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I Hate One Direction


Lize Arigalez, a proud hater of One Direction, decides to share her hatred towards them in a Facebook post. Yet sheer luck strikes when she's not exactly in love with the world's biggest boyband.

Romance / Drama
S. R. Grae
4.5 2 reviews
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One Direction's in Town

I heard them squeal and scream for hours. "Hey, have you heard? One Direction's plane just landed this morning! Niall tweeted about it! Oh my god, oh my god!" Screams from a girly group of fans could be heard from outside my window. Remind me again why I'm living near the city?

"Oh no, it's those fan girls again," Faye sighed, taking a peek through the window blinds.

"Oh my god! I heard One direction was in town!" I rolled my eyes while successfully imitating their annoying bimbo-like voices. "Hadn't they had enough touring around the world? Having slutty girls throw their underwear at them? You don't know how sick I am of them! Honestly, everywhere I go 'One Direction this, One Direction that'! Heck, Zayn is looking so gorgeous~ Well, you know what else is gorgeous? My ass!" I spat out those words that felt almost venomous. I groaned, slumping onto my bed, turning the volume on my laptop louder. But it seemed like the fan girls were competing against the sweet, melodious voice of Orlando Bloom. Raged emotions were oozing out of me when I could no longer anything coming out from Orlando's mouth. I detached myself from the bed and dragged my feet towards the blinds.

"Hey!" I managed to draw their attention when I realised some of their faces had turned towards my direction. "Would you keep it down?! I'm trying to watch my movie over here!" I screamed out the window, only then receiving glares from some of them. The others probably had their heads in the clouds, fantasising about their non-existent future with one of those boys in the band whose name I don't want to say right now because it annoys the heck out of me. "For the love of god, when we'll they stop?" I sighed, almost to the point where I sobbed.

"Until One Direction leaves, I guess?" Faye shrugged calmly, sitting on my bean bag as she played her nintendo.

"How long are they going to be staying in L.A? Haven't they toured like more than twice around here?"

"For about 2 weeks, give or take? " She shrugged her shoulders again, her eyes focused on the gaming screen.

"Argh. Kill me now."

"Give a big, warm welcome to... ONE DIRECTION!" The female host sounded as bubblegum pop music started playing through her blaring speakers during the introduction.

"Why can't they go in one direction and never come back?" I mocked, bitterly. I almost had the urge to throw what's left of my cereal at the television screen.

"Honey, why are you so moody since their arrival?" my mom questioned.

"No, Mom, I've been moody since they were born into this world."

"Why are you so against those cute boys?" my mom decided to watch the interview when I was right there with her. Really, she couldn't have picked a better timing. Sure, she wasn't 1D-crazy but she still thought they were cute. Talk about cougar alert.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Mom, but Harry's taken," I stuck out my tongue at her.

"Funny how you know how these details when you supposedly hate them..." she giggled oddly enough, not at all offended by my words.

"How can I not? Those girls were screaming every fucking detail about Harry having four teats!" I slammed the bowl down on the coffee table.

She gasped. "Lize Arigalez! Mind your language!"

"I'll mind my language when you mind turning off the stupid television," I aimed back at her. I wasn't usually this rude, but hey, I was on my period.

"That's it. Go to your room," she switched off the television with a click of a button. "Now," she showed me a glare.

"Oh, gladly. At least I won't have to torture myself, hearing those tone-deaf monsters again," I threw her a scowl before storming up to my room then slamming the door shut to add the dramatic effect. I looked out the window, still seeing girls waiting in line to meet One direction personally and get their autograph. I didn't get it, they're just a bunch of teenage heartthrob wannabes. They're weren't anywhere near legends like the Beatles or the Beach Boys. The crowd roared as the host started speaking. That just about did it. I went and logged into my account on Facebook and typed in a status which will probably be consumed by a whole bunch of angry haters later on but I was more than prepared for it. If they're going spam my wall, hog up all my favorite hang-out places, scream for a whole week from outside my window while I can't get enough sleep, then so be it. "Two can play at that game," I smirked while my fingers ran across the keyboard.

Liz-E Ari has tweeted:

One Direction, you suck. All you fan girls are annoying as fuck.

"Oh, would you look at that? It rhymes. Let's go publish a song," I licked my lips bitterly before I hit the 'send' button. I went ahead and posted it, only to receive a bunch of hate the next minute.

MeggieWindfux replied:
Who does she think she is?

Alistaree replied:
Does she know who the heck One direction is? I'll show her.

Daqueen replied:
She jus jelly she 2 uglee fo dem.

I laughed aloud, looking at the comments as I read them.

