The third seal has been broken..... Cain has been empowered by the evils within the box, and ghosts and demons now stalk the earth..... just to become a normal day for Lucifer Morningstar...... Lucifer and The Sandman team up to enact a bold plan that can stop Pandora for good, but first they must contend wit the rising of an army of demons; with Maze under the influence of Pandora's spell.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: The Third Seal

Lucifer looked long in silence on the moon.

For this fallen angel, one of God’s first; there has yet to be, any- days, where there have been- no real problems, associated with his earthbound existence.

Whether it is, from that one father, that by his interests; should remain nameless, or by some newly risen killer of a bad guy, or a bad girl that feigns in reigning against life in continuity of the one God’s one time creations. The devil you know, he just could not get the peace of mind that he so desired.

Chloe pulled Lucifer quickly aside. The new body marked same as the last. Gloves on her hands, a matchbook removed from the dead man’s shirt pocket. Chloe whispered low.

“..... Okay Lucifer. Out with it. How did you know this would be in the victim’s pocket?”

Lucifer smiled wide on the detective, feigning innocence. Chloe Decker crossed her arms, the woman not amused. People were- dying, and the case, it was getting nowhere until today. The one piece of evidence, a matchbook; the one real lead they have yet- to find.

“..... Suffice to say, detective that you would not believe me if I told you.....”

“..... Right.....

This coming from- the devil, that I really should not believe in, that exists standing here right before my own two eyes....”

Lucifer smiled wider.

“Why detective? you really do believe in me.....”

Chloe Decker gritted her teeth.

Lucifer, he could not tell for any known certainty, but Detective Chloe Decker, now seemed to be turning- an unhealthy tone, in flesh of reddening.

Lucifer pulled her further from the scene.

“..... Mind your blood pressure now detective..... You asked for it. Just remember that when you here what I have to tell you.”

“Spill it!”

Lucifer Morningstar cleared his throat and straightened the tie he was unaccustomed to wearing.

“..... Roger there told me where to find it......”

Detective Chloe Decker, was immediately taken back in a reflex slighted sense of surprise, on the fact of the devil, her first to be selected favored partner; knowing of the dead man’s name. For an instant anyway.

“..... Was he that bad?”

Lucifer’s eyes flared in ingots of flame, as her attitude gave rise to much deeper feelings than he ever expected.

“.... No, no, no..... It is not like that, not at all detective...... I did nothing to punish this one......

His spirit, it told me where to find it......”

Chloe froze for a few moments of silence on the devil’s words.

Lucifer began to feel more than a little uncomfortable.

“..... Detective? Oh no, I have broken you.....”

Time, it now seemed to slow to a halt, as a shadow crept slowly from behind the woman in a counter clockwise direction.

“..... First ghosts, now shades..... what have you in business on this plane?”

“...... Fallen angel...... Here my words..... The box, it has found a champion.....

Of rages unrelenting heralds this protector..... Of blood forges the one’s pact with evil’s forging.....”

“..... Morpheus...... How can you walk among the wakened, in the middle of the day? What manner of sorcery is this?

Unless..... The third Seal?”

“..... Yes..... The Third Seal has been broken.....

There will now be, more than that of ghosts and shades forged of darkness left to walking the earth lost of their freedom from imprisonment.....”

“..... Hell’s gates have been weakened...... Demons?”

“..... As you are God’s light in the morning, I am God’s dark in- the black of the evening......

Of their time in sleep, I can protect them, but of their physical- visages born, must their be one chosen, to stand- as an eternal guardian upon this plane of existences reigned.....”

Lucifer shook his head.

“..... Gods......

Very well Morpheus..... What do you need from me?”

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