My Innocent Boy


"Y/N?" "Wait--Jimin? What is it?" "Can you help me?" Jimin x Reader #MYseries2 You are like the cupid in this school. Everyone asks for your help whenever they like someone. But what if Park Jimin asks you to help him with something that is not your forte?

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Chapter 1 - Cupid


“Hey, Y/N! Will you help me out? I want to confess to her tonight and...”

“Y/N do you have any advice?”

“What should I do? He broke up with me but I still love him”

My week won’t go by without hearing those from my school mates. Do you have a problem regarding your love life? You can always find me by the fields.

You may say I’m famous in this campus. But my title is ridiculous. I’m what they call ‘cupid’. Its hilarious, I know, but that’s what they know me now. So might as well stick to it.

I dont call it a job, but I do get something in return. Well, I dont ask them to, but if they feel like it, then they give some. What I mean is, they would exchange their homeworks, or they would even do my papers for me. So I’m fine with all of these. It makes my life easier.

Just a few words then I’ll get an A in my papers? Why not?

And just like any normal day in my life, I’m sitting under the tree beside the field. Enjoying the view as I sipped my coffee which a ‘customer’ gave to me in return of helping him choose the best gift to give to his girlfriend for their anniversary.

I don’t even know why they have to ask that. Like, it’s really easy. But, I ain’t complaining! I got myself a free coffee because of it.

I sit back and enjoy the life I’m living in. I’ll never get tired of this.

Well, until a transfer student from Busan came.

A/N: Thanks for those who read my Jungkook fanfic! Now, were onto Jiminie! :D Hope you’ll support this too!

PS: I’m still debating if I’m going to write this as a short story or what lol depends on how I planned how everything would go 😂

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