Reply to comment:
@Daqueen Bitch, please. I'll take that into consideration once you've learned how to fuckin' spell right. For all you dumb fan girls, go screw yourselves. :)

I smiled. Nicely done, Lize. Faye called me the next minute. I assumed she had seen my tweet.

"Are you out of your fucking mind, woman? You do realise that you're going to get trashed by 1D-bitches, right?" she shouted in my ear. Well, technically through the receiver, but it's close enough.

"Hey! I can't go deaf at the age of seventeen! Would you calm down? It'll die off soon. I just wanted to annoy them like how they annoyed me."

"Are you crazy? They'll never, and I mean never, let this go, Lize! Couldn't you just waited for two weeks and get on with life? You just had to fuck things up, didn't you?"

Judging by the tone of her voice, I could tell she was furious.

"Come on, Faye! You need to chill. It's going to be fine," I laughed in a calm manner.

"What if One Direction themselves sees this? Delete it, Lize! Delete it, now."

"I don't care if they see it! It was meant for them anyways," I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Uh oh," I heard her say.

"Uh oh, what?" I raised an eyebrow, becoming curious.

"Check your twitter account." I did as she said; only to find hate-tweets sent to me.

"And your point is...?"

"Damn it, Lize, look closer!" she muttered aloud and I leaned forward to see a responding tweet by none other than a blonde boy named Niall.

Niall tweeted:
Someone just said she hated us and that our fans suck. How rude. #totallyangryrightnow

"Well, he clearly can't read. I said that they suck and that their fans are the annoying fuckers. Not the other way around," I rolled my eyes, deleting all the hate I was getting. Or maybe I should just shut down my account. I don't even use it anyway. Nah. It's just starting to get fun. I grinned. Whenever there was trouble, I'd be there. Only I like to make things worse rather than fix it.

"Lize, don't you see? Once One Direction tweets negatively about you, you'd be infamous! Everyone would know your about your status and you'll be the most hated person in the world! Can you put some sense into your brain for once?"

I sighed, running my hands across the top of my shelf to look for my pocky biscuits which I left a day ago. "Okay, you do have a point but come on, they can't kill me," When I found them, I took a bit out of my pocky stick.

"If they find out where you live, yes, they can. And I'm definitely sure that they will. "

"It's not like I'd publicly address where I live... I'm not that dumb," I scoffed at how she was over-thinking things.

"Really now? Yet you put your freakin' phone number on Facebook! I bet you have a ton of messages by now."

I looked at my phone to check. Huh, she was right. 67 messages unread.

"Okay, now I'm a little worried. Cause I don't have enough fingers to text all of my fans back," I mocked, laughing at my own joke.

"How can you joke at a time like this?" I heard her groan. "Look, your status is becoming viral! 1019 comments is not nothing. I swear to god, Lize, if you don't delete it I'm going—"

"Sheesh, Woman. Fine! " I clicked on the delete button. Only to find more hate about me, which had no relation to 1D. Well, haters gonna hate.

"Are you freaking out now?!" she panicked.

"I'd say yes but I'd be lying," I laughed. "Faye calm down. I'm sure it'll all blow over soon. Trust me."

"I can only hope... You can be so unpredictable sometimes, you know," she mumbled, sighing.

"Yeah, yeah. Ben and Jerry's ice cream night still on tomorrow?" I pouted, hoping our usual tradition wasn't ruined.

"Yeah, duh," she laughed.

"Oh my god this tastes so good. Can I just be married to the creator of B&J's? This way I can eat them all day..." I sighed dreamily as I gobbled down my chocolate fudge brownie flavoured ice cream.

Faye giggled so hard, she almost looked drunk. "How the heck do they make it taste like this?"

" I swear, this is the best ice cream ever..." I moaned, leaving the bit of ice cream to melt slowly in my mouth.

"There she is!" I heard someone shout out and we both turned to look. Well, what do you know? A mob of angry teenage girls from the 1D fan club came to visit. Scanning the bunch, I instantly recognized them from school.

"Lize Arigalez, how dare you!" It's been a long time since I've talked to her and so I completely forgot her name. What is Erica? Bianca? I decided to take a wild guess.

"What's up, Bianca?' I smiled.

"For the 5th time, my name's Amy!" she exclaimed, offended. I wasn't very good at remembering names. "You listen here, you whore—" Woah. My brows raised on its own, hearing probably the first curse word this girl knew. "You better go apologise to One direction right now and take back what you said," she folded her arms across her chest.

"And if I don't?" I promptly replied, giving her a flat look.

"You better watch out," she spat out, sending glares across tables.

