Mass Effect: Meet Me at the Bar


The evolution of a turian's love for his human commander.

Romance / Scifi
Shei B. Mohammad
Age Rating:

Meet Me At the Bar in Heaven

A free verse Mass Effect Poem

I was just a turian cop, a rebel
Among the other Citadel Security officers
She was the first human Spectre appointed by the Council
Tasked with hunting two dangerous enemies,
A fellow turian & an asari
I was not in love
Back then it was respect
& she was with another man
The Staff Lieutenant was human. It made sense
I left the team after Saren’s defeat
To escape the law’s red tape
And lost myself on Omega
I learned Shepard had died when
When the Normandy was ambushed & destroyed
I was devastated, but
I am still not in love
She is a human
I am turian.
I liberated my anger on Omega’s
Unjust Soul. Peering through my scope
I see the insignia. Shepard? Here?
My heart jumped joyfully seeing her
Alive. It was true
I loved her
Yes. Her hair looked good &
Her hips were very supportive
I followed her to the galaxy’s end
Again. Almost lost her again
The Reapers invaded. Shepard led the charge
Against them. I order her
To return alive. The galaxy
Would be empty without her.
“If we don’t survive
Meet me at the bar in
Heaven. ” I remember & mourn
As I place her name on the memorial

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