His Wife


They were madly in love since forever, and life had to be perfect when they came together....... but that's what they had planned. Will it really go that way? Just like fairy tales, Manik and Nandini have everything perfect in their life when they get into a relationship. But is being in a relationship everything? There are hurdles, trust issues, problems, insecurities, enemies and so much more waiting for them, but one thing that they believe will remain unchanged is their love for each other. But for how long? With so many things coming their way, how long will Manik and Nandini actually last? From making her His P.A. to his girlfriend, but will he ever leave his insecurities and fears about marriage aside and make her His Wife? Come join me on another roller coaster ride of Manik and Nandini, and the promise remains the same- anything but not cliché. His Wife. All copyrights intended.

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Chapter 1


“Nandini!” There was a huge sound in the most familiar voice as the cabin door flung open and my monster came inside smiling, suddenly stopping as he saw me with Mr. Saxena.

“Mr. Harshad Saxena, if you don’t mind, can I please have a minute with my-.....”, he said fake smiling at him and then at me.

“Your...?” Harshad questioned and I knitted my eye brows at Manik.

“My personal Assistant!” He smiled and Harshad faked at him.

“Okay! I’d see you soon Nandini!” He smiled at me, as he took my hand for a shake and left, not before glaring at Manik.

Just as the cabin door closed, even I closed my eyes, expecting the reaction ahead.

“Nandini! How many times have I told you to stay away from that Jerkshad! Samajh mein nahi aata tumko he isn’t the best company...”, Manik said crossing his hands at me and I looked at him.

“Manik! He is your business partner and we were just discussing business!” I smiled at him and his eyes softened.

“Nandini!” He said as he put his hand around my arms and pulled me closer as he wrapped his hands around my back and I kept my head on his chest.

“You’re too precious for me baby. And you’re so beautiful, so sweet, that anyone can fall for you. And that’s what I am afraid of, losing you!” He whispered and I hugged him tighter.

“Manik, I have chosen you and I will keep choosing you, over and over again”, I whispered and I felt him relax.

“I love you, and only you. Nobody else!” I smiled against his heart as I listened to his heart beat, the most beautiful music in this world.

“Ditto Miss. Murthy!” He whispered winking and my heart just skipped a beat as we broke apart and I looked around his cabin.

Miss. Murthy. That is exactly what he used to call me before, in this same cabin. He used to shout at me for coming fifteen seconds late, and look at him now, hugging me at the same place.

“So now Mr. Malhotra, can I get back to work?” I said keeping my hands on his chest and he kissed my forehead as his hands lingered on my waist, awaking an entire butterfly world in my stomach.

“Yes Miss. Murthy, you can resume back your work!” He said and I knitted my eyebrows. How come he is letting me go without objecting today?

“Work on me...“, he said seductively unbuttoning his shirt as he winked and my eyes widened in shock.

“W..Work on you? What work on you Manik! Leave me!” I stammered as I turned to go but he held my hand and jerked me close and I landed up on his lap, with him sitting on Bhis chair.

“Manik! Koi- Koi aa jaayega!” I said looking around but Mr. Malhotra was in no mood to leave me as he nuzzled in my neck, making me tickle.

“Toh aa jaane do na!” He said in an innocent voice as he kissed my neck making me melt completely as I wriggled under his arms.

“No Manik! Nobody knows about us right!" I pleaded. No one at office knows about me and Manik and looking at us this way, any one will almost die.

“What don’t they know about us?” He said innocently again as he tucked my hair strands behind my ear and I wanted to bang my head against the wall, or probably his chest, which is as hard as a wall itself.

“Manik please na! I will do anything but please abhi chod do!” I pleaded and he immediately left me as his eyes fluttered and I But my tongue at the mistake I had made.

“Anything, isn’t it?” He smirked as I got up from him and so did he. He leaned closer to where I was standing and my head moved behind.

“Anything!” I repeated nervously.

“Okay then. Kaam karne jao, kitna time pass kar rahi ho Miss. Murthy!” He said and I pushed him away as I stomped my foot, rolling my eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something but I closed it again. Can the princess ever win over the monster?

I walked away in frustration to my cabin. Monster kahin ka!

I was walking in my anger when my heel got stuck somewhere and I lost my balance, as I closed my eyes tightly, bracing myself to fall on my butt when I felt two strong hands gripping my waist, protecting me from hitting my butt.

Thank god Manik!

I silently thanked God as I opened my eyes with a smile hoping to see my personal saviour monster saving me.

But I saw an unfamiliar pair of eyes staring into mine, a hand full of tattoos, and a familiar face as my smile disappeared as I straightened myself immediately.

“Thank you Mr. Saxena!” I weakly smiled pulling myself away from him and he genuinely smiled.

“Call me Harshad!” He smiled shaking my hand. “Nandini!” I introduced myself back.

“So, how about we be friends?” He said and my weak smile disappeared as my eyes searched around for Manik. Aise toh har jaga mere peeche aa jaata hai, and today when I need him, where is he?