"Ooh, nice one. I'm really scared now," I mocked, smirking as I nudged Faye in the elbow.

" Amy, don't take her seriously... you know that she's just kidding right?" Faye tried to back me up with, I must say, the biggest lie ever. I hated One Direction with a fiery passion.

"Of course I'm kidding," I acted out, "if today was opposite day," I teased.

"Oh, just you wait, Lize Arigales. Just you wait," She flipped her hair to one side and stormed off with her possy.

Oh, I'll be waiting all right.

Waiting for that one chance to slap you in the face and get away with it.

"The heck is this?" My eyes squinted closely at the screen. "What the—" I scrolled down the website while my stomach churned. "Damn, now it's personal..." I gritted my teeth. I couldn't believe it. That wench dared to put up a full blog post about my past life! How did even she know all that in the first place? The one thing I hated about my past that made me go all ice queen was the man I had to call my father. I dialled in Amy's number, surprised that I still had her number in my phone.

"Fucking hell, Amy!" I whispered fiercely, not wanting anyone to look or stare while I went psycho on this girl. Did I mention that I was in the school's library? I then remembered that I had her phone number when we were in seventh grade. We were pretty close then. But that was a long time ago, I found out how she turned out to be such a phony.

"Oh, what ever do you mean, Arigalez?" I could even hear her smirk over the line, which irked me so much.

"You better delete that post or your face connects with my fist tomorrow morning. At least your face will actually look prettier after I'm done with it," I clenched my fist, staring hard the carpeted floor. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to insult the enemy that could possibly ruin me big time but I wasn't one to beg for forgiveness. It'd usually be the other way around.

"Oh, Lize, all you have to do is apologise to One direction and it will be gone. Is that too much to ask?" I could hear the mocking tone in her voice. "You have my word." God, why does it even matter so much? She barely knew them.

Reluctantly, I gave in. "Fine. I'll write a stupid apology post. But I swear to god, you better delete that post. Or else."

"Post? Please. A post doesn't even cut it. I want you to apologize to them in person. Take a picture with them and make Niall tweet about you for proof."

"How the fuck do you expect me to do that, you dog face!" I gritted my teeth in annoyance. Then, I closed my eyes to try calm myself down by scratching the leather-skinned sofa chair that I was sitting on.

" I don't know. You're smart, right? Find a way." I heard her snigger. "Do it, or this post goes viral. You should be grateful that I only posted it on my private blog, Only those in the Literature club know about your little embarrassing secret. After all, I am one of the most popular bloggers in this school. You should really think before you do things, Lize. People like you should really learn how to shut it. Cause for all I know, once the whole school knows about this, you can kiss your sorry ass goodbye."

"Go to hell." I spat out, biting the urge to kick one of the book shelves down.

"Oh, and Lize? Get me an autograph from each and one of them for me while you're at it." The second she hung up, I flung my cell phone across tables and it landed on the carpeted floor, earning stares from the people around me. "What the hell are you looking at!?" I glared at them, grabbing my stuff then turned to exit the library. I fucking hate it when people can't mind their own business.


"She did what now?!" Faye panicked.

"I know! That little she-devil!" I groaned.

"Damn it, Lize! I told you it was a bad idea! I told you so, and you should've listen to me. Now your big secret is out and you very well know that you're not really the school's favourite person— "

"Now's not the time to rub it in my face, Faye! Do you really think I'm happy with this? You, from all people, should understand the kind of person that I am. I don't think before I do, I just do it! Ugh, I'm going to rip her head off when I see her. Too bad that it's summer vacation."

I heard her sigh in frustration. " I'm sorry, okay? I'm just really mad right now..." she apologised.

" So what should I do?" I bit my lip, sighing.

" Well, you can't rip her head off when you see her, that's for sure. I know you're not kidding so thank god it's summer," She tried lightening the mood, which didn't really help. " Maybe you could try doing what she asked of you?"

" How the heck do I do that? I don't just happen to know where One Direction's at.."

"Well, we obviously don't but... I know who does."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "You do?"

"Check your Facebook."

I waited for a minute then I got a new notification on Facebook. Faye Raine posted on her timeline. I read my notifications and suddenly I knew where she was going with this.

Does anyone know which hotel One Direction is staying at? Faye posted.

A minute later, someone else replied to her.

41 Aloha Hotel Macgruber Street. Level 12. Rooms 12A and B. You're welcome! ;) Keira replied.

I never thought I'd receive help from a directioner. "Faye, you're a genius!" I said, grinning.

"I'm not the mastermind here. Those fangirls know everything, I swear. Man, they're like the F.B.I," she laughed.

"Please, they're better then F.B.I," I smirked.

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