Being Mr. Billionaire's Girl

Chapter 2

She entered into the lavish building , which screamed money and class . Interiors done by one of the leading companies. Each and every door made up of best type of glass and rose wood , with a combination of black and white the whole office looked intimating.

Saying a polite ‘good morning’ with a small smile to the receptionist , she walked towards ‘his’ office , to prepare his schedule and give him his morning coffee.

Keeping her bag in her cabin, she moved towards the cafeteria to get his coffee , meeting some of her friends , she moved towards his cabin.

Today she was back with a new determination to face him.
She was determined not to give him attention and just fulfil his ‘professional’ needs , that’s all.

She didn’t wanted to get her heart broken once again and only he had the power to make her vulnerable , and the same time made her touch heights of happiness.

Making her mind and heart strong , she entered his cabin , only to see the scene which was enough to make her vulnerable once again.

Soha was hovering over manik , while he was sitting on his chair , holding her from her waist.

“Ummm....sorry. I’ll come afterwards.” Not able to control anymore , she turned away , walking towards her cabin , banging his cabin door hard.

“Listen....nandini.....nandini....” she heard him calling he4 ,but she was in mood to listen him more , seeing them together , at a comprising position once again broke the broken peices of her heart that , she joined after so much pain.

She marched into her , cabin and closed the door and colapsed their only , she was once again broken , he cheated her , he promised to be faithful to her , but he broke it.

He was a Playboy before , she met him , but he promised her to be faithful, he promised her that all his time belongs to her, he promised her that she will be his last , but the unfaithful truth was he broke his promise .

He is a lier , he just knew how to use people , and he used her too...

Crying on her destiny and faith , she got unconscious, there only on the floor.

Here , as manik saw nandini going outside he pushed soha and ran behind her but soha stopped him saying that words with made hum angry to no extint.

“How dare she, come in your cabin without your permission bloody commoner !”

And this was it , his anger had no control now and it bursted on her.

“Just shut up ! Not a word against her or else I will forget that you are Mr. Khurana’s daughter !”

“And dare you come close to me again! ”

And he ran towards nandini but he was too late , she had already closed the door and was lying unconscious which was unknown to him.

He banged the door sometimes, bur she didn’t opened, having no option he opened the door with the key only to get a mini heart attack seeing her lying unconscious on the ground.

His face turned pale and for a second he found his heart stopped beating.

‘Was he going to Lose his love ?’

‘His first love?’

‘He didn’t confessed her his feelings yet! How will he survive without her?’

‘Was he too late in realizing his feelings?’

‘No she can’t leave me!’

He picked her up in his arms and ran towards the hospital , which was near his office building.

Each and every employe was shocked to the core to see their all time angry boss running like a manic in the office corridors.
They had only seen his anger , but this was something never as before and never imagined too.

Their was lines of worries on his forehead. A fear of loosing his loved one , was visible on his face.

He reached the hospital running like a manic but still being carefully not to hurt nandini. He carefully laid her on the stretcher and holder her hand tightly , letting the doctor check her.

“What happened to her doctor ?” He asked the doctor , once he was done checking her.

“She got unconscious. she is weak , take care of her !” Said Dr. Agnihotri.

He was one of the best doctor’s of India and was a good friend of manik’s dad.

“What happened to her suddenly doctor ? Why she got unconscious? It isn’t serious right ?”

“Calm down manik my child ! She is stressed and worried and she is also not taking her food properly because of which , she got unconscious! Its not much serious this time but it could be manik , you already know na she is weak , take care of her beta !” Explained Dr.Agnihotri calmly , seeing manik teansed and stressed.

Just to make the environment little light , Dr. Agnihotri asked manik in a teasing manner ” waise Manik , she seems to be very special to you, whose she to you ? Is she your wife ?! Wait you married her already? You didn’t invite me ! That’s not fair !
I am your father’s friend ! He also didn’t informed me ! He is such a Jerk !”

“Uncle ! Uncle ! Calm down ! We are not married yet ! And yes you will be the first one to get the invitation card and dad will come with the invitation card to give it to you ! And I am going to be engaged to her ! I guess ! ” Manik said.

“Okay ! Okay ! I understand , It’s complicated. Right ?” Dr. Agnihotri said laughing a little.

“Yeah uncle ! Its complicated!” Manik said.

“Okay son ! I’ll leave now ! Take care of yourself and her .” Dr. Agnihotri said talking a leave.

Manik nodded his head in approval and walked towards nandini’s cabinet.seeing her lying unconscious he felt a part of him die and he promised himself to take care of her and bring her glow and her smile back , on her face.

~” You never realize the feeling of love until something extreme happens and you realise your feelings of love at the most unexpected time , for the one who’s being trying to do it all the while and it just happens in that precious one second.”
- shivi “~

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