off my jacket and shirt,and she too,and we were now in exotic clothes underneath,and she held to me and kissed me on the cloud building sides. We then sang more romantic songs,and the whole sounds echoed and made many rainbows appear one by one all over the land. Rain drops and even magic snow seemed to have appeared. So they spent the night there,and talked all evening,and jojo carried her in a bedroom,and they kissed all night together. "tommorow we will return to parkvillia,and Great north town,but since you like sea air,and need it,we can live by the parkvillia bay on a mountain side,and i will order a house chalet there to be built for us." She replied"Oh that would be excellent,and yet,ever since you married me,my body surged with a light and aura,that empowered me, Now i didnt feel weak when i was in Rainbowia and Zarka. Your love has given me strength". then Jojo replied"My lauren my lovely princess,i am your prince,and i will live with you forever,as we will be like trees standing together forever,yet able to go on the clouds and fly like birds wherever we desire. My lovely sweet,we will live in my palace or here at the house,or both places,as long as youre with me.. Yet what counts above sex,is my love is stronger than my libido,because i love you from in my heart,as it aches for you,and you have given rapture to my heart". "You jojo are meant for me, as there was no other as sweet and kind person that i have ever met,or one who deeply could love me as much and you also protect me. I was dieing,but thoughts and feelings of you saved my life. If i hadnt traveled east to Zarka land,thanks to sir Doogey coming out to help my islander people,and his friends the blue elves,i wouldnt have known of the wonders in the east lands. You are the destined greatest wonder that i have been given by God. "

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