Being Mr. Billionaire's Girl


MaNan are for forever and hamesha. But will they be able to create their hamesha and forever or will break apart. A girl with lots of insecurities. A boy with lots of confusion. Peep in to know more "I am just you're fucking personal secretary!" - - - - - - - - "She is stressed and worried! Take care of her." - - - - - - - - - "We need to talk!" Manila said. "About what?" Nandini asked. "About us!" - - - - - - - - Read to know more! Lots of love shivi✨

Romance / Drama
S. S🌹
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Chapter 1



“Just fucking stop that nandini ! ” He groaned.

“Hey! Just stop there !” He shouted once again.

“No Mr.Billionaire!” She being a nauterious girl again repeated her sentence which irritated him the most , while roaming around in the room.

“You know I hate that ! ” He said being pissed off.

″okay ! I won’t repeat that but you have to catch me! ” she said will roaming around or say running around in the room.

“Okay ! If you want it like that !” And in a Swift move he ran to her and pushed her towards him , making her collide with his chest and snaking his arms around her slim waist.

“Why you call me that ?” He asked hugging her tightly.

Once when she felt his warmth , she relaxed in his arms which were home to her.

Felling his heart pumping and making sounds , she kept her head just at the place in his chest where his heart was hidden.
She hugged him tightly felling like she was in peace, at the place where she belonged to.

“It was all your mistake” she said still listening to his heart beat.

“What did I do” He asked hugging her more tightly, decreasing the gab between them, if that was even possible.

“What did you do ? You are asking me that? Why did you go on a date with her? You said that you are not even free to go out for a movie with me and you where laughing and spending your time and money on her ? ” Now she was angry, she broke the hug and stood facing her back to him.

“No! No! Nandini, it was just a business meeting !” He said feeling hurt seeing her angry from him. Missing her warmth he moved closer to hug her , buy she stopped him showing her right hand.

“No , don’t you dare come closer to me! You will once again try to manipulate me! I know you are expert in that! And I know it was not a business meeting!′ Now she was beyond angry .

“I think you have lost your interest in me. Now you find that soha more beautiful!” Now she crying. She was hurt beyond limit , she wanted answers from him. Each and every answer for the questions she asked from him , which he always answered by kissing her and making her forget them by manipulating her with his sweet words.

“Tell me , who I am to you?”

“What do you feel about me? You never told me your feelings!”

“Am I your wife? No we aren’t married!”

“Am I your girlfriend? No you never proposed me!′

" you know what? I know who I am!”

’I am must fucking personal secretary! ”

“The personal secretary who you kiss whenever you want!”

“The personal secretary who you posses whenever you want!”

“The personal secretary who lives with you in your lavish mansion!”

“The personal secretary with who you share your room!”


She shouted at him showing him her anger and doubts which were developing in her since the time when they started living together.

She knew he loved her from all his heart and everything he had and sometimes his actions showed it too , but she was a girl after all. She was insecure seeing him with someone who was far good looking and rich then her.

Soha had a style and class , whereas she was far away from her.
Soha wore short clothes which were in trend , whereas she didn’t, she wore short clothes but to a limit. She was as not much into using trending stuffs. Soha was sexy , whereas as she was slim and had chubby cheeks. She was nothing when compared to soha. And today seeing him with soha broke her heart into millions of pieces. It was not because she planned a movie date for them and he directly refused saying that he had a very important meeting, and she did not had any problem with it .
But seeing him laughing and spending time with soha hurted her like anything.
Fear of loosing him engulfed her heart. She loved him with all she had, her heart, her soul , her body. She had given him her everything and now loosing him was like dyeing every second .

Were as he was dumb founded seeing her outburst. He had expected it but not so soon. He knew she was insecure but he had no words to console her to make her happy.
He was still confused about his feelings. He loved to be with her.
He found peace when he was with her , in her arms.
Her cute antics , sweet and love filled eyes , sometimes mature and sometimes childish talks , everything about her feeled like home. He tried yo learn his feelings, buy always got to know it is more than attracted, but he couldn’t name these feelings.

Suddenly reality hit him hard. He cannot live without her .
She was his , home his , his peace ,his everything.
He was determined not to loose her because of him stupid taughts. He wanted her to stay with him, forever.
And he will stay with her.
Because he is “THE MANIK MALHOTRA “.
The one everyone wanted to touch. He was infamous, he achieved almost everything at a small age. He was just 25 and was a billionaire. He was a Playboy, he used girls like tissue
Paper. He never cared for their feelings, and why would he? Girls used to throw themselves on him , he never got much attracted to any of them until the day he met ” her “.
She was epitome of beauty, an angel.
She was the first girl who made him fall for someone so hard and she became him desire.
A desire he wanted to posses , a desire he wanted to be with him.
He was determined to get her back.
If she wanted to know about his feelings for her, he wil tell her.
If she wanted him to announce to the world that she is his girlfriend he will do that.
If she wanted she wanted to get engaged to him , he will do that.
If she wanted to get married to him , he will do that too.

He was sure to go to any extinct to make her his and never let her go again. Now he was sure about his feelings. He can’t let her go because she had became a reason for his existence. She was his and now he will make her his in every sense.

" The right man for you will move mountains to be with you.

He won’t hide behind them.”

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