“Sure“, I said as I sighed in defeat and just when I was going to put my hand in his, another strong hand gripped my wrist and pulled it away.

“Manik!” I sighed in relief as I hid behind him and he came in front, glaring at Harshad.

“We don’t like mixing professional life with personal life, do we, Miss. Murthy?” He said glaring at Harshad and then turning to me, looking into my eyes and his eyes said- you made me jealous and now you will pay for that.

I meakly nodded in negative as my monster stared at that Jerkshad- Harshad. It looks and eyes could kill, that Jerk would have been dead by now.

I slowly slipped out from there, into my cabin, cursing God for landing me up in such situations and there was a bang at the door and I knew that my monster had entered and it could be my death.

I turned behind to see him with a weak smile and he mocked a smile at me.

“Manik!” I called slowly and he sat down crossing his hands mocking a smile at me.

“Bolo Nandini Bolo, ab kya ho gaya? I am sure ki tumhaara heel kahan atak gaya hoga, tum galti se girr gayi hogi, usne tumhe bacha liya hoga and taras khaake you decided to be his friend. Right?” He said with wide eyes and pouted face and my eyes widened.

“Tumhe kaise pata?” I asked innocently and his eyes widened more.

“I’m not buying this reason Nandini, koi aur bolo!” He snapped.

“What do you mean by reason, Manik? This is what had happened, I wasn’t voluntarily dancing in his arms!”, I snapped, angrily.

“Where did I say that you were dancing in his arms? You’re impossible!”, he said, his nose flaring in anger.

“I am impossible? You know what, I don’t even want to talk to you!” I shouted crunching my eye brows and he smirked.

“Toh I am not dying to talk to you either. Go, Go, shoo, shoo!” He said shooing me with my hand away and I stomped my feet.

Boyfriends are supposed to give their girl attention when they need it and then here is my boyfriend, shooing me away as if I was a crow.

“Yes, I am going! Aryamman ke paas jaungi!” I shouted showing my tongue.

“He’s Gay!” He shouted behind me and I stopped as I returned back.

“He’s not Gay!” I argued and he crossed his hands as he stood in front of me.

“And how do you know that?” He asked raising his eye brows and I smirked. He wants to taste his own medicine, doesn’t he?

“Because I have kissed him!” I spoke on his face as I grabbed my bag from the side and left without sparing another glance at the burning monster.

I got away from the office, walking hysterically on the footpath with Manik running behind me.

“What did you say? Did you say you have kissed him?” He ran behind me and I wanted to beat my head on the wall again.

“Yes I have. And I will keep kissing him because he is the best kisser in the world.”, I snapped again and his eyes darkened more. I was so blinded by my anger that I forgot I was awakening the monster.

“Nandini!” He held my hand and turned me towards him, as my hair blew across my face due to the blowing wind.

“Kiss me!” He ordered and my mouth opened, forming an ‘o’.

“I will not!" I snapped back, entangling myself from him but he just pulled me closer.

“And may I know why?” He whispered, as his fingers traced my side face.

What is wrong with this monster, even in anger he wants to kiss me?!

“Because-....”, I managed to say.

“Because.....”, he repeated, his lips almost touching my ear as I held his shirt tight.

“Because I break up with you!” I said pushing him away and his eyes snapped open.

“Wh-.. Why? N- Nandini...!” He shouted behind me as he again ran behind me.

“Stop!” He said pulling me close again, and this time I couldn’t fight back as my hands involuntarily reached his collars. Our upper bodies touched and I lost myself in his orbs.

“Please tell me you haven’t kissed him..“, he pleaded kissing my nose and I smiled, finally relaxing under his touch.

“I haven’t!” I confessed as I looked away and he softened as his muscles relaxed.

“I’m sorry, I guess I over reacted a bit!” He said. “A bit?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Okay, a lot!” He confessed and I smiled.

“So.....”, he said pulling me more closer.

“No break up right?” He asked and I wanted to pull his cheeks at being so cute. He really is scared that I will break up with him. Does he even think I can live without him?

I nodded negatively and he kissed the spot between my eyebrows and I closed my eyes.

“I’m sorry!” I whispered. I really was, I know how Manik is so possessive and protective and scared of losing me and yet I always end up using that against him in my anger.

“Me more!” He said as he leaned ahead for a kiss and I closed my eyes but after a good silence, his lips never touched mine.

I opened my eyes dejected, and saw him removing his coat looking at the isolated footpath around. I looked at him confused as he removed it, and placed it on both our heads, pulling us closer.

I always wanted this ever since I was Aashiqui 2, and here Manik was, unknowingly fulfilling each wish of mine.

The coat was placed over both of us and my hands encircled around his neck as he supported my waist and my cheek and I couldn’t control the urge anymore as I took the lead and kept my lips on his.

It wasn’t just a kiss, it was like the union of two souls after a long time, full of love, passions, desires and so many unknown feelings.

This was us, we loved, we fought, we cried, we survived, and that’s how we ended up again, together.

~if two hearts are meant to be, then no matter how much they fight, how much they wander, how much they break, they’d always come back to fall in love with each other, forever~

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